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Clue 1 : The Fool 0 The Spirit of Aethyr, Aleph, Air, Zeus, Jupiter, Man, Eagle, Aspen. Life Begins.

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I am going flat out to bring the next stage of my lifetime ambition to fruition. Watch for the launch of AstroMara, the free readings have amazed the testers, I am only using the best qualified astrologers … my testers love it :
Wow paul!

My report is EXCELLENT!!

Really really accurate! Spot on in fact! Im speechless!


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It is only fair that I focus on my true purpose, The Tarot. After 30 years plus of study I am drawn back to this most
amazing oracle.

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Sport relief

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If you are happy & healthy please donate something to Sport Relief even small amounts have massive impact http://www.bbc.co.uk/sportrelief/

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My success, My ability to turn my dreams in to reality is undoubtedly down to the amazing technique of my Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Robert Matthews. Robert is a professional fully qualified Hypnotherapist who works to release every individuals' potential through the power of their mind.

Now, I am proud to be able to offer access to the services of Top Qualified Hypnotherapists


Even more exciting is that Robert Matthews has agreed to allow me to provide free access to a complete hypnosis MP3 download. Release Your full potential, Change Your Life, Download Now :

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New Expert Astrology Readings AstroMara

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AstroMara.com has been in development for many years & I am pleased to announce that the new site is in the final stages of development.

Your one stop Astrology site will provide exciting free Astrology and many different types of report prepared by expert astrologers. Stay tuned for the launch !

Keep looking to the future

Paul O'Mara

Follow Your heart, your psychic intuition … Is it time ?

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Always follow your heart ! Your Gut instinct

Fantastic news that the UK is climbing out of the recession. It has been an amazingly challenging time for everybody & it isn’t over yet !. One good thing that has come from it is that people have been forced to focus on what is really important. January has been SUCH a depressing month, even I who work really hard at remaining positive, have found it a challenge !. As I have given readings to people through the recent hard times it has been increasingly obvious that everyone has started to realise the things in life that are truly important. I have given readings to high flying executives who having been made redundant, suddenly realised that their lives had been a meaningless treadmill. They finally discover that all that mattered was that they could finally appreciate the fantastic journey called life & if they were very lucky the unconditional love of another. To see people reborn like this, released from the grind of the relentless 9 to 5 with time to appreciate their lives & loved ones, is a privilege indeed.

This is what I mean by this post, always follow your heart !. Are you living the life you were destined to live ?. Does each day bring you joy & satisfaction ?. If not, perhaps as the long hard winter prepares to turn to the promise of spring, you need to focus on what could possibly finally release your full potential & see you in full flow living the life you know you deserve. As you prepare to sleep tonight allow your mind to drift and focus on the things that could finally bring you the life of your dreams ….

Thoughts really do become things !

Often as I close a reading with someone I take them on a guided fantasy tour of their future & ask them to subconsciously send a cosmic order to the Universe. I know that those ( & there are many ! ), that automatically say ‘ Win the Lottery’ ! are almost certainly set to be disappointed. However, those who embrace the experiment & say “to live a fulfilled, comfortable life with the love of another & the chance to follow my dreams” have much better odds of achieving the life that will finally release them from their daily challenges …

The Secret language of Tarot and the essential knowledge contained in my deck reveal the possibilities for advancement. Remember you can always re-dream your future to create the reality you know you deserve. 2010 is a year jam packed with possibilities, whatever your dream, whatever you desire let it start now. If you fix the image in your minds eye and instantly squash any negative thoughts then failure to reach your goal is impossible. In these hard times everyone has re-evaluated what is really important, what can make them truly happy. Feel your brighter future approaching now …

What is your ultimate wish ?, I hope you achieve Your dream life this year …

Keep looking to the future !

Paul O’Mara

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Free Psychic readings, The Journey through the Tarot experience

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Tarot readings with the Major & Minor Arcana

We all need a belief system, a path to enlightenment, something to decode the meaning of our existence. The Fool's Journey along The Royal Road of Tarot is one sequence that can put your life in perspective. The Major Arcana, or greatest secret of the Tarot is the fifth 'suit' that contains the most familiar cards. The Lovers, The World, etc. As I perform readings it is my belief that should the questioner turn over one of these cards then they are facing challenges that may be greater than if they had turned over one of the Minor Arcana, or lesser secrets, that tend to refer to more mundane aspects of life.

Connecting with a Tarot Reading

Performing a Tarot reading is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Initially the ritual of the shuffling and laying out of the deck in to whichever spread is chosen is a technique for building physical rapport with the questioner. If the reading is done remotely then many readers see this process as an opportunity to tune in to the energies of the questioner. Once the spread is prepared then the interpretation can begin. Should any of the Major keys appear then the reader will know that the questioner is on the verge of a life changing phase of development.

There are many different techniques used in decoding a Tarot reading, something for a series of later posts . I personally like to use a combination of all of them to provide a rounded, inspiring, entertaining experience. One of the trending aspects that I will be reinvestigating in the near future, is the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana. Each card of the Majors represents a profound life experience, it may be necessary for the seeker to revisit each card of the Major secret cards before the lesson of this key is learnt & fully absorbed.

The First Key to the Major Arcana is The Fool. The Spirit of Aethyr. I can't wait to retake this journey through the Tarot archetypes. Think deeper. Look closer. Nothing is as it seems …

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A short break, the excitement of Morocco, a luxury Riad, Perfect !

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

I am lucky enough to be preparing for a short trip to Riad Bell the luxury exclusive Riad in Morocco Marrakech. The call to prayer, the hustle of the souk & the medina. I will be visiting the Museum of Marrakech primarily & have it on good authority that the owner & team at the Riad Bell are excellent hosts …


Attracting Love Spell, Where is My Soulmate ? The Love of My Life ?

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Best love psychic reading techniques
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“Why can’t I attract my mate ? I deserve it. I have a lovely family, great friends, a successful career. I’m attractive, a good catch, funny, loving, so what is going wrong?” Something I hear every day !. Well the old saying goes you can have a great job, a great flat or a great relationship, but never all 3 at the same time!. I personally think that is rubbish !. You have to learn the message of the Lovers Tarot Card. Love Yourself first & the rest just falls in to line …

How do I attract my perfect partner ?

The first piece of advice I always give someone looking unsuccessfully to attract their mate is that they are projecting the wrong vibes. It’s as simple as that. When you are relaxed around friends or at home, you are putting out completely different energies than when you are consciously looking for a partner. In order to attract your perfect partner, your soulmate if you like, you have to focus on just being yourself. If you put on an act then it simply is not going to happen. And, if it does, what happens when they realise it is actually not the real you?. If you are looking for a new partner, stop now and really visualise yourself happy in the new relationship. Feel the glow of contentment that comes from the fact that you know you are desired & loved. Just by making a commitment to the Universe you have put your intention out there & the cosmos will begin to conspire to bring your desire to reality. You can send a message to the Universe by focussing on my Lovers Spell. Remember a spell is simply a ritual for focusing your intention on a desire.

Lovers Spell Click here

Another recurring question I am faced with is Why has my relationship gone off the boil ?. The obvious answer is that people become comfortable with each other & slip in to a routine. If you used to go out why do you not do so anymore ? Why don’t you try and re-introduce a dating scenario to your relationship ?. Arrange to meet each other in a different environment, act as if you are still dating. This is guaranteed to inject some freshness back in to your partnership, remember the things that attracted you to each other in the first place.

Often questioners ask me how they can get back together with their ex. My first question before I even look at the cards is ” Why are they your ex ?”. Often people seek to get back with a partner as they think this is the easiest course of action, in this situation you should always think very hard before trying to rekindle a romance that has broken down. What would be different the second time around ?

Finally, perhaps you are looking for the wrong person. What do I mean by that ? Many people who I meet chase the same ‘type’ of partner & routinely end up being hurt when the relationship flounders. The classic scenario is the ‘bad boy’, especially the ones who don’t call back, yes perhaps this character type is exciting, but is a relationship with this type sustainable. If you are looking for love in 2010, please just be yourself, accept that the Universe is doing it’s best to find you the perfect partner, relax and be ready to be surprised !

Recent comment by email about Pau O’Mara Psychics :
“I had readings by one of your Psychic readers on friday she was absolutely amazing THANKYOU so much!!!!!!!!” comment by email 10/01/201

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Psychic answers Paul O'Mara Psychics & clairvoyants

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I am re-reading my favourite Tarot work

The Tarot – A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages by Paul Foster Case

he states :

reiterate ( The Tarot should not ) be used for vulgar fortune telling,
or to amuse a party of friends. If you yield to the temptation so to
abuse this information, you will pay for it in the loss of all power of
true divination, and probably in the loss of ability to control the
higher rates of psychic vibration. Thus the ultimate result of abuse of
this divinatory practice will be to make you more negative, more the
slave of circumstance, more liable to evil of every kind “.

can assure you that I do not use the Tarot lightly, however I believe
the cards only release power within the reader or querent as opposed to
having any inherent power of their own. The Tarot is in fact only a
deck of painted cards, although they can also be the mirrors of your
subconscious mind.

Paul O'Mara Psychics

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Why are we afraid of the Future ? Change your life for 2010

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

2009 is over & guess what, we're still here ! Unlock your full potential in 2010

The sense of optimism surrounding the potential of a New Year is always exciting. The optimism and promise of a brighter future always creates good feelings and empowers everyone to want to improve their lives.

