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Are you good enough?

Self Doubt Tarot Spread
Self doubt can derail even the best of days

Are you good enough?⁣ ⁣
This month I am winning. I am up to speed with all my commitments, I have paid everyone & had some great reviews. I am tweaking & finalising a book that has been on the back burner for ever, I am up to speed with the taxman, I’m happy with my progress & I am busy creating new dreams & targets to keep me busy for some time yet. ⁣

You can’t change the chapters that have gone, you can though write a better ending.⁣

Myself & the husband are getting on famously, we have holidayed with the family & been in contact with those who we haven’t been able to see, I should be feeling on top of the world yet I still wake up feeling like I have dropped the ball, that I’m not quite good enough, that any day soon I will be found out & it will all crash down around me.⁣ ⁣
I’ve discovered that many empaths or any one on a spiritual path tend to have this lingering doubt that hangs around in the shadows, always ready to tell us we are not good enough, not working hard enough, unfortunately for a lot of sensitive people that is just the way it is.⁣ ⁣
As you can tell from my pages my saving grace is the Tarot, the 78 pasteboards of wisdom that reflect a totally different reality to the one that my unattended subconscious can concoct if left to it’s own devices.⁣ ⁣
Life can’t be all unicorns & rainbows, we need some challenging times to set off the brilliant, joyful successes that we experience on the rollercoaster of life. Rewrite your script today, take a small step to changing your story, don’t allow the negativity to creep in. You can’t change the chapters that have gone, you can though write a better ending.⁣

Tarot spread for personal development

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You are the Magic

Magician Tarot
You are the Magic

Tarot today – a neglected favourite deck, Etteilla, The Magician: There is no magic wand. There is no ‘quick fix’ YOU are the magic. Positive thoughts & positive emotions may align the Universe to deliver your destiny, only you can unleash your magic to pull that fantasy in to your reality. No amount of creative visualisation will bring you that Porsche. If you want to manifest something you need to unleash your potential to create a new reality. That unfortunately is the cold hard truth.

Get amongst it & start waving that wand!

Do you believe in magic? I find that I need to exercise my magical beliefs. If I’m feeling dependent I force myself to seek out the magic in my existence. There is magic everywhere if only you are open to receive it. To be 100% honest I was feeling less than joyous this morning, then I turned the magician & realised I am all the magic I need, I just need to make it happen. You know what you want to do. You have just as much right to abundance as anyone else. Get amongst it & start waving that wand!

The Magician Tarot card meaning

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Attitude of Gratitude

Create Abundance

Abundance – Attitude of Gratitude. You can always get more money. You can never buy more health, you can never buy confidence, creativity. The real wealth is when you realise that striving for emotional or spiritual abundance is worth far more than cold hard cash.

Enjoy your day & breathe 

We are all time poor, the clock is always ticking. Strive to spend more time breathing, with who you love. Subconsciously start processing your creativity to bring enough physical wealth to free you from the daily grind. I have been through my chakra checklist (you can find it on my site here Test Your Chakra Energy) & asked which parts of me were out of whack today. My main message is ‘give yourself a break’ 
Be magnetic today, attract everything you need effortlessly, enjoy your day & breathe.

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Free Online Tarot

free tarot readings online
Online Free Talking Tarot Reading

A year ago I took myself off for a Shirley Valentine moment on a Greek island. I needed to completely escape a challenging time & reconnect to who I really am. I took a trip & had a fantastic time lazing, swimming & dreaming. I took some time to re-imagine my Major Tarot cards & shot some impromptu videos that formed the basis for my current free talking Tarot reading that has been really well received. When I am interviewing for new online clairvoyants & psychic readers I often get them to deliver a quick video clip to check out their style of reading. I get such lovely comments about that feature & I am really grateful, if you haven’t pulled your card please feel free to, there is a link in my bio. Tarot is my daily practice so a few days mentally wandering along the Royal Road was incredible, one of the most magical times I have ever spent. 

“you can dream it in to reality”

When was the last time you truly spent time on your own, really alone to just be, to daydream where you wanted your journey to lead you? Most times even when we are on our own we still have the ‘Circus’ in our heads. Very rarely are we ‘in the zone’. If time or money were no object, what would you do? where would you go, who would you meet? Take time to re-dream your future, keep it on the back burner of your mind, just maybe you can dream it in to reality.

Reveal Your Path

Reveal Your Destiny
The lamp of the Hermit will reveal Your path

The Hermits’ lantern transcends time to illuminate your path, the cloak contains all mysteries the staff of power completes the trinity of initiation. Follow his light past temptation & illusion & he will reveal your path.

allow your authentic light to shine

Through perseverance and by being ruthlessly critical with yourself, and others your intuition, as the lantern, will light your way. Your consciousness is expanding, you begin to form a feeling for your true direction in life. Be careful to organise your time to your best advantage listen carefully to the advice of others, be pure in your intention. Many of my best psychic readers live a hermit like existence. I believe this is simply because they are so ‘open’ & find it difficult to be in situations where people & environments can overwhelm as they pick up on so many signals.

Love yourself today, allow your authentic light to shine, then share that love if you possibly can.

The Hermit card meaning in The Tarot Major Arcana

Book With No Pages

Tarot Meanings Book
The book with no pages. Secrets of the 22 Major Arcana

Tarot, the book with no pages. An Almanac of inner truths, symbolic Arcana. 78 magical pasteboards of truth, perfect to while away the hours, though not for fun or triviality. I have read countless books on the Tarot searching for the essential element that will finally decode & reveal it’s hidden mysteries, once & for all. After 40+ years of study I have had to admit defeat, there is no mystery to be found. The Tarot is not a definitive, quantifiable entity, it is a magic, a confection of witchery that will continue to amaze & inform those that dive in to it’s untold layers of wisdom

“The Tarot is not a game”

The Tarot is not a game, though it is said to have evolved from one. An Oracle of Power & personal development, the Tarot, & most importantly the 22 Keys of The Major Arcana, is a unique world of untold possibilities. In the right hands a Tarot reading is a dance between two souls, yielding insights to astonish, inspire & amaze. The Tarot has had a bad press for many centuries yet it can not reveal bad news, it can only reveal your truths, alternate paths that could unfold to finally manifest the existence you have always been seeking.

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As Mad as a Hatter

alice tarot readings
Everyone is searching for a magical solution

The hottest day ever in the metropolis is underway, I LOVE the heat, though find in the inner city it can leave you feeling as ‘mad as a hatter’. Conveniently the Mad Hatter is one of my favourite characters & also a sub personality that exists somewhere inside when I am finding life just a tad crazy. One of my favourite quotes of his is: “Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic.” I see this everyday when giving readings. People are waiting for their Knight in Shining Armour, the day they wake up & are suddenly a famous popstar, or my personal favourite & number one on peoples dream lists, win the lottery. This one is so popular I have a lottery prediction page in my free readings on my main site. Obviously just for fun, though if you use it & win big, remember where you got the numbers!

