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A heart-felt 'Thank You' for all the positive comments I receive. The reviews here are genuine & used with permission. Originals on file.
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I am truly grateful when a client takes the time to leave a review of their psychic reading. Below you can find some recent testimonials & comments about my psychic readers & the free resources on my websites. Thank You again for visiting & I wish you only happiness & success !. Paulx


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Hi Paul,
I just wanted to let you know how amazing dee has been to me over past few months. She is an amazing reader who is very detailed about so many things with myself even down to what I'm wearing clothes wise. She has helped and guided me so much in such a difficult time I wouldn't be as strong if it wasn't for her. She connects with me so well I feel I've made a true friend. Also Lyn has also been amazing for me she always has time to listen to me and give her own advice and also without Lyn aswell as dee I don't know where I'd be in my life. Lyn will always lend her ear if dee is unavailbe and help calm me.They are a credit to you your company and also themselves and I hope they get the recognision they deserve. I belive dee is a very talented lady and so far what she sees has come true so I hope the final piece will fall into place very soon. Thank you for your time and if you could let these Lovley ladies know what I think I'd be very much appreciated. Many thanks Stuart ( Via email )


Just wanted to say the Skype reading I had with Dee Rendall was amazing . She picked up on stuff that no one knew about my past and what is happening in my life now. I will/did recommend her to anyone. Thank you for for the Skype reading . (: C/G Via Face Book
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Top Online Psychic Reviews :

Hello Paul, I would like to comment on my recent reading with Rose. I received a recommendation about Rose & even though I was apprehensive about a phone reading, I thought I would finally give it a try after many previous face to face readings. First I spoke to your lovely receptionist who reassured me that Rose was a good fit for me. When I connected to rose it became apparent that she was really easy to talk to & almost immediately I felt that I'd known her for years. She was really very clear & got straight to the point of why I was calling … In fact I got off the phone thinking "Well that was just what I needed". Please pass on my regards to Rose, she is a very talented lady ! Michelle L, London. Rose 1035 psychic
Patsi said via Facebook- Thankyou Paul O'Mara ..xx just had my fabulous reading with one of your brilliant online/ phone readers ..Leonora! It was spot on and she gave me some much needed guidance and confirmations !! :) From one Clairvoyant to another I thankyou from the bottom of my heart <3 Namaste! xxx<3
leonora Psychic book
I did like my reading with Sue. She was very clear, calm and gentle. She tuned in well to the past and to the present, so I assume she's right about the future ... time will tell :), She made a very sincere impression. Will surely call her again … AC via email Sue 9807 psychic
Hi Paul- I just wanted to update you on my reading with Gypsy Rose. This was my first phone reading ever, I usually just go to someone in person. I was skeptical about a phone reading because I didn't see how they could get someone's energy through the phone, but actually it was even better than in person--there was no "face reading" , no prompting and she didn't ask me any open-ended questions that would help her form her predictions. She was SO accurate and detailed, I could not believe it. Not to mention friendly and unobtrusive. I also expected telephone readers to waste time to rack up the minutes, but she didn't waste any time at all--every minute was used well. I had plenty of opportunities to ask questions, but what I really appreciated was her attention to detail. I was given names and other specific details that really gave me alot of insight. If anyone is skeptical about calling Gypsy Rose, I would say it's excellent value for money and I highly recommend her. I will definitely be calling her again in the future, thanks again. SR
Gypsy Rose psychic
Paul, I absolutely love your site. I visit it daily and in some instances multiple times a day. I realize the Free Tarot readings are computer generated, but my heavens they seem to be so accurate. The horoscopes are incredibly insightful as well and right on the money. I will continue to be a daily visitor for as long as you maintain your web page. I don’t know if you give it a special blessing or something, whatever you are doing, keep it up. I never give any credibility to internet psychics so don’t take these compliments lightly, they are genuine. Sincerely-- Randy
Omara Psychic reviews
Hi Paul. Sandie was lovely she hit on quite a lot that I could associate with. Thank you once again love and good karma to you and your team. Love Christine
Sadie Psychic
Recommended Psychic
"She tuned in amazingly well very quickly, and was very honest with me. She put my head back on my shoulders, and helped me to see clearly. She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I really needed to hear, and what I know to be true deep down, even though I preferred to look away, because the truth can be painful. I'm really very glad I spoke to her, it's been very helpful to me. I'm going to try and put her advice into practise, which makes a lot of sense. I know it's the best thing for me, and the way to refind myself ... I think I will speak to her at regular intervals in the next couple of months to stay on track ..." S via email
Recommended Psychic
Catherine is the niece of Rita Rogers and a natural psychic and clairvoyant with strong Romany Gypsy roots, with over 30 years experience. She has experienced a little more of life's ups and downs than most of us and you will consequently find her particularly easy and reassuring to talk to. She will pass on whatever messages are waiting for you from the spirits around you, perhaps with a few words of their advice too.
Rita Rogers Psychic Niece
Angela 3044 - Angela is a natural clairvoyant and a very experienced medium. She is a spiritual reader and popular with the clients who are feeling in need of clarity. She works with her guides. Focussing on relationships, thoughts, career, home life, choices and family matters.
angela psychic
Della: 2927 - "Thankyou so much for my reading with Della ,i really appreciate the help and the clarity in helping me forwards on my path. I love your site so much, it is such a help to know which way to go to keep me on my path and to my highest good. Also the confirmation that i am hearing right myself,sometimes it,s easy to get confused with all that goes on in our minds and your readings break through to the truth. Much appreciation love and light , Michelle xxxx"
della psychic
Mirela: Come from a Romany background I have always had a spiritual ability, using my gift through the old ways. I have always been able to sense energies and use this in my readings . I have a unique style of consulting the Tarot cards. My Crystal Water readings are similar to using a crystal ball.
Mirela Psychic Romany
I am a psychic reader. I channel spirit through the tarot cards. I have been reading professionally for 4 years. I am clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant. I'm able to read on any subject, but I would say my specialty is relationships and career. I give clear and honest guidance and I have a good call back rate.
Rose psychic
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