Where then does it usually go so wrong ? Almost everyone I interacted with at the end of 2009 was expecting to die of swine flu, be blown up by terrorists, cooked by global warming and endless other forms of ( usually) unnecessary worry. Yes 2009 was challenging for many people, especially financially. Lots of people were terrified that they were going to lose their jobs & in fact many of them did. What happened ? Did they die ?, no they didn't . On the whole people I know either found a new better job or reassessed their lives, downsized or retrained in something far more rewarding than they had previously identified as 'their reason for existing'

Why are we so afraid of our future ?

As we get older we become comfortable with patterns in our lives, most people seek out familiar situations that are not challenging. Young people are far more likely to face the future with optimism, it is in their code. Not all 'older' people slip in to a routine however, in fact it is the type of person who actively seeks out new experiences who is likely to feel more confident about what is around the corner.

How can I be more confident about where life is going to lead me ?

The first thing to do is identify negative or 'safe' thought patterns and appreciate them but incrementally replace them with something more useful.

A week ago I gave a reading to a lady who gets 'the horrors' ( her words) every Sunday at the prospect of going back to her job. I asked her to do me a favour and write down exactly what she imagined would happen when she returns to her office on Monday morning. Basically she always imagined her superiors telling her that she was not performing well enough and that she was one step away from losing her job. Guess what, she contacted me and told me that not only was that not the case, in fact the opposite was true, they thought she was doing an amazing job & wished that she would finally release her obviously amazing potential. From now on I have asked her to replace her Sunday night 'horrors' with the positive image and this has apparently had an amazingly transformational effect.

What incorrect thought patterns could you replace ?

I have had a fantastically relaxing and motivating holiday season. I hope the same is true for you ? 2010 is set to be a transformational year on so many levels. Here's wishing you unprecedented success !!

Believe in Yourself, Keep looking to the future !

Paul O'Mara
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International Psychic Readers, Tolerance, Love, Dreams & Belief, Happy 2010 !

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Psychic Readers, Tolerance, Love, Dreams & Belief, Happy 2010 !

I feel that anyone can believe anything they like, as long as those beliefs do not directly impact  on someone else's freedom or life. I believe that I can offer advice that can improve a person's life through the power of a Psychic or Tarot reading & help them achieve their goals. Many people mock this belief, in fact by law I have to state that I only offer my talents as 'Psychic entertainment'. Any one who contacts my team of readers has to endure the ' Calls cost £1.50 per minute blah, blah …' I am more than happy to comply with these regulations as I am proud of my service & constantly receive rave reviews & even test my readers myself, I enjoy it. In fact just days ago I had a reading with Psychic Shelly 4304 that validated many things, including names & dates, that she absolutely had no means of knowing. Why then does it bother me that I have to constantly identify myself as a 'Psychic entertainer'. I have explored many organised religions being born a Catholic with a C of E mother. I have studied Buddhism & interestedly researched many different belief systems around the globe. One thing that bothers me is ( & this is where it gets sticky ), why do priests not have to call themselves 'Religious Entertainers' ?. Why do they not have to make endless disclaimers about their beliefs ?. ' These events may or may not have occurred, etc' … I know this is where devout Christians & Catholics will start ranting & calling me a heathen but frankly I have heard it all before.

When belief gets truly dangerous is when an individual believes that he has the right to board a 'plane carrying explosives & attempt to kill countless innocent victims and destroy their families and loved ones lives forever. When he truly believes that he will be rewarded in Paradise with endless riches & virgins, this is indeed a deluded, dangerous form of belief. Now I am going to be called anti Islamic. Again nothing can be further from the truth. I have spent much of the last 2 years living in Istanbul right next to a mosque & enjoying the regular 'Call to prayer'. I have made several trips to Sri Lanka, India & Pakistan and met fantastic people whose beliefs, though maybe different from mine, are equally as valid yet do not endanger the World as we know it. I know that my flight home will be hugely delayed, again I am obviously happy to comply with any security reviews, unfortunately I know that the next few months will also see many more attempts by radical extremists. We must find the technology to defeat these maniacs.

If we are to move our beautiful planet towards really joy, Love & Peace then we all have to become much more tolerant. I am lucky enough to be performing readings in the sun over the holiday period. I am amazed to constantly hear comments such as …. ” They're just not like us”, “The bread tastes funny”, “They put ORANGE in my salad !” PLEAASE … If you are going to travel to new cultures you must embrace those differences or what is the point of travel ? Stay at home !..

Let's embrace our differences & work towards peace & joy the world over, a naive dream I know but we can always have hope …

I saw in the New Year with Champagne & an amazing fireworks display

My first blog post of 2010 what a fantastic year it is shaping up to be, I hope it finds you as happy as I am !

Free Psychic Readings Best Live Psychics

New Year New Potential Best New Psychics

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Thank You So much to everyone who has sent my message around the world in 2009 ! My free readings have been consulted many tens of thousands of times, literally all around the globe !

The Secret language of Tarot and the essential knowledge contained in my deck reveal the possibilities for advancement. Remember you can always re-dream your future to create the reality you know you deserve. 2010 is a year jam packed with possibilities, whatever your dream, whatever you desire let it start now. If you fix the image in your mind and instantly squash any negative thoughts, failure to reach your goal is actually impossible. Your subconscious is a computer that is programmed to attract exactly what you programme it to strive for. In these hard times everyone has re-evaluated what is really important, what can make them truly happy. Feel your brighter future now it is just around the corner in 2010 !

For a free reading visit my Free Psychic readings Page

If you celebrate Christmas please view my animated online Christmas greeting Card

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Happy Holidays ! Plus New services from Paul O'Mara Psychics

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Happy Holidays ! A year ago I was in Pakistan & have made friends worldwide this year that will stay with me forever, Hello to you all 🙂 . If you celebrate Christmas please find my Christmas Greeting here. Online Christmas Card

Remember my free Psychic services including my Free Spoken Tarot Readings are always available :

Free Psychic Readings

Due to popular demand I have re-instated my email Tarot reading service with 3 different levels of service.

One subscriber will win a full email reading, If you would like to securely subscribe Click Here

The Bronze O'Mara Psychic Tarot email reading :

The one card reading, Where are you heading ?  Click the Banner to order …

The Silver O'Mara Psychic email Tarot Reading :

The Classic Past, Present & Destiny Reading. To order click the banner …

The Gold O'Mara Psychic email Tarot Reading

A full Psychic reading by email Limited availability. To order click the banner …

Thank You to everybody For the continued support.

Keep looking to the future !

Paul O'Mara

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Love is the drug, Find Your true lover

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

How do I find Love ?

Today I had feedback from a client that I had completed a reading for who had been referred to me by my team as they were 'stuck' on a life-changing relationship dilemma. Almost always the first question people ask me is if I 'tell the truth' in my readings ?! Well of course the answer is yes. There are strict guidelines as to what can be said to a caller, my team strictly adhere to these guidelines. If they sense that the dilemma is medical or beyond the scope of a psychic reading then they will recommend the seeker looks for professional advice. There are readers out there who do not. It was the fallout from one of these unscrupulous operators that we found ourselves dealing with today. This person had been told that their ex was set to return & was even encouraged to have further, expensive readings to expediate the process. This had left the person in severe emotional turmoil & their life had effectively stalled. I hate this sort of practice, I see my study of Tarot & the Psychic arts as a privilege that should under no circumstances be abused & welcome the rules that regulate readings in order to prevent people being offered false hope. As soon as I laid out the cards I could see that the relationship had run its course & that the person should accept that, in fact I could see that this would release them from an emotional block. I see that again & again with relationship dilemmas, it is human nature to try & rekindle a partnership that deep down we know is making both parties unhappy as we are frightened that we will be left alone & never again find happiness. In my latest Free talking Psychic reading, my animated Relationship Tarot reading I have started from the perspective that before we can be truly loved by someone else we must accept ourselves completely & truly love ourselves. This is embodied perfectly in a quote I have used from the great Lucille Ball.

” Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

New Accurate Love Psychic Readings

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Best Love Psychics

I am SOO pleased my Psychic readers are enjoying a growing army of loyal fans. Thank You to those visitors who demand a better quality of Psychic reading. This has led me to constantly re-assess my service. After all, I established my site as I simply could not find a site from a genuine Psychic that provided a balance between free psychic services and quality Genuine Psychic readings with tested genuine Psychic readers. My readers tell me that they really enjoy reading for my customers as they do not accept things on face value & keep my readers at the top of their game. I am confident that my team are among the best Psychics, Mediums & Clairvoyants working today. I am careful to balance my team & even though it is very rare, if you do not immediately connect with your chosen reader, remember you can contact my reception within the first few minutes for advice on which available reader is likely to be able to connect quickly to you & your current situation. My Love Psychic Readings service has been receiving rave reviews.

I am amazed by how far my free services are spreading & helping people around the globe. After relaunching my Halloween talking Psychic Tarot reading & my spoken Relationship Free Psychic Tarot Reading many new territories began to show in my statistics. Some of the places I had literally never heard of !. Geography was never my strong point !. If you would like to invite friends through my Psychic friends importer, either from email clients or social networks like MySpace or Facebook, it is a secure, fast, easy process. Invite 10 friends & I will give you a login to my popular talking Celtic Cross reading Free for your trouble !. Thank you also to my subscribers who spread the word about new services & are always first to hear about new products or competitions on my site. Last month I gave away an Angels kit, some talismans that were won by a lady in Romania & a full Psychic reading with one of my team. So, if you aren't subscribed, you can do so below. Your details are stored securely off site & will never be passed on. Well that's it from me, Keep looking to the future !