“look out for the magic that is all around”

It is unfortunate that many of us have lost the ability to believe in magic, life can be really dull if we lose our childlike fascination. The solution to all of our imagined problems is actually very simple. You are the magic. As soon as you accept this fact & allow your unique light to shine, life can become effortless. Have an awesome day, look out for the magic that is all around.

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Live Your Truth

Free soulmates Tarot Reading

Tarot today, take the lessons from your past & then release it, you don’t live there anymore. Today live your truth, live what you love, dare to be amazing, life will become effortless. Reconnect to your dreams, recreate the future you deserve, demand that the Universe delivers.

you are amazing, go forth & be fabulous

The 22 Secrets can reveal the plan that helps you on your quest to ma nifest your dream – The journey of the Major Arcana is often referred to as ‘The Fool’s Journey’, we follow The Fool as he encounters each Trump card that in turn represent the stages of a person’s existence. From literally nothing, through birth, relationships, spiritual development and ultimately back to nothing via death. The Fool, with his number 0, represents this perpetual cycle. The Major Arcana are undoubtedly the most powerful messages of the Tarot and reflect major life events and challenges to personal development. Whenever a reading comprises a high proportion of Major Arcana cards, you can be sure that big decisions are going to need to be made. Turn over the painted pasteboards of the Tarot. You can choose Your card by consulting my popular free talking Tarot reading, what message will be revealed? Step outside your comfort zone, live with the enthusiasm of a child. Be brave, you are amazing, go forth & be fabulous, I dare you.

No Fool At All

Don't pity the Fool

The job of a good reader is to reveal possible paths to inspire the questioner on their journey. A good reader will also try to break any patterns of negativity that have blocked the questioner, locking them in to their past. It should always be the plan to send visitors on their way energised, as the designer of their own future.

“The secret of the successful fool is that he’s no fool at all.” ― Isaac Asimov

One of the often overlooked skills of a truly great reader is as the role of Jester. Evolving from the Fool card & archetype, the Jester can step outside the norm, he is the disruptor & can use his powers to break through accepted behaviours to get the result he desires. The Jester knows surprise & unexpected laughter can dissolve many a tricky situation. Think outside the box today, if you find yourself up against frustration or blocks unleash your inner Jester, he’ll definitely make you smile.

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Transition & liberation

Transformational Tarot
Release Yourself

Todays Tarot – Cathartic Cartomancy – A figure turns from Eight stacked Cups. Behind the Cups a river needs to be crossed, the moon pulls at the emotions. What situation or behaviour is no longer in your best interest.

Change can be unsettling, walking away is often the bravest thing we have ever done. Sometimes we continue just because that is all we have ever known, it’s just ‘what we do’

Walking away from a job or relationship that we know is not nourishing our soul – or continuing out of some misguided fantasy that things will improve, even though every fibre in our being tells us nothing ever will.

Walking away from an outmoded version of ourselves, realising that we are no longer the person we thought we were.

Releasing a repetitive habit, thought process or behaviour that always ends making us feel less than, unworthy, trapped.

Walking away is the most cathartic thing we can do, to unleash a new phase of our existence.

“Don’t settle for a half life, you are worth more than that”

Are you feeling stuck today, is there something that deep down you know isn’t taking you where you want to be?

Be brave, release yourself. If your Spider-sense is tingling remember the Universe really does have your back, you owe it to yourself to choose your path to happiness. Don’t settle for a half life, you are worth more than that.

Wishing you a truly transformational day

Creative Cartomancy

Cartomancer Psychic Readings
The Cartomancer - Your Future in the Cards

The Cartomancer lives in the past, the present and the future. The story of everyone who ever lived can be divined through the myriad combinations of the magical pasteboards & a dash of intuition. The Cartomancer has lived in every age, reviled by some, sought out by many. Called clairvoyants, astrologers, prophets, star-gazers, magicians, witches, sorcerers, trance seers, sooth sayers, enchanters, conjurers, spiritualists. I have decided to publish some of the comments I receive about the fantastic Clairvoyants & Psychics I am so lucky to work with, you can read those here: psychic-reviews. If you have had a psychic reading that blew you away please drop me a line through my contact page, I will be delighted to pass it on

“Re-dream your future”

They live a transcendental life, these illusive students of the metaphysical arts. The Cartomancer brings luck, happiness & a release from the trouble of the complications of life. Come & see the supernatural wonder, forget your silly scepticism, the story they tell is your story. Your lucky day is here. What ever description you give them, they are the dreamers, re-dream your future today

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Modern Mysticism

Mystical milennial tarot
New Age Mysticism

Reconnecting through mysticism. Over the years I have seen a marked growth in the numbers of younger people looking to engage with the spiritual to inform their life choices. When sitters used to appear I would always need to have the ‘chat’ about how Tarot, the Occult & Witchcraft were natural practices that need not be feared. That is definitely no longer the norm, many young people are now seeing how spiritual practice can amplify their individuality while revelling in the empowering mystical communities that are thriving, not only in the ‘real’ world, but also online through digitally connected & empowered tribes & consulting with experienced psychic practitioners.

“open up to the magic”

The wellness movement & focus on diet and exercise aligns perfectly with spiritual development & is seen as a growing alternative to previous materialistic focus, encouraging intuition & re-engaging with the magic of life. Young people are looking to rituals that shine a light on a holistic path to empowerment. Visualisation is a powerful entry point to those seeking to engage with programme of enlightenment, one of my morning rituals is to zoom out & see myself from afar being showered in a flow of pure white spiritual energy. I see any resentments or obstacles being removed, or at least softened by my daily power shower. However you are heading in to the weekend I wish you a truly transformational time of mystical madness, open up to the magic.

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Structure in Chaos

Irish Clairvoyant Readings
Clarity amongst Chaos

The backbone of my sites & my own routine is my daily Major Arcana card. Having a structure to form the bedrock of your day is so important & is often overlooked by many of us for so long, it truly can bring clarity amongst confusion. Having no structure results in chaos which can be fun for a while, yet ultimately becomes exhausting. Whatever ritual you can build to start and end your day can revolutionise your life. My daily cards have become like a journal for me & I like to close my day by reviewing what I have achieved & also what I could have done better. I usually document a snippet on my Tarot themed Instagram, I would be delighted if you dropped in for a look. I have other elements in my routine, a smorgasbord of things I have picked up on my journey this far. I like to do a brief meditation chant which sometimes involves lighting incense. This evolved from a Catholic childhood, my belief didn’t continue down that road though I still respect my family & hope they understand my leanings toward a less structured, more Buddhist belief system. Same with exercise & diet, rigid structures don’t work for me, so, I have a regular, though diverse regime I can dip in & out of to keep the actual machinery of my body running as I would like.

