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Tarot – The Hierophant – The Inner Teacher

Hierophant Tarot Detailed Meaning The light caught the triple tiered tiara. I saw two crossed keys. Oblivious to me an initiate bowed before the Hierophant, who began to speak. “The only path to truth is within yourself.  The only mystery is why you seek to prevent yourself from achieving your true potential”.  With that the Hierophant turned, moved between the pillars. The Hierophant, like the High Priestess, is seated between two pillars.  The Hierophant is depicted as either a man or a woman but always represents the spiritual side of masculinity. The pillars represent the masculine and feminine, day and …

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Tarot The High Priestess | What lies behind the veil ?

  High Priestess Tarot Meditation And I heard her voice only in my mind, almost telepathically.  “To pass and enter the temple of initiation you must travel between the pillars of black and white, through the veil of pomegranates after absorbing all the information I have for you.  Are you ready?” I faltered. I knew I was not prepared. This wisdom cannot be revealed.  It must grow within your heart.  Seek to hear the unsaid and perceive the invisible. The High Priestess has the power of second sight and proves it to the full by showing that she knows all …

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