Attract Your Soulmate with my Love Spell !

Paul O'Mara

My Top 20 Psychic Love Readers for October 2009 are :

Rose 4004
Charlotte 4005
Faithe 4142
Jennifer 4242
Rachel 4204
Francine 4248
Romea 4255
Shaz 4277
Diane 4283
Shelly 4304

Joanne 4309
Sophia 4312
Arriana 4326
Isobel 4336
Mara 4341
Angel-Light 4373
Christine 4413
Natasha 4385
Lillian 4290
Claire 4345

Best Irish Psychic Tarot Reader …

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My first Psychic experiences were in the depths of Southern Ireland. Almost 40 years ago … It has taken me many years to develop an Irish Psychic Phoneline service that does justice to my experiences … I am confident my team of Best Irish Clairvoyants, Psychics, Mediums & Tarot Readers are the very best …

Coming Soon,

Top Irish Psychic Readings

Psychic Paul & Curiosities Psychic Store

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Paul O'Mara the secret Psychic

Paul has been a well kept secret for many years. Now he is ready to share his gifts with the world.


Curiosities the Psychic Shop for New Age & Metaphysical supplies has had a relaunch

Discover the future of Psychic readings ….


New Listen Again Psychic Service

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

New Call Back Service

Many of You have asked for a service to revisit Your readings, and now you can !

Caller Listen Back Service
My Listen Back service allows You to dial my low cost premium rate number and listen again to an earlier reading You have had within the last 30 days.

How does it work ?
When you dial my phone service & just before You are put through to a reader you will hear a recording explaining how the service works. If you want the option to listen back to Your reading You will need to take down Your unique reference number.
Once You have had Your reading, if You would like to review it, simply dial 0906 330 0732 and enter Your reference number.
My listen back service costs just 75p per minute and is a great way to clarify what the reader has told You.

( Please note the call back service is for premium rate callers only).

Your reading is waiting

Connect to Britain's Best Psychics Clairvoyants and Mediums Live

Psychic readings paid by phone bill, Credit card or Text

Psychic Call Back Service

Learn to Connect to Your Angels – Angel Readings

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At the edge of consciousness lies the realm of Psychic abilities and alternate belief. I have recently met with someone who claims the ability to see guardian angels, and indeed angels of any kind. Like sensitives who are able to visualise auras around people Angel workers are convincing in their beliefs. Angels are spiritual messengers who are sent to guide us through the trials of life, and some believe guide us on our final journey after death. Whilst discussing the power of angels I was surprised to find that this lady claimed to have turned ' hopeless cases ' around by enabling them to visualise & connect with their angel guides. This is a fascinating subject & one that I think deserves further investigation, angel working is definitely on my list of skills to investigate.

The outcome that was impressed on me was that it is never too late to make the right choice, to welcome the power of good over evil. Listening to the Angels can give you the power to unlock your future. This is of course at the basis of many belief systems. In Tarot we have the light & dark cards. It is very easy to allow the darker forces to slowly creep in to our lives. One of the darkest archetypes in the Tarot, The Devil often appears in readings of seekers who have allowed his influence affect their lives. Anything that erodes the quality of your life can be an indicator that the Devil is at play. An antidote to the power of the Devil card is to meditate on the Temperance card to learn to experiment with the joys of life again. Two recent readings I have given showed a couple of facets of his influence. A lady I read for recently told me that she had completely lost her zest for life & her daily existence had degenerated in to a routine of second rate daytime TV. Another seeker turned over the Devil & it revealed to me a full blown drug & alcohol addiction that needed serious professional attention. You may feel that these two scenarios are in no way connected, to me they are 2 sides of the same coin. If you feel that your ' soul is broken ' as was the descriptive phrase used by this lady it is hard to remember that miracles are happening all the time, all around us, you just have to choose to see them. To interpret the messages of the Angels you can use the powerful Archangel Oracle Cards, connect to your guides & learn to heal and motivate yourself in magical ways.

I started this post with talk of spiritual messengers, these individuals are all around us and are not necessarily religious figures or prophets, they can be 'ordinary people'. The woman who inspired me to take my spiritual journey to the next level & to expand my site to reflect that is a wonderful, selfless individual who I'm sure is surrounded by a host of angels. Most amazingly I have never , yet , met this wonderful lady. The power of the internet brought her to me & I could feel through her words that she was to have an important influence on my life, as she continues to do on a daily basis.

A Comprehensive introductory course in communicating with Angels is available from my online Psychic shop that introduces you to techniques to visualise & connect to your Spirit Guides.

If you want to make a spiritual connection my team of Britain's top Psychics & Clairvoyants are ready to guide you to a more fulfilling life. Many of my team have studied many forms of personal advancement or attended spiritual churches to develop their gifts.

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Keep looking to the future


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Love Yourself First & The World Will Follow

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It's human nature, you look in the mirror and the first thing you see are the things that you think are wrong, the extra bit of weight, the crows feet. Let's change our perception, what if the crows feet could be 'the dried up river beds of old smiles' 🙂 .. Trite I know but change your outlook & you will eventually change your feelings about yourself & the way you interact with the world.
How we slip into these negative thought patterns so easily is amazing, if we could all focus upon the positive with such ease I am sure the world would be a much more pleasant place. After all is our own thoughts and actions that connect us to the world around us and place us firmly within reality, and if all we focus on is the negative – well its not a happy reality is it?
Next time you look in the mirror focus on a positive it could be 'Look how my eyes sparkle', 'I look really good in this outfit' or perhaps just a simple 'I love being me'. The more you promote the positive the more positivity you will attract and manifest in your life. Here's an exercise I particularly like, look in the mirror & smile at yourself for a full 5 minutes, you will feel stupid but I guarantee you will continue smiling for the rest of the day !.
Visualise yourself as a being of perfection, everything you would like yourself to be. Let the visualisation surround you, absorb it and take yourself towards it becoming reality. Really become the image of yourself that you hold in your head.
Rhodonite has been recognised as an element that can ease anxiety and boost self-confidence. A powerful Rhodonite bracelet is available from my online Psychic Supplies Shop
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Look on the bright side – Dealing with the darkness

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I sometimes have an ongoing conversation with people after I have given them a reading that reveals they are 'stuck' in their lives. The hardest lesson for someone in this situation is that they must look inside themselves for the way forward. Though I, or one of my team, can offer advice and identify problem areas that need addressing, it is up to the individual to make the decision to manifest a better future. It is so true that if you always follow the same route, you will always reach the same destination. I am so pleased that this week someone who has been having a hard time ( You know who you are ! ) sent  me a message that included the following lines : “a time flash happened when i was sitting there, I saw all of the painful 7 years.. the lesson I have learned , the love, the mistake .. and so much regret .. i saw myself when i was 34 years old , and I could not recognise me .. and then a vision from the future hit me, when I reach 43 years .. I talked to this 'future me' , telling her ' i am so tired  , this path is very hard .. and lesson is extremely painful , you are stronger than me, I know you will be stronger than me, i miss you  .. ! “. This filled me with joy, what it tells me is that this lady has released the past accepted her present & is now moving towards a brighter future. That is all I can ask & I am so pleased that this lady is able to finally move forward towards what I know will be a brighter future. Creative visualisation is the key, your subconscious can only attract what you programme, so remember, focus on the positive & you will automatically start to attract a happier existence.

How do I deal with someone who is feeling depressed
There have been many times in my life when I have encountered people surrounded by darkness and yes, even despair. People who find it hard to see the positivity or light in any situation, managing only to dwell upon the doom and gloom that they believe surrounds them. It may seem a bit a cliché, but you have to try & change the person's outlook, get them to 'look on the bright side'. What were they doing before this period of gloom descended that they are not doing now? If the darkness descends I suggest grabbing a jacket, throw the door open wide and take that magical step out into the world again.

Forget heading to the shopping centre for retail therapy or any external 'quick fix'.  Take a walk, reconnect with nature. Step out into your local park, woodlands, beach or lakeside. Walk through the space, breath the air and listen to the sounds around you. Take a moment to stop and sit, absorb the calming energy of the place you are in and then look around you. See for yourself how everything in that space is existing in harmony together, oblivious to the noisy distractions that we as humanity impose upon this world.
Make yourself a part of that perfect harmony, reconnect with the world that surrounds you. Doing this will allow you to throw off all of those needless distractions that work towards draining your energy and lowering your mood. Feel the contentment of coexisting peacefully with all that is and carry that feeling away with you as you leave that calming place.

My Free Tree of Life Reading was designed to reconnect you to the inner you, It is a full ten card reading & is programmed to empower you to look beyond your day to day existence.

Once you have learnt to look inwards you can store these feelings & recall them during more stressful times. Think of a time when you felt totally sure of yourself, of your abilities and of your own self worth. Remember how that felt? You were positive, upbeat and totally validated in your self belief. Focus on that memory, that feeling, and let it flood you with positivity and confidence again. My empowering Hypnosis CDs can help programme your mind and assist you on your journey … Here is one example that will teach you how to relax & destress with Hypnosis

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That's all for today, Keep looking to the Future

I Continue to Attract abundance – Cosmic Ordering

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“Something unexpected is coming to you, something that will benefit you, a surprise that will lift your spirits & will benefit you in many different ways”.
What was that last sentence ?, It was an affirmation that I have been keeping in my mind for the last couple of days as I struggled through the end of a long hard week.
Guess what ? Just before I sat down to type this entry in my blog, I received an unexpected 'phone call. A magazine I have appeared in has completely out of the blue decided to run an advertisement for me, For Free !. Co-incidence ?, yes that is a possibility, however advertising space is not only expensive, but also at a premium in the pages of this prestigious publication.