“Whatever you believe, believe in yourself first”

In my work the same evolutionary structure has served me well. From the great comments & reviews I have been getting I am happy that my services have evolved to offer a service I am proud of with the most consistent, extraordinary readers I have found. I am always expanding my outlook & am excited with the new developments that I have in the pipeline. The one thing my Tarot Journey has given me is belief. If I set my sights on something & truly believe that I can do it, I have found that my subconscious conspires with the Universe to deliver on that promise & manifest those dreams in my reality. Whatever long held dream you have simmering on the back burner, is it time to re-ignite that passion? To gently turn up the heat & get that recipe bubbling again? Whatever it is & wherever you are, I truly wish you well on your journey. Whatever you believe, believe in yourself first.

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Urban Mystic

Urban Witchcraft
The Urban Mystic - New Age Spirituality

Urban Mystic – the new wave of ‘New Age’ seeker not only has a renewed interest in practical mysticism. They also strive to be street savvy & simultaneously spiritually connected & protected. Though many have disconnected from organised religion they are looking for answers as to how to balance similar ‘good’ & ‘evil’ concepts that inevitably cross their path on a daily basis. Love & protection is what it is all about, keep your side of the road clean, try & stay sane in our increasingly crazy world, just be the best Urban Witch you can be.

“whatever you are up to today, make it truly fabulous”


My sites are geared up to bring some digital spirituality across the airwaves, the Talking Tarot reading is going great guns. There are many more free readings & resources on my sites to get your magical juices flowing, including free Horoscopes & Astrology reports if that is your bag. We are gearing up for a heatwave in the Metropolis, whatever you are up to today, make it truly fabulous.

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The Fortune Teller

the fortune teller
The Cartomancer - Your Future in the cards

The Tarot is facing another renaissance, I am noticing a new younger demographic who are approaching for a reading who have an outlook more akin to my mother’s generations relationship with readings & divination. When I was a child a visit to Madame Tamar was a highly anticipated, usually yearly, ritual. Madame Tamar despite the name, did not sit in a tent wearing a headscarf & large earrings mumbling about tall dark strangers. As I remember her she was a very well turned out lady with 2 small dozing dogs in a comfortable room, no fortune teller cards, only a battered deck of normal playing cards as her oracle. It was Madame Tamar who told me I had no choice, the Tarot had claimed me & would become a very large part of my life. I loved her manner, a reading with her was filled with surprising revelations & a dance through possibilities. I like to think she was to my mother & her contemporaries very much as a therapist would be considered today, only with a little more magic thrown in.

“your future is waiting”

A good reading should be a powerful connection between the reader & the sitter, providing nonjudgmental insight & a useful, ethical snapshot of where the sitter is with their life & possible avenues that could be explored to manifest a positive outcome. The number one rule should be to leave the sitter feeling uplifted & energised, feeling positive for the future. That’s exactly how I hope you feel today, may your day be fabulous & full of potential, your future is waiting.
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The Devil inside

devil tarot meaning
Take back your power

The Devil keeps you in chains. The chains are all in your mind. The flames of the Devil card can be extinguished by facing up to yourself. An incident will fire your temper, forgiveness is key. Forgive those who enrage you, forgive yourself. Just forgive, end of. You will be amazed at how much wasted energy is regained just by letting go. This card does not symbolise evil or occult practise, just recognises darker aspects of our personality that can be tamed.

“The Devil is you, finally release yourself from his power”

I’m a hyper dyslexic Aries, I’ve thrown computers out of the window, driven myself crazy over imagined slights by other people. What a waste of energy feeding those flames can be. Do not give in to laziness or be seduced by the attraction of activities that drain your resources & waste your time. The Devil would like to force you in to a limited view of life, he would like you to ignore your intuition & only respond to external forces or opinions. You have felt chained to your past, a situation, person, or habit. You have been afraid of yourself. The Devil is you, finally release yourself from his power. Turn & walk away & he will disappear like the big bully he really is.

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Take a different path

tarot therapy
challenge your response

Tarot today – The power to be human. Priestess / Judgement. As cognitive beings the most beautiful ability we have is to make decisions about our future & react accordingly. I read for a wonderful chameleon yesterday who had a plethora of Major Cards. Including the Priestess & Judgement. What I love about Tarot is that used properly it can transcend the image of fairground psychics & 70’s horror movies to reveal itself as the powerful tool for self assessment & development that it really is. Beyond the painted pasteboards Tarot can be a dance of 2 souls trying to navigate what can be changing & challenging times. Our future is not set in stone & neither are we or are ideas about who we are & where we are going. The questioner here listened intently & then surprised me with a very proactive view of their reading. They are set to trust their intuition (revealed around the Priestess) & have taken a huge decision to reinvent their career & destiny (Judgement), shapeshifting in to a different manifestation of themselves in the process. The Tarot has no inherent power, the power is embedded in those who take these archetypes & use the wisdom of the keys to spark & unlock new & exciting adventures. If you are always the same ‘you’ & you always take the same safe path, you will inevitably reach the same destination. Go forth today & deliberately challenge your automatic responses to everything, you might be surprised where you end up.

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Develop your intuition

intuition psychic hunches
learn to trust your intuition

Intuition is magical, it can also be learned & honed. Intuition draws on past experiences & remembered situations. Have you ever seen a dog react aggressively on past instinct? A hi-vis jacket, a motorbike, we are essentially no different. Like a muscle, gut feelings can be developed. The true magic of intuition occurs when we learn to trust which of these myriad instincts ring true. When I was a small child I had a ‘sweet or sour’ reaction to people, I think I still judge people initially from visual clues, though thankfully have learned to trust my instinct as to who are the good guys.

“Listen to your subconscious today, turn your Spider-sense up to 10”

I believe everyone is put in our orbit as a lesson we have to learn, about them or indeed about ourselves, often people can be mirrors that reflect back aspects of our personality that perhaps we aren’t totally aware of. Listen to your subconscious today, turn your Spider-sense up to 10, Who knows what you might pick up?

Time to let your internal compass reveal your path. There is no darkness when you accept your authentic light is always shining. Once you allow your truth to be revealed everything is infinitely possible, brush off negativity & strive to be the best you can. Like sparks of light we can all connect via the global consciousness. If only we could think as one, we could create worlds beyond imagination full of unlimited potential.

Got a hunch, a burning question? Connect to one of my trusted clairvoyants & psychics for your answers.

