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Tarot card meanings – The Suit of Wands

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Suit of Wands Tarot meanings in a love tarot reading

The fiery Wands, get ready to manifest your dreams and creative plans …
Wands, Staves or Spears – The first suit represents a long object, whether it be a staff or wand by name, it usually represents physical labor. This suit is related to the physical body. It encompasses growth, ideas and creativity. It is associated with the element of fire and the season of spring. The Wands cards relate to inspiration, potential and enterprise. True, it’s the suit of the working man, and the cards also portray the need for hard slog and toil to back those burning ideas up, but even the cards that warn of potential challenges come imbued with the fire-in-the-belly kind of grit it takes to overcome those challenges.

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The images of the Wands from my Tarot deck above can be found on my detailed Suit of Wands Page, each card in the carousel will open to a page of detailed meanings for each of the Wands cards. As I stepped in to each Tarot card to design the images, I focused on creativity & growth,. The element of fire is integral to the Suit of Wands, this fire ignites under creative ideas & enables the questioner to manifest a new level of reality from any inspiration that grips them.

You can visit my Suit of Wands Carousel Page here …

There are many aspects to each of the cards, at the forefront of the image above the Knight of wands passionate in pursuit of his plans. To the left the enigmatic Queen of Wands and her mysterious black cat, to the right the enthusiastic Page of Wands prepares to follow his dream. So as you see commitment and excitement charge through the Suit of Wands.

If you would prefer to visit my pages for the detailed meaning of each Wands card follow the below links. (Please remember these pages are ‘organic’ in as much as I believe that the meanings of Tarot change as your understanding deepens, as your life experience opens up knew interpretations…)

•    Ace of Wands – “The Radix of the Powers of Fire”
•    Two of Wands – “The Lord of Dominion”
•    Three of Wands – “The Lord of Established Strength”
•    Four of Wands – “Lord of Completed work”
•    Five of Wands – “The Lord of Strife”
•    Six of Wands – “The Lord of Victory”
•    Seven of Wands – “The Lord of Courage”
•    Eight of Wands – “The Lord of Swiftness”
•    Nine of Wands – “The Lord of Strength”
•    Ten of Wands – “The Lord of Oppression”
•    Page of Wands – “The Rose of the Palace of Fire”
•    Knight of Wands – “The Prince of the Chariot of Fire”
•    Queen of Wands – “The Queen of the Thrones of Flame”
•    King of Wands – “The Lord of the Flame and the Lightning, King of the Spirits of Fire”

I hope you find some meanings that will reveal the progression through the Wands in any tarot reading spread. In Tarot spreads looking for a fiery romantic encounter, you can do no better than turn over a selection of the exciting Wands cards.

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Tarot card meanings – The Suit of Cups

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What do the suit of Cups mean in Tarot ?
–                                         The Meanings of the Suit of Cups Tarot Cards

Tarot meanings the suit of Cups What do the Cups cards mean in Tarot readings ?

The fabulous emotional roller coaster of the Suit of Cups …
In the Tarot, the suit of Cups is associated with matters of relationships and emotions. As you may expect, it’s also connected to the element of water, and subsequently, the direction of West. In some Tarot decks, you may find the Cups referred to as Goblets, or Chalices, though Cups is my choice. This suit is where you’ll find cards that relate to love and interactions, emotionally charged relationship concerns.

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The images of the Cups from my Tarot deck above can be found on my detailed Suit of Cups Page, each card in the carousel will open to a page of detailed meanings for each of the Cups cards. As I stepped in to each Tarot card to design the images, I focused on relationships and emotions. The element of water is integral to the Suit of Cups, as the human body is comprised of a very high percentage of water, it is no surprise that these cards resonate with questioners on a very personal level.

You can visit my Suit of Cups Carousel Page here … The Suit of Cups

There are many aspects to each of the cards, at the forefront of the image above is the Six of Cups that deals with nostalgia. To the left the Seven of Cups deals with dreams & unveiling your true self, to the right the Five of Cups deals with regret & not crying over spilt milk. So as you see many emotions run deep through the Suit of Cups.

If you would prefer to visit my pages for the detailed meaning of each Cup card follow the below links. (Please remember these pages are ‘organic’ in as much as I believe that the meanings of Tarot change as your understanding deepens, as your life experience opens up knew interpretations …)

 •    Ace of Cups – “The Root of the Powers of Water”
•    Two of Cups – “The Lord of Love”
•    Three of Cups – “The Lord of Abundance”
•    Four of Cups – “The Lord of Blended Pleasure”
•    Five of Cups – “The Lord of Loss in Pleasure”
•    Six of Cups – “The Lord of Pleasure”
•    Seven of Cups – “The Lord of illusionary Success”
•    Eight of Cups – “The Lord of Abandoned Success”
 •    Nine of Cups – “The Lord of Material Happiness”
•    Ten of Cups – “The Lord of Perfected Success”
•    Page of Cups – “The Lotus of the Palace of the Floods”
•    Knight of Cups – “The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters”
•    Queen of Cups – “The Queen of the Throne of Waters”
 •    King of Cups – “The Lord of the Waves and Waters”

I hope you find some meanings here that enhance your love tarot reading spread. In Tarot spreads for love you can do no better than turn over a selection of the emotional Cups cards.

I ope you manifest everything you desire, Lots of Love Paul x

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Tarot readings Colour Therapy and the Chakras

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Tarot Chakras & colour therapy
–                                          Raise your vibration with Chakra Energy

Many healers & psychics use colour therapy to enhance their readings.

The seven Chakras in our bodies are thought to control our positivity, mental outlook & emotional states. Sensitive chakra therapists can sense when there is a chakra imbalance in a questioners body. One of the test readings I had with one of my psychics astonished me when she told me that I had literally caught my breath just before the reading, & that I had the previous day noticed a numb feeling in my arm, both psychic impressions were spot on & she then proceeded to tell me how I could use crystals to open the corresponding chakras and re-establish the balance in my body. By identifying which colour corresponds to the chakra that needs attention you can use colour energy to address the balance in your life.

An easy way to activate your chakras is to surround yourself with swatches of colours that relate to each chakra. You can use crystals of course, or you can use pieces of fabrics or paper & can really start to vibrate with your energies. Once you have energised your chosen colour channels you can begin to use them in your other readings. These are in order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. They are of course the colours of the rainbow.

Chakra in the tarot

You can use the Chakras to add depth in any Tarot reading. Obviously a reading that uses 7 cards lends itself perfectly as you can use one colour to represent each day in the reading. A good example of this is my free Weekly Tarot reading, so you could lay your card for Monday & then introduce the Chakra and interpret the correspondences from my balance Your Chakra Energy Page. So red = the Root Chakra which grounds you to the Earth, encourages material success, aids long term projects and commitments. Some of the best phone tarot readings I have had have been with practitioners who use other forms of energy , such as chakra colour therapy in their readings.

Combining the Tarot & Chakra energies.

As you are contemplating the Tarot card & the Chakra you can close your eyes & breathe deeply, imaging the life force being drawn into your root chakra, filling your body with a brilliant red energy. Concentrate on this meditation, look inside.
After your reading you can place each of your colour indicators over the chakras of your body as shown in the chakra body image on my Chakras page.

Focusing on this colour therapy is a fantastic way to bring joy and brightness into your life. I truly believe that thoughts become things, so by thinking that these exercises are revitalising your energy centres, you will be surprised at the boost you receive…

As always I truly hope that you manifest everything you desire !

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Top ten relationship tips with Feng Shui

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Relationship tips, psychic love advice
–                                         Top ten relationship tips with Feng Shui

Feng Shui for Love & relationships

Feng Shui manipulates the energy or ‘Chi’ in your home to improve your day to day life & can impact not only your success but can be used to enhance your love life & relationships.

Top ten tips Feng Shui for relationships.

1. To enhance an existing relationship it is important to have pictures of happy moments or important times in your relationship as this will subliminally constantly remind you of why you are in love with this special person.

2.To symbolise a powerful union according to Feng Shui principles it is important to place a pair of objects in the southwest corner of your bedroom. This can be symbolic or can be as simple as some energised crystals, pink quartz is good as this is believed to epitomise the ultimate vibration of love.

3.If you have mirrors in the bedroom make sure that they do not reflect the loving couple as Feng Shui indicates that this provides a portal for a meddling party to cause a breakdown in the relationship. Large electrical devices such as televisions can introduce distracting negative energy in to the bedroom as can Wi-Fi equipment, try to keep these out of the bedroom.

4.The bed should not have your feet pointing directly at the door as this is believed to be how you are taken from the room in the event of your passing. The bed should also be as accessible as possible from as many sides as possible as this indicates freedom within the relationship.

5.If you have fresh plants or flowers in the room never allow them to wilt, likewise keep them from the southwest corner that corresponds to earth as both of these are believed to have a negative impact on romance.

6.Any art in the bedroom should be positive & not be too dark as they may subconsciously affect your moods. The bedroom should be a peaceful, safe environment for the couple who reside there. Any images in the bedroom that show couples, lovebirds or the beauty of nature will encourage a loving environment.

7. Lovemaking is obviously encouraged in the bedroom, physical exercise or working out is to be discouraged though as this is believed to represent handwork & can actually have a negative impact on sleep & relaxation.

8. The door to the bedroom should open freely & not stick as this encourages the powerful positive energies to flow in to the room. Likewise any furniture blocking the free movement of the door should be moved to prevent energy blocks.

9. en-suite bathrooms should not be in the south west corner of the room as these can impact the romantic energy flow. If a bathroom or toilet is unavoidably placed in this sector then a 5 bar wind chime can be used to divert the energy.

10. The bedroom should be well ventilated to allow old energy to escape & encourage new vibration. A central focus bought by the couple can ‘earth’ the energy of the room. A statue of Buddha or something symbolic is great for achieving this.

What if you are single & looking for love ?. Feng Shui principles can work for you, especially if you use them in combination with the law of attraction or cosmic ordering. In Feng Shui you can make a wish list of the qualities you are looking for in an imagined ideal partner & how they would help form your ideal relationship. Remember YOU are a large part of creating your ideal relationship so remember when writing your list to not only be specific, but also to bring in anything that you will contribute to the relationship. Your ideal partner may not magically appear & in my experience may be completely different to the partner of your dreams that you have imagined, however forming a positive wish-list & keeping it at the forefront of your mind will certainly do no harm.

The principles of Feng Shui can help keep the love alive in relationships by keeping the positive aspects of your partnership at the front of your mind, encouraging new energy to flow & by making you work on challenging the negatives. The Yin ( feminine ) & Yang (masculine) aspects of a relationship need to be nurtured in any partnership, by striving to achieve balance using these basic principles you can certainly build a strong basis to approach any partnership.

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Accurate Psychics

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100% accurate psychics
–                           is a %100 percent accurate psychic reading achievable ?

Accurate psychics ?. According to advertising standards psychics & clairvoyants are no longer allowed to claim accuracy in their readings. For many centuries intuitives, empaths, shaman, mystics & yes clairvoyants & psychics have been used as sounding boards. I believe a really good psychic reading should not be like visiting a ‘mindreading show’. Magicians & psychics are often at loggerheads & I personally think this is a dispute that can never be resolved. Yes I have had readings with amazing psychics who have told me things that they could not possibly have known by any other means. Many times however I have been just as impressed by readers who intuitively understand my situation & can offer me solid advice as to how they think & could engineer the very best outcome.
Choosing a Psychic
When you are choosing a psychic for your reading you should really not look for someone who claims to give accurate psychic readings. You need to trust your own intuition & go for a reading with someone who you feel will connect with you. You should watch out for generalisations, it is your psychic reading & you want answers to the questions you have in your head, not someone who though flattering may not really be able to help you on any quantifiable level.
I genuinely believe that a good psychic reading can be like a form of therapy, in fact many of the best psychics I have known have had some grounding in counselling. I myself became interested in CBT ( cognitive behavioural therapy ) and underwent a course my self. I think this is a very powerful technique in allowing people to uncover solutions for themselves. You don’t want to tell a person what to do, you want to give them the tools to find their own answers & move themselves through obstacles. This is how I believe a really great psychic reading should make you feel, like a conversation with a wise old elder who leaves you feeling empowered & ready to continue your journey.
Recommended Psychics & Clairvoyants
I have had many great readings with many of the readers featured on my recommended Psychics page. I am particularly happy when someone contacts me with a positive review for their reading & always make sure that this gets passed on to the reader as it gives them validation & confidence that they are valued.
Accurate psychic readings
As I have said I don’t think it is right or possible to advertise accurate psychic readings, as a clairvoyant reading is generally a more fluid experience. If every statement was 100% accurate then I would begin to suspect some sort of underhand behaviour is going on. Even the most amazing psychic I have ever had the privilege to work with & who started me on my journey through the Tarot wasn’t %100 accurate. In fact the last time I visited her before she passed away she wasn’t able to locate her false teeth, so I had a gummy ( but excellent ) reading. A story that never fails to reduce some of my friends to hysterics.
So in closing you don’t want a reader who uses generalisations & any direct hits are obviously a great indicator of psychic ability. The main indicator is that your reader stays within the official guidelines set down by the body that governs psychic readings. To be %100 compliant the company should also state that the reading is for entertainment purposes only, leaving you to make the judgement as to whether you are satisfied with your psychic reading.
I only work with genuine, caring readers who work from positivity & strive to give a positive empowering reading to any one who consults them. You can view my readers on my recommended psychic readers review page or on my book a psychic reading page.

If you are deciding to have a reading I truly hope that you connect with a reader who leaves you feeling energised & with a positive outlook to create a brighter future.

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Free online Psychic readings

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online psychics for free readings
–                                                                                  Free Psychic readings online

Free online tarot card readings & Psychic resources

My free online Tarot readings, horoscopes, animated tarot readings & numerous other free Psychic resources have been getting great feedback recently so thank you !.

Of course some are for entertainment only and some use FLASH but you can choose any of the following by clicking on whichever takes your fancy !. I had great fun creating them & you can find :
Free ESP Test – Test your psychic ability online
Free Wishing Well – Send your wish to the universe
Chakra Test – Learn how your chakras affect you
Chinese Astrology – What sign are you ? Who are you compatible with ?.
Crystal Ball – The mist clears ! Yes or No ?
Numerology – Get a full free Numerology report
Lottery generator – Let me choose your Lottery numbers
Astrology – My dedicated Horoscopes site
The Cube of Space – Where are you in the universe ?
Mindreader – Can I read your mind ?
Chant to your future – Some of my favourite chants
Cosmic Order – Use the law of attraction, send your order online
Fortune machine – Which card will my talking machine reveal ?
Ouija Board – will the planchette move for you ?
Palmistry – Is the future in your hands ?
Tarot meanings – The Major & minor arcana meanings revealed
The Tree of Life – Secrets of Kabbalah
Tarot postcards – Send a free Tarot card online

Of course you can also choose from my many free readings including my free spoken Celtic Cross, My animated talking  Tarot reading

I hope you enjoy these amazing free resources, I had a blast researching & making them !

I hope you manifest everything you desire, Paul x

Thinking about a Psychic reading by phone

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call a psychic by phone,  telephone a clairvoyant
–                                                 Thinking about phoning a psychic ?, things to consider …

There are many free psychic readings available across my sites, these are very popular & a great way to make you think & give you a blast of inspiration. Many people do go on to have a reading with one of my recommended clairvoyants by telephone. Here are some of the concerns I hear from people who are considering a reading by telephone.

Pay on Phonebill Psychic readings
These are popular as by connecting to one of the readers & paying for a clairvoyant reading via your phonebill you are completely in charge. You decide exactly how long you wish to stay on the line & can decide quickly whether you are connecting to your reader & therefore if you want to extend your reading to get a more detailed psychic reading. You literally have nothing to lose except of course the connection charge for the amount of time you are on the line. Perhaps you’re worried that the reading won’t be what you expect, or you don’t know what to expect, this is a great way to try a quick reading before booking for a longer session.

Other factors people consider when connecting via telephone to one of my readers:

The Privacy Factor
Maintaining your privacy might be another reason why might decide to consult with a psychic by telephone. You may be a little bit worried about meeting with a person face to face, and you don’t really want to see the individual who may know such intimate details about you. Opting for a telephone tarot card reading means that your privacy is of course guaranteed. You’ll just be communicating with the reader by phone. No one else is going to see these details of your life, so rest assured on this front.

Fears for the Future
No reader will ever tell you anything that would raise concern & all are hugely experienced in dealing with all life issues. You will be allowing yourself to have some neat glimpses into the future to hopefully uncover some new directions to change your life for the better. Maybe your reading will let you know that an excellent opportunity is coming up in the near future. On the other side of the coin, your reading might also raise issues that you may need to consider in your current life situation. Sure, you’re likely hoping that you’ll receive good news from the reading. However, a balanced reading shouldn’t be sugar coated & may give you some ideas as to how you can become a better version of yourself.

Finding the Answers
Part of going to a psychic or a tarot card reader is of course getting answers to questions you have. They all do not have to be about the future; they can be about ways in which you can better understand yourself. You might just come out of your readings with a new appreciation and understanding of certain aspects of your being.

Many people tell me of a number of benefits related to the readings they have had. Many have been kind enough to give me feedback that you can see throughout my sites & also on my recommended psychic readers review pages. By contacting my psychics or clairvoyants via the telephone you may not only be better able to know who you truly are, but you’ll also be able to do so without the issues that in person readings carry.

I hope you do continue to enjoy my free psychic readings & you find this post useful if you are considering taking the plunge to have a reading by phone.


All the best, Paul

Unusual Horoscopes – Free Daily Weekly Monthly Horoscopes

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unusual horoscopes for free
–              Your Free Horoscope Astrology Chart >>> DOWNLOAD HERE

What is unusual about my Horoscope ?

That is the number one question I am asked by people who approach me about their Astrological chart. My advice is always visit my site & put in your unique details to download my Astrological Natal Chart for Free !

What is Astrology

Astrology is a centuries old art based on positions of the stars and planets. It began thousands of years ago and was first practiced by the ancient Greeks to help people find out about life events and help them in decision-making. It was believed that the positions of stars and planets helped one to learn certain pre-determined events in their life. Astrology & Horoscopes have been around in the popular press for a very long time. I have recently realised from the many comments I receive, is that many published & online Horoscopes use confusing planetary information or other complicated terminology. Therefore I try to provide unusual horoscopes free by avoiding the mumbo jumbo & just giving information that may be relevant to the visitor.

Horoscopes Are A Good Tool For Offering Helpful Guidance

A person’s horoscope can help when making future decisions. Astrological charts are scientifically based & pertain to events likely to happen depending on when in the calendar year a person was born. Some things people usually want to know about are:

Love and romance  dating and compatibility in who they choose to marry. My astrological character match & my Chinese Astrological partnership compatibility can help with this.

Career and work  Astrological help is sometimes sought in deciding on a profession or finding out how to improve ones potential success in a chosen career path.

Money and finances  Help is sometimes needed in determining the best uses of money. Personal financial advice to help one to meet their desired goals in life is I believe outside of what a Horoscope reading should cover & professional advice should be sought out.

Health and wellness  Finding out how healthy one is likely to be in the future and deciding best possible preventive measures one can take to help ensure future good health is again beyond a horoscope or psychic reading & should be left to the medical professionals. In Victorian times psychic readings often touched on health issues & I am pleased that this is no longer the case.

Find Out About Your Future Using Scientific Astrology Methods

People have always wanted to know what may happen to them in the future and with the guidance they find through psychic or tarot readings, they can do that in what should be a fun, entertaining and interesting way. Horoscopes have been helpful for thousands of years in such areas as determining the outcomes of conflicts, making predictions of what may happen to countries in the future and projected economic trends. A person can also garner helpful information so decisions can then be made to decide ones own personal courses they should take in life.

Many people have found astrology to be most helpful and intriguing and enjoy using what they’ve learned to help them to make future decisions. Astrology is an ancient Greek word meaning that it is a “Science of the Stars”. Try reading your unique unusual horoscopes free and find out today what your future potentially holds.

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Palmistry & Tarot The future in your hands

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Tarot and palmistry readings
–                                                         Tarot and Palmistry the future is in your hands

Tarot & Palmistry a powerful combination

I have recently ‘rediscovered’ my fascination with Palmistry. I used to study palms and became involved with Palmistry, or to give it the correct title ‘Cheiromancy’ before my Tarot journey took me increasingly online. It is difficult to give someone a palm reading over the phone !. However as more people gain access to scanners or high resolution cameras I am considering re-introducing my palm reading service as it is always popular & a great form of divination that borders on character analysis.

Palm reading can be found in almost all cultures & easily predates many other forms of divination. Romany Gypsies & Indian mystics have passed down many of the secrets of palm reading & it is a fantastic way to tune in to the vibes of the sitter as you are obviously physically touching them.

Tarot & Palmistry

Many of my Tarot cards feature the hand or palm, all of the aces hold the element of each suit. The Wand, The Sword, The Pentacle & The Cup. The seven of wands in my deck completed many moons ago features a good image of my palm.

Though palmistry can appear hugely involved it is actually quite easy to pick up the basics & layer on more interpretations as you discover the meanings of the different mounts & lines.

