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Sun Magic

Use the Power of the Sun to Visualise Abundance

Every planet and star- including the Sun- has its own unique significance. The locations of the planets and stars directly affect our behavior and personality, but they all do so in different ways. The sun is our primary source of light and warmth, but its spiritual powers go much deeper. In many doctrines, the Sun is representative of life, self, health and well-being. It is also what gives us strength and energy to accomplish both our major life goals and our small daily tasks. Without the Sun, we would be weak physically, mentally and emotionally; its power should never be …

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Amazing Solar Eclipse, 2015

Amazing 2015 Solar Eclipse To Be Seen from UK: Where and How to Watch It Best One of the most amazing events of the year 2015 is upon us. On Friday most British people will have the unique chance to watch the biggest solar eclipse for the last 16 years. Most of Britain will be covered in darkness with some parts experiencing nearly 99 per cent. Other regions will unfortunately miss the most intense activity of this grand solar eclipse. Where to See It? People throughout UK are eager to find the best place where the eclipse is observable at …

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