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Find your peace

mindfulness psychic reading
Find your peace - discover your truth

Be at peace with your thoughts. Away from the endless distractions, the need to be continuously connected, stimulated. We need to allow ourselves space to unravel our experiences, to be alone to process our journey, our purpose. More & more my life seems to be happening all at once. Each part of my journey informing where I am going, where I have been, who I am becoming. Time spent in quiet contemplation, focusing on our dreams and shadows, sheds light on our path enabling us to manifest our authentic purpose.

“That place where time stands still, where you feel complete & alive.”

I am so endlessly grateful that the Tarot took me prisoner. I can fall down the rabbit hole, step through each doorway, use each key to unlock new ways to understand & react to the madness of living. Strive to find your peace, whatever it is that sets you free. That place where time stands still, where you feel complete & alive even when you are alone, that is your truth.

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Surrender to Your destiny

Accurate Psychic Reading
Time to surrender to your destiny

The Hanged Man has found a different perspective, all issues look different from here. He has released his ego, changed his priorities. He has put himself in this position of contemplation, a long road has brought him to this crossroads, he knew it was make or break. Can you imagine how powerful he can become when he chooses to no longer be suspended ?

Never underestimate yourself, your journey is significant, your opinion matters & to those who love you you are the world.

“Release yourself from suspended animation, surrender to your destiny.”

The Hanged Man symbolises a form of spiritual hibernation, is it now time for you to emerge with a raised vibration, energised with a totally different outlook? Release yourself from suspended animation, surrender to your destiny.

Detailed Meaning of the Hanged Man Tarot Card

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Ready to push the go button?

pres the go button manifest success
press the go button on your life

Are you ready to press the button? We can chant as much as we like. Align our crystals, check our chakras, consult every sage & oracle in the universe. Eventually it comes down to one thing, ourselves. Only when we finally decide that we are ready to go out & grab the life that is our birth right, can we finally start moving towards manifesting the world we want to live in. Honesty is the key here, what aspects of our existence do we ‘just put up with’, where are we ‘just getting by’.

“there is no magic button”

In order to be truly happy we need to commit to live our authentic life, to chase our joy & commit our time to what keeps us in the flow, rather than simply living for the weekend. Go forth & challenge yourself today, there is no ‘magic button’. Commit to focusing on what brings you happiness, makes you feel alive, go forth & be fabulous.

A unique reading with one of my recommended trusted Clairvoyants can reveal where you are & give you the boost you need to chase your dreams

My free talking tarot video reading is more popular than ever. Give it a go & if you enjoy please remember to share the fun.

My service is going international, if you are one of my fabulous Oz visitors please check out my Australian psychic service. I couldn’t find a service I liked so I set up one of my own. Also available my Irish psychic service

Sign up to my list for a chance to win a reading & news of developments & offers on my sites. Wherever you happen to be I wish you a truly transformational time, all the best.

Stand Firm in Your Beliefs

seven of wands Tarot Meaning
Stand Firm - 7 of Wands

Seven of Wands – Come on soldier, you are stronger than this. Time to stand firm on our beliefs, remember whatever chaos we feel around us is transitional & will pass. When circumstances & environments seek to confuse, destabilise, the Seven gives us the strength to become the warrior that can not fail & will prevail. We need to identify who our true confidants are. Be prepared for surprises, ready to stand firm yet remove ourselves from conflict If at all possible. Solitude, preferably in nature, will reset our internal compass. Mother nature will absorb our imbalance, recharge our internal battery. We are spiritual beings, the answers to all of our questions are inside waiting to be discovered, then crucially, respected. The Seven of Wands gives us the strength to face all of our dilemmas, external & internal. The clock is ticking, are you following the path that brings you joy or simply existing in a day to day with no set destination? A reading with one of my trusted Psychics, Clairvoyants or Tarot consultants can confirm you are on the right track.

“become the warrior that can not fail & will prevail”

Go forth with confidence today, choose your battles wisely, most are totally not worth allowing on your radar. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, will any of this matter in a years time? Be true to yourself, keep your mind firmly on your goal. Persevere, do you really want your goal enough, are you even clear what your goal is. If you don’t know your ultimate destination, any road will take you there. Go forth & be happy today soldier, wherever you find yourself.

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Trusted Clairvoyants & Psychics in Australia

When searching for a psychic reading to bring clarity to your situation, a recommendation is always the best way to ensure you are getting the psychic reading you deserve. I have tested literally hundreds of psychics & strive to provide access to the very best australian psychic service.

“divination for personal development”

Modern day intuitives have highly developed inherent powers tuned to frequencies on the edge of consciousness, they use their intuition to pick up on possibilities outside the normal channels. Generations ago we all had natural abilities to use our intuition at a higher level, I believe this has changed when we became dependent on technology. Our insight & attention blunted by being continuously attached to a screen. Our senses are no longer used as acutely as they were, we rely on apps to inform us of everything. When was the last time you stood in nature & tried to predict upcoming weather for example, we rely on multi-media to tell us almost everything.

Society has shifted it’s opinions on paranormal studies and practices. Currently I have noticed a sharp increase in interest from millennials & get z’s who want to interact & connect with the old ways. Sometimes for fun & fortunetelling, though increasingly through divination for personal development. I have no doubt in psychics ability & am happy to recommend my australian phone psychics. Do you have a burning question? They are just a call away with your answers

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Is your life on hold?

psychic reading to reveal clarity & purpose
is my life on hold?

Are you waiting for when you have enough money, when you are the perfect weight? We often put our happiness on hold ‘until’. In my experience that moment never comes, we need to realise that the only moment we really have is right now, we must work in the moment to manifest our purpose & happiness.

“grab the moment & manifest the life you deserve”

Today I woke in the middle of a monsoon, half crazy dreams still coursing through my mind. Every morning is a chance to reboot, reassess & reinvent. What is real & what are still remnants of dreams. Time to make a plan of how I can manifest my best of days, what actions will actually make a difference. The Hanged Man confirmed that I have been suspended, now is the time to go forth & be fabulous. Have a truly transformational day, grab the moment & manifest the life you deserve.

The Major Tarot Cards featured here are The High Priestess, The Hanged Man, Judgement & The World. All these cards featured in a reading I gave to a lady the other day & obviously such a concentration of Major Arcana Cards  led to an interesting reading. If you feel your life is in flux or that you have a burning question, my best Clairvoyants, Tarot Readers & Psychics can help you find clarity with a psychic reading by telephone

Justice – Find Your Balance

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Australian Psychic Reading

Tarot today – Justice. That moment on vacation when people discover you are a Tarot reader & the line starts forming. I normally don’t like shots of people waving Tarot cards about I was taught it was disrespectful, I’m on holiday I’ll let this one go. Anyhow it’s Justice, she’ll hit me with her karma for sure if I’ve stepped out of line 🙂 Justice is the card of balance, where harmony is restored and clarity achieved. She is the Daughter of the Lord of Truth, of equality and of right prevailing over wrong.