The Future is in Your Hands …
Firstly you should cover which hand is dominant, in a later post I’ll get in to which hand relates to which area of your life, usually though I prefer to read the dominant hand of the sitter.
There are many Tarot associations in some forms of palmistry. You can read more on the Palmistry page of my website here – About Palmistry

As my interest in Palmistry resurfaces I can feel a few articles or even a short book materialising. If you are interested in Palmistry, stay tuned !.

As always I wish you only the best, Paul

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Irish psychics online and by phone or text

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the wisdom of the Irish
Irish heritage

Irish Psychics online

It is only natural to want to know what the future holds. Many of us are unsettled in our lives, wondering what is going to become of us, how our love life or career is set to develop. The best Irish psychics that I ever met, who partially inspired my journey through the Tarot & beyond, knew that our destiny is not set in stone. We absolutely are responsible for charting our own destiny, what we think becomes our actions. We would all of course like to know the answers to some of the most intrinsic questions in life, why am I here ?, what can I do to make a difference?.

For many years, my phone psychic Irish service has provided top quality psychic reading services to countless individuals over the phone & also psychic readings by text in Ireland. People start by looking at my free inspiring psychic readings page and eventually if they are looking for guidance and an idea of what their future holds may connect to a psychic for a personal reading. I am being drawn back to some of the older traditions & ancient techniques rooted in ancient systems.

When my psychic Irish service helps someone, providing inspiration or peace of mind, perhaps offering confirmation of something the questioner had considered, or even a different undiscovered path, I love to receive feedback & also put the positive comments on my psychic reviews page. When something is bothering me or I simply want to know how a certain decision is going to turn out, I love to test new psychics, particularly those using traditions that have been known to be effective for generations but may have been overlooked for a more modern approach.

The Use of Ancient Traditions Mixed with New

Hereditary Irish psychics fascinated me for many years, now some of the ancient techniques can be blended with new technologies to provide new forms of psychic readings now being developed by many psychics today.

As a child visiting & absorbing Irish culture for the first time, I vividly remember how organised religion &  belief systems existed beside folklore & magic & mystery. These traditions have stood the test of time, helping many around the world feel more at ease in their lives. I have recently started making many pagan friends across the world who are also opening my eyes to some of these old ways. This is not to say, however, that they do not employ the use of newer practices or strategies in their work. They use a blend of old and new techniques, which provides for a more holistic style of living.

Psychics You Can Trust

You do not want to trust your emotions or your hope to psychics who are simply out to make a buck or two. I am constantly tweaking & monitoring my services, seeing which readers receive the best feedback as I want to provide a truly authentic service.

When there is question, doubt or concern in one’s life and they do not know where to turn, a psychic reading is one way to find those answers that we need. By law we must now state that these services are for entertainment purposes only & I think this is a good thing. The services are regulated and you can be sure that you are contacting a caring & ethical reader. Finally people continuously get confused between ‘mindreaders’ & psychics, clairvoyants or empaths. Historically sensitives, shaman & mystics have used their powers for good, to inspire & give validation to people who were questioning their path. Obviously any medical or financial issues should be referred to the relevant professional body.

As we slowly slip into winter I hope this year has brought you everything you desire & if not I hope you can begin to manifest your dreams in 2013.

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Top Ten Psychic abilities

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Top psychic abilities best psychic techniques
–                          Top ten psychic techniques for Psychic readings

Top Ten Psychic abilities

When considering a Psychic reading it is always interesting to find out what techniques your psychic reader uses to perform the reading. My best psychic readers use a combination of some of these techniques to give their psychic readings face to face or by telephone.

Divination – Divination is the process which attempts to predict possible future outcomes. My speciality, Tarot, uses patterns & symbols to view the questioner’s current situation. By analysing this information in a Tarot spread it can be possible to predict the course that a persons life can take & offer advice based on experience that may offer alternative paths to follow. Tarot is the most popular form of divination, many of my popular psychics use tarot in their work.

Clairvoyance – Literally ‘ clear seeing ‘ is the ability to visually perceive events remotely or that are yet to occur using abilities just beyond the normal range of the five senses. Someone who is said to have this ability is referred to as a Clairvoyant and is able to access information about situations or persons whilst removed either by physical space or time. Rose: Pin 1035: is a warm compassionate reader who has considerable experience as a professional Psychic Clairvoyant.

Empathy – The most powerful psychic ability, exhibited by all excellent psychics or clairvoyants & all of those in the caring professions. The ability to intuitively understand and experience the feelings of another human being. When you receive a reading from a truly great empath you know that they are almost going through your current experience with you & can offer . Sapphire: Pin 1068: Is a Clairvoyant Psychic and Clairsentient who uses empathy honesty and understanding to perform her readings.

Intuition – The ability to implicitly understand something instantly without the need for consideration. We all use intuition but in todays hectic world many people have lost the connection to this most trusted of instincts. If we all began re-connecting to, and allowed our intuition to guide us I firmly believe the world would be a much better place. Simone: Pin 1135: Simone is a clairvoyant tarot card reader who mainly works using her strong intuition.

Clairaudience – Information received through hearing that appears to others to be inaudible. Advanced Buddhist believe that we all have a ‘3rd ear’ that can be activated to receive celestial messages. This type of clairsensing is a form of ESP may not manifest as actual sound, rather as impressions in the inner ear that are just beyond normal comprehension.

Clairsentience – A form of perception where the sensitive individual is able to receive impressions through feelings. Psychometry where impressions are picked up through objects is a form of Clairsentience. Clairsentient individuals are able to tune in to the individual vibration of those around them. Gail D: Pin 1116: I have been a Clairsentient Medium for 23 Years.

Precognition – This is a form of paranormal foreknowledge of an event that is yet to occur. Precognition or premonitions are especially likely to occur in the dream-state, or in the half sleep time just before waking. Traditionally precognition has been reported to cover disastrous events though fortunately this is not always the case.

E.S.P – Extra sensory perception is a blanket term that covers the ability to receive information through channels other than the recognised 5 senses. ESP is an instinct, or hunch that forms in the mind. Zener cards have traditionally been used to test E.S.P. You can take my free ESP test to test your psychic ability by clicking – here.

Channeling – Refers to the practice of mediums who profess to be able to communicate with the spirits of people who have passed away. Spiritualism is a spiritual belief system that is closely connected with mediumship. Due to the sensitive & potentially upsetting nature of channeling spirits or relaying messages from those who have passed good recommended spiritual mediums are hard to find & should be approached with an open mind through trusted recommendation. Dee: Pin 1011: Gifted since an early age, Dee is a Superb Platform Medium.

Telepathy – is the ability to transmit information to another person without direct contact or by using any of the accepted channels of communication. Twins are often said to have a strong telepathic bond & one can sense what the other is feeling / thinking. Modern research seems to point to telepathy being the ability to tune in to the unique frequency of another person and send information in brain waves similar to converting thoughts in to something like a code.

I Hope you begin to rediscover your intuition & manifest everything you desire !.

Free Tarot & psychic readings

Tarot readings – The Court cards – Online meanings

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Free Tarot reading online web instant results
–                                   The Court cards of The Tarot Page, Knight, Queen & King

Tarot readings with the Court cards

The Court cards or ‘people’ cards of the tarot deck provide balance to the number or ‘pip’ cards, like the four of Wands & the Major Arcana or Greater secrets card such as the Star, the Lovers etc … Many resources attribute a very specific character type to each of the Court cards, however, I have found it beneficial to be flexible in interpretation of these characters & give the impression that you are receiving around a card through intuition. Quite often I get a gut feeling about a Court card that is removed from the accepted meaning or the actual image on the pasteboard. Though the Tarot is a system of divination, by being flexible in your interpretations you can begin to awaken your intuition & move your readings beyond the ‘book learnt’ approach & in to the realms of something really special.

In my experience the Pages represent a younger person of either sex that is usually a messenger or has something that the questioner could learn from. The time frame around the Pages also indicates to me usually that events are set to take a sudden turn & changes to the questioners environment are imminent.

To learn more about the Pages of  the Tarot click on the Page of the suit of your choice : Meaning of the Page of Cups, Meaning of the Page of Wands, Meaning of the Page of Swords, Meaning of the Page of Pentacles.

The Knights are older more dynamic individuals, if the Pages are messengers then the Knights are about acting on these messages & & sharing the knowledge. As knights they are of course not afraid of wading in to conflicts to try & bring about the best possible conclusion. The Knights have not yet achieved adulthood so their beliefs haven’t been crystallised & therefore they are more likely to be fluid in their opinions. If a Knight appears then you can be sure that the person represented is steadfast & loyal.

To learn more about the Knights of the Tarot click on the Knight of the suit of your choice : Meaning of the Knight of Cups, Meaning of the Knight of Wands, Meaning of the Knight of Swords, Meaning of the Knight of Pentacles.

The Queens of the Tarot are mature women, they have life experience that grants them heightened feminine intuition, composure & detached emotional responses that can be hugely beneficial in understanding your current situation. Depending on where a Queen appears in your reading there can be several different correspondences. They can refer to friends, matriarchs, yourself or even a strong woman who has not yet entered your life.

To learn more about the Queens of the Tarot click on the Queen of the suit of your choice : Meaning of the Queen of Cups, Meaning of the Queen of Wands, Meaning of the Queen of Swords, Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles.

The Kings of the Tarot obviously represent mature men or men who have developed wisdom & experience. Each King is a powerful character & they are the leaders of the Court of Tarot. The Kings have respect & have achieved their status & authority through hard work & good judgment. Highly responsible if a King appears in your reading then you are likely to expect advice from an older wiser man who will bring experience to your situation to show you an alternate path.

To learn more about the Kings of the Tarot click on the King of the suit of your choice : Meaning of the King of Cups, Meaning of the King of Wands, Meaning of the King of Swords, Meaning of the King of Pentacles.

All the best as always, Paul

The meanings of Tarot online

Free Tarot Love reading online

Professional Tarot reading by phone UK

Tarot card meanings the number cards of the Minor Arcana

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Tarot card meanings the number cards of the Minor Arcana
–                              The number cards of the Minor Arcana, meanings

Tarot card meanings, the number cards of the Minor Arcana

Ace : Always the beginning or spark of a situation, the aces in Tarot are the radix, the power, the catalyst in any development

Read more : The Ace of Cups, The Ace of Wands, The Ace of Swords, The Ace of Pentacles

Two : Representative of a balance, usually involving choice and partnerships or relationships of all kinds

Read more : The Two of Cups, The Two of Wands, The Two of Swords, The Two of Pentacles

Three : Development, realisation, expansion. The situation matures

Read more : The Three of Cups, The Three of Wands, The Three of Swords, The Three of Pentacles

Four : The basis or roots of any concern, careful consideration of cause is needed around the fours

Read more : The Four of Cups, The Four of Wands, The Four of Swords, The Four of Pentacles

Five : Instability, doubts, change, indecision, squabbles

Read more : The Five of Cups, The Five of Wands, The Five of Swords, The Five of Pentacles

Six : Reflection, harmonious change, flexibility that brings results

Read more : The Six of Cups, The Six of Wands, The Six of Swords, The Six of Pentacles

Seven : Realisation, success, ability helped by luck, positive outlook

Read more : The Seven of Cups, The Seven of Wands, The Seven of Swords, The Seven of Pentacles

Eight : Advancement, radical change, discovering the way forward

Read more : The Eight of Cups, The Eight of Wands, The Eight of Swords, The Eight of Pentacles

Nine : Success, attainment, results, the culmination of a project or phase

Read more : The Nine of Cups, The Nine of Wands, The Nine of Swords, The Nine of Pentacles

Ten : The closing of the circle, the end of a phase, the predetermined result, completion

Read more : The Ten of Cups, The Ten of Wands, The Ten of Swords, The Ten of Pentacles


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Best Tarot spreads for Love – The Relationship Love Tarot reading

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Update: Many of you have said that my talking Tarot reading has given them valuable insight. Depending on your intention it can be used as a relationship Tarot spread or a general free online Tarot reading. Give it a go, it has been surprisingly popular, Thank You!

I am continuously updating me free offerings, sign up to my list to find out when they appear.

best love psychic readings
–                      Spreads for Love – The Relationship Tarot reading

An example relationship Tarot reading

When asked to perform love psychic readings there are many angles to consider. Both partners point of view should be addressed & my Relationship Tarot spread introduces a structure to the reading that generally gives insight to the questioner about their situation & how it relates to their partner & current life. Here is a quick look at a reading I recently completed for a young man from some notes in my Tarot journal …

We asked the deck the following questions, These are the cards that were revealed.

Your View of Your Partner : After shuffling the Tarot the outcome of the initial card was the Hierophant. I volunteered that maybe this lady liked structure in her life & was probably dropping heavy hints about formalising the relationship, possibly mentioning marriage. After much laughter the questioner confirmed this & mentioned the lady was from a formal religious background, again underlining a key aspect of the Hierophant Tarot card.

Your Partner’s View of You : Strength Tarot card, leo influence. The young lady involved sees the questioner as a strong, secure, protective partner. Amazingly the gentleman involved confirmed he was a Leo & told me his partner was a Virgo. Gentlemen rarely know their partners star sign so this impressed me no end !.

Your relationship Needs : King of Pentacles, this shows that the questioner is working hard to achieve a secure material background, Though he is down to earth this king definitely veers towards the better things in life & will work tirelessly to achieve the lifestyle he and his family deserves.

Your Partner’s relationship Needs : 10 of cups relationship Tarot card, this shows that the lady is not only aiming high but is after ‘living the dream’. The Ten of Cups is a beautiful card that embodies attainment & success, the harvest home, the rainbows end. In relationships this can symbolise that the questioner can now begin to enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that the partnership is likely to become permanent.

The Current State of Your Relationship : Chariot in relationship Tarot can be complex,The winged symbol on the Chariot represents the male & female aspects of his persona & shows there may be a slight struggle as to which partner is aiming to take control of the reins of the Chariot & lead the course of the relationship. Time for honest open conversations here I feel.

The Path You Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow : 4 of pentacles relationship Tarot card appears, Whenever the Four appears challenges around relationship development are likely. Also probably concerns over expenses such as marriage & feathering the nest. I told the young gentleman to not think ” How can I possibly afford this wedding?”,  just to accept that by committed discussion the very best nuptials would manifest.

The Path Your Partner Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow : Eight Cups as a love Tarot card. This is a tricky one, as this relationship is obviously strong I took a chance and asked if there were previous relationships that were still causing problems. Thankfully it transpired that both partners had had challenging previous relationships. What was inspiring was that they had both laid their cards on the table & decided to talk through why these previous connections had floundered. This is a very enlightened way forward & can only result in the deepening of the current involvement as previous mistakes can be identified & avoided.

Aspects of Your Relationship to Consider : Tarot The Emperor as aspects to consider. Almost immediately I got the impression of a powerful father figure, symbolised by the Emperor. The young questioner confirmed that this was for sure the young lady’s father. A strong figure who had made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he would not tolerate his daughter being messed about. Thankfully it transpired that this young man had so far done nothing but impress his prospective father in law & was pleased to have the gentleman on his side. It is obvious that the fathers authority must be respected, though it is vital that the questioner follows his independence as I am sure that will earn him more respect.

The Outcome : Ace of Wands as outcome shows these young lovers are developing a new way of interacting with each other & their world, they should genuinely allow themselves to be excited by these changes & embrace what looks like, from this reading anyway, to be an inspiring & satisfying partnership . The Ace of Wands is always an indicator of an extremely exciting time that sees life changing bursts of creative energy show the questioner which path to follow to create the life they are searching for…

I hope you enjoyed this example of a relationship reading. I hope you manifest all your desires, All my best, Paul

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Can I trust him ? 3 card Tarot reading, past, present future

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
past present future tarot reading
–                                                          3 card quick tarot reading past, present & future

Learning to trust again, is it possible ?

The Tarot reading I have just given  brought up a question along the lines of : “My boyfriend is still friends with his ex, he promised that he is not seeing her that often, but it still upsets me, is this going to finish our relationship”…
My response initially was that the first issue that needs to be addressed here is the low self esteem & jealousy that is evident just from the question !. There is no reason to believe that anything is going on , many people find it hard to accept that platonic relationships are possible between ex-lovers though in my experience not only is this the case but if the new partner is mature enough to accept the previous partner & develop a friendship, then this can be massively beneficial to all of those involved. After all, your partner may have spent a lot of time & had experiences with this person that helped form who they are today.
To investigate this scenario we performed a very quick fab 3 card Tarot past, present & future reading. In the position of past, no surprise to me, appeared the Three of Swords,

……… I tentatively asked if a painful break-up in the past had possibly impacted how this beautiful young woman reacted to relationships in the present. She looked surprised but conceded that this was indeed a possibility, her confidence & self esteem had definitely been shaken by this previous breakdown of a relationship & she did feel that she was less trusting than she was before. Though it seems obvious we talked about how releasing these outmoded beliefs about love to where they now belonged, the past, & approaching any new partnership with an open heart, expecting only the best, she could move her life forward in leaps & bounds, the past heartbreak could be allowed to melt away.

Remember :
You Can’t Change Him, You Can Only Change You:
In the position of present we pulled our old friend the Devil,

… now when this card appears the questioner can be allowing damaging or limiting, sometimes irrational thoughts or behaviours to eat them up & have huge impact on where their life was headed. This lady laughed & said that yes she had been behaving out of sorts & her new partner had even gone as far as saying that she needed to look at the way her irrational jealousy over his previous relationship was affecting how their bond was developing. Again we talked about how recognising when these thoughts & actions appeared she could step back & see herself through the eyes of her new partner, accepting that if she could beat her ‘inner Devil’. By laughing at how irrational some of her thoughts had become she could stop wasting energy on trying to control or change her partner & could ultimately become much happier.
I explained that the Devil indicated the amount of energy & negative emotion that was being expended was having a detrimental effect on this young ladies life. She spent so much time obsessing on what had gone before, or what her partner may be up to now, that she had completely forgotten to allow herself to be happy & enjoy the most important time of her life, the present moment.

The Future
In the position of future we pulled The Queen of Cups,

.. interestingly this queen has the only closed cup in the suit, indicating that she has managed to put a lid on her emotions. She has accepted who she is and has been able to detach from her ego. She can see clearly how previous actions had prevented her from seeing her current situation in an accurate light & is now free from the petty jealousies & insecurities. The Queen in this situation obviously represented the seeker themselves & it was great to see that by just nipping her thought process in the bud, learning to trust again, this lady could possibly be able to lead a happy fulfilling life with her current partner.

 Though this is of course a snapshot of the situation, the message is clear. I am often faced with this sort of question in a reading & the answer is always the same. Until you learn to love & trust yourself as an individual, partnerships will always be more difficult to develop & sustain. In a relationship consultation with a psychic or Tarot reader you are always guaranteed an opinion slightly removed from your perspective & this can always be beneficial in showing you an alternative path.

I hope you manifest everything you desire, Lots of Love Paul x

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Free Tarot readings – popular tarot spreads

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Totally free tarot readings online
–                      Totally free established online Tarot readings

My totally free online Tarot readings …

My site has delivered millions of free readings since it’s inception many years ago. I built the site as a resource for my sister & am delighted to see that it has blossomed to be the resource it is today. I designed the Tarot cards myself as I was studying their meanings & continued to add free Tarot readings that were designed to inspire anyone who consulted them. Even though obviously they can’t replace a live Tarot reading with a professional Tarot reader I am so pleased that I get so many positive comments and thank everyone who has had one & those who have shared them.

Free Talking Tarot

I also have several free animated Tarot readings, that you can find listed on my Tarot page here. Below is a list of my current Free Tarot readings, remember to check out my other free readings & resources on this page.

accurate online taort readings
–                                                    Tree of Life free Tarot reading

The tree of life reading, this Mystical process will stimulate Your mind to reveal alternative opportunities.

The Star Tarot reading is often used to explore very specific questions.
–                              The  Star powers subliminal messages in your Tarot cards

The Star Tarot reading The light of The Star powers subliminal messages in your Tarot cards

Popular Tarot readings for love
–                                       Love and relationships are explored in this Tarot reading

Relationship reading Visualise someone who you are involved with, or would like to be.

Planetary positions in Tarot readings
–                           Invite the Glory of the Universe with my planetary Reading.

Planetary Tarot reading The Planetary alignments in this Free Tarot Reading

Patter of Tarot spreads Mandala
–                This Tarot reading is designed to interact with Your spiritual self.

Mandala Tarot readings free online An invitation to open yourself to the Inner Voice

 This powerful spiritual spread is used to explore specific questions
–                       Free Cross and Triangle Tarot Reading

Cross & Triangle This Tarot reading is designed to interact with Your spiritual self

most popular best tarot reading
–                                            Best spread for online tarot readings

Celtic Cross Tarot intended to spread light on all aspects of your life

Your birthday free tarot readings online
–                        The online Birthday Tarot reading

Birthday Tarot can you achieve the goals you wish to realize before your next birthday

Astrology and tarro together
–                                 Combining the forces of Tarot and The Zodiac

Combining the forces of Tarot and The Zodiac this Free Tarot spread could possibly provide your answers.