I prefer to believe that this was an example of 'Cosmic Ordering' in action. I have been sending positive vibes out to the Universe, really feeling that my thoughts would bring about something tangible, that my thoughts would really become things. After all, everything around you, everything you can see has originated as an idea in the mind of someone.

Try it now, really focus your mind on projecting attraction in to the Universe, whatever it is you are attempting to attract, make it as real in your mind as you possibly can before sending your order to the cosmos. On a smaller scale my Online wishing Well has been performing this purpose for thousands of people for many years. I have had reports that wishes have really come true. Send your wish to the Universe now through the power of the wishing well.

Online Wishing Well For Luck & Abundance
An often overlooked take on Cosmic Ordering is the age old practice of releasing long held limiting beliefs to the Universe. For example, most of the requests I receive from people during readings is how to increase their wealth, closely followed by how to attract the perfect partner. Nine times out of ten, as I go through the reading it is obvious that these people don't actually believe in their heart that they are worthy of whatever they are trying to attract. This is the number one reason why people do not succeed with Cosmic Ordering, You HAVE to believe that you are worthy or you are sending mixed messages to the Universe. In order to finally release your negative beliefs, write down any niggling self doubt that you have, such as “I don't deserve wealth” or “I am not attractive enough to deserve a loving partner”. Then hold the paper over a candle & watch as your self limiting beliefs are symbolically destroyed & finally move forward.  

If you are interested in developing your cosmic ordering ability an excellent book is available on my online Psychic Shop

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One of my ongoing Cosmic Orders is that my service continues to grow and expand, offering accurate Psychic advice on all aspects of life. From the positive feedback I receive daily I know that this is the case. If after you place your Cosmic Order you would like a glimpse in to your brighter future, my team of the best Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums are waiting to reveal Your answers.

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Rediscovering the Inner Wizard

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My abilities were first recognised by Madame Tamar, a fabulous West Country Psychic who I speak of often. She introduced me to a magical world while I was still very young. A world of High Priestesses, Magicians & Wizards.

The Magician, The Tarot packs very own Wizard

Children today are still fascinated by Wizards, though it is usually likely to be through a famous film franchise. While I was first immersing myself in the Tarot & attending spiritualist churches I opened myself to the energy of the Wizard.

Glastonbury Tor was my study place of choice, I would cycle to the Tor & enter the world of whichever Tarot key I was studying. All around me was the mystery of Merlin, Arthur & Avalon.

Glastonbury Tor & The Ancient Mysteries

Glastonbury is still recognised as a hub of great spiritual power and the divide between the ancient traditions and the world of today feels almost tangible. My time here as I felt myself cross through the veil of The High Priestess for the first time, set me on a journey to higher consciousness, transformed my life forever and fired my thirst for the greater wisdom of the Tarot & the divinatory arts. I often feel the need to astral travel to the Tor as I slip in to the arms of sleep. Recently the 'real world' has been sapping my energy & I feel that a visit home to Glastonbury is needed to re-energise me, to inspire and excite me about the power of the universe.

If you have a young budding Psychic star who is in need of some Psychic development, an inspirational book for young wizards & wizardesses who are not likely to be accepted to Hogwarts anytime soon is available now from my Psychic Shop …

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The Secret code of Wizards

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That's all from me for now, Keep looking to the future !


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Boost Your Chakra Energy – Attract Your perfect life

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Tarot Chakras & colour therapy
Raise your vibration with Chakra Energy

My study notes, an overview of chakras. At the end of this post you will find a link that will help you identify which of your chakras could benefit from some attention.

We all have seven chakras – invisible energy centres that control our life force. Our chakras can become blocked and if this happens a chakra therapist can restore the flow of energy, sometimes by laying the corresponding semi precious stone over the chakra to re-open it. Recently I was shocked when Isobel, one of my readers picked up on very specific physical symptoms that she told me needed the attention of a chakra therapist. I had sensations of pins & needles & shortness of breath that was alleviated by placing precious stones over my throat chakra.

Whether you believe or not, chakras are at the basis of many eastern belief systems. Essential to Yoga, chakras are now an extremely popular subject in New Age circles. Originating in India around the middle ages, the term “chakra” is derived from the sanskrit word meaning wheel.

The major chakras extend along the nerves along the spinal column. Starting at the perineum with the Root chakra and extending right up to the top of the head with the Crown chakra. Each chakra is represented by a different colour – going from red at the root, right up to violet at the crown. Chakras control not only energy but also govern many different feelings and emotions.

Chakras should be balanced and open, resonating at a similar frequency to each other. Unfortunately the modern lifestyle leaves many of us with chakras that are unbalanced or even closed completely.

Here is a quick overview of each chakra.

Found at the base of the spine. This chakra grounds us to the Earth and controls the ability to percieve space and time. It corresponds with material success, long term projects and commitment. Stones that can open this chakra are garnet, ruby, red jasper, and bloodstone
Corresponding Colours: Red, balanced by black

Found just below the navel. This chakra is responsible for sexuality, vitality, emotions, pleasure, passion, love, inspiration, health and change. Stones that open this chakra are carnelian and coral.
Corresponding Colours: Orange, balanced by brown

The Solar Plexus Chakra
Found on the chest. This chakra allows us to sense vibrations and tune in to energy from those around us, enviroments, and things. Representative of self-mastery, control of desire, power, reinvention, happiness, and energy. Stones that open this chakra are amber and citrine.
Corresponding Colours: Yellow, balanced by green

The Heart Chakra
Found over the heart. This chakra represents our ability to control energy that travels through our bodies. Corresponding to feelings, compassion, forgiveness, love, knowledge, trust, and openness. Stones that open this chakra are jade and aventurine.
Corresponding Colours: Green, balanced by pink

The Throat Chakra
Found over the throat. This chakra represents humanity, and represents clairaudience, perception, freedom of speech, communication skills, self-expression, honesty, wisdom, knowledge & justice. Stones that open this chakra are lapis.
Corresponding Colours: Blue, balanced by blue/green

The Third Eye Chakra
Found on the forehead directly between the eyebrows. If you selected this chakra you have latent psychic ability that should be developed. This chakra denotes clairvoyance and the ability to see beyond space and time. Developed intuition, powerful concentration, an opportunity for enlightenment. The ability to sense energies & see auras. The Stones that open this chakra are blue sodalite and lapis.
Corresponding Colors: Indigo, balanced by white

The Crown Chakra
Found at the top of the head. This powerful chakra represents our connection to the Godhead, spirit and our higher selves. If you have selected this chakra your personality is developing. You will feel inspiration flood you, a deepening interest in matters of spirituality. You should seek unity with like-minded people, foster understanding and wisdom. The corresponding stone that will open this chakra is Amethyst. Corresponding colours: Purple, set off by the transparency of crystal.

Test Your Chakra energy here

One of my best Psychic readers who is intuitive enough to pick up on your Chakra vibrations is Isobel & she can be found on my best psychic readers page.

Many semi precious stones used in chakra therapy are available from my online New Age Store. If you are interested in healing with crystals or balancing your chakra energies, excellent guides are also available from my Psychic Shop.

Thank You For reading Keep looking to the future & remember :

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Awaken the guru within.

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

I am fresh back from my second meeting with the learned men of Colombo I mentioned in my last post. I am buzzing with excitement as everything seems to be coming in to focus. In fact the word 'synchronicity' could be used to cover how I feel. Today I was asked if I could recognise the feeling that I am on the cusp of an exciting phase, I answered indeed I could as I have some new projects on the go & this week another phase of advertising is set to hit the streets. As I related this, my teacher today admonished me for not seeing the bigger picture. I was told that I had been on a cathartic journey & am now ready to release my inner guru. As exciting as that sounds I must admit to feeling slightly perturbed at the prospect. Apparently my Kundalani energy is on the move and I am on the verge of a transformative phase. This often occurs to men around my age & if the seeker is not on a spiritual path can throw the individual into total confusion. I said that I have felt for a while that I am ready to embrace a new phase of learning & came away feeling energised and excited. The next phase is to release any preconceptions of who I am and reconnect with my true being, the pure 'me' that existed before the programming of family, school & ultimately society, distorted my true purpose. I must say at this point all of these concepts seem much easier to embrace when you are thousands of miles away from home in an exotic land. Deep down I know that this really is the time for me to stretch myself further, physically, spiritually & emotionally. My first true calling, the Tarot , has similar lessons in the Fool's Journey & it was on the Fool card that I decided to focus as I returned to my lodgings this afternoon. This was the first card I created & was the first step on my journey that has led me along the fascinating Royal Road of Tarot.