“allow the sword of Justice to mentally cut through to reveal your path”

But Justice is a double-edged sword. Sometimes, life just is not fair, you can lie awake at night, tossing & turning over what might of been, what could have been said. If you know the truth, deep down, you have to wrap that around your heart & let any injustice fade away. If you don’t you will simply drive yourself mad. Karma is the keyword of Justice, keep your side of the road clean & she will reward you with the freedom to manifest your best self.

Go forth & be exceptional today. When circumstance conspires to confuse & distort the truth, allow the sword of Justice to mentally cut through to reveal your path.

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Re-invent / Re-imagine

Tarot psychic reading Fool card Tarot
Re-invent & re-discover your authentic power with Tarot

Time for a reboot – some time off the grid, time to just remember who I am & where I might want to be next. Today in the midst of some crazy monsoon weather  I started unravelling some disjointed notes that I have made, some talismans I have put together. Starting where it always has with the Fool card I have  had a very productive day of dozing & re-invention. I am currently working on the power of belief, of happiness, of talismans. I meet an awful lot of people who are searching for the rainbow, who believe in unicorns, who live in fear of mercury retrograde. What if you are the pot at the end of your rainbow? What if you are your unicorn? You have the power to just accept whatever planetary configuration you find yourself in & just simply respond as the real you, living your real life? Surely that is the holy grail. My Fool Tarot card featured in this image reconnects you to your spark of existence, the very birth of your consciousness. Are you still on the journey that the Fool revealed to you? You can find all of the meanings of Tarot on my main website & you can purchase your own copy of my Tarot deck from my curiosities shop if the images resonate with you

“the wind blows, the world turns, people are inherently good”

Whatever you are doing I hope this finds you energised & inspired. If you are seeking some direction I have been having some amazing feedback on my selected expert psychics, Clairvoyants & Tarot consultants. You can book a live psychic reading with one of them right now.

Whatever I have learned as I prepare to immerse myself in this scribbled journey, a million miles away from the crazy metropolis. I need to remember, the wind blows, the world turns, people are inherently good & just want to be the best they can be.

The Spiritual Power of Birds

Sacred Tarot images Ravens
Sacred bird omens in Tarot - Ravens & Magpies

Animal Omens – Really intense dreams lately, some serious lunar lunacy stirring up my subconscious. Asked for some inspiration last night & was rewarded with a fantastic dream sequence of flying like a raven, one of my favourite misunderstood creatures. Such powerful dreams I almost feel inspired to create an animal divination deck, another great idea for the Aries jobs to be done pile 🙂 I love the mocking, croaking call of the raven, often he is associated with loss and ill omen. They are certainly cheeky, I have lost my lunch to a huge glossy one in Sri Lanka who swooped from nowhere. The raven is a chatterbox, a talking bird, its symbolism reflects prophecy and intuition. Ravens often symbolise a link with spirits of those who have passed, connections just beyond the veil.

“listen for messages from your subconscious today, intuition, on the edge of reason.”

On my Seven of Swords the guilty Magpie symbolises underhand methods will be revealed and will leave the seeker feeling spiritually uneasy. The seeker needs to believe 100% in their action, find a different approach to their current challenging situation. When this card appears then the cat is truly out of the bag and we must confront situations head on in order to defuse long-term repercussions. This card warns the only way to gain advantage is through hard work and by truly being the best incarnation of ourselves, perseverance is the only solution. Honesty is always the best policy. The Seven of Swords – go forth, manifest a fabulous time as the best incarnation of your authentic self.

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Creating Abundance – It’s Your Call

psychic reading
it's your call - trust your intuition

Reading Tarot today I had a realisation. When we are looking to create happiness & abundance – It’s our call – Ultimately we are responsible for our own happiness. Not our parents, lovers, the government or anyone else we can blame for our lot. I believe it is down to us. I love giving readings where you see the questioner blossom & decide to take responsibility for their actions.

“manifest the life YOU know YOU deserve, go forth & be fabulous”

We are ultimately responsible for creating our own reality. The turn of a few painted pasteboards can give us some pointers, it is up to us to manifest the life we know we deserve. Wishing you a truly transformational day, go forth & be fabulous.

If you are searching for some pointers consult one of my recommended Psychics Tarot consultants & Clairvoyants

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Tree of Life Tarot Reading

Tarot reading using the tree of life
The Tree of LIfe Tarot spread

The Tree of Life Tarot reading uses the central diagram of Kabbalah to explore your life path. The almost endless links of these magical symbols never cease to fascinate me, I have used the tree reading for many years. You can try the Tree of Life reading for yourself on my Tarot pages. The featured card in todays spread is the Ten of Cups symbolising contentment & emotional stability. A state of perfection is possible, joy is everywhere, celebrate as never before when the Ten appears. The Tree of Life Spread is the perfect springboard for an accurate psychic Reading & has been used by powerful Clairvoyants & Psychics for generations.

Power Your Soul

Psychic Soul Reading
Restore Your Soul with a Psychic Reading

I need to get home. In the madness of my daily life I need to remember to refresh my soul, restore my default setting, remember the baseline of existence that connects me to my true self. This image transports me back to where I spent chunks of my childhood, wandering the alleys of Psychic Glastonbury, visualising my first deck, wondering at the magic of Avalon. I have lived in several places around the world & currently live in London. Though the metropolis can be hugely rewarding & massively inspirational, sometimes I need to fit in time to return home, connect to my roots & recharge my spiritual battery.

“The real you is always waiting, reconnect & restore, don’t get lost in the noise of the daily drama”

My mother passed away a few years ago & I spent a lot of time with her in Glastonbury reminiscing about simpler times. Though she appears on my World card & therefore permeates my thoughts on a daily basis, since she passed on I no longer visit as often as I should & am beginning to realise that home really is an important place in my puzzle.

Appreciate yourself, take a pause, listen to the whispers of your life from long ago. Take time to restore your default setting. The real you is always waiting, reconnect & restore, don’t get lost in the noise of the daily drama.

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8 of Cups – Time to let go

eight of cups tarot meaning
8 of Cups - Release the past

8 of Cups – Sometimes it’s not your job, sometimes it can’t be fixed, sometimes you need to let it go. What doesn’t serve you on your current journey? What is holding you back?

Finally break through & embrace emotional barriers. Seek out new connections & experience to liberate you from stagnation & propel you to joy. Who have you become, Where are you yet to go? The Eight of Cups tells you to make peace with your situation, make the choice to nourish you, move on from regret

“follow your star from the shadows of the past & burn in to your future with your brightest of lights”

This time of year can be emotionally traumatic for so many people, love yourself today & radiate love to all you encounter. You don’t know the backstory of the person who is bugging you on street, fire them a smile, it might just be the start of a beautiful encounter.

