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Tarot – The Chariot – The Balanced Ego

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Tarot The Chariot – Meanings & Meditation 

Chariot Detailed Tarot Meaning

Out of nowhere the chariot raced towards me.  Drawn by two Sphinxes – one black, one white, symbolising positive and negative energies. On the Charioteer’s shield a winged orb. Many more symbols caught my eye. The voice returned “Face the charioteer. He has potential set alight by determination. He risks nothing and everything, he is oblivious to earthly illusions. He thinks he is the victor though in fact he has yet to conquer time. The Sphynx watch always. Let down your guard at your peril. You must make mistakes to learn the ultimate lessons that are available to you at this moment in time. Are you ready for this test ?”  The chariot clattered past and I was left to reflect on the fiery sky.
My warrior commands his war chariot drawn by two Sphinxes. One white, one black.  Notice the reigns he holds are not controlling the course of his journey. Can he take control over this destiny?
He is on a quest to control all aspects of his personality. The winged symbol on the chariot represents the male and female aspects of his personality. The celestial symbols on his shield show his preoccupation with spiritual advancement rather than the physical world that he leaves in his path.
The Chariot represents your life choices.  Will you choose wisely and follow the right course? The Chariot. Escape your earthly binds, release your higher self.

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Tarot – The Lovers – Children of the Voice Divine

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Tarot The Lovers – Meaning & Meditation

I awoke in a beautiful garden. A perfect young naked man and woman engrossed by their obvious love for one another. Behind them astrological symbols and representations of the five senses bloomed. Startled, I noticed a serpent slivering towards the loving couple. A mischievous angel appeared and I heard him say “Can you sense the temptation that threatens the equilibrium? Should they yield to this the eternal love that could propel them into the light will disappear. This is the everlasting truth. Do you comprehend?” With that he was gone and I was back in the present.
The Lovers depicts a young gorgeous man and woman intertwined and naked. They appear as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The tree of life is evident behind Adam and the tree of knowledge, of good and evil appears behind Eve. The serpent lurked menacingly. The sun burns behind and the winged mischievous angel appears as an apparition.
The Lovers card represents all aspects of relationships and the myriad choices connected with this exciting aspect of life. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing connection. A romantic temptation or a choice of potential partners. Maturity means sacrificing the selfishness of adolescence to pursue a mutually beneficial relationship. Difficult choices may be indicated. Whatever the options choose carefully as the outcome will have far reaching, long lasting consequences. The Lovers .

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Tarot – The Hierophant – The Inner Teacher

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Hierophant Tarot Inner Teacher
The Hierophant – Tarot Meanings & Meditations 

Hierophant Tarot Detailed Meaning

The light caught the triple tiered tiara. I saw two crossed keys. Oblivious to me an initiate bowed before the Hierophant, who began to speak. “The only path to truth is within yourself.  The only mystery is why you seek to prevent yourself from achieving your true potential”.  With that the Hierophant turned, moved between the pillars.
The Hierophant, like the High Priestess, is seated between two pillars.  The Hierophant is depicted as either a man or a woman but always represents the spiritual side of masculinity. The pillars represent the masculine and feminine, day and night, balanced between opposing forces or elements. This card is pure of spirit.  The triple tiered crown symbolises three states of existence – body and mind, and spirit, or physical emotional and mental responses. The sceptre likewise is crossed three times. The temple represents organised religion whereas the high priestess symbolises the more esoteric. The cross keys show the Hierophant has control over the material and physical world. The right hand points to the heavens and shows that what is to be found in heaven is also reflected on earth, if you are receptive to it.  In a reading this card connects your inner teacher. You are a bringer of light. Accept that perhaps you are exactly where you need to be to make the difference. The Hierophant.

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Tarot, The Emperor – The Fiery Mind

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
The Emperor - Aries - The Fiery Mind
The crowned Emperor sits on his marbled cubic throne featuring ram’s head carvings, symbolising Aries …

Emperor Detailed Tarot Meaning

His power is overwhelming. The ram of Aries. The orb and the ankh reinforcing his authority. His voice permeated my mind “I am the ultimate power of four. The YOD HE VAU HE . The four suits, the four seasons. I am earth air, fire and water.  I tried to hold his gaze though ultimately his power was too strong. His voice penetrated my mind “Understand me and there are no mysteries left to discover. Man up and heed my words”. White light and burning heat engulfed me. When my consciousness returned he was gone. Though his energy, of course, was everywhere.
When the Emperor appears you must release all self-doubt and take total control.  Any contractual agreements must be faced.  You need to be strong and assert authority, even if this is alien to you. You can now be a true leader. Take charge. Be completely in the moment. Firm but fair. Most importantly be assertive, this is indeed your chance to shine.