Contact a live Tarot reader

Free daily horoscopes

Halloween Tarot Reading

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Halloween Psychic Tarot reading
–                                          Tarot reading for Halloween try your Spooky psychic reading

All Hallow’s Eve, it’s the one night of the year when everyone believes in ghosts and ghouls, monsters and magic, if only just a little. It’s the night where inhibitions are lowered, tall tales and fortunes told. Halloween is a quirky holiday that most of us treat as a bit of harmless fun, but it also has its roots in traditions that tie us to our ancestors, open us up to our inner selves and connect us to the all-knowing, whether we believe in one God or multiple deities, or something more nebulous.
It’s a special time of year for the psychic, intuitive or modern day witch, with the curtain between the everyday and the world of spirits and souls at its thinnest. It’s also a busy time of year, because it’s when everyone wants a reading, even if only for a bit of fun.

I built the free Halloween reading whilst living in a fabulous but spooky & haunted apartment in Istanbul, where many strange incidents surprised me and my familiars …
Tarot cards are particularly popular at this time of year. If you’ve never had a psychic do a reading for you, now might be a good time to give your inner skeptic the night off and take a small step on your spiritual journey. You don’t have to sit through a whole Celtic Cross spread with ten cards, past and future influences, inner and outer aspects and likely and potential outcomes, which can all feel a bit daunting for a new querent (that’s you, by the way, querent being the name given to the person seeking advice).
If you want a simple, less intimidating introduction to Tarot this Halloween, an ideal spread is the simple three-card reading. The querent shuffles the cards, lays them in a row, and they are read in order, past influences, current situation and future possibilities.
It’s a simple spread for a beginning Tarot reader to get to grips with too, so if you’re looking for a few simple Halloween games or activities, why not get your hands on a deck of Tarot cards, spend a few hours getting to grips with the Major and Minor arcana, and try your hand at reading for your friends?
Alternatively, use my Halloween Tarot 3 card reading. It’s set up to be fun to use alone or with friends, but comes with everything you need for a genuine reading. It has a space to set the mood and calm or focus the mind, action taken by you to shuffle and select the cards, giving the reading a genuine connection to you, and interpretations from a psychic Tarot card reader of way too many years’ experience to enumerate without feeling just a little old. (That would be me.) There’s also a moment at the end of the reading for you to have me cast a spell and send you a blessing.
I’d like to extend my personal invitation to you now to come along and try my 3 card Halloween Tarot reading for yourself. Bring a few friends along, take it in fun, but also know there is wisdom to be found in the Tarot if you are open to listening to it.

Blessed be xxx.

Tarot free 3 card reading
Halloween spoken Tarot reading

Free Halloween Tarot

Scary Tarot Cards

The meanings of Tarot cards, learning Tarot

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Re-dreaming our future – creating our destiny

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Create your perfect life
–                                                    Re-dream your future, create the life you desire

Do we create our own future ?

Can we alter our own destiny?
As We are all masters of our own destiny, We can change our future influential patterns quite considerably. However, if we just keep plodding along procrastinating, outside influences will eventually take over our life. We have to put our energy out to the universe in order to draw back energy that can manifest our desires.
To make a positive change, you simply plan what you want or need to have happen to you in some future time, and imagine how you will feel when you arrive at your goals. You must write these goals down on paper or in the notes section of your phone. I make a screensaver of some of my goals, or something I am trying to absorb, as by having it on my phone I’m guaranteed to see it several times a day. If you do decide to keep this declaration of your goals somewhere nearby, so that you can gain access to it when needed.

Programme your dreams.
Before going to sleep at night, read your declaration, and pretend that you have already attained your goals. Imagine how you would feel when you have achieved them. In your mind, notice your surroundings, smell the smells, hear the sounds, feel the feelings. lt can not be emphasized too strongly, that when you imagine that you have actually achieved your goals, you must also ‘feel’ that you have achieved them.
Go through this same ‘ritual’ when you wake up in the morning also. By going through this daily process, you are tricking your subconscious mind into believing that you have already reached your goals, and in turn, your subconscious mind relays ideas and methods for you to reach these goals, back to your conscious mind. When you receive these inspirational thoughts and ideas, they must be written down, especially if the appear as dreams, otherwise they will be forgotten.
These ideas must also be read daily, along with your declaration. After a short period of time, things will begin to take shape, and a pattern will start to emerge. ln time, through persistence and determination, and by using these ideas that have come to you, you will eventually attain your dreams and desires.
Creating your declaration through creative visualisation
What is also important, is that when you write your goals down, they must be written as though you have already achieved them. An example follows :

Example: “Today is Friday the lst of February, 2013, and I am on my Way to Australia, flying Cathay Pacific Airlines First Class. The airline ticket and accommodation is paid for in full, and I have my spending money loaded on to my debit card.”
This is only one example. You should have several declarations like this written or bouncing around in your subconscious. They could be about anything that you desire, material desires such as, car, or less tangible like your perfect relationship.

lf reading your declarations twice daily tend to become boring, see if you can obtain photos or pictures of the things that you desire to have in the future. I have a friend who is dreaming her perfect trip to her no 1 destination Paris by ‘building’ it on Pinterest. She has sections for how she will travel, her hotel, chosen restaurants, everything down to the finest detail. I have no doubt she will create the perfect trip.
When you read your goals, look at these pictures also, allow them to be absorbed in to your subconscious so that you can see them in your minds eye. Put the pictures and photos in a prominent position or on your computer desktop, so that you can not help but see them as you go about your daily routine. You must turn your goals into a burning desire and then the Universe has no option but to try & deliver them to you.
You will find that by adhering to these simple steps with persistence and determination, you Will finally attain success.

Relationship example using Dream Tarot

A friend of mine told me she was desperate to meet a creative, fiery, exciting lover. Artistic & interested in travel, open to new experience. Immediately I thought of the Page of Wands as he fills all of the criteria, encouraging her to embrace the techniques here. I gave her one of my Page of Wands card, explained the meaning of The Page of Wands Tarot card and encouraged her to begin manifesting the page in to her life by placing him under her pillow, to consciously dream him in to reality, … Let’s see what happens !
Always remember to assume a positive attitude when reading the Tarot or using these visualisation tehniques, and may I wish you every success in developing your Tarot reading skills your intuition & manifesting the life of your dreams …

Find out more about the Page of Wands by clicking on his card below.

Love and relationships Page of Wands Tarot
The Page of Wands, exciting creative & adventurous.


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Relationship Tarot and the message of Temperance

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Relationship Tarot, Love and Temperance
–                                                  Learning to love, Relationship Tarot & the card of Temperance

Love Tarot, relationships & the message of the Temperance tarot card

In a Tarot reading regarding matters of love and relationships The Temperance  Tarot card is always welcome. The message of the angel is that in romantic relationships flexibility, respect and optimism will be needed to build a mutually happy arrangement. The Angel is a mediator so if she relates to an existing partnership then some work needs to be done to rekindle some sparkle that may have disappeared. Both sides need to be considered & you may need to step in to the other persons shoes before a path forward is revealed. If Temperance appears for someone who is looking for a relationship then she acts as a mirror, challenging us to look at ourselves, learning to love ourselves and accept who we are. Only then can we expect the universe to reveal potential partners. If we have issues around love and relationships, especially with regard to previous partnerships then these must be put in to perspective in order to proceed.

Looking for Love & our personal truth
Validation of our true identity is the message of Temperance,  when we are searching for our personal truth the Angel of Temperance tells us to adapt to our circumstance to finally reveal our destiny. The hebrew letter Samekh represents eternity and is symbolised by the snake eating it’s own tail, similar to the lemniscate in the Magician Tarot card. The energy moving between the cups is the fifth element, the life force, ether. The pool into which the angel dips her foot represents the universal consciousness which we all belong & reminds us that when we open to the message of the angel the purpose of our existence can be revealed.

In my free Tarot card readings the card translates as Expand your experience, try things beyond your normal choices, this rings true in any relationship Tarot reading as you must expand your experience in order to allow new & exciting friendships to blossom in your world.
When Temperance appears we are reminded that we must love ourself before we can allow ourselves to be loved & we should rest assured that we are loved unconditionally by the universe on our journey to self discovery.

Detailed meanings for Temperance in the Tarot

telephone psychic Tarot readings


Daily Horoscopes, Starsigns, Sunsigns, Moonsigns & ascendants

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Horscopes starsigns ascendants and zodiac
–                                                                             Is personality type influenced by Horoscopes ?

Sun signs, moon signs and ascendants, oh my !.
One of the comments I often hear from astro-sceptics is that they find it hard to accept any system that attempts to categorize the whole of human nature into 12 character or personality types.
Putting aside the fact that the Myers-Briggs personality approach has only 16 types, 8 of which are considered dominant, and the other half practically ignored, oh and Type A, Type B personality simplifications, sometimes, when I’m feeling contentious, I try to explain that astrology isn’t that simple.
OK, so we’ve all heard someone referred to as, “a typical Leo,” when they’re being bossy. We’ve probably come across people who when we ask their birthday, we are stunned to learn their star sign, because we had them pegged as something else completely.
Most often, I find, it’s because the star sign is only a small piece of the puzzle that is human nature. If it were that simple, it wouldn’t be called astrology, now would it? It would be called Solology, or something such. Astrology, of course, refers to the position of the celestial bodies in the heavens at the time of your birth, not just the sun.
Your sun sign may represent your deepest inner nature, the journey you have to take on Earth, but it can be overshadowed by other aspects of your chart. Perhaps none more so than your moon sign, and rising sign, especially if the two happen to coincide. Because your moon sign represents your emotional responses and short-term reactions to events, and your rising sign governs your self-image and the way others see you, if those two are the same, it’s easy for others to see you as more typical of that other sign.
So if your moon sign was Gemini, say, giving you changeable emotions that are vocally expressed and a tendency to bore easily, coupled with Gemini in the ascendant, giving you an inquisitive and chatty, though restless and even fickle image, people might be surprised when you tell them you’re a home loving, peaceful Cancer at heart.
Or say you meet someone with the force, intelligence and emotional intensity and integrity of a Scorpio Moon, coupled with the charisma and insight of Scorpio rising. Might you be surprised to learn that underneath all that personality lurks a modest, nit-picking worrywart of a Virgo?
The point is, yes, there are just 12 sun signs. Each of them, though has the potential to combine with each of the 12 moon signs and each of the 12 rising signs, for a fascinating 1728 combinations, and that’s even before you consider where the remaining planets fall, which is the ruling planet, and how the positions of the planets affect each other.
So before you dismiss astrology as hogwash because you don’t see yourself as typical of your sun sign, head on over to my Astrology site Astromara.com and pick up your free Cosmic Power Profile, with a free birth chart and explanations, and see if you’re more like your star and moon signs.

Free Daily Aries

Free Daily Taurus

Free Daily Gemini

Free Daily Cancer

Free Dalily Leo

Free Daily Virgo

Free Daily Libra

Free Daily Scorpio

Free Daily Sagittarius

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Free Daily Aquarius

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Learning the Tarot, Can anyone Learn to read Tarot cards ?

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Learning the Tarot cards - Can Anyone learn to read Tarot ?
  –                        Tarot cards,  Reading Tarot for other people How to learn Tarot

Learning The Tarot

Who are qualified to read the Tarot? Anyone who has studied its principles, gained an understanding of the various meanings, or have used their own initiative and creative imagination to arrive at the many positive conclusions or outcomes that can be derived from this fantastic oracle. All you need is to be grabbed by the Tarot bug & you are good to go !. Further study will allow you to begin to interpret the allegorical and symbolic meanings, again preferably in a positive and uplifting manner, then your readings will begin to be increasingly sought out by others ; fascinated not only by the mystery of Tarot, but also your ability to encourage them to follow their intuition towards achieving their authentic life.
Remembering always that the Tarot is a positive tool, it must only be used to instill confidence and inspiration to those who are receiving the reading.
In the following posts, you will learn very basic meanings of the Tarot cards and
how to put a reading together, this should hopefully spark your intuition & lead to a lifelong relationship with the Tarot. If any unfavorable influences should appear in
a layout, there are examples of how these can be turned around to become
more positive.
These posts have been written in response to the often asked question “How
can I learn so many sequences and meanings, plus the reverse meanings of
the seventy eight Tarot cards?”
The majority of Tarot card readers pick up their own meanings for the various cards by intuition during the reading. My system of Tarot tuition makes this extremely easy to learn.
Read through the posts first, as this will give you some idea of the basic
meanings of the cards. Then refer to the instructions describing the quick reference guide which accompanies the posts.

Reading the Tarot for others.
When you begin your Tarot readings for others, all you will need in front
of you will be the quick reference guide and your Tarot deck. After a short
time, you will begin to receive your own intuitive meanings for the cards, and
you will be able to dispense with the guide as it will become part of you. The time this will take differs for everybody, and will mainly depend on how often you practice your readings.


Reading for others is a very responsible task, and you must be very careful what is relayed to the Querent (person receiving the reading), as you can be sure they will remember long after the reading has finished . It is quite unethical to refer to legal matters or health issues.
My system of leaning the Tarot is extremely easy, and I’m sure you will have no problems with it. I wish you every success in your quest to master this amazing inspiring oracle !.
The Minor Arcana and the Four Suits
Each of the four suits is associated to one the elements. and relates to a specific area in the spectrum of everyday life.
Wands: Associated element is fire. Relates to business. creativity. initiative.
and enterprise.
Cups: Associated element is water. Relates to Emotions, companionship and
creative development.
Swords: Associated element is air. Relates to important decisions. professional and specialist matters, challenges and ambitions. and can also be connected to travel and change.
Pentacles: Associated element is earth. Relates to resources. values. and materialism.

Books on the Tarot
Reading a number of different books on the Tarot can be rather confusing, as each of them usually offer a different meaning for the individual cards. The best method to gain an understanding, is by using your own intuition. Take each card, study it, and Write down your thoughts and interpretations. Compare these with the interpretations here & in the following posts, and you will very soon begin to acquire an understanding & personal style of your own.
The Tarot is depicted on the posts that follow. accompanied by the individual meanings followed by key words to make it easy for you to be able to put together a reading. There are many posts on the meaning and interpretation on my blog & of course my Tarot site, where-ever possible I will cross reference to provide as much information as I can to lead you along the Royal Road of Tarot ! Enjoy the Journey !

Stay tuned for my next post: The suit of Wands

Best Tarot questions, what does Tarot mean ? Where does Tarot come from ?

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What does the Tarot mean ? Detailed Tarot meanings, Tarot answers
–                  What does my Tarot reading mean ?, meanings of Tarot cards, Tarot detailed meanings

What do your Tarot cards mean ?

When someone asks but ” What do my Tarot cards mean ?, I’m not interested in the symbolism, just what it means to me, right now ” I fully understand their self obsession & disregard for the mystery that is the Tarot deck. There are countless explanations of each tarot card online, you can decide for yourself  whether or not you decide to choose a specific interpretation, and I am aware that many people ‘keep going’ until they find what they would like to believe their cards mean.

The Tarot is a book of hidden meanings, if you decide to scratch beneath the surface & spend some time absorbing some of the mysteries of Tarot you will undoubtedly discover not only more about yourself, but life itself.

What is the easiest way to learn Tarot ? one of the questions that regularly get directed my way. There are countless courses that promise to make you a Tarot reader almost overnight. You can get a feel of the basics very quickly, & if you do will undoubtedly fall under the spell of this magical oracle. The truth, I believe is that there is no easy way to absorb the Tarot, and this is I feel what you should strive to do. Once the Tarot starts to become part of you, the meanings of Tarot become part of every fibre of your being, then the magic can begin.
Is Tarot reading a game ?
Though the Tarot can be seen as a game, a painted deck of cards for amusement & the telling of fortunes, when you step through the frame of each card & meet each character you can learn valuable life lessons that can open your eyes to experience & opportunity. When you start to react to the frequency of the Tarot & it’s energy, your subconscious mind taps in to ancient wisdom that can really help you understand your position in the World & reveal your true purpose. Through my life in Tarot I have been introduced to many great thinkers, techniques & philosophies that continue to fascinate me daily & provide endless paths of discovery that keep me coming back for more.
The best way to learn Tarot ?
Some people rigidly learn each card from a book, refusing to move on the the next meaning until they have burnt each reference in to their subconscious. Some people spread the entire Tarot deck out & just grab randomly at each card, experiencing how the images make them feel. Neither way is the correct way of learning Tarot, as every reader I have ever known has had a different experience of working with the Tarot.

As with anything else, the more time you spend with the Tarot, the more you will get out of it. There are so many aspects that can fire your Tarot enthusiasm, the symbolism, the colours, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalaah & so much more. If you get bitten by the Tarot bug then you will have a lifelong fascination that can never be exhausted.

Where does the Tarot originate from ?

There will always be speculation regarding the origin of the Tarot.
Various writers have suggested that it came from early China. India. and even Atlantis. One French writer, Court de Ge‘be|in, wrote that the Trumps (Major Arcana The Greatest Secrets), were made up from ‘The Book of Thoth’, an ancient Egyptian hiero-glyphic expression of the ‘Ancient Wisdom. This was denied by A.E. Waite in his pictorial key to the Tarot.
There is evidence however, that the first Tarot cards were printed, or
painted in the late fourteenth century. Occult tradition places the development of Tarot as we know it around 1200. The Tarot deck as we know it today, is made up of two separate decks. The Major Arcana consists of twenty two cards which are known as Trumps. The Minor Arcana has fifty six cards employing four suits. They are Wands, [sometimes called Batons or Staves). Cups, (Chalices). Swords, and Pentacles, (Discs, Coins, or Deniers).

There are fourteen cards in each suit numbered from one (Ace) through
to ten, and four court cards, Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

It appears that our modern day playing cards were derived from the
Tarot, with one of the court cards being removed, the Page. and with the addition of the Joker, which could be the later version of the only Major Arcana card that wasn‘t numbered. The Fool. Mysticism still surrounds the Tarot, and I have spent my life trying to move this veil of secrecy to one side, so that anyone can gain some understanding of how to reveal some of the hidden secrets of these archaic symbols.
How can a Tarot reader deduce situations, and attempt to predict the outcome of certain circumstances by the layout of the Tarot cards? Carl Jung, the noted Swiss psychologist, explained this as Synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. He reasons this simply as, “Anything done at a particular moment of time, has the qualities of that moment of time”. Relating this to the Tarot, would mean that when the cards are shuffled, it is not chance, but meaningful coincidence that brings about the uncanny results of a truly great Tarot reading.

Book a Tarot reading

New Daily Horoscopes – Love match Astrology

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
My Daily Horoscope
–                                           Cool Horoscopes Free Daily, weekly, Monthly Horoscopes & Astrology

Fun with Horoscopes & Astrology. I LOVE having fun with the wonders of the Zodiac & get very bored with trines & self important know all’s who bang on about ‘Herschel & Uranus blah de blah’. That’s why a meeting I had last night has inspired me.

On a particularly busy tube ( yes they all are after the Olympic gloss has left London unfortunately ! ). I was updating my Astrology horoscope pages on my laptop ( after blagging a seat due to my increasingly dodgy hip ). I became aware that the lady next to me was watching my DreamWeaver efforts. Unable to resist anymore I said ” Can I help you ?” Meeting her glinting glaze. As I said that ” A good service is operating on all underground lines “ boomed out, my neighbour in a thick American accent announced to the whole carriage : ” Where ? In some kind of parallel Universe !”. I love moments like that & we both screamed laughing. She then proceeded to give me her impressions of each starsign as I went through my page, which I have tried to list below. You can click on the link for each horoscope for my daily starsigns. I was chortling with laughter by the time we rocked in to Shepherd’s Bush, as the page was being updated in response to an internet troll who had been particularly disgruntled about an error on my site & this incident really put things in perspective. I said thank-you for that to my new friend, you made my day & you are ? To which the response was “You’re the psychic, you tell me ! ” before slipping off in to the madness of the Uxbridge road. ! How FABULOUS ! xxx


My new friends observations on each Star Sign & New Daily horoscope pages :

ARIES March 21 – April 20 – Aggressive & Proud ? – Daily Aries Horoscope – here

TAURUS April 21 – May 21 – Balanced but Possessive ? – Daily Taurus Horoscope – here

GEMINI May 22 – June 21 – Sociable with a dual personality ? – Daily Gemini – here

CANCER June 22 – July 23 – Homey, slight needy & touchy ? – Daily Cancer – here

LEO July 24 – Augist 23 – Proud & self important ? – Daily Leo – here

VIRGO August 24 – September 23 – Annoyingly perfectionist ? – Daily Virgo – here

LIBRA September 24 – October 23 – Diplomacy personified, pleaser ? Daily Libra – here

SCORPIO October 24 – November 22 – Secretive dramatist ? – Daily Scorpio – here

SAGITTARIUS November 23 – December 22 – Fun loving adventurer ? – Daily Sagittarius – here

CAPRICORN December 23 – January 20 – Self critical gossip ? – Daily Capricorn – here

AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 – Daydreaming detached fantasist ? – Daily Aquarius – here

PISCES February 20 – March 20 – Suggestible, wishy washy non realist ? – Daily Pisces – here

Astrological Love matches – here ( my impresssions, may not be the usual ‘accepted’ meaning.