The final lesson of today was that the Guru exists in all of us. Dharma Charms can connect us to our inner Guru & help us heal & master our Mental, Physical & Spiritual aspects. My store stocks many talismans including the Dharma Charm of the Supreme and cosmic Bhaishajyaguru Our conditioning has developed to make us feel that we have to conform, to suppress our true nature or talent. This is when we begin to feel depressed or as if our life has lost purpose. If you decide to do something extraordinary with your life often you will hear ” What do you think makes you special ?”  Well from today I am committing to discovering my inner guru and moving my life up a gear. Now is the time for me to attract even more positive experience in to my life. As my time in Sri Lanka & India comes to a close I am working hard to maintain the sense of wonderment & mystery that has engulfed me on this short trip. I will not allow my day to day experience to erase that quality & hope to plan another awakening journey in the near future. My thanks go to Isobel a wonderfully accurate Psychic Clairvoyant who connected with me & told me that my spirit needed re-energising, even the dates that I would travel. Because this was me 'testing' Isobels' accuracy, the magic of that reading almost passed me by. So the moral of the story is live for every moment & try & make it the best you possibly can because you will never get the chance to relive the experience.

What happened to the dreams of your inner Fool ? The Fool in Tarot may start your journey along the spiritual path …

Keep looking to the future …


Don’t Delay Enjoy Today – Psychic energy, Chakras & Crystals

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Third eye, intuition & meditation
Meditation to open the ‘3rd eye’

I am in India at the moment & believe me I have experienced delays !. A few years ago this would have sent me in to a tail spin, now I look at delay as an opportunity to do something else. There is no point in getting wound up as it really will not solve anything.

Don’t delay enjoy today.

Most people I meet are putting off a happy existence until the magical day that everything in their lives is perfect. Big surprise, this never happens. For example I have met people who won the lottery. After the initial rush of happiness, the shocker is that underneath they are the same person. Until they can truly say that they are happy from the inside out , I’m afraid that no amount of wealth will be able to make their life ‘perfect ‘. Believe me, sufficient money will certainly make life easier, it won’t however automatically make life effortless.

What is your goal ? What will you do until you achieve it ?

While it is important to have an ultimate goal, it is also imperative that you enjoy each moment as you strive towards your ‘ perfect life ‘. Make a conscious effort to enjoy every moment and I guarantee that you will automatically attract more joy in to your life. If you can move your focus to the ‘ glass half full ‘ mentality then you will quickly begin to see incremental changes that will lead you towards your dreams. Always remember though that you must have carefully formulated a long term plan for your subconscious to be able to guide you towards a successful outcome. It is important to just decide to draw a line in the sand & start now to enjoy life and to live in the moment. Remember if you feel genuinely stuck in your current circumstance, a consultation with one of my selected Best UK Psychics & Clairvoyants can give you the perspective you need to see your life from a different angle &  show you the path to move you forward.

The answers are within, Connect to Your energy …

As I have said, I am at present traveling in Sri Lanka and India. Many years ago I came here armed with a ‘ quick fix ‘ book called something like ‘ heal your life today !. ‘ I naively thought that as I turned the last page, my life would be magically transformed to a dreamlike existence. In fact I realise now this time was a catalyst in formulating my plan for where I wanted my life to lead. My study of Tarot and the Psychic arts will always continue, however, many other areas of interest have opened for me. I am excited today as I am returning to a temple in Sri Lanka where I met some incredible enlightened people who introduced me to the concepts of Buddhism. At the heart of most belief systems there are simple concepts, that if you are receptive, can liberate you from confusion. The concept of ‘ going inside ‘ & stilling the mind to listen to the inner voice fascinates me & I can’t wait to receive some more words of wisdom. I have also been studying  the seven chakras in India & though I have barely scratched the surface, I now intend to explore this concept more fully. I have encountered the chakras and their power in controlling our energy  while I was visualising and designing my Nine of Cups card which can be seen on a previous blog post here, The Nine of Cups – The Lord of Material Happiness.
If talk of Chakras & energy has inspired you, many energising products are available on my online Psychic Store : Energising Crystals & Chakra Energy

Well I am off for my appointment at the temple, Until next time !


The Power of Focus Re-imagine Your Future

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

The Power of Focus.
When I am giving readings the overwhelming impression I get from people is that they want their life to change. Amazingly 9 times out of 10 these same people have no structured plan of how they are going to achieve this change in their life. The bottom line is your subconscious is an incredibly powerful force that is constantly trying to guide you towards where it thinks you need to be. As I say all the time, thoughts become things, put another way whatever you focus on is what you will attract in to your life, it's as simple as that. So for example simply saying ” I don't like my job” or  ” My boyfriend doesn't give me any attention ” is never going to work. You need to re-programme the messages that you send to your subconscious to start attracting the things that you truly desire. Therefore instead of ” I don't like my job”, I try to get people to say something like ” I want to spend my days striving to achieve something of value, that satisfies me and inspires me from the bottom of my heart “. When you start programming your internal voice to make positive statements it is impossible for you to continue along the path that is not bringing you satisfaction. It is like programming faulty software. Once you get in the habit of only recognising things and situations that will be of benefit, that will ultimately lead you towards your goals, rapid changes will begin to occur that will fast forward your development. Sometimes people simply cannot see that they are stuck, or that the way they see the world is exactly the reason they are destined to make the same mistakes over and over. A reading with myself or one of my team of top UK clairvoyants can often reveal the path you should follow, to finally put you on track to achieve anything that you truly desire. A psychic reading can reveal blocks in your consciousness that are preventing you from living the life that you really know is your destiny. Sometimes it is events from your past or recurrent relationship issues that need to be discussed before you are finally free to move your life on.

Don't Delay Start Today !

The other big problem I find is procrastination. I will say to someone “You need to change such & such in order for this to improve” . Often the response is “Oh yes I know that but I'm not quite sure exactly what I'm going to do yet ” or ” I was going to launch my new plan but it's not quite perfect yet “. I know exactly how this feels, I was stuck in this mindset for many years until I realised that even if things aren't quite perfect, the time to start is ALWAYS now ! My website is a prime example, I really enjoy working on my site & it brings a lot of pleasure to many people on a daily basis. However, at the beginning, I was reluctant to put anything online until I knew exactly where it was going to lead. Thank Goodness I got over this attitude as there would still be a 'site under construction' sign ! My site has changed beyond recognition from my initial plans and continues to do so as I learn more about myself and the message I want to get across.


One of my favourite ways to create a new future is by connecting directly to my subconscious through Hypnosis. Lots of people are scared by Hypnosis & think that some dark force is at work or that they will find themselves acting like a chicken whenever someone says the trigger word. This is due to the stage hypnotists who used the technique for entertainment purposes. I myself have a great practitioner who will take my vision & create a CD for me that literally allows me, whilst extremely relaxed under Hypnosis, to see myself moving my life in to the future, acheiving the goals I have set for myself. I find it extremely useful & have found that even in circumstances that I previously found challenging I now approach with incredible confidence that comes from deep within. One of my favourite creative visualisations is to see my self as playing the part of whatever 'persona' I need to adopt, almost as an actor. This alone has got me through many problematic meetings. If you feel you would benefit from Hypnosis you can buy Hypnosis CDs from my online shop, with titles ranging from How to Overcome Insomnia to Increased Motivation, Improved confidence to controlling anxiety. Sometimes these issues can be fixed almost in one session of Hypnosis and in some people have a much faster, deeper response than through regular forms of therapy.

That's it from me today

Keep looking to the future


Psychic abilities take many different forms …

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Psychic abilities come in many forms …

As my services become increasingly popular,( no doubt through the extraordinary skills of my team, Thanks Guys ! ). Many return callers are becoming interested in the different skills offered by my readers, and realising that various skill sets are available. By selecting a reader that is able to focus their specific psychic abilities on your individual circumstances, this can impact on the depth and success of the information revealed in your consultation.

My personal area of focus is using the Tarot as I have studied the interactions of the 78 cards for over 30 years and I personally find the readings I perform for clients using my personally designed & researched deck provide the most reliable answers. Having said that I do often use additional psychic abilities alongside the Tarot in my readings. Below are some of the specific psychic skills that members of my team exhibit.

If you are interested in a specific form of psychic reading, one of the best ways to guarantee that you are connected to a reader who will fulfill your expectations is to contact my psychic credit card service on 0845 026 6334 & speak to my team of dedicated receptionists. As my receptionists deal with callers on a day to day basis they are very experienced in the variety of readings available, therefore they are able to match you to a suitable reader who will then give you the reading you desire. Remember it is Your reading and your time !. If for any reason you do not connect with your reader ( which to be honest doesn't happen very often ! ), you can always go back to my receptionists who will be more than happy to connect you to a different reader who does satisfy your requirements.

Some of the abilities offered by my team are :

Clairvoyance :
This is the ability to 'see' information that is literally unavailable through normal channels, it is derived from the French words 'clair' (meaning 'clear') and 'voyance' ( meaning 'vision' ). This is a skill that I have always had, though it is one of the most difficult to develop. In my case if I have opened up & am giving a reading I will receive flashes, either in the form of still images or occasionally short ' video clips ' in my mind. I have learnt to trust these, though when I was very young they used to scare me. One of the first times it happened to me I was reading at a party and suddenly received an image of a fire engine crashing in to a greenhouse !. I felt a little silly relaying this information to the sitter at first, however both the fire engine and the greenhouse had definite but unrelated significance. Should Clairvoyant ability present itself, you should learn to trust these messages as your subconscious is presenting them for a reason.