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Tarot, The Empress – The Beauty of Nature Emerging

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
The Empress
Tarot The Empress – Beauty in Nature – Meanings in Detail

Tarot The Empress

The sign of Venus hit me. I was overwhelmed by happiness. “Everything around you is joy” I said.  “Do you know of hunger and cold?  That all things must eventually die?”  There was no reply but her smile said to me “There is no death. Will you not live as if you were to die tomorrow?”
When the Empress appears in your reading she is mother earth, pregnant, within a field of corn, seated on her throne. Her golden heart shaped shield represents imperial power and carries the female symbol for Venus. References to her fertility are abundant. Her crown is comprised of many six pointed stars and has astrological significance. The sceptre she carries signifies the world and all of its experiences.  The flowing water behind her symbolises the union of male and female.  Ultimate femininity. Connections with pregnancy or mother figures, even the birth of a new way of living or exciting project. When the Empress appears know that you are loved. Grasp this energy and be open to new emotional connections. The Empress.  The beauty of nature emerging.

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Tarot The High Priestess | What lies behind the veil ?

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The High Priestess is the personification of veiled power.
Tarot Meaning The High Priestess

High Priestess Tarot Meditation

And I heard her voice only in my mind, almost telepathically.  “To pass and enter the temple of initiation you must travel between the pillars of black and white, through the veil of pomegranates after absorbing all the information I have for you.  Are you ready?” I faltered. I knew I was not prepared. This wisdom cannot be revealed.  It must grow within your heart.  Seek to hear the unsaid and perceive the invisible.
The High Priestess has the power of second sight and proves it to the full by showing that she knows all about his life and lack of direction.  She has information that will help him on his journey, and provides it in the form of ancient wisdom contained in the scrolls that she hand him to advise.  She is the very embodiment of intuition.  Trust your own voice when the High Priestess appears.  The High Priestess has all the answers for the Fool on his journey and she has yours.  The High Priestess.  What secrets will be revealed?

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Tarot | The Magician | Focus your Power

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Tarot The Magus of Power The Magician
Tarot The Magician | Meanings & Meditations 

The Magician Tarot Meaning

Before him were his four magical tools. The sword, the cup, the wand and the pentacle. Above him the lemniscate of infinity – hidden in the flowers below him was a snake swallowing its own tail.  In my mind I heard the voice :- “These symbols belong to the fool, though he has forgotten their purpose. Do you understand their power?” His eyes locked mine and my consciousness contemplated things beyond earth, air, fire and water.
When the Magician appears in your reading, his hypnotic stare may draw you in, though he is only trying to connect you to your personal life mission. Surrender to him. His wand channels the focus from above.  Drawing down the energy necessary to manifest your desires. If you truly commit to the belief you can manifest anything through the power of thought you are truly unstoppable. The Magician only looks forward, he has no regrets,  as should you now. Yes, being a Magician he can use his skill to bamboozle you if you don’t keep your wits about you so therefore it is time for you to be at the top of your game. The Magician tells you to laser focus your dreams and desires, you can now manifest your reality. Absorb the skill of the Magician you have access to his power,  your destiny is waiting.  Are you ready ?

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Tarot The Fool | What hidden potential is about to be revealed ?

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Aleph - The life force begins to manifest
The Spirit of Aethyr | The Fool | Tarot Meanings & Meditations

Fool Tarot Meaning

And then I saw him, dazzled by the sun, moving erratically, he was distracted by everything.  His dog jumped repeatedly trying to warn of the dangerous precipice only inches away.  I heard the voice, “Do not be drawn in by his madness, do not pity him, he is contented in his crazy world”.  Do you know what is in his knapsack?  His journey has no beginning and no end.  Momentarily his vision locked with mine, a demented half smile and he was gone.
If the fool pays you a visit he is inviting you on a spectacular journey.  He is unafraid and trusts implicitly that the universe is going to provide it.  The power of his thought and his dreams now manifest everything he needs to fast forward to the next transformational phase of his existence.   His knapsack contains all of the magical elements necessary to speed his development along the royal world of Tarot, if only he can absorb their wisdom before the Magician gets his hands on them.  Have you ever been around someone so supremely confident in their abilities, someone so trusting that the future is unquestionably bright, grabbing every opportunity that comes their way, that success is aassured? – That mindset is the embodiment of the Fool and that is the energy that permeates your world when this card appears in your reading. Break out of your comfort zone now, through any barriers of self-limiting beliefs.  The Fool, the spirit of aethyr, the definition of life force.  Now life begins.  Are you ready to live yours?  To become your true self ?