The 8 of Cups, let the past go, follow your star from the shadows of the past & burn in to your future with your brightest of lights.

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Dreamers & Storytellers

Tarot dream meanings
Lucid Dreams - The Power of Tarot

To all the dreamers & storytellers. Tarot for me is a dance of two souls, I’m preparing to log on to a few spiritual Wi-Fis, put in my few pennies worth as to what path the gorgeous souls that present could possibly take to revitalise their perspective. I have been re-dreaming my journey through the Major Arcana. Last night, The Magician, As above, so below – is the thought I ran through my mind as I drifted off to dreamland, the phrase often associated with the Magician card. When we realise that we cannot extract our best life from our current journey without some external help, we often look to channel power from somewhere else, wherever that may be. Many people refer to this power as God, which of course takes many forms. Some people draw their focus & power from music, running, meditation. There are so many different routes to connect us with the inspiration needed to break out of our comfort zone & take the next step on our journey. One of my mental conduits is the Tarot. When I need to be in the zone, working absolutely at one with my creativity & connecting to my joy I often channel the energy of one of the greater secrets of the Tarot. I have found that I draw great comfort from taking a Tarot journey as I slip in & out of consciousness, the dream journey, where everything is possible.
Everyone’s journey is ultimately no one else’s responsibility. Only you can take the reins of your dreams, embrace the world today, your intention sets your direction. Go forth & be fabulous, have an exceptional weekend.

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Step in to Your Power

Follow Your Joy
Step in to Your Power

Embrace your power – shape shift, follow your joy, dodge the naysayers. Appreciate that everything is transient. Blast any negativity or gossip, the moanings of a friend who drives you mad. Anything that doesn’t feed your soul needs attention. Imagine yourself as the alchemist reworking this energy to fuel your spiritual battery.

“Step forward today & nourish you, you are forming your own truths, go forth & be fabulous”

The universe doesn’t want you to wallow in mediocrity, absorb words & thoughts that will serve you on your journey, ignite them with the power of your creativity, step in to your power, your world is waiting.

My Talking Tarot reading, designed to be inspiring & uplifting, continues to receive positive feedback from visitors from around the globe. Paul continuously strives to ensure his live services are fulfilled by expert Psychics & Clairvoyants. Step forward today & nourish you, you are forming your own truths, go forth & be fabulous

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Live Your Truth

Remain real in an increasingly false world
Never lose sight of yourself

‘You are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain’. — Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

I was reminded of this quote yesterday & oh how I love it. I gave a couple of readings at the weekend to people who were actively dreading going back to work on Monday & related this quote to them.

“Play the game if you have to, just don’t get scared by the heffalumps & woozles”

The quote reminded me that often people have to play a part in the ‘real’ world that doesn’t necessarily represent their true persona. Today is Monday but it will be over before you know it. Don’t disappear down the rabbit hole, be as true to yourself as you possibly can. Play the game if you have to, just don’t get scared by the heffalumps & woozles

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Where in the World

Tarot The World Major Arcana
The World Tarot

Tarot today – I drew the World – The ultimate card of the Major Arcana, The greatest Secret.

Look at your World, your thoughts & actions. Though they don’t necessarily create our reality, our thoughts & actions definitely have an influence on how we experience our existence.

“life is great, it really doesn’t need to be complicated”

Life is about managing situations whilst being as happy as we can with our current predicament. If happiness depends on the quality of our thoughts, we should strive to be as positive as we can no matter what. Go forth in your world today, make sure you appreciate that life is great, it really doesn’t need to be complicated.

Tarot the World – Major Arcana

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Angel or Devil?

Agel or Devil Tarot
Angel or Devil?

Demon Devil or Sexy Angel

Where’s your head at today?

I’m pretty damn fine, thank you for asking

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Have a devil of a day


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Tarot – Mirror to the subconscious

Tarot cards in dreams
Tarot Dreams

Tarot – Mirror to the subconscious – powerful technology of untold possibilities. Occasionally, sleep eludes me. My favourite technique, developed over a lifetime, is to send my dream self on a Tarot journey. Removing my conscious mind from the responsibility of ‘getting enough sleep’, releasing my body from the terrors of 3am & all the imagined consequences & disasters that will await the exhausted me in the harsh light of day. Last night was such a night.

“You are the Hanged Man”, she whispered

My dream self found himself in a barren landscape confronted by the Tower. Are my foundations unstable, is imminent change or disruption affecting the real me? asked my dream self, what will replace the Tower when the foundations begin to crumble. All of this occurs without the drama & emotion such thoughts stir up in reality & I can drift off, as if in a movie, watching myself as an observer. Next, as often happens I found myself walking through the pillars of black & white, sitting at the feet of the High Priestess as she revealed some hidden mysteries. Sharing some precious secrets previously hidden behind her veil of pomegranates : “You are the Hanged Man“, she whispered & indeed I am I thought. I have been suspended, my perspective is shifting. I have a challenge & the naysayers of my subconscious had been telling me I wasn’t good enough, I was not prepared. What negative messages has your subconscious been slipping in to your mind behind your back? Go on a dream journey & confront those slippery devils, the real you will thank you for it, go forth & be exceptional.

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Reconnect to your magic

reconnect to your purpose
Discover Your Magic

All of us have an internal safe haven, a refuge were we feel completely in tune with mind, body & spirit. It is a delicate balance, a complicated dance through life to stay as close to our authentic self as we are able. To be in the zone where our creativity & wonder reveal to us just what an amazing journey life can be.

“Make a commitment now  to reconnect to your magic”

My internal magic is the Tarot, it really is part of my DNA & helps me to understand my existence, enlightening my journey. Everyone has their own magic fuel that validates & empowers them. From musicians to scientists, skaters to young mums, I like nothing better than spending time with people whose enthusiasm & dedication is infectious, whatever their focus happens to be. What is your purpose, the one thing that you would spend all your time doing if all other distractions were removed & money was no object. Make a commitment now to reconnect to your magic, no more excuses, time to feed your soul.

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Purity of focus – Blessings materialise

Ace of Swords - The Sun
Major & Minor Arcana Tarot

Tarot today Ace of Swords & the Sun. When the aces appear the purest form of energy relating to the element of the suit is present, the Ace of Swords shows purity of thought is what is required. The Crown is a symbol of advancement & success, the branches represent peaceful victory. The sword will swing through the seekers reading, make sure that it connects with the target. The Ace of Swords – The blade is sharp, make sure it cuts in your favour.

“joy can surround you today, blessings materialise, go forth & be thankful”

When the Sun burns through your reading Be sure to relax your mind & exercise your body. You have now moved through the barriers, you project happiness unconsciously, now you project confidence and ability. Embrace any encounters you have at this time, a new important phase of development is waiting to be revealed. Your inner child now comes out to play. Enjoy yourself & revel in your individuality, break free from conformity. Luminous joy can surround you today, blessings materialise, go forth & be thankful.