My Top Uk Clairvoyants are available now

Tarot reading
Being able to decode the mysteries of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck and relate the messages presented in relation to whichever layout or spread. Here it is imperative that the reader is skilled enough to present the true meaning of each card, especially those of a more challenging nature. Often Tarot readers use other forms of psychic ability, such as clairvoyance, alongside the interpretation of the cards. Sometimes this occurs even though the reader doesn't themselves realise that is actually what they are doing !.

Some of the very best Tarot readers, personally tested by myself, are available here : Tarot Readings

Crystal Ball reading
Often tainted by the image of the 'Fairground Gypsy' , Crystal Ball gazing or ' Scrying ', is the ability to focus images from the subconscious on a reflective, translucent substance such as a crystal, a mirror or the smooth surface of water. The practice is actually similar to when your attention wanders while watching the patterns formed by smoke. An expert gazer can use these techniques to divine past present or future events.

Will a message appear for you in my free online Crystal Ball ?

Clairsentience is the ability to feel physical phenomena. A great example of this is one of my readers amazed someone recently by opening their reading by saying ' As I connect to you I sense a feeling of pins and needles in your right arm & a definite feeling of catching your breath …' Both of these were %100 accurate and were a fantastic example of Clairsentient ability. Clairoma is a variant ability that enables the reader to pick up on sensory cues using the sense of smell, for example the smell of lillies or tobacco may appear and have significance for the questioner.
Isobel is a reader with highly developed Clairsentient abilities…

Mediums are people who have the ability to connect to spirit and use their skills to try and prove the continuation of the personality after someone has passed. The reader may pass in to a trance like state in order to pass the information and quite often has spirit guides or guardian angels that connect with them to provide details that they can then relate to the sitter. It is important that you feel entirely confident with a medium and I am pleased to say that I have received very positive reviews of the mediums who work for my service. Betty 4346 has received rave reviews recently and undoubtedly has a highly developed gift.

My psychics use their highly developed intuition to give the very best readings available anywhere today. Having spent many years honing their abilities, my team use various skills, including ESP to provide accurate psychic readings. ESP or ' Extra Sensory Perception ', is the ability to access information not available through the five senses. Do you have ESP ? Why not take my online ESP test ?
Online Free ESP testing with Zenner cards

Which type of reader is right for you ?
Whichever reader you choose, you can be sure that their primary concern is to reveal the best possible path for you to follow in order to develop the best possible version of yourself release your full potential and finally live the life you know you were destined to live.

Remember, my team are always available to provide your answers. Connect now to the Best UK Psychics

That's all from me for today, Keep looking to the future !

Born Lucky ?

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

When I am giving readings should my 'Wheel of Fortune' card appear ( complete with me dressed as a sphynx !) I know that Lady Luck is not far behind …

Can we be Born Lucky ?

There are certain people that we meet as we travel along our life’s path that just seem to have things go their way, or so it seems. Now whether it is that we look at these people with a hint of the green eyed monster lurking behind our eyes I don’t know, but sometimes we all get the impression that life could be so much better if only we had someone elses luck.

So can we actually make our own luck or are some people genuinely born lucky? I suppose that all depends on what you believe in, it may well be that a particular planetary alignment at the time of your conception or birth has an influence over your life in terms of prosperity or health, but can it truly affect how lucky you are?

I personally like to make my own luck. I never go into something without believing 100% that I will succeed. I also employ a personal 'positivity shield' that protects me from negativity on a daily basis. If I find myself in a challenging situation or faced with a not particularly pleasant individual, my invisible shield of white light kicks in & I am incapable of absorbing negativity.

The number 2 request on my Wishing Well is 'please let me win the lottery'. As a bit of fun I occasionally play the lottery & do better than average (I reckon 🙂 as I regularly win small amounts. You can try my lottery number generator here, it will select lucky numbers for you, please remember me if you win it big !

Lottery Numbers Generator

I love talismans & lucky charms, being of Irish extraction I am particularly fond of leprechauns. At some point I am going to introduce a lucky leprechaun feature on my site who may give prizes & free readings so keep an eye out for the little fellow, I hope he does his lucky jig for you ?

I really do believe in the power of positive thought and what it can help you achieve, and perhaps it is that luck is one of those intangible elements in our lives that positivity and strong belief can influence. An excellent book on the power of magical talismans & amulets can be found here on my Psychic Shop, what is your lucky charm ?

You can Wish for a brighter future with the power of my Free Online Wishing Well, I personally wouldn't suggest wishing to win the lottery, I know that money can't buy happiness … Be careful with your wishes, they have the habit of coming true …

Interested to find out if Your luck is set to change ? You can always consult one of my Top Uk Psychic readers  who are 
experienced in answering all questions regarding your future luck or prosperity, they are
waiting for your call…

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

I was fortunate enough to experience the genius & magic of Michael Jackson at Wembley during his Dangerous tour. I went backstage and was right at the front. He left the auditorium after a flawless, stellar performance, almost unbelievably,  by jetpack !. We held our hands over our ears & stood in disbelief as the announcement ” Ladies & Gentlemen, Michael Jackson has now left the building” rang out around the venue. One of the greatest showmen the world will ever see, his choreography can be seen every where & his influence can never be overestimated … His legacy will live forever …

Michael Jackson leaves Wembley by Jetpack on the Dangerous tour …

Karma, What goes around comes around …

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Undoubtedly the biggest life lesson I have learnt is the law of Karma, and, believe me,  I am still learning. I now know without a shadow of doubt that every action we perform, every thought we release to the Universe shapes our future & returns to create our reality. I work on a daily basis with people who simply cannot get this concept in to their minds, until you accept the Law of Karma as a real force you are destined to make the same mistakes over & over, it is as simple as that. Recently I was 'wronged' quite seriously by someone who was trying to undermine me by using some really undesirable tactics. It was brought to my attention by an acquaintance of mine who was astonished that I was able to 'forgive' the person involved. “What on earth are you going to to do ?” I was asked. I replied that I had been here before & was old enough & ugly enough to know that the ONLY course of action was forgiveness. In fact the next time I met the perpetrator I did greet them with open arms & tried REALLY hard to emanate love & joy. They were completely confused, and yes for those of you who like retribution, they certainly got their come-uppance …

I give many readings that involve working with someone to release wrongs that have been perpetrated ( real or imagined ) by ex partners, colleagues or family members. The absolutely best feeling is when you know that you have enabled someone to understand their past, forgive the other party & move in to what is always a brighter future …

As a race of (mostly) intelligent beings we are of the mind that if you go around doing harm to others, harm will at some point come to you. That in essence is karma. Of course it works both ways, a life spent helping others will see you receiving support and kindness from those you have helped in return.

I suppose its like living with a spiritual set of consequences, if you live this life filled with hatred and violence towards others then it makes sense that as a consequence your next life should be filled with all of that negativity directed at you in some way. But what a thought! If every ill deed in this life is going to come back at us in the next, what can we do to avoid it?

There is a process called 'Karmic Cleansing’ where all of that baggage carried around by us, which may be attracting unwanted attention in this life, can be worked through, accepted and cleared.  Its not a process to be entered into light heartedly, it may be that you have energy there that is raw and filled with pain, but is it worth carrying it around with you from life to life ?

If you are looking for answers to some of life’s questions, or how to move on from difficult past situations that are holding you back, why not talk to one of my premier selected UK experienced psychics who are trained to give enhanced karmic pychic readings ? Let them help you move your life forward.

One of my favourite Clairvoyants who is particularly good at releasing seekers from negative experiences is Romea :

Romea : 4255

tested 'blind' by Paul, Romea was awesome, her accuracy was astounding.
She picked up on scenarios that were unknown to anyone else ,
PHENOMENAL. A talented and highly experienced predictive clairvoyant,
Romea has helped many people to move on from difficult situations by
uncovering the root causes of their problems and showing them how them
to get rid of the negative energies that are holding them back.
Strongly intuitive and very understanding, she is also an astrologer
and Tarot reader. If you can get a reading with Romea she comes highly recommended …

Spiritualist Mediums, Psychic contact, need we ever really say goodbye?

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Communicating with spirit is the area of Psychic research that quite rightly brings up the hottest debate. I have visited very many Spiritualist mediums in my research. Many were, I’m afraid to say, not very good, to put it kindly !. Some were outright charlatans, often preying on peoples emotions to make a fast buck and a few others were seriously deluded ! I remember one lady who quite excitedly told me that she had an astronaut appearing to her who would like to say hello. I expressed surprise & then enquired the name of said astronaut, as there have been relatively few & I should be able to easily verify who they were. She did not take kindly to this at all & told me I was not ready to receive her gift !. Having said all that I am lucky enough, in my opinion, to have received messages that defy normal channels of explanation. What I am saying is if you feel the need to consult a medium then you should immediately feel a connection with them & from the information provided make your own informed choice of their abilities. Mediumship is one of my favourite studies, apparently buding mediums experience shimmering images of people and are able to go in to trance & pass messages though that can be verified. In my apartment in Istanbul myself & my neighbours were definitely aware of a mischievous presence that almost required intervention from a professional. One of my neighbours, a big chap, who really didn’t believe in the supernatural, came round to the idea when one night he repeatedly heard someone whispering his name in his apartment. Apparently the hairs on the back of his neck stood up & after that he was much more sympathetic to our insistence that we had ‘ a lodger’. I have also been present at the physical passing of several friends and have had surprising details related to me by spiritualist friends. Losing someone whom you love is never easy, but when they pass over without you having had the chance to say your goodbyes it can feel as though you will never have closure on your relationship. Perhaps its the knowledge that you never got to tell them something important, never got to say a final ‘I love you’ or simply never got to see them before they died. Whatever your reasons, it is a heaviness that we, as emotional beings carry around with us for far longer than we should.