Chinese Horoscope Astrology Love matches

Tarot reading free online

Looking for Love Tarot spreads Top 10 spreads for relationships

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Looking for Love with Tarot
–                                                                  The best tarot cards & spreads for love and relationships

Looking for Love ? Tarot cards and spreads for relationships …

Whenever any one approaches the Tarot with a Love question, inevitably they are hoping for the Lovers card. In fact any of the 78 tarot cards can relate to Love in your readings, the twos representing union, especially the Two of Cups, in the suit of emotion and The Two of Wands representing synchronicity. Many other cards are good omens in a reading regarding love & relationships, The Ten of Pentacles, or harvest home card, is a powerful card indicating a long standing union. The Hierophant can indicate formal organised relationships so is a good indicator in a spread relating to weddings or engagements. My personal favourite in any Love spread is the Ace of Cups, representing the very root of the suit of emotions, the purity of spirit indicated by this Tarot card.

Which Tarot Spread for Love answers ?

The answer here is any Tarot spread can be viewed from a Love & relationships point of view. Here in no particular order are a list of my Top Ten favourite Tarot spreads, Free versions of all these spreads, including my animated Talking Tarot are available by clicking on the name of the spread or visiting my Free Tarot readings Page.

Top ten Tarot spreads :

Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading – Click Here
Undoubtedly the most popular Tarot Reading Spread in use today and perfect for relationship & love readings. It is intended to shed light on all aspects of Your life.
Free animated Celtic Cross Tarot reading, copy the password & remember the login : http://www.paulomara.com/tarotx/ login : 1@1.com password :aVVjbN3L

To learn more about the Celtic Cross spread you can visit my previous post :

blog : https://www.paulomara.com/blog//2011/06/20/celtic-cross-tarot-psychic-reading/

Free Tree of Life Tarot Reading
The Tree of Life UK Tarot reading uses the central diagram of Kabbalah to explain & investigate your life path. This Mystical process is thought to stimulate Your mind to reveal alternative opportunities for you to explore.
Free Star Tarot Reading
The Star Tarot reading is often used to explore very specific questions. The light of The Star powers subliminal messages in your Tarot cards that could attract abundance and possibility.
Free Planetary Tarot Reading
The Planetary alignments in this Free Tarot Reading will yield insight into a number of different aspects of your life. Often combined with Horoscopes, this spread can open your mind to the posibilities in your Universe Click here to try the planetary reading.
Free Astrological Tarot Reading
Each Tarot card is read in relation to each astrological house. Combining the forces of Tarot and Horoscopes this Free Tarot spread could help provide your answers.
Free Mandala Tarot Reading
This Tarot reading is designed to interact with the patterns of your life. Each image connects with you symbolically at the deepest level to reveal directions you could follow. The mandala is a sacred art form & it’s patterns can be interpreted to reveal a myriad opportunities.
Free Cross and Triangle Tarot Reading
This powerful spiritual spread is used to explore specific questions concerning the directions in your life. Inner potential & love, partnerships and relationships can be revealed with this Tarot reading.
Free Birthday Tarot Reading
Imagine the perfect you 12 months from now, can you see how you would look ?. Unleash the positive energy of your imagination to achieve the goals you wish to realize before your next birthday with this inspirational Tarot reading.
Free Relationship Tarot Reading
Explore the dynamics of your relationships by using the popular Free Relationship Tarot Spread. Visualise someone who you are involved with, or would like to be, before Your cards will be revealed.

The Regal Arch The Regal arch Tarot spread is a simple nine card layout, which unsurprisingly, takes the shape of an arch, little used this spread can be useful in love & relationships

These are links to my favourite spreads, there are many other readings available on my sites including my popular free spoken relationship Tarot

Also try my animated Tree of life free tarot reading

I hope these Tarot spreads inspire you … Paul

Follow Your Dream, connect to your inner child

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Dreams follow your dream
What happened to your childhood dream ? 3 steps to manifesting your dreams

What happened to the dreams you had as a child ?

My childhood fantasy was to become Solitaire the Clairvoyant from the James Bond Movie, Live & Let Die. Unfortunately that position has already been filled by the fabulous Jane Seymour. I have, however, achieved many of my dreams including designing my own Tarot deck & traveling (and living), around the globe, experiencing many different cultures.

How can you reach for your dream ?

From song lyrics to motivational speakers, it seems everyone these days is telling you to follow your dream, because as the song goes, “You got to have a dream/ If you don’t have a dream/ How you gonna have a dream come true?” But if you’re not sure what your dream is, how can you bring it to light? Here are three simple tips to making it happen:
Give yourself permission to dream again …
When you were a child, you had dreams. Big, fantastic, impossible dreams. Somewhere along the way, you probably got sick of hearing about just how impossible and improbable those dreams were, and in the process of growing up, you got more realistic about the future. You let your dreams die, once you realized how unlikely they were to ever become reality. When people laughed at your for sharing your dreams, you probably felt foolish, and decided to keep them to yourself.
But just because you tucked your dreams away for safe keeping, doesn’t mean they’re not still there. Your dreams may have changed, or you may still want the same things you did when you were a kid, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you give yourself permission to hold onto your dreams, whether you share them or not.
To bring your dream back to life and into the light, as yourself what you would do with your life if money and time were no object; what you would do if failure were not possible? As you start to imagine your dream life, your adult brain will try to impose limitations, put objections, practical issues, in the way. Remind yourself this is only a dream, and practicalities are not important. It’s OK to start with small dreams, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to unleash your imagination, and those dreams will grow again.
There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ dream …
Your dream doesn’t have to suit everyone, it doesn’t have to measure up to other people’s dreams, and no one can take it away from you, so relax and don’t judge your dreams. As another saying goes, “the heart wants what the heart wants.”
It’s not healthy to dream about world domination or something that directly hurts another person, the Universe will automatically negate this. You’ll probably find if you investigate the motivation for any apparently unhealthy dreams like this, it’s not about someone else feeling bad, but about you feeling good. With a bit more time, and a bit more practice unleashing your imagination, you can probably see a way to get what you really want without hurting others. By the way the number 1 dream I deal with on a daily basis is “I want to win the lottery. Believe it or not I have known lottery big winners, I can honestly say that winning the lottery can be a double edged sword.
Give your dreams time …
If your dreams don’t spring to life fully formed in glorious Technicolor the first time you try to conjure them up, don’t panic. Give it time, and cultivate patience. It took years to squash your dreaming habit, it may take a few weeks or months to resuscitate it. While some people know what they want out of life early on, for others it may take years to have an experience that sparks their inner fire. It may be you just haven’t been exposed to your dream experience yet. So just remain open to new things, and trust that someday soon your imagination will catch fire and you will find your dream.

Many people find that by sending their dreams & wishes to the Universe via my online wishing well or my Cosmic ordering service, their dreams become lodged in their subconscious & slowly bubble away in the back of their mind. I truly believe that your subconscious will strive to manifest everything you desire, so get dreaming again now !

I truly hope you manifest everything you wish for xxx Paul xxx

The wish card in Tarot, The Nine of Cups, What is Your wish ?

Accurate Psychic Readings

Release your dreams with a professional Tarot reading


Love Tarot – Free Tarot – Ten details about The Lovers Tarot card

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Love Tarot, free Tarot readings for love & relationships
The Lovers, does The lovers card mean a new romance is on the cards ?

My free relationship Tarot reading here is one of my most popular pages. Try my free video talking Relationship tarot reading, this one gets all the great feedback.

When I am performing a reading for people one of the most anticipated cards is The Lovers card, here are ten quick points about this famous Tarot archetype.

For more detailed meanings of The Lovers tarot card visit my Lovers page.

1. The Lovers card doesn’t automatically refer to Love & relationships, as with all of the Major Arcana it’s meaning is layered & complex & is more about achieving balance in your life before you can attract your ideal partner.

2. The mischievous Magpie is attributed to the Lovers tarot archetype. One of the most intelligent of animals the Magpie is renowned for it’s highly evolved & complicated way of forming relationships. The Magpie is also seen on the 7 of Swords.

3. The Angel in my card is a dear departed friend who was hilarious but often quite close to the bone. He was great at introducing potential partners & a talented Astrologer, this is why my Lovers card features the signs of the zodiac.

4. The Angel featured in the lovers is The Angel Raphael, The Archangel of healing. Therefore if this card appears in a reading relating to a relationship that is struggling, repair is possible with focused effort.

5. The tree behind the woman, who is Eve incidentally, represents the 5 senses, sensation. If we yield to sensation the serpent glimpsed on the card can whisper his poisonous message.

6. The Gods or deities associated with The Lovers are Janis & Castor, themselves attributed to the next point in my list, the astrological sign Gemini.

7. The astrological zodiac symbol attributed to the Lovers is Gemini, Gemini is the twin sign that is intertwined with this Tarot archetype.

8. Zain is the hebrew letter associated with The Lovers, meaning sword & connected with the letter 7 it is the personification of beauty, though of course the sword has the power to cut through bonds if we are not careful..

9. The Lovers tarot card is represented by the intoxicating beauty of the orchid, symbolising romantic temptation.

10. The Lovers card is used in a stacked deck by James Bond in the movie ‘Live & let Die’ to trick Solitaire into sleeping with him & thus losing her power of second sight.

The Lovers Children of the Voice Divine, Oracles of the Mighty Gods…

Love Tarot professional readings for relationships.

Reviews of Tarot readers for relationship readings.

Tarot The Top 10 Tarot questions

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Top ten Tarot card questions
The Top 10 Tarot questions, which Tarot Deck, Which Tarot spread, Which Tarot for Love ?

Which Tarot deck ? Which Tarot card for love ? Which is the best Tarot spread ? I am asked endless questions all the time. Here are some of my favourite Tarot questions.

The top ten Tarot questions I am asked by those interested in learning Tarot. Firstly I must say that even though I have been absorbed by the Tarot for over 30 years now, I know there are so many more secrets to be revealed. The journey through the Tarot never ends, though it is possible to learn the basics relatively quickly if you apply your imagination.
1. Don’t play the part of ‘The Magician’ or ‘Psychic’
The Tarot is a system for personal development & divination. Don’t feel pressured to play the part of ‘the all seeing psychic’ !, The most successful Tarot readers I know are authentic to themselves & allow the Tarot cards to work through them in their readings. The Tarot has no inherent magical energy of it’s own, it is a deck of painted cards. It is you as a reader that learns to respond to the myriad symbols & interpret the cards in the spread. If you are an empath & a good listener you can develop counselling like skills with The Tarot. The only concern you should have is empowering the questioner, anyone coming to you for a reading should leave feeling more positive about their choices than before they consulted your Tarot cards.
2. Don’t read Tarot books !
A friend of mine has recently become fascinated by Tarot ( as many of my friends often are eventually ! ). She asked me what book to read & about the leaflet that came with her deck. My first piece of advice is always initially go with your intuition as to what each card means before you get bogged down in reading endless books on Tarot. As for the little leaflet that accompanies each Tarot deck, these tend to be cryptic & confusing at the very least. If they have been translated badly from another language, then they are likely to be less than useless !. See what card speaks to you & then as your relationship with the cards deepens you can start to absorb the ‘ accepted meanings’ & start to investigate the various symbolic imagery hidden in each card. I now have an extensive Tarot library, when I was a boy the one book that made sense to me as I started my journey was by Juliet Sharman-Burke you can find some of her excellent work on Amazon here. This is only a personal recommendation, obviously there are many more authors & many different styles of Tarot book for you to consider.
3. Learn one trigger phrase for each Tarot card
When you are giving a Tarot reading, having one ‘stock’ trigger phrase ensures that every reading you give, every card you turn, you have a springboard from each card that will launch your intuition. When I designed my own deck, as I created each card embedding the symbols in my subconscious, I added a ‘trigger’ word to the design. Obviously not every one has the time or inclination to create their own Tarot deck from scratch, however learning a keyword for each Tarot card is, I believe one of the most important lessons on your Tarot journey.
4. Always carry a Tarot notebook
Much to the dismay of my partner, I always carry a small moleskin notebook with me to jot down impressions or thoughts that crop up about my Tarot discoveries. I am freshly back from Sri Lanka & this post took form in the back of a bumpy tuk tuk on my way to dinner one night. Obviously it was hard to decipher my random scribbles later, but was a great way to note down anything Tarot related. I have many notebooks full of Tarot dreams, additions that I need to add to my always developing deck & impressions that I can layer into my interpretations for future readings. The Tarot is an organic, developing part of my life. Every day a new layer of meaning is revealed & I know that my journey along the Royal road of Tarot will never end. I have notes going back many years, when I was 13 or 14 & just starting out on my Tarot experience I new that I wanted to create a Tarot resource that could be seen by anybody, anywhere. Who knew all those years ago that the internet would have made this a reality ?. And as the internet connects people at faster speeds & new technologies emerge I am always considering new options for my websites.
5. Choose a daily Tarot card
I have got in to the habit of choosing a daily Tarot card. Sometimes I simply choose the first card that emerges as I start my readings for the day. I have made it a routine & try to post my chosen card to my social media, such as Twitter with links back to the chosen card. For example today’s card is The High Priestess so I tweeted her her with a link back to my meanings for The High Priestess card to keep that page alive. A while ago I got into the habit of a daily meditation on a chosen Tarot card, I would sometimes place the card under my pillow & try & entice the image in to my dreams, in the hope that some lucid dreaming would enable me to meet with whatever archetype was represented. Many times I have been fortunate to have had nocturnal conversations with the characters of Tarot, including some of the friends who feature in my cards who are no longer with us.
6. Honour the Tarot
The Tarot is a mysterious oracle with many different threads of belief as to how & where these magical images originated. If you choose to work with Tarot you should do with respect, if you hold this fantastic book with no pages in high regard you will undoubtedly be rewarded with many years of fascinating insights. Astrology, numerology, magical symbolism, there are so many esoteric layers embedded in the incredible system of Tarot. You will never unravel the complete mystery of Tarot, however as a belief system, an ordered path of self realisation or whatever other use you choose to follow, The Tarot will provide you with untold riches & insights that will enable you to help not only yourself but any others who are interested in allowing you to read for them.
7. Try & internalise the Tarot
As you become more & more familiar with the cards of the Tarot you will find that they start to become lodged in your subconscious. This is an exciting prospect & you will start to find correlation between the Tarot universe & how you experience the ‘real world’. I have gone one step further, the Tarot is literally under my skin. I have had some Tarot tattoos & hope at some point to have more when my pain threshold allows !. When you start to absorb the meanings & symbols hidden in the Tarot you literally can meditate on the cards wherever you may be. I find this incredibly useful & especially enjoy playing the ‘match the archetype’ ‘or major Arcana secret to people I meet on my journey through life. If you can absorb the symbols, you will have a Tarot deck with you wherever you may go.
8. Develop your own Tarot rituals
From purple silk cloths to left handed cuts, you will hear endless rituals. ” It is bad luck to buy your own Tarot deck” being one of the most popular ( something I simply refuse to believe ! ). My ritual for working with Tarot changes on an almost daily basis. I am fascinated by auto hypnosis, and though I don’t go in to a ‘trance’ when studying my Tarot cards, I definitely change my vibration to connect with the frequency of my cards. If you believe that keeping your cards in a certain box wrapped in a purple scarf keeps the cards pure, then fine !. I have many decks, including some that are many years old. I like to keep them in whatever remains of their original packaging still exists. I used to keep them in a special box wrapped in a certain cloth, however, as I began travelling more, I found being asked to open them at airport security became somewhat tiresome !.
9. Never stop learning
You should aim to keep your relationship with Tarot fresh & ever developing. If you simply learn some stock meanings, then your readings will be limited & eventually become repetitive & uninspiring. If I am giving a reading & something fires in my imagination, I always try & run it past the questioner. More often than not there will be some significance that they can relate to. Many of my favourite readings over the years have all involved me trusting my intuition & literally being in ‘the flow’, accepting impressions as they arise & allowing my reading style to endlessly evolve & develop. Interact with others, if you bump in to another reader in the ‘real world’ or online bounce some ideas around. Who knows, you may even find someone who inspires you & leads you down another path of discovery.
10. Don’t take yourself too seriously !
Though I spend a lot of my time considering the Tarot & genuinely believe it is my life’s focus. I learnt many years ago not to take myself too seriously. Quite often when someone asks what I am interested in I will assess the situation & maybe be a little economical with the truth. Some people just will not accept that Tarot is anything more than a parlour game. Some people genuinely believe that Tarot is the work of the Devil & just by using it I am set to burn in the eternal flames of hell, ( FYI both beliefs I have actually encountered ! ). It is my thought that as long as it harms no-one else you are free to believe & follow any system that you so wish. From organised religion to Tarot & on to Scientology or being a Jedi & beyond. Whatever makes you happy & fills you with inspiration, is your absolute right.
In closing I will repeat a point I made in item 1 on this list, the only concern you should have is empowering the questioner, anyone coming to you for a reading should leave feeling more positive about their choices than before they consulted your Tarot cards. Anything you say may be perceived by the questioner as certain to transpire. You should make it clear that they have free will & their destiny is ultimately their own creation, based on their beliefs that will subconsciously create their world. As a Tarot reader you are responsible for using your intuition & experience to offer possibilities that could help the questioner reach a new level of existence, make them happier & show them opportunities that may be just outside their experience.
If you decide to take the magical journey that is learning & working with the Tarot, then I wish you only success. Many years of enjoyment await you, good luck ! xxx

The meanings of Tarot cards

Free tarot readings

Consult a professional Tarot reader

Tarot for love and romance, relationship answers with Tarot

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Tarot readings, best cards for Love and relationships. Tarot romance
–                                     –              Tarot reading spread for Love, relationships & romance

Is this the ultimate Tarot Love reading ?.

Very rarely when performing a reading for someone, a ‘perfect storm’ of cards come together to provide pretty strong direction. Yesterday I laid out a Celtic cross spread for someone who’s question was ‘is he the one?’. The significator card she selected was the Emperor, a pretty solid personality to base the reading on & then pulled an incredible selection of cards including The Lovers, The Empress, The Hierophant & a whole bunch of positive Cups cards ( linked to emotion ) that left me in no doubt that, yes, he most definitely is the one !.

Very rarely do you see such a concentration of Major Arcana cards, ‘people’ cards from the various suits & an abundance of cups.

I’ve talked about the structure of The Celtic Cross in a previous post, so I’m just going to give a very brief overview of the cards in this spread. You can find more detailed meanings by clicking on the name of each card.

The Significator, The Emperor, in this case a person of Authority, stable, with a good intellect & possible Aries connection.

The central card, the focus of the question, The Lovers, no doubts here as to what the central issue of this ladies spread is … Tread carefully, as the outcome will have far reaching, long lasting consequences when the Lovers card is your central chosen Tarot card.

The crossing card, potential challenges, The Ace of Cups, The energy flowing through this card is purely elemental, emotions & feelings will run high. Relationships, partnerships even marriage are indicated by the Ace of Cups.

The recent past, The Three of Cups, a card of celebration, was the initial meeting at a party of some kind ?. Often when interpreting the cards for clients the Three of Cups on an emotional level indicates that the first exciting flush of a relationship has blossomed in to the potential for a committed bond.

The near future, The Queen of Cups, The Queen of Cups is queen of the suit of emotion, this is indicated by her Cup, the only closed vessel in the suit. This symbolises that the Queen is conscious of her emotions but prefers to keep them hidden. Is this the case with this lady ?, should she make her feelings more obvious ?.

Yourself, the card that represents the questioner in this moment, The Empress, She symbolises that abundance can be yours and the support you need to attain it is always available and can be relied upon unconditionally and quite amazingly the partner card to our significator, The Emperor.

Your environment & those around you, The Ten of Cups, a beautiful card that embodies attainment & success. In relationships this can symbolise that a significant other has been discovered & the questioner can now begin to enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that the partnership is permanent.

Hopes & Fears, another Queen, The Queen of Swords. This card can often symbolise that the questioner may have had previously unhappy romantic encounters that may have led them to believe that they were set to spend time alone. The suit of Swords is not an easy suit, the overwhelming feeling of this card is of unhappiness, of instability. This Queen is pragmatic though and does not dwell on past disappointments. Often if this card appears the Queen is questioning what the seeker intends to do with their life.
Possible outcome of the reading, The Hierophant, The Hierophant is your inner teacher & has the duty of revealing your ultimate spiritual path. Every one is on a spiritual quest & will eventually find the vibration that enables them to spread the most Light. In reading regarding romance, this card stands for ceremony, is a wedding a possibility ?.
I love it when I get a reading that has so many powerful indicators, this is certainly not a difficult spread to interpret & I hope that this romance continues to blossom.
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Cosmic Ordering, the truth …

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Psychic law of attraction
Using the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction- Cosmic Ordering

I am seeing a huge increase in visits to my Online Wishing Well & also my Instant Online cosmic Ordering Service. Both of these methods utilise the same energy, making the user visualise the energy that they are sending out to the Universe. There is no doubt that energy is all around us & forms every atom of our world, influencing every moment of our existence. It is by focusing our own energy & vision that we can send out our own frequency, our own tractor beam, to allow the universe to deliver our desires.

