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The Emperor.

Meaning in a Tarot reading :


Appearance :

The crowned Emperor sits on his marbled cubic throne featuring
ram’s head carvings, symbolising Aries. The fiery barren landscape
around him symbolises his masculinity, authority & discipline. He
represents the opposite of the soft femininity of the The Empress. He
holds an Orb to represent his power over the laws of the material
world. The sceptre in his right hand reinforces his male potency, the
ankh which tops it is the ancient Egyptian symbol of life, something he
pursues with characteristic vigour. He is action personified, his robes
and demeanour emphasise his power & majesty. The heavy bejewelled
gold crown is a symbol & reminder of his worldly authority.

Interpretation :

The Emperor is father, ruler and warrior. Enterprising,
dominating, opinionated and aggressive. His function is to organise the
world for both himself and others. So, if The Emperor should appear in
your reading, it perhaps suggests it is time for you to take notice of
material concerns, take control of real-world concerns. This might be in terms of creating a
new job, changing jobs or even buying property. The Emperor symbolises
that the time is right for you to make these dreams reality. His
energy is about moving things on, making things happen; he is indeed a
helpful influence should you have been lacking discipline or direction.
You need to strive for stability and power, take on responsibility.


Tree of Life Path : 5
Trump : 4-Emperor
Hebrew Letter : he,
Element Planet Zodiac : Aries
Deities : Athene, Mars
Animal : Owl, Ram
Plant : Tiger lily

My Relationship with The Emperor
I am a typical Aries I have great enthusiasm and passion for all that life has to offer. If I recognise
myself going off on  a creative tangent, ( thankfully
diminishing as I get older), a meditation on the Emperor card usually
helps to get me grounded. My card features an ex boss of mine, a
remarkably focused Danish guy who managed to keep it together in all
sorts of exceptional circumstances. If I find myself wasting energy by
letting my creativity explode into many scattered directions I find The
Emperor can help give me stability. If I have problems finding the
stamina to see one project through to completion, The Emperor can help
reactivate my limited powers of organization. He logically views the
situation and through the power of accurate observations applies his
expertise to make a success of any endeavour. He is indeed the logical driving
force of The Major Arcana. In conclusion I wish I could harbour some
more of the controlled leadership qualities inherent in the Emperor
whilst still retaining the fiery Aries creativity, a very difficult
prospect that needs endless determination and commitment.


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