So what can we do to make the hurt or the guilty feelings go away?
Accept them for what they are, and remember that wherever the spirits of our loved ones may be they know how you are feeling. They know all of the things that you wanted to say, and they know that you tried your best. The fact that they cannot tell you themselves is frustrating, as they can see you suffering needlessly whilst they are at peace.

Should you need further reassurance from spirit that all is well some members of my team of Top UK Psychics are also mediums who have performed platform & private Spiritualist Medium work. You can judge their expertise for yourself …

Psychic readers reviews

“The UK’s Top phone Psychics & Clairvoyants”

Best UK Credit Card Psychics

That’s all from me today, keep moving towards the future !


I think therefore I can !

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Affirmations & Mantras

Everytime you say to yourself “Oh I can’t do that, I’m no good at ….(whatever)”, you are in essence using a negative affirmation, and where do you think that will get you? You’re right, nowhere. The more you tell yourself that you are unable to do something, the more ‘real’ you are making it and the more you will believe it. So what would happen if you reversed the polarity of those affirmations and changed the negative into a positive?

Take for instance someone who suffers from low self esteem, they go through their days reinforcing all that is negative. For example “I will never find a lover because I’m overweight”, or “I’ll never get a good job because I’m useless and clumsy”. The more they say it, the more likely they are to believe it is true. However, by changing those negatives into positives like “When I believe in myself, others will” or  “ I am unique, I am special, I am strong.”  The message is changed and we can retrain our minds into believing these things about ourselves. It may be that you have trouble finding the right words for your personal affirmations, if so, try using a tool to help you on your journey, like this wonderful set of oracle cards which come complete with daily affirmations.

Where your change in attitude will take you is a personal journey for you alone, but know this, the more you believe in yourself and your abilities, the more abundant your life will become and the less likely you are to fall into bouts of depression or despair. If you would like assistance on your lifes journey my top dedicated psychics are on hand to offer assistance.”  

I still find myself stricken by bouts of self doubt, I can tell you the only way forward is to challenge yourself every day. Follow the same path, reach the same destination … In my life  I have expanded my focus around the world, travelled through Sri Lanka & Pakistan, lived in the middle east, jumped out of a plane ( with a parachute ! ) & I can honestly say that I feel like I am really living my life … Are You ?

Try this mind opening mantra :

Lets all chant !

Keep looking to the future !

I wish I could get out of my head …

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

From the title I'm sure you expected a different post ! I am rediscovering the beauty of escaping the distractions of every day life & looking inside, to connect to my inner power, the 'real' me … To 'get out of my head' & find my inner voice …

I receive many mails daily that show me where people are on their personal path & love it when I see that people are moving their existence to the next level. I cannot reply to everyone personally but am really touched by messages through the channels on my site, especially recently by the people that I have met on my travels to Sri Lanka, New York & Pakistan. Whatever belief system you follow, eventually you will realise what is important and the things that really are not. Similarly you can learn to gravitate to things that bring joy to your life and refuse to be drawn in by negative energies that undermine all aspects of your daily experience,

The wishing well has recently been popular, despite the difficult times that everyone are facing the few messages that I look at from the many that flood in daily, confirm to me that people are essentially good & striving to improve themselves & their lives. Why not send a wish to the Universe ? Just by releasing your cosmic order you are creating positivity. Remember, thoughts really do become things ….

Make a Wish

I recently posted about a meeting with buddhist monks in Colombo & feel drawn back to continue my conversation with them. Shortly I will be heading back to Sri Lanka, I simply cannot get their words out of my mind & feel that there is far more that will be revealed to me if I am fortunate enough to have another meeting with these amazing individuals. I have never felt so priveleged or humbled than on that amazing day.

Motivation to meditate is what I will be seeking.

The benefits of meditation have been extoled by mystics and gurus for decades, but very rarely do the general population take notice of anything until it has been the subject of scientific research. Well meditation has now been scientifically proven to benefit the health and balance the physical, emotional and mental states of those who practice it. Medical practitioners themselves now encourage those suffering from stress to practice meditation as a way of releasing stress from the body, as it not only leads us into a deep level of relaxation it can open our minds to finding answers that have been eluding us, as well as leaving us feeling relaxed, uplifted, happy and above all, at peace with ourselves.

We so often find ourselves rushing through each day, forgetting to take a few minutes for ourselves, believing that everything we hold dear will crash down around us if we fail to accomplish the tasks we have set ourselves. In this hyperactive state we can easily forget who we are and start living our lives to meet the expectations of others, never striving to attain anything for ourselves or promote our individuality, over time we become less and less self aware.

If you find the thought of ten minutes total silence or solitute daunting you can treat yourself to a  Guided Meditation CD which will allow you not only to relax with the flow of the music, but also enter into a peaceful meditative state, with hardly any effort at all. Believe me once you start feeling the benefits of your ‘selfish’ ten or so minutes a day, you will never go back to your frantic high paced existence.

If you feel that that you need a little extra help to rediscover yourself and your life direction speaking to one of my team of Top Uk Psychics may help show you your true path.

One of my recent discoveries who has a direct mental spirit connection is Angel Light PIN 4373 many people have told me they were surprised by the detailed answers that Angel Light provided.

Well that's it from me for today, I am going to make a concerted effort to make much more regular blog posts. Today though please, just look inside, listen to your true voice, I know you will be amazed.


Getting ready to expand Down Under !

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

My website is reaching a new level. My site as an extension of me is very important to me & represents a huge amount of effort, enjoyment and learning experiences. Whenever I see a surge of visitors it thrills me & spurs me with excitement as I think of new features I can add, & new territories to connect with. As with my study of the Psychic arts I know that my site will never be ‘finished’ & will always reflect changes in my interests & state of mind. Unlike a lot of sites I do connect with my visitors and regularly give readings to people behind the scenes. It is hugely satisfying when someone who has connected with me through the site tells me that a psychic reading has opened a new way of thinking for them & helped them learn how to take control of their life. One of the biggest challenges that seems to be a recurring theme in readings at the moment is that a lot of my clients need reminding that just by spending less time wanting, & instead just enjoying what they already have, they can erase the feeling of emptiness that so often appears when we are feeling unfulfilled. I can honestly say that my site has been responsible for some of my most extraordinary experiences, it has connected me to amazing people that I would never have met through normal channels. The feedback I get from my visitors is amazing & whenever I release a new function or competition I love the positive energy that it generates. Now as I prepare to launch my Psychic phone reading service in Australia I am again expanding my horizons. I love Australia & the laid back Australian outlook & very much hope that I get to see much more of this amazing country.

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Perfect Happiness ? An impossible dream ?

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

It never ceases to amaze me the number of mails I get from people who assume that my life is 'perfect happiness'. I really do enjoy my life with a passion & work hard to improve my day to day existence. Perfect happiness is though I am afraid an impossible dream. A life without problems to solve or new challenges to face fills me with dread. My absolute favourite thing is unravelling a reading for someone and helping them discover a new approach to their dilemmas, to redefine what they are really searching for when they say 'happiness'. Almost every reading I give opens me up to the emotions and concerns of the sitter. At the end of every reading I make sure to take a Psychic shower to ensure that I haven't come away carrying fragments of the challenges encountered during the reading. In 'real' life it is equally important to make sure that once the lesson has been learned and the experience gained, then you should thank the Universe for the opportunity to have lived through whatever the challenge was and then move on unburdened. I gave a reading yesterday to a woman who defined her entire existence through a previous relationship that had faltered. I encounter this scenario so often & it always thrills me to be able to help someone move forward. The problem is when a deep emotional attachment has been formed, if the relationship should falter then the questioner is left having to deal with many complex emotions. Often I see this form a 'loop' of mental & emotional disturbance that has to be accepted & closed before the person is able to open up to the possibility of a new relationship. My latest project is in development & will use my avatar spoken Tarot system, as seen in my Free Tree of Life reading, to explore the relationship spread in much more detail. Each of my ' talking ' readings take a lot of work & I hugely enjoy making them. This relationship love reading will use subliminal affirmations to empower the questioner to either improve their relationships, or finally get in the mindset necessary to attract love back in to their lives. Watch this space for details of the reading & be sure to subscribe, if you haven't already, to be the first to know when I launch a new service or competition. Subscribe Here

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In these hard times learn to create abundance …

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Many people visit me or my site & make requests along the lines of ” I demand that you command the Universe to bring me riches beyond my wildest dreams” or ” I will win the such & such a LOTTO with these numbers ….”. Though it is undoubtedly possible to manifest whatever you want, thinking that the Universe owes you a living is slightly deluded. Many people say to me that I live a charmed life & believe that I made a success of my self overnight. Nothing could be further from the truth !. Though I am lucky enough to live a happy, healthy life, I have put in an awful lot of hard work to achieve the things that I wanted to materialise. The secret to the positive energy of my site & indeed every reading that I do is that I am incredibly committed to providing the best service that I can & also have real belief in everything that I do. I have struggled for many years to hone my gift and realise that the journey I am on will never be completed. No matter how much I study there is always something else that will keep my readings & services at the forefront of Psychic services. I am also fortunate enough to realise that I need to keep my eyes peeled for encounters that will enable me to achieve the next level in my development. It took many years for me to understand that everyone I meet has a lesson that I need to learn. Even if an encounter seems negative I always consciously step out of the picture to visualise what the Universe is trying to tell me through all of my daily encounters. A great example is that as my site increases in popularity I am being increasingly advised to make it more commercial, to remove all the free readings & to make myself inaccessible to the very people who I set up the site for. As you can probably tell this goes against all of my principles, I set up my site PRECISELY because I couldn't find a site that balanced accurate paid Psychic services with free Psychic readings. There are many, many sites & services operated by people who have no interest in the Psychic arts & I found this distressing which is why my site will continue to offer free services regardless.