My Online Wishing Well is a super fast way to send your intention in to the ether …

I love it when someone contacts me & says that by using my wishing well or my cosmic ordering it has served to plant a seed that has stayed in their thought process. When we can focus our desires & keep them bubbling in our subconscious we are sending a constant stream of positive energy that begins to resonate and attract positive experience to our frequency for success. Some people have tried using the Law of Attraction & have seen no results at all, there are very good reasons as to why you might not have the success you desire.

Are your expectations realistic ?. I have some lovely people who regularly contact me & wish they had, for example, the ability to transform themselves into a Unicorn by blinking their eyes. Now I have great faith in positive thinking & how it can attract anything you desire, but even I have doubts about instantaneous Unicorn transmogrification !.

Have you set a realistic time-frame ?. Many people in todays frantic society expect instant gratification for everything. What you should aim to do is drip feed positive energy surrounding your desires, you must embed a belief in your subconscious that the universe is actively working to provide everything you wish to manifest. Don’t give up or become disheartened, make sure that you are vibrating on a positive frequency & trust the universe to come online & start helping you reach your goal.

Commit your belief. Don’t endlessly send out mental messages, seriously think about what you wish to manifest & commit to dragging that into your reality. Endlessly confusing messages will simply be akin to an endlessly tuning radio, you need to find your station & keep broadcasting your message !.

Don’t be too obvious
Be creative in your thinking. One of the number one requests I get is “how can I win the lottery?“, think about it if you did win the lottery, would this solve all of your problems ?. In fact many peoples lives are damaged by winning the lottery, they lose the money very quickly or are hounded by friends & relatives who expect to join the gravy train!. A far more creative message to send to the universe would be ” Please conspire to help me live a comfortable life whilst still continuing to do the things that I enjoy”. Lucky is the person who is able to make their living from whatever it is that excites them & gets them up in the morning. The Law of attraction can deliver material comforts, be sure though that the message you are sending out is a positive one & you can only attract things that bring joy & fulfilment. As the energy builds around your manifestations aim to seek out experience that can only multiply the positive aspects of your life.

Don’t get bogged down by tangible results

Initially you shouldn’t expect to be able to materialise a Ferrari just by thinking about one !. Instead build a complex mental vibration & begin to create in your mind elements that will mesh together & eventually begin to present the building blocks of your dreams. Imagine how you would look, imagine how you would start your day, yes imagine stepping in to your dream car & zooming down the freeway with the wind in your hair, but be sure to cosmically order the framework to support that type of lifestyle.

Never quit believing

If you get frustrated and refuse to notice the small changes that can eventually snowball to create a new reality, you may undo all of the good work that you have done. Be careful not to become disillusioned & allow yourself to believe that you will never achieve your desires as your mental energy will then simply become a network of negative vibrations. This will render your ability to capitalise on opportunities useless & set you up for another loop of disappointment.

The truth about the law of attraction

The truth is that by focusing your mind on the positives, on what you want to achieve, your subconscious will actively strive to provide those experiences. You will programme yourself to move away from individuals who have a negative effect on your energy. You will start to form an unshakeable belief that opportunity becomes obvious to you. Any previous negativity will simply be replaced with a belief & trust that you realy can begin to slowly but surely manifest the life that you have always desired.

Beware of the Dark-side !

In a previous post I talked about the dark & light energy that exists in us all. As you become more positive & focus your thoughts on success, always be aware of any previously limiting behaviour that will definitely pop up to try & scupper your journey. Any ingrained negative behaviours will fight to survive & you should mentally greet them & in your mind say ” I no longer need any limiting beliefs, you may go & bother some other poor soul !”. This may seem strange but you will soon recognise patterns of behaviour that you previously accepted as normal fading away completely. No matter how scary or how difficult you think it will be to break away from the past, your previous habits, for that is all they were, were just learned behaviours. It takes approximately 20 times for a new action to become a habit, out with the old & in with the new !.

Start your engines

I seriously hope you will continue to send out positive energy & expect the universe to deliver everything you desire. I truly hope you can manifest the happy & fulfilling life you know you deserve.

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The 7 Chakras – Balance your energy

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Tarot Chakras & colour therapy
Raise your vibration with Chakra Energy

Balancing Chakra energy

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, and the seven chakras, or energy centers, in the human body, lie in a line down the center of the body, from the base of the spine to the dome of the skull, although some practitioners include additional chakras beyond the physical boundaries of the body, locating them in the person’s aura. Each chakra is supposed to relate to the energy flow and health of different organs, parts of the body, and emotional states, with colors, elements and even physical diseases connected to them, in much the same way planets are said to ‘rule’ certain areas of our lives in astrology. However, there is no consensus about the specifics of which chakras relate exactly to which body parts or ailments.

The concept of chakras plays a key role in both ayurvedic medicine and yoga, both of which are ancient healing systems that remain popular to this day. Many modern therapeutic practices, from polarity therapy and therapeutic touch therapy to acupressure, core energetics and semblance therapy, have adapted the general principles of energy flowing through chakras and chakra balancing into spa therapies and treatments for which clients might pay hundreds of dollars at an expensive health retreat.

Balancing the chakras simply means clearing and psychic blockages from the energy centers and getting them moving again, thus allowing the free flow of chi(also called prana or qi) or life energy, in its natural path. Balancing the chakras is somewhat like tuning a car, enabling the physical engine of the human body to operate at maximum efficiency, just as an oil change enables the car engine to run more smoothly.

Methods to Balance Chakra energy
Chakra balancing can be achieved in several ways. One old traditional way involves the use of English hawthorn, others involve the use of a pendulum, yogic poses or massage.
Yogic and ayurvedic traditions were handed down orally for thousands of years before Patanjali recorded them in his Yoga Sutras several centuries before Christ. The scriptures were known as vedas (a Sanskrit word for knowledge or wisdom) and Ayurveda means “life knowledge.” Ayurveda remained the predominant form of healthcare in India for over a millennia, until it was largely discredited and suppressed by the British colonial government, but it has regained its popularity over the last few decades. This resurgence in popularity has spread to the West, thanks to such proponents as Deepak Chopra.

Because practitioner believe blockages in the chakras lead to imbalances of the life force in the human body, which if left untreated lead to emotional or physical ailments, they believe that balancing the chakras will both prevent these illnesses and relive the symptoms of existing ones. While some practitioners might use massage or touch to identify imbalances and manipulate the chakras, others claim to be able to ‘read’ the patient’s chakras in the aura and detect imbalances that way, and may treat these imbalances without laying hands on the patient.

Thus, just as yoga spans the bridge between physical exercise and spiritual wellbeing, so ayurvedic medicine has both practical and concrete aspects and ones that are more esoteric. Chakras are imagined centers of energy within the body, rather than physical organs, but you have only to think of the lump in your throat when you want to convey an emotional message, or the knot in your stomach when you are anxious, to know they also have a basis in observable physical reactions. That the methods of balancing chakras often seem absurd, and the chants and sounds used in yogic meditation practices have no scientific basis, having been established long before the scientific method itself, does not make them less viable or less valuable.

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Escape your dark side, move into the light

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look on the bright side escape the darness with Tarot
–                                        – We all have a dark side but can choose to live in the light

I have had an incredibly busy week in crazy Colombo. It is hard not to feel alive when you are hurtling through the colourful bustling streets in a bumpy tuk-tuk. The people of Sri Lanka are generally happy & inspiring, all the stimulation of my senses & interactions have left little time for me to wallow in self reflection. When I have had time to ponder where life is leading me my mind has been incredibly clear, everything seems possible in the sunshine & heading back to the UK for the inevitable wind down in to winter & the darkness & cold, is filling me with a little trepidation.

After darkness must come light

However it is inevitable that out of darkness must come light. I have been researching different aspects of The Major Arcana. The Darker archetypes of the Tarot, The Tower, The Devil, Death etc are pivotal aspects of the progression & are totally representative of darkness before light. One of my favourite sayings is that it is always darkest just before the dawn. As individuals we all have a darker side to our personality, when the Devil pops up in a reading I always enquire about any habits or personality traits that are troublesome to the questioner. Often they will deny any behaviours or attitudes that they think represents their ‘dark side’. If we try & suppress or deny those aspects of our personality that have a negative effect on revealing our authentic self we are only giving power to those aspects. Everything & everyone consists of dark & light, on our journey to become the best version of ourselves, by exposing the darkest parts of our persona to light, admitting our shortcomings, we are diminishing the power of ‘the devil inside’.

The Tarot for personal transformation

The Tarot is of course considered first & foremost as a donation system, used primarily to offer alternative paths for a questioner to follow during periods of indecision. My focus with the Tarot is as a personal development system, using the Tarot as a mirror for the subconscious revealing different aspects of the personality & challenging behaviour that may be limiting a person, preventing them from moving forward with their lives.

Duality in our personality

After night comes day, after winter comes spring. Good & evil, love & hate every positive has an opposite negative, inevitably we must choose which elements of our personality we allow to drive us. We all have aspects of our personality, male & female, Yin & Yang, by embracing & exploring our whole persona honestly we can break free from any bonds that hold us back & strive forward in to a more fulfilling future.

Use the Tarot to reveal the ‘real you’.

When you begin to embrace your real personality, the ‘real you’ hidden behind the layers you have built up to protect yourself, you can only feel empowered. When I am working with clients through the Tarot, building a rapport, I am regularly surprised by how often people are ‘playing a part’, either what they think is expected of them, or some imaginary version of themselves. The truth is we all do this to some extent, presenting a ‘version’ of ourselves depending on circumstance. I can honestly say that the more we can be true to ourselves, the more of our authentic self we can project, the more the Universe conspires to present us with positive experiences that nourish us & give us the confidence to strive towards our goals. Should I pull the World card, as I did for someone today, as a significator, I can be pretty sure that they are in a phase of their life where completion of a phase leaves them feeling satisfied with their journey & experience. This can be such an empowering place to be, feeling literally on top of The World & ready to take on the next phase of your adventure inspired & energised.

Positive Tarot cards

Just as the darker cards of The Tarot allow us to investigate more challenging aspects of ourselves, there are many cards that encourage us to embrace the positive aspects of ourselves. The Magician, The Star, The Sun to name but a few. If opportunity presents itself, surely it is our duty to grab it with both hands. So many people allow their inner darkness to torment them with ‘what might have been’, ‘if only I had’. The more you allow these doubts to creep in the more energy you are providing the darker side of your personality to drag you down. when a negative thought pops up, consciously try to mentally intercept it & think ‘thank you for coming, I appreciate what you are saying & then actively replace it with a positive. For example instead of ‘Oh no I have to go through this again, I was rubbish last time, I’m certain to fail…’ reprogram me yourself with “Well with the experience I have acquired from previous scenarios I am much more prepared & am guaranteed to pull this off this time”. Try & stay in the moment, don’t regret what has passed, you can’t change that. By staying in the moment & doing the best you can do in any given situation you are laying the groundwork for building a brighter future. Imagine yourself as the person you desire to be & mentally visualise yourself absorbing that person in to who you currently are, allow the new energy in to yourself, enjoy the new feelings that will replace attitudes that are no longer relevant, accept that life is good & grab every opportunity.

The more of your authentic personality that is revealed, the more you can feel yourself released from any behaviours or attitudes that have previously sabotaged your progress, the more you can really set yourself free to enjoy life. We have all met those people who light up a room, who you see in the street dancing to their own internal tune. This really can be you, move out of the dark & in to the light, you can live the existence you desire, the only person who can hold you back is there every morning in the mirror. Are you ready for fast forward ? It really is up to you .

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The Moon Tarot, dreams intuition & the subconscious

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The Moon Tarot Dreams intuition & subconscious
–       What is the hidden meaning of    The Moon Tarot card ?

The thing I love most about the Tarot is that every time you think you know all you need to know about a card, another layer of meaning is revealed. I am currently dodging lightning and monsoons in beautiful Sri Lanka. Yesterday was a Buddhist religious holiday, in fact as every full moon is a holiday this means that Sri Lanka enjoys at least one holiday a month, how fabulous is that ! . As I sit writing this by the pool keeping an eye on the crafty giant crows that have their sights set on my lunch, the Moon returns to my thoughts. Another layer of meaning for the Moon Tarot card begins to be revealed.

 The Moon & the subconscious mind

I slept fitfully last night as I always do at full moon and decided to place my Moon tarot card under my pillow to dream of its significance. The Moon card is connected to the subconscious and the corresponding Hebrew letter Qoph. This letter does in fact relate to the back of the head, therefore dreams and nocturnal intuition are linked to this letter and I truly believe this is why I have such crazy dreams under the spell of the full moon. Of course the Moon first appears in the Major Arcana sequence in the card of the High Priestess, herself the embodiment of intuition or information found just beyond the range of our normal senses. The moon has such a powerful pull over the tides and affects anything connected with water, the human body is comprised of a very high percentage of water, is it any surprise then that we are influenced by the Moon ?. The astrological sign of Pisces connects to Qoph which means that as lunar Water signs Pisces have an incredibly sensitive nature. Nocturnal fears often plague true Pisceans due to their connection to the Moon.

The Moon Tarot card appearance.

In traditional Tarot decks, The Moon has 32 beams which are highly significant and are thought to correspond to the 32 paths of wisdom hidden in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. You can try my Tree of Life Tarot Reading. The Yod symbols that fall from The Moon represent the metaphysical idea that everything is formed from the same source. Therefore everything is ultimately connected. The wolf and the dogs depicted on my Moon card are at first glance different one wild, one domesticated, though essentially they are derived from the same source and are both canine. The distant gateway formed by the Twin Towers indicates that we can ultimately move through dreams and intuition into our authentic reality. However this can only occur once we have learnt to control our intuition and face the nightmarish nocturnal challenges of The Moon. The image of the Wolf reflects as The Moon in the calm waters, again reinforcing the idea that everything emerges from the same pool of energy. The ultimate message of The Moon is that by connecting to your subconscious, by trusting your intuition and learning to guide your thoughts through cognitive dreaming, you can control your mind and create the reality you know you deserve. Will you continue to allow your subconscious to control you, or will you consciously strive to take control of your mind. This is the ultimate dilemma contained in the Moon Tarot card.


As always I wish you only success on your journey and truly hope you manifest everything you desire.


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Tarot-The Fool’s Journey – part 1

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The Fool's Journey, Tarot meanings
–                                                   – The Fool to Justice, Tarot the Fool’s Journey part 1

The Fools journey represents every souls transition as they move forward through life. Each major key or Greater Secret of the Major Arcana represents a seminal lesson that must be learnt. In order to reveal the authentic self each of these 22 keys must be absorbed. This quick overview of the journey is based on meanings of Tarot from my deck and the keywords relating to each of the Major cards.

You can learn more about each Tarot card by clicking the name of each card

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0 The Fool is a perfect representation of absolute beginnings. The spirit of Ethyr represents the very beginning of every soul’s journey through life, untainted innocent and spontaneous. Blank & like a sponge ready to absorb all of the experience set to come his way. Totally naive he is also blissfully unaware of the cliff edge. The Fool has no idea of the trials and tribulations he must face as he sets out on his journey through life.


1 The Magician is the first archetype that the Fool encounters & represents the emergence of consciousness. The Magician convinces the Fool to relinquish his bundle & has exhibited the contents on the table. They are represented by the Sword for Thought / Air, The Ornate cup for Emotions / Water, The Pentacle for Senses / Earth & the Wand for Creativity / Fire. All of these items were represented in the Fool’s pack, however it took the skill of the Magician to show their true power & potential.


2. Next The Fool meets the enigmatic High Priestess the embodiment of intuition & mystery. She has information that will help him on his journey and provides it in the form of ancient wisdom contained in the scrolls that she hands him to revise. The High Priestess knows that The Magician has returned the tools from The Fool’s napsack, she also knows that he is at a loss what to do with them.


3. The Fool next meets mother Earth, The Empress, this coresponds to each souls understanding of their mother, of nature & development of the senses. Her golden heart shaped shield represents imperial power and carries the female symbol for Venus. References to her fertility are abundant. Her crown is comprised of many six pointed stars and has astrological significance. The sceptre she carries signifies the world and all of its experiences. The flowing water behind her symbolises the union of male and female.


4. Representing our relationship with father figures, the Fool next meets the authority figure of The Emperor who introduces rules & structure to our existence. The Emperor embodies masculinity, authority & discipline. He represents the opposite of the soft femininity of the The Empress. He holds an Orb to represent his power over the laws of the material world. The Fool knows instinctively that he must respect the authority of the Emperor.


5. On the next step of his journey The Fool comes across The Hierophant seated between two pillars. The temple he or she represents is of organised religion or any structured belief, whereas the High Priestess symbolises the esoteric. The crossed keys show the Hierophant has control over the material & physical world. The right hand points to the heavens & shows that what is to be found in heaven is also reflected on earth if you are receptive to it. As above, so below.


6. The Lovers are the next encounter on the Fool’s Journey, breaking him out of his self focused existence & instilling in him a desire for a meaningful physical & emotional relationship with another. It is now time for us on our personal journey to accept ourselves & actively work on developing our authentic personality in order to enable us to attract our partner. The development of the ability to sustain harmonious relationships is crucial on the Fool’s journey, and the message of The Lovers card is one of the hardest lessons to master.


7. As he passes in to adulthood The Fool gains confidence that his personality is forming & he takes responsibility for his actions. By literally taking the reins of The Chariot The Fool can take control over his destiny. He is on a quest to control all aspects of his personality. The Chariot represents pivotal life choices that on The Fool’s Journey correspond to when we finally realise that we have stepped in to our adult existence.


8. Strength is the next Major Arcana archetype to challenge The Fool on his journey. He subliminally absorbs the various hidden symbols that surround Strength, for example the mountain indicates untapped potential power.The Strength card is telling you be careful to not internalise your emotions. On our journey Strength tells us to strive to overcome our weaknesses and take control of the beast within, develop tolerance, understanding and resolve to face the challenges that arise in everyones path through life.


9. The Hermit is the next figure that The Fool meets along the Royal Road of Tarot. The light from his lantern reveals the bigger questions in relation to The Fool’s existence. when you encounter The Hermit on your journey, listen carefully to your inner wisdom whilst avoiding introspection and the lantern will reveal your path … Spend time with yourself, to realise what is important to you. Avoid temptation & illusion & The Hermit will show you your true purpose.


10. The Wheel of Fortune is the next lesson to present itself on The Fool’s Journey.  The mysterious enigmatic Sphinx appears above The Wheel as it spins through the vortex of time. The four evangelists, appear as an angel, an eagle, a lion and an ox, sitting in the four corners of the card, as in The World Card. The four corners of the Universe. This lesson reveals to us that everything & everyone is connected and part of the same thing. As the Wheel slowly begins to turn for him The Fool understands that this is a pivotal moment in his destiny and he can begin to appreciate his true place in the grand scheme of things.


11. Next the Fool must balance his life on the scales of Justice. By evaluating where his actions have brought him to up to this point, the Fool can make the decision to put right any wrong doing. Now he can decide that he will work hard not to repeat any past mistakes and take another step forward in his personal development. Justice forces us to accept the truth and find balance. When we have honestly reviewed our lives under the spotlight of Justice, an opportunity for further growth will be revealed to us.

I hope this very brief overview of part 1 of The Fool’s Journey has fired your interest. Part 2 will follow shortly.

> Part two of the Fool’s Journey can now be found here <


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Finding an ethical trusted Psychic Clairvoyant or Tarot reader

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Trusted ethical psychics clairvoyants & Tarot readers
–                   – Psychic readings the code of ethics for trusted psychics & clairvoyants

Finding a trusted psychic reader can be a minefield. I am proud to say that most of my clients come to my services through recommendations from someone who has experienced a quality reading that they feel has been genuinely helpful. My services are all regulated and I am pleased to say that we abide by all of the latest guidelines for offering psychic services. Psychics, mystics and others involved in divinatory professions are often self-taught and some have no fixed practice or code of conduct to guide them when dealing with the public. This not only makes it hard for a seer to know how to handle difficult situations, but can also mean choosing a practitioner for a reading can be something of a lottery.

Ebay has recently banned the sale of psychic services which is I think a little heavy handed, there are guidelines in place & I feel that making practitioners follow the same rules as apply to other mediums, such as phone readings, would have been more appropriate and mutually beneficial to clients & readers alike.

So what ethical principals should psychic advisors follow ?
The same ethical principles that guide counsellors and therapists should guide those giving readings, whether they be astrologers, tarot readers, psychics or mediums. All face the issues of dealing with challenging issues, talking about challenging events, guiding seekers with depression or trauma to take professional advice and of course avoiding dependency on the practitioner.
It is the last of these issues, dependency on the practitioner, and how it can be avoided, that we will consider below.