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Temper, temper

Creative visualisation
The power of positivity

Tarot today our old friend the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub. I’ll admit, on my endless journey through the greater secrets, The Major Arcana, the Devil is my Achilles heel. As an Aries Horse, obsessive creative Celtic – to use just some of my enabling excuses, I have to be careful to keep my temper under control. A LOT of internal chanting goes on. I very rarely ‘lose my temper’, I can’t afford the repercussions any more, I have too many previous pressure cooker moments that still come back to haunt me on a daily basis. It can be the simplest thing, though usually it is frustration that causes me to want to throw all of my toys out of the pram. Fortunately if I do ever go off these days it is very short lived, I find it easy now to disperse the energy & channel it somewhere more constructive. A creative escape I am finding useful at the moment is the escape to your happy place visualisation.

“Freeze frame any frustrations, then just drift off, your fantasies are waiting”

The happy place, where all of your dreams & fantasies are allowed to roam free, where all of your imaginings live. Everything is possible, people & situations that are troublesome are easily defeated & you are the superhero, the pop star absorbing the adulation as the pyrotechnics close the show. Your happy place can be somewhere you have already been, where you reconnected to your true self, felt completely alive. Does that ring any bells in your subconscious? – Have you been to such a place? It can also be somewhere you have only ever dreamed of, somewhere at the edges of your imagination. Take a moment to escape to your happy place now, you have the power to transport there whenever you need. Freeze frame any frustrations, then just drift off, your fantasies are waiting.

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Be Your own Talisman

Talismans tarot & magic
Your are your own talisman

On a daily basis I have talismans & religious artefacts all about my person as a protective shield & to ‘amplify my powers’. In a challenging business meeting yesterday I was turning a lump of moldavite around in my fingers. Moldavite is one of my big guns, my own personal kryptonite that called to me in the alleyways of Glastonbury on a visit home many years ago. I wear a buddha from Kamakura at all times. I’m taken to carrying a daily Tarot card, a crucifix, a vintage key, a rosary, any other charm or amulet picked up on my journey through life so far. Combined with the several incantations, chants & prayers that power me. Even perhaps a herb or potion to protect me internally as my path unfolds. I use vintage Tarot & Cartomancy decks occasionally, people often comment: ‘Wow those cards are so powerful!”. The truth is they are just a collection of painted pasteboard.

“You do realise you are strong enough on your own. The power is you”

When you strip away all of the talismans, magical chants and lucky charms, you are left naked, just you against the world. What crutches, totems or prayers are defending you today? You do realise you are strong enough on your own. The power is you, be your own talisman, go forth & be extraordinary.

Shadows and Light

shadows and light
Move from the shadows , into the light

Secrets hiding in the shadows hold the potential to bathe you in the brightest of lights. I have been revisiting the 3 of Swords. The extraordinary reactions this card can evoke in a sitter is one of the most powerful responses you will experience as a reader. The powerfully graphic image of the heart pierced by the 3 swords, the brooding storm.

“Look out for the shadows today, greet them like an old friend, then pull them further in to the light.”

Many people have a strong emotional memory of literally having their heart broken, the deep seated feelings of relationships failing, possibly conflict. Perhaps even memories of someone betraying our trust These memories can shake us at soul level. Many times I see a sitter who holds such experiences in their psychic memory who is unable to escape this loop of experience. The original memory is so powerful that it is able to overwhelm & disorientate many years after the original event. This is where facing your shadows can be so cathartic and truly set you free. This is where working through your emotional memory bank releases & nourishes you, enabling you to grow and flourish. Look out for the shadows today, greet them like an old friend, then pull them further in to the light. It may be uncomfortable, then their power will diminish & strengthen you in ways you never thought possible. Be a wi-fi beacon of love today, go forth & be exceptional.

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What happened to your dreams?

Love, Life, Destiny
Recapture your dreams

While most boys dreamt of being James Bond, my childhood fantasy was to become Solitaire the Clairvoyant from the James Bond Movie, Live & Let Die. Unfortunately that position had already been filled by the fabulous Jane Seymour. One of my oldest & dearest friends calls me Solitaire & is prone to calling me up & saying ‘He travels by water!’ or similar in a breathy voice. I could easily carry off Solitaire’s headdress, I’m not Solitaire, unfortunately. However, I have achieved many of my dreams including designing my own Tarot deck & traveling, giving readings (and living), around the globe, experiencing many different cultures.

“it’s the only chance you’ll ever get to see this day, don’t allow it to slip by”

Reignite a dream, give yourself permission to reinvent your future. Unleash that childish fantasy existence where everything was possible & January credit card bills were not even on your radar. Years ago you tucked your childhood dreams away for safe keeping. It doesn’t mean they’re not still there, bubbling & intensifying in your subconscious. Your dreams may have changed, or you may still want the same things you did when you were a kid, it doesn’t matter. Bring your dream back to life and into the light. Ask yourself what you would do with your life if money and time were no object; what you would do if failure were not possible? As you start to imagine your dream life, your adult brain will try to impose limitations, put objections, practical issues, in the way. Remind yourself this is only a dream, and practicalities are not important. It’s OK to start with small dreams, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to unleash your imagination, and those dreams will grow again. Many people have said my free talking Tarot has sparked many memories & thought processes, try my free spoken Tarot readings here
Yesterday was a struggle for me, as I went to sleep I pre-dreamed how much better I could make today. Go forth & grab today & enjoy it, it’s the only chance you’ll ever get to see this day, don’t allow it to slip by.

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Darkness or Light

Darkness light mindfulness
Gravitate towards the light

Darkness or light, the eternal battle. The internal conversations we have take front & centre in our consciousness, an almost constant dialogue. How we react & what energy we decide to project in to our world is very telling to where we are on our journey. We can choose to empower our inner warrior to fight any internal doubt or negativity. We can make a conscious choice to shift gears, laugh at our struggles & embrace the magic. Feeding the sparks of enthusiasm is a skill that we can learn & nourish. It is a full time job that we really should make a priority as our thoughts really do create our reality. Obviously we can’t always be floating on a pink cloud, sailing through life in a blaze of smiles. We can however make the choice to suit up, show up & bring our ‘A’ game.

Block the inner ogre today, mentally cut it off at the pass. Escape the dark, go forth and choose to step in to the light, your world will be a happier place.

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Tall dark stranger…

Cartomancy reading
Tall dark strangers, journeys over water

Very occasionally I am asked to delve deep in to my history & give the type of readings my mother was fond of giving, and receiving. Our favourite reader was the famous west country mystic Madame Tamar who started me on my Tarot obsession many decades ago. Madame Tamar mostly used normal playing cards, she told me Tarot cards were too scary for her clientele. She was so gifted I don’t think she needed any oracle at all.

