Tarot Major Arcana – Stick or Twist

    O'Mara Tarot Major Arcana
    Play the hand you've been dealt

    The Major Arcana – The Greatest Secrets. Whatever hand we are dealt, we either accept the deal & play to win. Or throw in our hand & give up before we have even participated in the game.

    Life is a game of cards, how will you proceed with the hand you have been dealt today?

    I personally have been dealt some rough cards, some of the roughest in fact. I’m not about to tell you details, go all ‘X Factor’ sob story on your ass. I just turn over my cards & play my best hand. I’m lucky to have Tarot as my obsession. To help me unravel the confusion & unlock the secrets to creating happiness for myself & those around me.
    I genuinely love being able to have people from all over the globe identify with my stuff & react or send me comments. We are so lucky to be alive in the era where this has become possible.
    As light workers we are all about connectivity, working as one force for good. Someone on my FB yesterday reconnected through my talking Tarot & has had a real shift through a reading I did last year. They are doing absolutely great. That literally fills me to bursting with joy.

    “let it go, roll with the punches, hit the dealer for another card & ace everything that life throws your way”

    Most people are struggling in some way. They have a choice, to decide they have had enough & finally decide to break free from a prison of regret & insecurity. Or just carry on as they are, moaning about their lot. Hoping that their prince will come & whisk them away.

    You can join them, or decide, right now, to hunt out the positive & chase out the best shot you’ve got with the rest of your life.

    No amount of wishing on rainbows, love & light & unicorns is going to do it for you. You have to decide to change the only thing you can, your thinking. Then make it your soul purpose to manifest the most powerful you that you can be.
    Then you can be happy.

    Stop dreaming about the lottery, you may not decide to grab opportunity & go for it, most people don’t … So today, let it go, roll with the punches, hit the dealer for another card & ace everything that life throws your way.

    Wishing you the most transformational of days x

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