Motives for the professional Psychic
As a practitioner, you must first be clear about your own motives for undertaking divinatory work, and ensure they mesh with your spiritual and ethical standards. While that doesn’t mean you can’t do readings for money, it should mean money is not the motivating force behind your work. Beneath everything else should be a genuine desire to help others. Similarly, a desire to facilitate others understand their own problems, is a healthier motivator than a desire to be seen as knowledgeable or wise. If your goal is to empower your clients by helping them gain insight, you are less likely to encourage them to become reliant on multiple readings to address the same issue.
From a client’s perspective, dependency occurs when they have a fatalistic view of the process. If they believe a reading reveals their fate, which is set in stone and cannot be avoided, they are more likely to react badly to a negative reading, or to ask repeatedly the same question until they receive the answer they want to hear. When dealing with a client like this, it is important to remember how much weight they can give to the reader’s words, and to think through each statement very carefully before speaking.
You should always explain before a reading that tarot cards or other divinatory methods show only the trends, potentials and possibilities in the questioner’s life, and have no power to determine the outcome of any given situation. Try to avoid stating anything as a matter of fact, and give options, such as, “if you…, then you might find…, but if you…, then … is more likely.”

Reinforce the free will of the questioner.
Remind your clients that just because a possibility shows up on the cards, does not mean they lose their free will, or have no responsibility to take action to bring about their desired outcomes. A new career or romance on the cards remains a possibility until the querant takes the action to apply for the job or to meet people.
As a client looking for a reader, you should consider their reading style. Do they speak as if prophesying a given outcome, or do they suggest multiple possible solutions to a problem, and encourage you to explore your reactions to them?
If both seer and client keep an open mind and consider all options, fewer readings will be required, reducing the possibility of dependency.

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Unlock the positive power of your mind

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Using positive affirmations to create a brighter future
Can positive thinking unlock your dream existence

What are your thoughts telling you ?

Have you listened to your internal voice lately ? Really listened ?. Your internal voice can seriously undermine you & make life seem incredibly difficult. I had a meeting today & woke up jet lagged & in my mind underprepared. I also had previously had discussions with people that had skewed my impression of the meeting, the people involved & the likely outcome before it had even happened !. Fortunately I am old & ugly enough to realise that it is just as easy to pre-programme a positive result before an event, as it is to sabotage something before you even start. So I listened to my internal voice & took control. “I’m too tired & jet-lagged to give a good performance” became ” How exciting to be somewhere new, all of this new experience is energising me &, after a hot shower, some breakfast & a coffee I will be raring to go” … Can you see how the second statement is guaranteed to have a powerful effect on events. Did it produce a different result ? Of course it did ! It did wonders for my self esteem & self worth & rather than feeling underprepared I was in fact surprised to find that I had overachieved on several areas.

Distorted reality

One of the problems is that we have allowed our internal voice free reign for so long that it seems to be ‘the voice of reason’. Sometimes, in fact on many occasions, this could not be further from the truth. Occasionally our impressions or thoughts become skewed as they go through our internal process. Many of my favourite top psychic readers & clairvoyants are also skilled in therapy or counselling, can recognise distractive or limiting patterns of thought & actively try & derail the process. Obviously if someone has a genuine issue we will always refer them to the relevant body if they need specialist help or advice, many times though a good reader can pick up on something & provide an alternative path of thought that could possibly send the caller on a journey of discovery.

The power of your internal voice

The chattering internal voice that everybody has is incredibly powerful, negative attitudes or poorly chosen words can have a huge impact on your life. By recognising negative words & beliefs that you have allowed to invade your internal programme, you are on the way to replacing them, healing the negativity & building a better future. All habits can be re-learnt, and negative thinking is a habit that leads us to look at our world through something akin to a fairground mirror. All of our previous experiences, our beliefs ( true or not ) & our prejudices can lead us to accept that our thoughts are true. If we stood back & looked at the ‘evidence’ from a different, unbiased, angle we could allow our negative thoughts to drift away, to be replaced with something far more beneficial.

Tarot Readings for a different point of view

As an alternative to my ‘internal voice’ I like to view the Tarot as a wise old friend. The Tarot is my personal yardstick of truth. Whenever I consult the Tarot, either for myself or another. I like to imagine that the deck is offering up a neutral stack of possibilities. I try to stick to the meanings I have accepted to be true & this system can have really far reaching effects. You should always follow your instincts with the Tarot, if you are tempted to ‘twist’ your readings to suit what you think you questioner wants to hear you are not only making a mockery of the system, but ultimately destined to fail.

Challenging your subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is revealing tens of thousands of thoughts a day. Imagine how much change you could bring to your attitude by recognising those that are not working for you & replacing them with something more constructive. If you think that some of your internal programmes are sabotaging your success then now is the time to let them go. Anything like ” I’m just never going to be able to …..”, needs to become ” Won’t it just be great when I’m finally able to ….!”

Try it, just for a couple of days, take notice of the thoughts flying through your head, make it a game to replace any negativity, I bet you will be amazed by how much more dynamic & positive you feel.

Powerful affirmations

This is basically the power of the affirmation. Lots have been written about these internal mantras, I believe that anything that is repeated over & over again eventually forms part of your belief about yourself. If you spot any negative statements then make it your intention to replace them with positive statements that empower you. The Mandala Tarot spread is a powerful place to start for the best Tarot angle on how affirmations can shift your reality.

I’m not suggesting that you live in an imagined world where every thing is wonderful all the time. However, by taking control of your thought process & weeding out anything that is limiting or harmful, you will eventually start to develop positive beliefs which can only lead to forming new positive habits. Internal positivity can only foster happiness & success.

Here are some simple guidelines for creating positive affirmations. This really is an effective way of encouraging personal growth. These were suggested to me by a therapist who uses cognitive behavioural therapy to enable people to automatically improve their outlook:

1. Make any affirmation positive, For example ‘Wow, I’m happy today’ as opposed to ‘I’m not as blue as I was yesterday’

2. Try and ‘feel’ the positive affirmation, don’t just think it like a mantra, experience the new feelings that are generated.

3. Place the affirmation in a prominent position, I take a photo or email mine to myself, then I use this as the wallpaper to my computer, or the lock screen to my phone. You would be surprised how fast you can absorb subliminal messages this way.

You can get started now. Create some positive affirmations for changing your life.

Whatever it is you are chasing, go for it now. Have some fun with affirmations & start to reprogramme your thought process from today.

I truly hope you manifest everything you deserve :0) x

Create a new reality with the power of your mind

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Create your new reality with the power of your mind
Hypnosis for self realisation

It is of course true that your thoughts, your perception of your environment create your reality. If you can harness your thought process & focus on the positives, whilst addressing those areas that have a negative impact on your life, you really can carve out a new life, even create the life of your dreams. Truly, your thoughts become things.
One of the most effective techniques I have found for changing my perception and using my subconscious to create new opportunities, eradicate limiting beliefs and move towards my goals is self hypnosis.

I am delighted to be back in Colombo where I first discovered hypnosis & meditation many years ago, in fact I still have those MP3’s on this computer & hope again to meet up with th Monks who so inspired me. You can read my previous post on this link : ‘Meditation look inside & find your true power’

Self Hypnosis
Self-hypnosis or auto suggestion is a technique by which you can train yourself to programme your mind by implanting new beliefs whilst in the subconscious state. Self-hypnosis techniques follow various methods to accomplish an endless variety of objectives. Anyone can easily get used to moving into a state of creative visualisation or self-induced cognitive dreaming by embracing self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis can be learnt and practiced by anybody, one of the most effective methods though is to use a recording by a professional hypnotherapist. You can download a free release your potential hypnosis technique in MP3 format here : Free Hypnotherapy MP3. This was prepared for me by an extremely talented hypnotherapist, Robert Matthews. Robert has worked in Harley Street & with many ‘A’ list celebrities. I have had many sessions with Robert & can’t recommend him highly enough. While it is easy to understand the process of self hypnosis & realise that it is a totally safe process, it is important to say that it shouldn’t be practiced while driving or operating machinery. You should be relaxed in a situation where you won’t be disturbed and always maintain focus on the goal you wish to achieve.

Techniques of Hypnosis
There are many techniques for inducing self-hypnosis, my favourite is an audio track that induces progressive relaxation through mental visual imagery. I am extremely creative & find creating visual images extremely easy, so the classics, such as going down steps in my mind, work very well for me. It is when in this relaxed state that changes can be made on a subconscious level.

Visual imagery is the perfect technique that after closing your eyes can take you on an imaginary journey that removes you from your everyday distractions. When you listen to the sounds and suggestions you eventually begin to be able to really immerse yourself in the process and sometimes actually see everything as if it is happening in your current reality.

Tarot & visualisation
Obviously Tarot is my main focus, I never tire of mentally stepping through the door of each Tarot card. Every time I focus my mind & decide to mentally travel into the realm of a Tarot card I am never disappointed. Some un-discovered meaning, some subtle nuance of the card will reveal itself to my subconscious. Hypnosis has taken me on many a happy journey through the meanings of Tarot & I believe that hypnosis has sharpened my relationship with these magical images. Many people from the business world through to the sports arena appreciate that by visualising an improved ability it is truly possible to manifest this in to your reality.

Though it is suggested that sensory deprivation, being in the dark or removed from external distractions such as sound while practicing self-hypnosis is necessary, I am not convinced. One hypnotherapist implanted a post hypnotic suggestion that told me external sounds, if not something I needed to be concerned about, would only serve to send me deeper in to trance & I have found that to be true.

Self-hypnosis has been a major discovery for me & I cannot recommend it enough. True it doesn’t work for everybody, but if you are the creative visualisation type why not give it a go ? Who knows where the power of Your mind could lead you ?

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Tarot & Astrology – reveal your true personality

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Tarot & Astrology the good & the bad
Tarot & Astrology to recognise character traits & reveal the real you

No matter how ‘good’ we strive to be it is important that we recognise all aspects of our personality. Everyone has different sides to their character, even presenting a different version of ourselves in different situations. By becoming conscious of elements of our personality that arise when we are challenged, tired or stressed for example, we can do useful work on striving to create a better version of ourselves.

Negative aspects of the Zodiac signs

Below is a lighthearted ( but hopefully insightful ! ) look at the challenging aspects of each starsign along with the corresponding Tarot Card, see if anything strikes a chord with you !.

Aries (March 21–April 19) ( Tarot card The Emperor )

With Mars, the God of War as your ruling party, it’s not difficult to deduce your base character. Always ready to stand by what you think is always right, you’re not one to back down, but you flair up easily.
Advice: Try yoga for calming yourself and cooling your temper, think before opening your mouth !.

Taurus (April 20–May 20) ( Tarot card The Hierophant )
Trying to change the mind of a Taurus is like trying to close a revolving door. We all know how impossible that is. Just one word can describe a Taurus proper; Stubborn.
Advice: Choosing your battles is actually an excellent idea, take time to accept other peoples point of view, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Gemini (May 21–June 20) ( Tarot card The Lovers )
You are an Air sign, Gemini, and that shows the capability (and apparent eventuality) of trying out your hand at probably everything possible. But that doesn’t actually mean that at the end of the day there would be concrete results to show for it all.
Advice: Read this again. You need focus, and need to stay focused. If you start a project take time to finish it.

Cancer (June 21–July 22) ( Tarot card The Chariot )
Mood swings are par for the course with Cancerians. Cancerians are of course excellent as homebodies and like to dish out the occasional ‘I told you so’. Can be part time lunatics too; the ruling body is the moon after all !.
Advice: Enough with the cavalry vibe. You should have a good time every now and then for your sake.

Leo (July 23–August 22) ( Tarot card Strength )
If asked to name five words to describe himself/ herself, a Leo couldn’t just stop at just five. Modesty’s a foreign word to a Leo, and that’s just putting it modestly.
Advice: You can’t always be the King of the Jungle. Sometimes you need to step down and let someone else have a piece of the show.

Virgo (August 23–September 22) ( Tarot card The Hermit )
Tidy, neat, clean, perfection; the characteristics of a Virgo. Seeing as you always imagine the spotlight is on you, these traits are only natural in your personality.
Advice: Even if you have to make up something now and then, it wouldn’t hurt to actually compliment a friend to shift the focus.

Libra (September 23–October 22) ( Tarot card Justice )
Vanity is just about synonymous with Libra; shopping, sleeping, looking good are just some of the things a Libra is good at. Decisions are not the specialty of Libras; ask them to make one and you’ll wait a long time for a result.
Advice: You really should understand that some mirrors are meant for show, so you can actually pass them without looking at yourself first.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21) ( Tarot card Death )
I believe the safest thing I can say about Scorpios is the fact that they can be scary. Anything more and I may be the centre for a revenge plot.
Advice: Your passion can be very intense, to very unhealthy levels. Honestly.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21) ( Tarot card Temperance )
Open mouth, insert foot … again and again and again … Formal events are not a Sagittarius’ forte, embarrassment is afoot. But anything involving spontaneity and a Sagittarius is way out in front.
Advice: Being impulsive definitely has its exciting moments, but looking before leaping is still a golden rule.

Capricorn (December–22 January 19) ( Tarot card The Devil )
As much as money can seemingly make things easier, it really doesn’t help you live a truly satisfying life. Another hard to accept tidbit is the fact that weekends mean you should be out of the house, not counting money indoors or bearing a grudge.
Advice: Pessimism is never a good look on anyone. Look out for your inner Devil & extinguish the flames.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18) ( Tarot card The Star )
Aquarians a.k.a the mad scientists of astrology, are perceived as slightly esoteric, not quite earthbound people. And that is a feeling they adore.
Advice: Sinbad went through Seven Seas. You should try sailing out more and stop being alone in your carefully created world.

Pisces (February 19–March 20) ( Tarot The Moon )
Fairy tales are a regular for Pisces. Let’s face it, their watery cousins (mermaids and the Loch Ness Monster) exist in a similar world.
Advice: There’s not much wrong in trying to live in a dream world, but when it’s clouded your take on the real world then it’s time to wake up and face reality.

I hope you enjoyed that lighthearted trip through the Zodiac, watch out for the darker side of your starsign ! lots of Love Paul x

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How do you know when you have connected to a good psychic reader ?

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Choosing a psychic reader online
Connecting to a good psychic reader, things to consider

I am so pleased when someone takes the time to tell me how well they have connected when they have a reading. One of the latest positive comments on my psychic readers review page finished with “Well that was just what I needed” …

How do you know when you have connected to a good psychic reader ?
When you connect with a reader that really understands your situation & provides valuable guidance that actually makes you feel better about your options, you know you have found a really good psychic reader. In my opinion, it is never possible to have a ‘perfect’ psychic reading. A perfect reading would seemingly tell you everything about your life, good & bad. leaving out nothing & laying your path like a route that must be followed. This is not a good reading as it rules out any sort of free will. We are all ultimately responsible for creating our own destiny. Some of my favourite psychic readers give you options that encourage you to move forward in your life, embracing any opportunities to enable you to chart a more positive future that ultimately can reveal the way to move towards uncovering the best possible version of yourself.

Things to consider before having a psychic reading

The first thing to consider when looking for a psychic reader is to consider any feedback or reviews from friends or online that resonate with you. These days comments and recommendations online must be able to be proved. So if someone expresses that they enjoyed their reading, you should be pretty sure that this is a genuine review. If the online profile of a psychic or clairvoyant doesn’t grab you then move on until you do find one that appeals. The most important thing if you decide to connect by phone for a reading is that you feel comfortable with your reader & the service that they provide. You should also use your intuition when you connect with your chosen reader, what level of expertise do they have ?. They may use a system like the Tarot, runes, divination or they may simply use intuition to connect to you via your voice. Your reader may be clairvoyant ( ‘clear vision’ / power to see), clairaudient (the power to hear), or empathic (the power to feel emotions) just to name a few. When you connect with a reader properly for the first time you will notice immediately, as you will feel at ease & the information you receive will be obviously relevant to your situation.

Prebook a reading
My site lets you call my receptionists who will happily chat through your requirements and see if they can recommend a reader who may be a ‘good fit’ for you. This ability to prebook a reading is preferred by many to other services where you may be connected to the next available reader. In my opinion a good psychic reader is as useful to some people as a traditional therapist in helping them understand their situation & what they can expect in order to move their life forward. If you feel that you want to connect to a reader I sincerely hope you go away feeling happy with your readings. When you find a good psychic you will know in your heart & by the vibes you pick up.

When to have a psychic reading
A Tarot or psychic reading can be the perfect way to seek the advice and guidance of a professional reader when you are in a period of indecision. Only you will know when it is time for you to have a psychic reading. There are many free resources on my sites to fire your intuition & imagination that can help you look outside the box & plan how you are going to move your life forward. Sometimes though it can really help to have a reading, as a good psychic reader should have experiences beyond the average that enables them to reveal unexpected actions that could reveal a new solution to a situation that has left you blocked. A great reading can provide validation or guidance that extends way beyond your initial reading and can stay with you for a long time, this is exactly why you should be careful when choosing your reader, as they must be aware that whatever is said may have far reaching effects.

Keep looking to the future, Lots of love

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Learning the Tarot cards

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The meanings of Tarot, learning tarot cards
Ideas for learning the Tarot cards, The meaning of Tarot

Can I learn Tarot cards ?

A question I hear a lot. Whenever people are thinking about learning tarot cards, most people will quickly picture an old lady sitting behind a crystal ball, dramatically pulling some battered cards out of the mysterious deck of 78. For anybody who is genuinely interested however, no broomstick or headscarf is required, it’s quite easy to pick up some tarot cards, or buy some Tarot cards online, and give it a go for yourself. It’s likely that initially it’s not going to be as immersing doing it yourself as it would be consulting a professional Tarot reader, though everyone has to start somewhere. The trouble starts to arise however when you try to do the analysing of the cards yourself as it can be tricky if you don’t know yet what all of the cards mean, this is where a lot of people give up. There is a cure for that however, as lots of beginners start out reading the cards with either a mentor, or with the use of Tarot card books.

Creating or colouring your own Tarot cards

I knew that Tarot was my life’s purpose. I set out  to create my own deck to really absorb the symbols & meanings, based on the classic Rider Waite imagery, using photographic collage effects & photos not only of myself, but many friends from along my journey. Obviously this is a huge & time consuming choice. An easier option is to obtain a deck of Tarot cards that have only the outlines for you to colour in yourself as you absorb the meanings.

For a lot of people, trying to learn something new can be difficult or challenging, this can especially true when you are considering trying to learn how to read Tarot cards, as there are so many symbols, colours & upright & reversed positions to consider in the spread, ( if you are going to use reversals). One of main blocks for learners is the fact that Tarot cards are always associated with the fantastical and the telling of people’s futures, the majority of people find it difficult to release themselves to something so mystical or exciting. Tarot reading isn’t solely about telling the future however, as it can also be used to help individuals learn more about what’s going on in their lives in the present, as well as past, even to the point of helping them figure out problems and issues of going on in their daily lives. When you consider the fact that we are living in a day and age when the New Age movement is on the rise and information is freely flowing, it only makes sense that people would try to seek help from the Universe for any type of situation they’re going through, or to help them to make a particular decision.

Tarot for self realisation

As interesting as giving readings for others is, that’s not where the true potential of Tarot reading lies, as the most effective part of the system deals with self-realisation. For the majority of people who get into Tarot it is with the idea that they are going to learn their future, or have their fortune read, not to go on a journey into themselves. Though in my experience this is the place it always leads, down the Royal Road of Tarot, through the Major Arcana & to what is known as the Fool’s Journey. Each Major archetype or greater seceret, enables us to look inside & challenge aspects of ourselves on our journey to self discovery.

Don’t give Up !

The majority of people who start out trying to learn how to read Tarot cards generally give up simply because of the fact that there are so many different meanings to all of the different combinations of cards in relation to how they are pulled out of the deck and placed on the table. Many people who are proficient in Tarot however would tell you that there’s really nothing to reading the cards or figuring out their meaning, it shouldn’t take any work at all. The majority of people drawn to the Tarot  find it to be quite an enjoyable and rewarding experience that can give life-long benefits. If you want to know the official meaning of the cards, then you can easily read up on the subject by buying yourself a Tarot card reading guide, but when it comes to learning the true meaning of these cards, you’re going to have to pay attention to how it affects you and what it means to you personally. I have found time and again that the best Tarot readers are people who have some understanding of the official meanings, and then weave these in with their own personal intuitive impressions.
For example, if you pull a card of the deck and it suggests to you that you’re going to experience a career change for the positive, regardless of whether or not the chosen Tarot card actually “officially” means that, that’s what it means to you in that moment, and you should layer that belief in to your interpretation.

Daily Tarot Journal

One of my favourite suggested ways that an individual can go about learning how to read Tarot cards is to pick a card out of the deck each day and see if you can figure out its meaning, perhaps documenting their experience in a personal Tarot journal. This will allow you to become familiar with the deck, and once you do begin to get familiar, you can always go to the official guide and see if you are close on what the official meanings are supposed to be, though your personal interpretations are what will always bring your readings to life.

When you start a daily Tarot journey, pull a card out of the deck and focus on the image and let your mind wander, your brain fully absorb it. Keep in mind that it really doesn’t matter how close you are to what the card is actually supposed to mean. The most important part is whether or not you’re going to be able to able to remember what the card meant to you the first time you saw it the next time you pull it in the deck. Eventually these memorisation and familiarity exercises will help you to gain a better understanding of the cards. If you stick to it, it shouldn’t take you any longer than a month to build up an association with the cards and effectively translate what they’re trying to tell you. Initially always remember that reading Tarot cards should be viewed as an exciting game that will allow you to get to know yourself better, and give you some insight on how you can react to situations in your life. When you initially think of it as a game, you’ll be able have a good time with it whether you’re by yourself, or with some friends.