“She would always carefully send you on your way with a spring in your step, a sparkle in her Scorpio eyes”

I am fortunate enough to have inherited my mother’s paraphernalia, her crystal ball, cartomancy cards. I still collect vintage cartomancy decks, I love the interpretations. If appropriate I will sometimes give readings, usually at functions, that dip in to that persona. The type of gypsy reading that promises tall dark strangers, exciting journeys. I stop short of the slightly darker messages my mother was fond of delivering. Exciting affairs, disastrous consequences. Looking back it has to said she was mostly right & had absolutely no qualms saying it exactly as she saw it. She would always carefully send you on your way with a spring in your step, a sparkle in her Scorpio eyes. I don’t believe that this type of reading undermines the true Tarot experience as long as you are clear in your intentions. They are primarily for entertainment, parties & events, they form some of the rich history of the contemporary cartomancers art.

Whatever story you decide to believe today, make sure you send yourself a positive message, though perhaps a tall dark stranger might be fun this wintry morning?

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What script are you writing?

rewrite your internal voice
What script are you writing in your head?

The stories we tell ourselves. What do we believe, where does this information arise, just how much does it have to do with who & where we really are on our path. Often, when half asleep, I look at my life remotely, like a movie. Then first thing, every day, through the lens of Tarot. I have been wandering through the Major Arcana for the umpteenth time. These archetypes represent pretty large character / life experiences, for me ( Disclaimer : other belief systems are available!) they are a reliable mirror that always reflects where my head is at. I have been challenging my stock reactions to the archetypes whilst looking back over old notebooks to see how my perception of my life has shifted, how my story has developed. The stories that you tell yourself are the script to your life. You are the author, the stories you tell yourself can often dictate how your reality manifests. Changing the story is the most empowering thing you can do to break through blocks to empower your future.
As I write this it’s early Monday. Mondays used to be a big one for me, signalling the end of the weekend & putting me back on the treadmill. Now Mondays are one of the highlights of my week, I have rewritten the Monday script & built in several aspects I genuinely look forward to. Even though it’s black & cold outside I am going to climb on my bike & give this Monday a run for it’s money.

Rewrite your script today, take a small step to changing your story. You can’t change the chapters that have gone, you can however always write a better ending. You are the person of your own creation today, the version of you you have been waiting to meet your whole life. Go forth & be wonderful

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What is Your reality?

Real psychics
What is Your reality?

What is reality? A quick google reveals: ‘the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. “he refuses to face reality”

When you give readings you are focusing on a snapshot of time, of myriad possibilities that could arrive. You are there to enthuse & inspire. It is a great responsibility.
Your words can set someone free or they can scare. It should also be a magical unforgettable experience. The sitter should leave feeling optimistic & fired up for the future.

A tarot reading can touch someone’s soul. It is a dance between two spirits. If you give readings you have to be very careful as words have great power, can linger & be reinterpreted by the sitter later through their own lens on reality. When you interact with a sitter you may be forging a new dimension of communication with that person who may be opening up in a way they never have before… This time of year after the excitement & promise of the new year can throw up some dark shadows. I hope you are feeling strong & ready 🙂
Whatever your reality is today go forth & be fabulous.

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Be magnetic, attract abundance

abandance law of attraction
Be magnetic, manifest abundance

Abundance.  Most questioners when they ask about ‘abundance’ mean wealth, physical moolah, money. Almost all of those questioners have a distorted view of worth, money, the sordid topic of coin. Usually their attachment to ‘wealth’ is based on something someone else has planted in their head. I’m from a poor-ish background. My mother & father worked like dogs all their lives. I remember clearly their attitude to wealth, they had an ingrained poverty consciousness. ‘We can’t go there, we are not that type of person’. ‘You can’t do / buy that, who do you think you are? Rockafella!’ My father died leaving just enough money hidden around the house for his funeral, he would have been happy, that’s all he ever wanted. The truth is physical ‘wealth’ is a construct. You can always get more money. You can never buy more health, you can never buy confidence, creativity. The real wealth is when you realise that striving for emotional or spiritual abundance is worth far more than cold hard cash. We are all time poor, the clock is always ticking. Strive to spend more time breathing, with who you love. Subconsciously start processing your creativity to bring enough physical wealth to free you from the daily grind

Go forth & be magnetic today, attract everything you need effortlessly, enjoy your day & breathe

Are You Blessed?

Blessed Tarot Readings
Are You feeling Blessed?

Tarot today – Devil – My inner devil is a miserable bastard. Every year when I stop for the holidays I get a man flu system shut down where I am forced to face my miserable self & reflect on where I am, and where I’m going. The strange no mans land after the ‘big day’ (other celebrations are available) & New Years Eve where we magically forgive all our wrongs & emerge as the shiny perfect version of ourselves in a flurry of resolutions. Today my snot fuelled inner devil wants to tell me what a useless failure I am. Example: I should be at the gym not drowning in a sea of hot lemon paracetamol based drinks. Well, inner devil you horny little goat, it’s time to fight back. I AM usually in the gym most days sorting out my head to stop me biting people on the tube & keeping the parts moving, including those that have been replaced. When I look back on this year I HAVE accomplished quite a few items of my to do list. I’m still failing of course, I just went through my Apple account & cancelled subscriptions to apps I never knew existed. I have been paying £2.50 a week for a talking Spanish translator for all those times I’m stuck in a lift with a troubled Spanish person. The truth is I’m doing OK, no actually I’m doing fine. We are conditioned to be so full of self judgement & comparisons of where we should be, who we should be, we forget to stop & appreciate ourselves. Except when we have man flu & can’t move too much.

Take a moment to appreciate how OK you are. Stifle that inner devil, the ever present voice that tells you otherwise. Allow yourself right now to take 30 seconds & feel some ‘OK’ flood your body & mind.

“The truth is I’m doing OK, no actually I’m doing fine”

Allow yourself to be happy. Nothing externally can make you happy, it is down to you. Flick that switch & make the choice. Today I will do the best I can & be happy, I am blessed.

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Breathe, reconnect, reassess, recharge

Breathe align reconnect
Take time to reconnect to your inner child, breathe , reassess, renew

B R E A T H E – As we enter that no man’s land of the holiday period I truly hope you find time to re-connect to what is truly important. Family, friends, love, health. For me it is often just the opportunity to be me, off the clock, no agenda. I hope this holiday gives you the space to remember who you are, to rediscover your inner child. A chance to re-assess, to re-ignite your dreams. Moving towards the promise of the New Year I hope that you shatter every self limiting belief about who you are, who you can become. May your life glow with adventures not yet even imagined. Follow your star from the shadows of the past & burn with your brightest of lights.

Take time to breathe today, go forth & shine


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