The point of this post is that yes you can manifest exactly the life that you desire. The thing is you have to be willing to strive for it & really believe & be able to see yourself at a point in the future living your dream. Only then will you begin to attract the success you desire.

Finally if you are one of those people who email me demands ( sometimes 50 times a day ! ) Please don't, use your imagination to create your new reality. Simply see yourself as the perfect you several months from now living your dream life, thoughts really do become things. Start now ! Good Luck ….

Keep looking to the future !

Psychic text service Text Omara & your question to 78887

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I’m Back & guess what ? I’m still here waiting …

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Having returned from a 2 year jaunt around the middle east the hardest thing to accept is that I am still here waiting for me. What do I mean ?, well I have realised that though I can travel through different cultures & have endless experiences, unless I allow these stimuli to change my perception of the Universe, I will always essentially lead the same life. For example 2 years ago when I stepped in to the crowded misery of the Hammersmith & City line, listening to the inevitable announcement of ‘ Severe delays are affecting this line, a good service is operating on all other lines’ , ( Yeah Right ! ) . I would have been consumed with rage & immediately started to panic as I saw my appointments spiral out of control. Now, however, having experienced economy flights out of Lahore with serious food poisoning, the tube is a dream !. People were literally backing away as I smiled away saying ‘Good Morning’  randomly to complete strangers. I hope this optimism stays with me as I try to repatriate myself & get used to the rhythm of London once more. The message of this post is really that the ONLY thing you can really change is YOU !. Co-incidentally, I gave a reading to a lady this morning & this was the overwhelming message of her chosen cards. Everything was the fault of her boss, her ex, the weather … she was refusing to take any responsibility for her thought process attracting negativity in to her life. When she turned the Death card ( always fun to watch the questioners’ reaction when that happens ). I was tempted to say OK, if the grim reaper is coming for you tonight would you actually enjoy the remainder of your limited time here ?. Or will you just continue to blame the Universe for conspiring against you ?. In fact the meaning of her card was that her only course of action was to finally end her negativity fest & continually challenge her outlook until she felt her luck change. And you can be sure it will. Common sense really but the most difficult lesson to learn.

I am working hard on my readers service & getting great comments. The Psychic text line is increasingly popular. The USA line has had some teething problems but is now operational. I am busy recording the prompts for my Australian service & soon hope to have my call back service up & running. You will be able to have a reading & then call back a normal rate line to hear your reading again, great as I know a reading is often difficult to absorb first time.

A big thank you to all my readers who work hard to make my Psychic readings inspirational, accurate & great value for money. Very popular at the moment is Gaile on PIN 4250 one of my most popular Clairvoyant / Mediums. Gaile is honest, incredibly focused and shares my passion to give you a fabulous reading that will leave you feeling empowered & ready to move your life up a gear.

Keep looking to the future !

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Meditation look inside & find your true power …

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

I have just spent the week in the beautiful city of Colombo. Exploring by erratic tuk tuk or air conditioned car, ( you are alternately dying from the heat or chilled to the bone, bring a sweater should you visit so that the Hotel or restaurant air con doesn't give you hypothermia ). The exotic mystique of Sri Lanka overwhelms & excites in equal measure. The lack of air makes anything except a relaxed attitude impossible, the indecipherable Sinhalese letters, the palms & the exotic goods displayed by the lushly stocked fruit vendors carts, there are endless challenges to your senses at every turn.

Try the power of the mantra here : Buddhist Chant

I am currently lucky enough to be travelling in the far east, researching belief systems & prediction in these fascinating cultures. In Sri Lanka four major religions are followed, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. All exist side by side, on every corner is a shrine either to Buddha or to Jesus, which will contain a truly beautiful sculpture & always be surrounded by offerings. I visited the Gangaramaya Temple & was fascinated by the incredible statues of the Buddha, I was lucky enough to meet the most serene of monks who did not even flinch when I had to make a fast exit, my unaccustomed bare feet were being scorched by the hot stone courtyard. Unfortunately the resident elephant was not there, apparently it was his day off, I wonder what he does with it ?.

I have taken part in several meditation sessions & was encouraged to let my mind totally clear of the thousands of distractions that haunt us all on a daily basis. This is far more difficult than it sounds & even though I have attended many meditation classes & Buddist centres, the authenticity I felt here was indeed an enlightening experience …

That brings me to my monthly competition. I am giving away the chance to win a meditation kit to one of my subscribers …

Could it be you ? Could meditation be the missing piece of Your puzzle ?

To enter send an email to :


To subscribe to my list to win the chance of among other things free Live Psychic readings with one of my team of accomplished Psychics

click here :


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Keep on looking to the future …

Paul O'Mara

THe Power of Focus – Create Your Reality

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

As the darkness of winter threatens to be challenged by the promise of spring, I can feel the potential of the world again. I am ready to emerge from my hibernation to take up the challenge of the New Year. This winter has been challenging, I normally try to escape to the sun for a few days to recharge my batteries, this year I have ben too busy & have had to struggle with the Seasonal affective disorder unaided. Being woken in the dark, dragged from the arms of sleep, by the un-natural beeping of the alarm is the hardest challenge to face.

I have recently re-discovered the power of creative visualisation. It is so easy to be distracted by the millions of external stimuli that bombard our senses on a daily basis that we often forget how to connect to the stillness deep inside us. I use the image of the Fool in Tarot to represent my inner voice, my innate potential. Whatever image you choose you should be able to see that image deep within your being, at the core of your psyche. I have embedded the Fool by stepping in to his world as the model for my Fool Tarot card, in fact he is also skin deep as he is tattooed on my arm, as can be glimpsed from my site logo. My inner voice is the naieve child within, still in awe at the potential of the universe, before I developed the many layers of my personality that protect me from my daily challenges. When I need to recharge my batteries I call on my inner Fool by closing my eyes and seeing myself retract in to the centre of my being. For some people this is at their base chakra, for me it is at the very back of my conscious mind. When I have tuned out the real world, I can feel the pure potential, I can tap in to my true power.


If I have trouble focusing my attention I often employ a mantra, a chant, to concentrate my mind through the power of repetition and to fade the distraction of the outside world. Used for centuries the power of the chant can not be underestimated. There are many hidden features on my site that reflect my journey of discovery, I have studied many doctrines, including Buddhism. I have found namyohorengekyo and ohmanepadmehum, the chants of two branches of Buddhism to be powerfully enlightening. You can experience the process by visiting my chant page here :

Focus Your Mind Through the Power of Buddha

Listen to the chants & clear your mind

Also included is a visual that I often use to boost my psychic energy levels through the power of the Wheel of Fortune card

Love & Light

Paul O'Mara

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Keep on looking to the future & thank you for your continued support.

Paul O'Mara

Relationship Free Psychic Tarot Reading

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

The balance.

When your destiny becomes your means of making a living then you should feel truly happy. I am lucky enough to be in this situation. I feel my Psychic gift can be a double edged sword, it is a responsibility to deliver an empowering, ethical reading that will enlighten the questioner. Unfortunately there are many sites and Psychics out there that are purely focused on making money. Money is a necessary evil in our society, the sordid topic of coin. There has been some discussion as to why I have added paid readings on my site. The truth is that my visitors requested it, people wanted me to provide a service with live Psychic Reading that I was willing to endorse. I have very carefully assembled my service & am confident that my team of chosen Psychics are among the most respected online Psychics available in the UK today. My site has always, and always will, provide quality free Psychic Tarot readings. I am constantly developing new readings, including my popular spoken Tarot readings. My last free reading, the Tree of Life Tarot Reading, has been described as uncannily relevant, so it should, it uses a light version of my famous avatar system that was many years in development. The bottom line is my site, paulomara.com , provides as least as many totally free Psychic resources than any site on the net. If you feel you need more information regarding your personal situation my team of live Psychics, Clairvoyants & Tarot consultants are always on hand to provide you with an inspiring Psychic Reading.

Free Psychic Tarot Reading

Keep on looking to the future & thank you for your continued support.

Paul O'Mara

Happy Holidays & Success for 2009 Paul O'Mara MindReader

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

A Seasonal Greeting …& Psychic MindReading …

If you do not celebrate Christmas please bear with me ..

If you are here for the Mind Reader find it here Psychic MindReading

I am truly non denominational & hope you take my thoughts in the spirit that they were coded : Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Whatever !  
My only wish is a cliché but is no more relevant than today, Peace & Tolerance.As an
example, I have recently returned from Pakistan & can only pass on
the feelings I experienced whilst traveling this beautiful country.
There is always a minority that will try & ruin it for everybody,
Let's make the world the best we can …

I wish you Peace & great success in 2009

Thank You for your continued support …

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Love & Light ,

Paul O'Mara

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