I know many people who have expanded their enjoyment of their world by deciding to absorb the myriad images of the Tarot. As a hobby, a belief system or even a career, it is as valid as any other & I wish you many exciting, illuminating encounters with these magical images …
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The Meanings of tarot

Free Tarot readings, why is The Tarot so popular ?

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Free Tarot reading online
Popular Free tarot readings online

Free tarot card readings, Can they help ?

My site has given millions of free Tarot Readings. The correspondences in the cards have drawn nothing but positive reactions.

The tarot is an ancient tool, allegedly used in Egypt and in medieval times. Could Tarot cards really help us in today’s high-tech world? My answer would be a resounding yes, many current therapists using ‘recognised’ forms of therapy are using the Tarot as a valid technology that can easily build rapport & connect with an individual on many levels.

Free Tarot Reading
If you are looking for Tarot cards, online tarot card readings,to buy tarot cards, or for the widest variety of free Tarot cards readings, you can visit my site, for a comprehensive range of readings, including animated spoken readings. I am proud of my site, the cards that I have designed to power it, and am pleased to see just how popular it is becoming.

What Exactly Are Tarot Cards?
Comprising seventy-eight cards, each deck of Tarot cards should contain The Major & Minor Arcana, greater or lesser secrets. Tarot cards come in all guises with all types of artwork on both the front and back, I designed my comprehensive deck from scratch based on what I believe to be the definitive Tarot, The Rider Waite. The meaning and the message of each one of those seventy-eight cards can be found here in my Meaning of Tarot cards page. However as you delve deeper in to the meaning & symbolism of Tarot many more layers can be revealed.

Some people believe Tarot cards were first used by the Celts more than two thousand years ago. Indeed, my most popular free Tarot is the Celtic Cross Tarot reading. Though some believe that Tarot cards serve only to tell the future, the archetypes, once revealed, can give any individual a clear path to reveal their life path, or destiny. When used for divination purposes, Tarot cards speak of the past, present, plus in the right hands are capable of revealing clues and ideas about potential future developments.

What’s In My Tarot Cards?
Tarot cards are made up of four suits very much like any regular deck of cards. In fact, Tarot cards have corresponding values as traditional playing cards: ace through king for each suit. The Royal Court in Tarot comprises the Page, The Knight, The Queen & The King.

The suits are fourfold: wands, which echo esoteric issues like spirituality or creativity. The Swords, thought based in Air, revealing challenge & tension. The Cups, water, which deal in relationships and love. Finally The Earth based Pentacles, concerning matters of Career & finance. The remaining twenty-two cards of the Tarot deck are of course the Major Arcana cards, The Greatest secrets. Challenging cards such as the Devil, the Tower, and Death are in the Major Arcana, along with those that tend to excite, such as the Lovers & The Wheel of Fortune.

Can a Tarot Card Reading Actually Help Me?
When performed correctly & intuitively, your Tarot card reading can put everything into perspective and reveal alternative paths that you could travel to manifest your true desires. Your Tarot card reading if based on a question, or significator, should enable your Tarot card reader to uncover unexpected directions that could send you on an exciting new journey. Each card can reveal past, present, or future influences and will in most cases reveal alternative opportunities with which you can proceed.

Whether or not you believe in spirituality, divination or esoteric items. Tarot reading or Cartomancy can help you better understand your own thoughts. You can recognise potentially restrictive patterns in your life, and develop a better understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Just the question that forms in your mind before your Tarot reading can help you truly understand something about yourself, in this way a Tarot card reading can truly help you discover your destiny.

Can Anyone Read Tarot Cards, Or Do I Have To Call a professional Psychic
Anyone can learn how to read Tarot cards. There are many resources available, both online and in physical bookstores that will tell you the underlying meaning and message of each and every card. Every card in Tarot has a card-specific meaning, and a message, each of these can change depending on the position in the spread. As with everything, the more energy you expend on learning the Tarot, The greater will be your reward.

Once you begin to absorb the meaning of the cards ( it can help to keep a Tarot journal to store your impressions ), you can tentatively read the Tarot for yourself or for others. Any book you read about the Tarot will explain many Tarot spreads used to lay the cards out to understand their meaning and placement in the scheme of your desired question. The main concern is that from the very first reading you are ethical & realise that your questioner may well take anything you say to heart, this is the basis of becoming a true Tarot professional.

The Ancient Mystery of tarot
In conclusion, Tarot cards are more ancient than religion. Tarot cards are older than most languages and most forms of written communication, even after centuries of derision they are still around, flourishing and being used today the exact same way they were used thousands of years ago, in many different societies. I truly believe all the mysteries of the Tarot will never fully be revealed, I am still fascinated that The Tarot continues to captivate, inspire & educate so many people around the world …

Mercury Direct ! 2012

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Merury direct, finally all of the mis-communication fades away
                               Mercury Direct, All of those minor niggles are set to leave !

Mercury retrograde has certainly been a challenge. When I try & suggest to my non -Astro – Tarot friends that perhaps this is why things have been challenging, I usually get the ‘rolling eyes’ answer. Well now Mercury has gone direct !. Several friends I know who were struggling to make sense of their high power jobs have resigned & general ( creative ) chaos has ensued.

Mercury Direct

All of those challenges, the misunderstandings, the techno melt-downs the EXTRAORDINARY WEIRDNESS ! Will now start to melt away. If you are on the verge of a change, considering your options I will only say this once. NOW IS THE TIME !

One of the dear friends ( who has given me the all clear to share this FYI ) asked me for a quick reading on the tube on the way to a crucial business meeting. Now pulling out Tarot cards on the Tube is always fun, but pulling out Death, The Tower & The Ace of Wands crossed with the Wheel of Fortune is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Good on her this special Lady walked in to the meeting, cut her ties ( leaving considerable confusion in her wake ! Not her problem anymore ) & started manifesting her new life in New York !

I must admit & have been unwell, left reeling by the radical changes in my world. Now I have sussed out why I am pleased beyond belief. There is a MASSIVE shake-up of everything heading our way & you can be sure that any effort expended is set to be repaid BIGTIME !

I truly hope this manifests all of your desires :0) Paul x

Free Psychic Readings to fire your intuition

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Free Psychic readings to release your intuition
———————— Psychic readings can reactivate your senses & release your intuition

Using Free Psychic readings to activate your intuition

There are countless different types of free psychic readings, & many resources that you can use to fire up your imagination. If you are just beginning to explore using any form of psychic ability then you may find a free psychic resource is good place to start. Like many people, the first time I visited a professional psychic, I was more than a bit bit skeptical. My mother had been visiting this lady Madam Tamar, for years. My mother & many of my family are incredibly intuitive & I didn’t understand why she would consult someone else. In fact as with many psychic resources this lady encouraged my mother to seek out things that fired her intuition. Something that for many years I have been continuing with my online psychic sites.

Seeking free online psychic resources

You should look for options that excite you & offer you inspirational resources completely free, or your skepticism may not be totally unfounded. If you find a psychic who is willing to get you started or give you a consultation for free, or one who just does it because they love it and don’t want to make any money at it, then you may well be on your way to finding someone that you trust. It is just these type of intuitives who I love & that I try & encourage to be professional psychic readers, as their motivation comes from the love of what they do, not only from a quest for the material !.

The first kind of free psychics develop their skills as a hobby. There are people who believe they are mediums or clairvoyants who have realized that they have a gift though do not need to rely solely on their ability to make a living. These are generally people who have a genuine desire to use their people skills to help the world become a better place. Intuitives like this feel that they can do their part by giving their time and skills to those who they feel need some guidance to move them along.

You will always find that the fledgling psychic is very excited about what they do. With no ulterior motive, they have no need to be dishonest with people or to feel like they need to produce results so the pressure is off and can allow their abilities to flourish. These people often practice in their homes initially and as their abilities develop & become recognised they may find themselves called on to expand their client base, often by finding a reputable psychic company that allows them to work from the comfort & security of their own homes. Often, they are just happy to have a chance to use their gifts in a way that is helpful to others. You may even find that you build a rapport with the psychic and a relationship of trust can develop.

Free Tarot readings

My favourite advice when people come to me about opening up & sparking their intuition is to use the Free tarot readings on my pages. These were a labour of love as I designed each card I would add it to my Meanings of Tarot cards pages, and eventually added more & more tarot spreads. Including my animated Talking Tarot spreads. These spreads use a computer generated system obviously; though they were only intended to entertain, inspire & spark thought in those who consulted them. Today after many millions of free readings have been dispensed over many years, I still get touching communications about how much inspiration & enjoyment people get from these free spreads.

There are many different types of free psychic readings available on my sites. Some specialize in Tarot cards, while others may be interested in Astrology & Horoscopes. It can be more difficult to find free readings in some of the more obscure psychic arts, though my site does offer entertaining pages that touch on subjects from ESP, through Crystal Ball GazingNumerology charts.

If you are really interested in getting a professional psychic reading then wiith a little patience and some advice from friends or honest reviews, you can find a reader who you are comfortable with. Remember, ultimately you are the customer and you should always be the top priority.

My top recommended Psychic readers

I have had many psychic readings & studied the Psychic arts especially Tarot my entire life. I have honed my small team of Psychics & Clairvoyants, who I believe offer high quality psychic readings online. To connect with my recommended Psychic readers you can visit my site paulomara.com where you can prebook your psychic reading. If you are looking for an experienced Psychic who you can pay for a psychic reading on your phone bill you can also find selected eaders on my pages. My website has been established for many years, has provided countless advice, and delivered literally millions of free readings. I am now proud to offer access to whom I believe to be the best psychics & intuitive counsellors working in their chosen field. I am always pleased to receive positive reviews about the psychic readings of course, and especially when those say that my psychic readers offer very good value for money.
As a professional I have worked hard at personally designing the experience when you arrive at my site, including my own Tarot deck. When you arrive I’m sure you will find everything easily on the site to lead you to the answers, information & psychic services that you want.
Experienced Psychics & Counsellors
I am pleased to offer a selection of psychics & intuitives that can offer a variety of types of psychic reading, these experienced readers can cover almost any file & use a variety of skills to complete your readings, including :
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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visits, all the best ! Paul x

Trust your inner voice, reveal your destiny, discover your perfect life

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Psychic Irish readings by phone or text
——- Mystery & Magic, Irish Psychic readings

What is Your Destiny ?

I can still see the careers masters reaction. Some 30 years ago he had asked the question : “What are you really here for ?. What is it that you are going to do with your life ?”. Without hesitation I told him that my purpose was working with the Tarot, his confused face looked back at me, speechless. I had spent many happy months with my mad psychic Irish Aunties who regularly gave me readings & knew this was my destiny. Later, from my family home, I used to gaze at Glastonbury Tor which became my beacon. The place I spent many happy weeks diving in to my first experience with the magic of Tarot. Look back deep inside, what is it that you know is your ultimate destiny ?.

Connect to your authentic self

Recently I have been quite spectacularly, deliriously ill. As I led hallucinating, sweating & forcing down the evil medication, I suddenly realised that whatever the careers advisor or any on else had said to me, it was my duty to follow my dream, to rediscover exactly what it is that inspires me & keeps me alive. I have committed to uncovering even more layers of meaning within my Tarot life & have tentatively started planning a journey to revisit the places that set me on my journey. I am lucky enough to have been around the world, living & experiencing many fascinating cultures. Perhaps it is now time for me to head home to acknowledge my childhood haunts, my formative years.

Psychic Ireland

The images in the header of this piece show some idyllic pics of summers in Ireland. Ireland has become a popular tourist destination. When I first spent my summers deep in the south there, it was a far less developed place. As my family were responsible for looking after the local Church I am sure this is where my fascination with organised ritual, magick & religion arose. Ireland now has a global appeal and people from all over the world, visit and enjoy what this magical place has to offer. Why is Ireland such a fascinating place ? Why do people want to visit it over and over again?

The Emerald Isle – Luck of the Irish – The Gift of the Gab

Ireland is proudly called the “emerald isle” due to its lush greenery. The capital city Dublin is known for its cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere. When I was a child it was the donkeys & the promise of a glimpse of leprechauns, plus too much cola & lucky bags in the local ’24hr’ pub that held my fascination. I’m convinced that it was here my personality was partially formed by spending time with my outrageous ancestors !.

The luck of the Irish
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Tourist Attractions in Ireland

Home to the Irish race, the Irish people contribute to the appeal of Ireland. They are known for their hospitality and welcome everyone with a smile. One of the most appealing things about Irish people is their values for culture that’s strengthened by History. The Irish follow the Irish principles of their ancestors and their amiability is a trait that’s synonymous with the Irish.

Ireland boasts of astounding views and one can witness nature in all its brilliance here. There are so many extraordinary natural attractions here. If you want to view nature in its splendor and unadulterated spectacle, you really should put Ireland on your bucket list.

Ireland is known for its rich history and culture, which is evident in the festivals. Visitors can always slide into the festive spirit of this enthralling country. There are festivals that celebrate art, music, films, nature, youth and history. These festivals and fares are yet another proof, of the reverence the Irish have towards their rich culture and heritage.

Ireland is a home to historical sites and heritage castles. Tourists can relive the times bygone in the museums and castles out here. The National museum of Ireland is in Dublin, besides other museums that celebrate art, literature and even transportation. The castles that served as fortresses and residents for Royals, now serve as historical tourist attractions.

Staying In Ireland Made Easy

With the transportation modes offered, it is easy to get to this splendid country. One can use land, air or water connections in Ireland. Accommodation is easy for visitors, with an endless range of hotels and accommodation options in Ireland. Many different budgets suit anyone, ranging from economy to full on luxurious splendour. I for one am planning a visit back to Ireland as soon as I can …

I hope you manifest everything you desire, Paul x






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The Full Moon in Aquarius – Harvest your reward – Connect to your true self

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Full Moon in Aquarius
Release your potential with the power of the Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon
The current excitement around the Aquarius Full Moon, August 1st – 2nd, 2012 heralds the first period of harvest for this year. This is the time to reflect and realise that seeds we have planted in our life are now coming to fruition. In the Tarot the Harvest is signified by the Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles Tarot
The Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading

This is certainly true in my world as many exciting projects are finally materialising. The Moon has a powerful pull over the emotions & has a strong physical effect on our bodies as I have mentioned in many previous posts including my article about The Moon & Pisces . This full Moon is in Aquarius & this transit inspires us to appreciate not only that we have achieved so far this year. On a deeper level we should really begin to nourish those parts of ourselves that we are recognising as unique, really allow our authentic personality to shine. There are of course many numerous free psychic readings on my sites that allow you to get a glimpse of aspects of you that make you unique, from your Free Cosmic Astrology Birth report, through free Numerology charts, free MP3 Release potential Hypnotherapy. Of course you can connect to my small chosen teams of psychics & Clairvoyants by phone to book a personal psychic reading.

Tarot & the Moon

The Moon Tarot card is one of the first cards I created whilst I was stepping in to the cards to absorb the meanings of Tarot, this is the impression I call on to bring this powerful card in to my mind :

“The barren moonlit plain threw shadows that disturbed me. Twin towers glimpsed through the darkness, two dogs guarded the secrets of the night. The cold air hit me, a shiver ran down my spine. The voice returned … ” The darkest hour is always before the dawn, why do you still fear ghosts & nocturnal apparitions ?. These are just transitory illusions. Dawn broke & as the weak rays hit me all of my irrational fears faded away.’

The Moon of course controls the tides & has a huge effect on us as our bodies have such a high composition of water. The Moon therefore affects our intuition & subconscious patterns.

As more & more people are finding my site & leaving great comments I am seeking out ways to extend my services & offers to cover exciting new territories. For example, I have just re-launched my Irish Psychic phone service & extended that with Psychic text readings for Eire & Ireland.

I hope you continue to enjoy your visits to my sites, I sincerely hope that this Full Moon stirs up only positive manifestations in your World.

Lots of Love as always, Paul

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Astrology, Can Your birthchart release the magic of Your true potential ?

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Astrology & Horoscopes to release full potential
The magic of Astrology can release your full potential

Astrology & Horoscopes to release your inner self

Most people don’t understand how Astrology works & wouldn’t know an ephemeris from their elbow !. Quite frankly most people don’t actually care. I try & keep my Daily, Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes light & inspiring, without too much planetary mumbo-jumbo. Although Astrology is regarded by some to be based in scientific principles. People who consult their star sign online, in magazines or daily papers don’t want to hear the complicated calculations, they want to hear something that grabs their attention, makes them think and relates to their situation.

Your free Astrology Birthchart

In this Age of Aquarius how the planets are affecting us, or the collective people of each zodiac sign, is still taken seriously by those interested in un-ravelling the complicated twists & turns of their lives. The allure of the horoscope stretches back to as far as when man first looked to the skies & attempted to understand the patterns & trajectories of our solar system. Astrology can help us understand our life & take us outside of the daily humdrum of our commitments, to appreciate the things that make us special or unique & even reveal our true life path. When we start to look for the path that is our personal calling, the thing that puts us ‘in the zone’, that elusive element which makes us feel like we have found our true purpose, we are undertaking an exciting & revealing journey. Astrology, and indeed many other systems, such as the Tarot or Numerology can give us indicators & spark our psyche that could help us finally connect with our true destiny, our life’s purpose.

Astrology can tell you a great deal about your self. Astrologers can compose your personal birth chart based on complex systems & symbols, the correspondences to the position of the solar system on the moment of your birth. Each Astrological chart is different, each we like to believe reveals the personal life story of that person. When combined with the Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana of Tarot, I think a person’s chart comes alive & reveals not only their dreams & ambitions, but also any roadblocks that may be holding them back from reaching their true potential.

A horoscope or Astrology chart can really help to get to the very core of a person. Whatever star sign or Zodiac corresponds there are astrological definitions that correspond to that Sun sign & offer advice on character types or possible career paths. I have a basic Astrology page on my site that does just that. Many other factors contribute to each individuals Astrological chart that reveal what they are truly passionate about, those hidden interests that could lead them in a new direction. When this happens life can become far more enjoyable & in some cases almost effortless, this is when a person is said to be operating in ‘their zone’. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in this balanced position, you should feel truly blessed. This is a very happy state of existence & allows you to follow your instincts & live the live that we all ultimately aspire to, and indeed deserve.

I hope that you continue to manifest everything you desire, Lots of Love, Paul x

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Things to consider before having your Psychic reading by phone or text

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
call a psychic by phone, telephone a clairvoyant
Thinking about phoning a psychic, things to consider …

To TEXT a Psychic, text OMara followed by your question to 66660 Each reply you receive costs £1.50 you must be the bill payer & 18+
Terms and Conditions Psychic Texts cost £1.50, this service is provided by Paul O’Mara. Customer Service number: 02077484336 .

Psychic help lines are becoming more and popular, with more people choosing to consult a psychic in place of an analyst, or even their local priest, a great psychic should be recommended & must be intuitive & an empath who can connect to your life situation to offer guidance as to how your life path could develop. For centuries people have been consulting intuitives or sensitives, Shamen or Mystics. Psychic readings seem to be viewed by many as more helpful and less intimidating than psychological counseling, perhaps because it is less formal and usually less expensive. I have studied cognitive behavioural therapy techniques & was excited to see that recognised therapists are using the Tarot, especially the Major Arcana as a way to connect with people & their lives.

There could be several reasons for this new found popularity, one of which is the anonymity a psychic helpline offers over other forms of counseling as there are no embarrassing or nerve wracking face to face discussions. Good psychics will offer appointment times to suit you, so there are no restrictions on your time either. Another reason may be that people feel psychics can be objective with their opinions because they have special psychic abilities to drawn on. It could also be argued that people like the fact that they can divert the responsibility of decision making away from themselves !. Though this is not to be recommended, as a good reader will always guide you towards discovering a positive outcome for yourself.

People who call psychic help lines are not usually just looking for someone to chat to. In my experience they have very specific reasons for getting in touch. They normally have a specific problem that they wish to discuss with somebody, to find another opinion, gain alternative insight and get an opinion from a different perspective. It may be something that has been bothering them for some time, or something that has only just arisen, but having a professional psychic on the other end of a telephone line who is ready and willing to listen to what you have to say, when you want to say it, is a great comfort to many people.

When you first call a reputable psychic service, you will be asked a series of questions normally relating to you personally such as your date of birth and where you were born. You will then get the chance to tell the professional psychic what it is that you would like advice about, in more general terms rather than specific details, so the psychic can then build your reading & choose whatever system they intend to use to advise you.

Psychic readings can take a variety of forms, depending upon the psychic concerned and your own preferences. It may be in the form of a dream interpretation, i-Ching, a horoscope or numerology reading, or by using Tarot cards.

Having a personal horoscope prepared is a popular way of getting a psychic reading. Just by using your date of birth, you will receive information about the events you can expect to occur in your life. Numerology is also very popular and tells you about your destiny in life and what you should expect. Tarot cards can be done over the telephone, and are a fantastic way to step through the window of the cards in to your world. Sometimes readings done by psychics can be sent by email, and all readings should be recorded for your peace of mind.

