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Don’t let them suck you dry ! The psychic Vampire

What are Psychic Vampires and How Do You Identify Them? As Human beings, we are made up of a physical component i.e. the body and a spiritual component which is unseen. It is this spiritual component that provides us with the energy to deal with normal life situation and problems. When we are in tune with our spiritual component and understand that it is up to us to deal with our own problems, we are able to successfully solve our issues without much help from others as we feel we have the energy and power to do so. On the …

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Allow the Energy of the Universe to work for you

Cosmic ordering, The Law of attraction. Have you tried these techniques / Did they work for you ? The key element to activating the power of the Universe & manifesting your authentic self is easier than you think. A lot of press recently has focused on the exciting news that we are on the verge of finding the ‘God Particle’. The God particle, in particle physics creates a ‘sticky’ field that attracts all other particles & gives the field of energy ‘mass’. This ability to attract energy is key to all of the excitement around the discovery of this elusive …

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