You should always consider carefully when choosing a psychic because it is unfortunate but true that many readers may not have your best interests at heart, I choose my readers carefully based on positive feedback & keep a small team of psychic readers I can recommend & trust to deliver a powerful psychic reading. Try to connect with a reader who really resonates with you, that you know somebody else has used before and found it to be an honest and beneficial service.

No matter what the advice you get from a psychic reading, you will always have to make your own decision in the end as to whether you follow the advice or not. You may be able to make this decision with more certainty if you look within yourself before calling a psychic to help unravel your situation. Think carefully about the issues you are having, what you know to be true, and what your true feelings are. You will find this beneficial whether you consult a psychic helpline or a psychologist, but either way, in the end the final decision is yours. It is now law that all psychics must state that readings are for guidance only & I think this is a sensible piece of legislation as it is your life, & you should only take on board suggestions that you feel will lead you in to a positive future.

I hope you manifest everything you desire Lots of Love Paul x

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Developing Your Psychic Intuition to find Love

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Finding love through horoscopes
Relationship matches, ask a psychic

A large proportion of people asking for readings want to discuss relationships. Be that their current relationship or attracting a partner. In my experience, if cupid decides to fire his arrow in your direction, you will know about it. I genuinely believe in soulmates & the concept of love at first sight. I spent many years in relationships that were challenging or draining of my energy. The moment I met my partner I knew intuitively that this was the one. In this day & age our intuition tends to be dulled by the sheer amount of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis & the speed of our modern life. I think if we all started to reconnect to our intuition the world would be a far better place.

Developing your intuition

Whether you realise it or not, everyone is psychic, whatever your definition of ‘Psychic’ may be. I believe it is someone who is perceptive just outside the boundaries of the normal range of senses. Someone who has learned to trust their hunches to any degree of reliability. What you think you are sensitive to is not necessarily a reflection of your true abilities.  Everyone is born with intuition, but not everyone listens to it.  They often dismiss it out of hand, but if only they were to listen to it more often, they would realise the feedback it’s giving should not be ignored.

Some people recognise the messages they’re receiving during times of meditation.  For others it will be recognised as a body sensation or “gut feeling”.  Any of the five senses can be used by your sub-conscious mind to communicate with your consciousness.

Psychic Vision

Detailed images or remote viewing can come into play, or isolated images and symbols can be involved.


This can be a pretty scary sensation the first time you experience it, as hearing voices could be interpreted as a sign of madness.  However, if you hear voices or sounds in only one ear, this is known as clairaudience and is a sign your unconscious mind is trying to communicate with you.


If you feel physical body sensations, this is known as clairsentience.


Both simple and complex psychic information can be transmitted via a person’s sense of smell.


Experiencing a different taste in the mouth is far less common amongst psychics, but can be a sign of communication by the unconscious mind.

Train your senses

If you would like to explore the art of using your intuition and recognising the messages your unconscious mind is trying to give you, you can practice this with the methods that follow:

a.    Traffic / directions

Listen to your intuition and see if it tells you which way of getting home from work is going to be quicker.  Some roads are prone to frequent delays, so try not to let logic take over.  If each route has an equal chance of delay, try to guess which one will get you home quicker.

b.    Shopping
See if you can guess where you’re going to get the best bargain.  You should do this without checking the adverts first and then check afterwards if you were correct.

c.    Parking

Whenever you’re looking for a parking space when you’re out, see if your intuition can guide you.  This will definitely be useful during busy times such as holiday times.

d.    Telephone

Have you ever known who’s making the call before you even pick up?  Try to guess this each time the phone rings.

e.    Sports

Even if you don’t follow any particular sports, try to guess what the scores are for different games and who won.  Check the results afterwards.

However you’re putting your intuition to the test, you can only be sure if you use situations where you could not possibly know the outcome from past experience.  You need to be sensitive to what you were feeling, and what you were right or wrong about.  If you realize you should have taken notice of your intuition, but didn’t ; make sure that next time a similar situation arises you don’t ignore your intuition.

Leaning from the feedback your body gives you is one of the best ways to develop your psychic ability.  You need to know when you are getting it wrong, and when you are hitting the nail right on the head.

If you have any issues you need to work on, you could unconsciously be blocking any psychic messages from the Universe.  You need to tackle these issues first and foremost, because if you don’t, any messages coming through are likely to be distorted.  The unconscious mind is a powerful thing, but if you’re not willing to eject your psychological baggage, you can’t expect to have clear and obvious messages coming through.

Once you start trusting your intuition, you’ll find you have many more messages coming through.  One thing you have to remember is that any information you receive must be used in an ethical manner.

There have been reports of psychics losing their powers because they’ve taken their gift for granted and used it in an unethical manner.  Whether you believe this to be true or not, you should always be considerate of others, and never promise what you cannot deliver.  If you believe you have sensitive information relating to another, be sure to ask for their permission to reveal it before you go ahead and tell them what you know.  If you do not, you risk upsetting them and facing some uncomfortable confrontations.

Being psychic can be extremely tiring, and you should always remember that you will need to recharge your energy levels.  Taking a day off occasionally is best for everyone, including you.

Important Things To Think About for Psychic Development

When you first start getting psychic messages, you probably find yourself wondering if you’re going insane.  You might start a conversation with a confidante along the lines of “you’re probably going to think I’m crazy…” or “you’re never going to believe this but…”.  Doubting your own sanity is actually a good sign and means you’re simply trying to figure out what is happening to you.

What the voices are saying is far more important than the mere fact that you’re hearing voices in your head.  The rule of thumb is that if the voices are helpful and constructive, it doesn’t natter where they’re coming from.  However, if you’re hearing negative thoughts and destructive comments, you need to get rid of them as soon as you possibly can.

Psychic Messages
It can be difficult for a psychic to determine how much information to pass on.  This is something which will come with time and experience.  Some psychics pass on each and every message they receive, regardless of it’s consequences.  However, good judgment should make you consider exactly what to pass on which will be helpful, and what to leave unsaid if you think it might be hurtful or harmful.

The past and the future may be easily accessible to you as a psychic, but it’s important to live in the present day.  The future can take care of itself, and the past belongs exactly there – in the past.  Focusing on the present day is paramount.

The first time you start seeing visions or receiving information can be difficult, and make it hard for you to relax.  You may see colours, images and faces at night when you’re trying to get to sleep due to the shift in your consciousness at this time.  This is perfectly normal and you should make a real effort to switch off from it all.

Information overload is very common amongst psychics who haven’t yet learned to switch off.  The more you trust your intuition, the more messages you will receive, and this makes it harder to relax.

Try to see a control screen in your mind, with your sensitivity to psychic information reflected as a number on the screen.  You should visualise the number getting lower and lower until it reaches zero.  When you awake refreshed in the morning, you can just reverse the process and increase the sensitivity until the number returns to where it was before.

by Paul O’Mara

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Allow the Energy of the Universe to work for you

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Allow the Energy of the Universe to work for you
How can The Energy of the Universe help you create your dream life ?

Cosmic ordering, The Law of attraction. Have you tried these techniques / Did they work for you ? The key element to activating the power of the Universe & manifesting your authentic self is easier than you think. A lot of press recently has focused on the exciting news that we are on the verge of finding the ‘God Particle’. The God particle, in particle physics creates a ‘sticky’ field that attracts all other particles & gives the field of energy ‘mass’. This ability to attract energy is key to all of the excitement around the discovery of this elusive particle. Intuitive people have always known that an invisible energy exists that connects every being or energy in the Universe. This had led to the development of theories & phenomena such as Cosmic ordering or the Law of Attraction.

Become your own God Particle.

In order to create the life you desire you need to become your very own God particle. By focusing on projecting the very best you can of yourself, you will automatically begin to attract circumstance & people in to your life that will fast forward yourself towards the more happy fulfilling existence that can be so elusive in these confusing times.

Filtering out the noise.

Technology makes it easy for us to connect globally at a seemingly ever more transparent, faster rate. Some people argue that this is at the expense of true connection. It is definitely true that with the advent of ‘social media’ people are increasingly available 24hrs a day, it is also true that it is increasingly popular to edit your experience. To present an ‘idealised’ version of yourself or your life to the world. I definitely feel that technology is sometimes blocking our experience or intuition, creating distractions from our true purpose. I was recently with someone watching an extraordinary performance, what I noticed was that everyone seemed more concerned with videoing & uploading the event, they forgot to actually experience it in the first person.

Connecting to the Energy of The Universe.

One connection that we should all strive to enhance is our connection to energy all around us. It doesn’t matter how you strive to achieve this. My path has been my journey through the Tarot, after becoming disillusioned with the organised religions favoured by my family, I set out on my journey along The Royal Road of Tarot, & have embraced it all of my life. It has guided me through frustration, led me to understand situations that did not release my authentic self, & continues to guide me towards the light of understanding, tolerance, truth and universal consciousness.

Energy exists all around us, and always has since the beginning of time, but you cannot yourself create this energy. What you can do though is activate the energy that is already there, the energy of the Universe.

You may not think that you are an energetic person, but the truth is you are probably just blocking the energy that is all around you, or are interacting on th ewrong frequency by focusing on the negatives. You are not doing this on purpose, nobody does that. You are doing this subconsciously, without even knowing it.

The only difference between the non-energetic people and the ones who always seem full of energy, is simply that the energetic ones know how to activate this never ending Universal energy source.

Energy is a giver of life to everyone and everything. It does not discriminate by gender, race or age. Energy is always there for you, no matter who you are or where you are from. No matter what you look like, how attractive you are or how many friends you have.

Energy itself does not choose to give certain people more energy than others, the same way a disease does not pick and choose which body to manifest itself in and wreak havoc with the person’s life.

To understand this basic concept means you have to start taking responsibility for your own destiny. The saying “Be careful what you wish for” has a definite ring of truth to it. The more you think about being unhealthy or having a disease, constantly reading about and talking about it, even running around from doctor to doctor asking for consultations and medical tests, the more likely you are to become unhealthy and succumb to disease! The Universe strives to manifest the things that you focus on !.

You have to change your behavior and your way of thinking. You have to believe you are a healthy person and you will help yourself stay healthy because your positive thoughts and vital energy will keep you healthy. You cannot just tell yourself you believe – you really have to believe.

The same applies to the Universal energy that is all around us, holding our galaxy in place, turning our world on its axis and making things grow. It’s there for the taking and you just have to zone in on it and use it positively.

Always try to be thinking healthy, happy positive thoughts. Be stimulated and excited by your thoughts, not bored and fed up with life. Do not constantly think about the bad things, such as feeling lonely or how you always seem to be broke and have too many bills to pay.

A positive mind is a powerful thing, but is it enough just to think positive thoughts? Of course it’s not! That would actually be a very dangerous thing just to be able to conjour up whatever we wanted as if by magic.

The Power of Positivity.

It’s the power of the positive thoughts that spur you to take the action which brings about the positive things, like wealth creation and finding love and true happiness.

Positive thinking activates the Universal energy that is all around you. So you must think about what you want, dream it even. In a previous post I talked about lucid dreaming, the ability to take control of your dreams when you become aware that you are dreaming. This is a VERY powerful force as it connects to your non analytical subconscious mind. Every day try to visualise a small step towards your dreams, towards your Universe, and the Universe will come forward to meet you.

Each small step you take will generate the energy for you to take the next step, and the next step and so on, like a domino effect.

Don’t worry about taking the wrong action, or a wrong direction. Every human being is born with intuition and gut feelings. Trust your instincts, follow your intuition and be guided by your gut feelings. They truly are your best friend.

You just need to make a start and let the wonder of the Universe unfold around you.

I truly hope you continue to manifest everything you desire …





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Love Yourself to Attract Success & Abundance

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Love Yourself to attract success & abundance
Positivity to attract wealth, success, happiness & abundance

Sometimes in a reading it is not the arrival of the ‘big guns’ or Major Arcana cards that are the most revealing about the questioner you are working with. There are many other factors in a Tarot spread that can be the most obvious indicators of a persons situation. I have just completed a reading for someone who outwardly appeared happy, dynamic & successful. We established that she was in a great relationship & that all aspects of her life were pretty good, including her career. In fact what transpired was really interesting & revealing. Two of the first Tarot cards revealed were the Six of Cups The Lord of Pleasure ( Nostalgia ) & the Five of Pentacles, The Lord of Material Trouble ( Anxiety ). The impression I got from these was at some point in the ladies past she had felt that she had developed issues around self worth, it transpired that through a strained relationship with her father it had been drummed in to her that she was ‘worthless’ and ‘would never amount to anything’. When I pointed out that she was beautiful & incredibly successful, she flat out told me that inside she new ( thought ) that whatever she achieved, she would ‘never be good enough’. Well at the end of the session I hope we parted company with this young lady realising that not only was she ‘good enough’, but that she was far more successful than most & had not even started to scratch the surface of her ultimate potential !. The message here is obvious & anyone would do well to bear it in mind :

Love Yourself

What do I mean by this ?, Not in a ‘look at me I’m fabulous’ narcissistic way but by actually saying to yourself, “hey I’m doing pretty good”… In these pressured times people rarely give themselves the credit they deserve & by making time to remind yourself of how far you have come in life, you pave the way for more abundance & joy to flood your world.

Attracting abundance involves confronting any ingrained ‘poverty consciousness’ or feeling nervous about your prospects, this in itself is enough to sabotage any chance of improving your lot. Aquired belief that you are not worthy or are destined ‘just to be okay’ must be released. Instead, imagine pushing your boundaries, attracting wealth & happiness from unexpected sources. Just accepting that something is going to manifest that will change your circumstance, though it seems ‘airy fairy’, can really put you in a great place for optimising any chances that fate sends your way. By focusing on the lack or negative circumstance, you are telling your subconscious, the most powerful part of your mind, that this is what you are expecting. Your subconscious works hard to deliver what it believes you desire. In a previous post about lucid dreaming I talked about directing your dreams to create the future you desire. I really believe that lucid daydreaming, or directing our thoughts towards a positive outcome, can have an equally powerful effect. Any deep rooted patterns of belief around self worth or destructive patterns of behaviour should be recognised & then slowly relegated to the box in your mind marked ‘no longer required’. Encouraging success, attracting abundance or dealing with issues related to money can be driven from deep inside your psyche, as you clearly see the issues that created your current situation, you can learn to make better choices. Creative visualisation has been used successfully by millions of people for many generations. Simply by imaging yourself in the scenario that you desire, with the accoutrements of the lifestyle you know you deserve you begin to programme your subconscious to accept opportunities & move you closer to your goals.

Free Hypnosis Download

Hypnosis is another powerful tool that over-rides your analytical logical brain & allows you to move towards achieving your potential. Many people have benefitted from my free hypnosis download & tell me that they feel much more positive after just one listen. Repeated listening can programme this positivity deep in to your subconscious mind.

Changing our internal programme to attract abundance.

Things that trigger a physical reaction to situations that you have previously found challenging can also be used. I remember when I was living in an apartment that drained my energy during a period of my life where I was struggling financially & emotionally. Rather than just put up with it, I made a conscious decision and experimented with ways of changing my outlook & improving my mood. I discovered that fragrance had a powerful ability to alter my outlook. I used herbal essences, fragranced candles & then found that a single beautiful lilly as a treat once a week, filled my apartment with a powerful scent that really raised my spirits. Combined with the physical beauty of the flower I found this method led to a period that proved to be a catalyst that raised me out of that challenging situation & inspired me to attract more success. This finally allowed me to move to a much nicer apartment in a better area. Your mind knows on a deep subconscious level exactly what you need to do to achieve your dreams, the energy you need to radiate to focus your intention & draw opportunity towards you. When you are preparing to allow abundance in to your life, your energy & motivation will conspire to provide opportunities to find work that inspires & fulfils you. When we are able to work in a field that we enjoy our life transforms & we automatically release any negative focus that is holding us back.

Manifesting Abundance

The best outcome can be manifested by developing techniques that allow you to realise the time that is not best spent moving you towards your dream. You can automatically start filtering any behaviours that are having a negative effect on your progress. Make a list of those things that inspire you, create a board of interest of images that inspire you, you can now even do this virtually through ‘Pinterest’, ( you can follow my Pinterest board here ), which I have been sucked in to & greatly enjoy. Anything that creates focus for your intentions, a statue, a crystal, a talisman, a necklace is good for your visualisation exercises. I have many objects that I carry that remind me of a time when I was happy, in my zone & focusing in my mind of where I want my life to lead.  When you begin to make a plan of where you want to go, look for the embryo of your new life & nourish the positivity to bring your dream to fruition. Many people who visit my site for a Clairvoyant reading simply wish for someone to focus on their situation & give them some possible outcomes for their current scenario. As with the lady at the start of this piece it can simply come down to someone saying, you know what, your doing just fine. Or it can take the form of ‘have you considered … ‘writing that book that you have been mulling over for years ‘ … Whatever direction you take, as always I hope you manifest everything you desire, Paul x.

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Intuitive people know one thing for certain, whatever situation presents itself, whatever information is being processed by their logical brain, the final decision must be given to their heart, their gut feeling. Some of the best psychic readers I know rely on their intuition to get directly to the absolute source of the situation they are presented with. This ability to override the logical brain & connect to their true instinct is something that everyone is born with, but few manage to maintain in to adulthood.

Our society tells us that everything must be based in ‘fact’, so much so that natural instincts, such as our ‘fight or flight response’ have become dulled. Intuition is a very powerful instinct that over-rides everything to punch you in the gut, or hit you in the heart & tell you that you KNOW the truth of an encounter or situation, unfortunately I truly believe that many people are losing the ability to listen to their heart & follow the path that they instinctively know will lead them to the most fulfilling outcome.

Is it possible to redevelop our intuition ? Absolutely !

Developing Intuition

When it comes to developing personal intuition, it is as easy as watching for it, figuring out how to use it better, and providing it with good information to go on.

Developing intuition begins by recognising you have it to begin with. When ever you’ve had a gut feeling about something, that was most likely intuition. Intuition is your brain using more than you are knowingly aware of. How to you know if you can trust your intuition or not? How are some ways you can improve it?

Three Steps To Developing Intuition.

#1 – Once you recognise it, encourage it.
#2 –  Study your intuition and it will be more trustworthy.
#3 – Provide it with good information to go on.

Gary Kasparov has no problem admitting that computers can figure out chess positions a lot of moves further ahead than he ever could. But he still wins over the best computers in existence due to his intuitive grasp of chess. His experience lets him combine analysis and a “sense” of which moves are best. See if you can find areas in your life where you operate intuitively.

Intuition can also be a warning device. Me and my partner felt like we should not get on that crowded bus in Thailand, we will never know what would have happened, we just had an overwhelming urge that prevented us from doing so. Sometimes feelings like this over-ride our minds, giving us warning. We kind of had a feeling at our very core that : “something’s not quite right.”
Recognising and looking for a certain thing trains your brain to find even more of it. The same thing will occur if you closely watch for your own intuition, suddenly you’ll begin to see much more of it.

Studying Your Intuition

Begin second guessing your hunches. If we’d inquired why we felt so bad about that crowded bus, we may have thought, “Oh that’s right, a crowded bus is a bad idea – we were aware of that.” Study your intense feelings when you get a strong flash of intuition, and you may think, “It is just my aversion to buses.” Get yourself in the constant habit of studying and paying close attention to those intuitive feelings & you will begin to identify when you are operating at a higher frequency of thought.

Just where does your natural intuition really work the best?  If you are ‘never wrong’ about your intuitive responses to new people, give some credence to them.  Conversely, if your gut feelings about people are often wrong, do not follow them. Just pay closer attention, and you will start developing some intuition about your own intuition.

Provide Your Intuition Good Stuff To Go On

Your knowledge, experience and skill determine the possible effectiveness of intuition. No second rate chess player can ever intuitively best the computer, like Kasparov does. Be sure and learn a lot about a subject, before you expect good intuitive feelings about it – certainly before you start trusting those feelings.

Psychic Intuition

Whether you believe in psychic ability or not, sometimes I am sure you have had flashes of inspiration just outside of your normal senses that have surprised you. The classic ” I was thinking of you & then you phoned”.. There are many explanations for this type of phenomena, however I truly believe that we can & do receive information from outside of the ‘normal’ channels far more often than we realise. When I focus my intuition to give a Tarot reading I often try & second guess which card is next in the sequence, & often if I am tuned in to the questioner & their circumstance, I am not surprised by which card is turned over. A fun test for Psychic ability can be found on my free psychic readings page, see if you can guess which zenner card is next .

Intuition and relationships

How many times have you heard happy couples explaining that when they first met ‘they just knew’. I never truly believed that until it happened to me. I had genuinely thought that I was in love on several occasions, I was engaged to be married, in another ( in hindsight destructive ) relationship I would forgive anything, do anything to keep the peace. I was mistaken, as I believe many people are. One day I met my partner & BAM!, I KNEW that this was the person I was destined to spend my life with. That was 11 years ago & we are still incredibly happy. That is the thing with true intuition, when it strikes you at your core, you know you have to follow your heart.

As always I wish you only the best, Paul x.

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