Tarot The Fool Detailed meanings & meditation

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Tarot, the World, the Universe is yours. What have you been sent here to accomplish ?

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Tarot meanings major Arcana World
Tarot The World Meanings and Meditations

The clouds parted, an enchanting young woman held my gaze, in her hair a wreath of laurel roses and lilies. A vision of earth appeared encircled by a brilliant glow, a thunderous noise and then in the four corners of my vision the four evangelists materialised, an angel, an eagle, a lion and an ox. It seemed to me that I could, in this moment, comprehend the furthest four corners of the Universe.

The vision faded and the voice came, “ Behold your understanding of your World frozen in a moment of time, you must seek to understand the world beyond your comfort zone. When the Temple has been revealed, you will finally comprehend the wonder of the Universe. Man only experiences external influence and transitory illusions. Infinite knowledge can only be revealed when you truly acknowledge the truth that is inside you”.

When the World appears in your Tarot reading, a cycle is complete. All aspects of your life are conspiring to work in your favour. You have regained control, the greatest secret drives you forward to success and triumph. You are aware more than ever that everything and everyone are connected, that every thought creates your personal reality. Strive for positivity now, you must extend your horizons and accept that new and powerful experiences cannot help but be drawn in to your daily life.

The World is truly yours, move beyond any imagined limitations, a higher state of existence can now be yours.

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Tarot Judgement – The Clarion Call

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Tarot The Clarion call - Judgement
Tarot the Judgement card meanings and meditation

In the distance ice capped mountains. The sky was as if in a speeded up movie, clouds forming & reforming so quickly, throwing crazy shadows across the stony grey ground. Then from the clouds the winged Angel accompanied by the trumpet call. Eerily three stone coffins open and a young man, woman and child, ashen in colour raise up toward the Angel.

Then the voice came “ Do you hear the messenger of the Empress? We are all born to die, though man dies many times in his life before Death finally comes looking for him. Everything will return, as flowers in the spring after the cold barren winter. Do you begin to understand the mystery of life and death ? “

When Judgement lands in your Tarot reading you must release any preconceptions, respond to the clarion call of the trumpet to reveal the light within your self. Judgement allows you to see clearly, awaken confident that any changes or decisions will bring about the necessary transformation needed in your life at this moment. Freedom from any past regrets allows true clarity as inspiration floods your thoughts.

Truly awake you can take hold of your destiny as you progress toward the ultimate card, The World.  Do not try and control the course of developments, that is beyond you now. Enjoy the challenges that you face, hear the trumpet call and begin anew, though now at a higher level of understanding than ever before.

Meditation on The Sun Card Tarot

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Tarot – The Sun – Conscious Blessings

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
The Sun Tarot - Release the inner child
The Sun Tarot – Your individuality shines through

Then blazing in the perfect blue sky, The Sun, the huge luminous orb shining with intense heat over a perfect field of sunflowers. Suddenly I had not a care in the world, feeling completely at peace I was in awe of the power of the rays bathing the flowers that stretched before me, a yellow carpet of perfection. I saw a small boy & then the voice came telepathically “ You know now that you must follow your true path with purity and purpose, the light of the Sun will clarify and cleanse every thought, every action. What is your ultimate purpose ?. The child that you see represents your consciousness, you to are a child of the sun. Your light can now shine, illuminating every path that you decide to follow”.

The Sun card, when it arrives in your Tarot reading urges you to allow your true luminosity to shine. You must be present and conscious in every decision that you make on  this path. You must accept that many aspects of your life now seem to come in to focus, the synchronicity of changes that are set to occur will fill you with optimism. Aspire now to really commit to the path that you know is your destiny, you can attain anything you desire and must no longer hide your true personality, your individuality is set to shine and can no longer be subdued.

The boy on the card urges you to connect to your inner child. To re-imagine the enthusiasm you had in your youth, when everything seemed possible. You can relax safe in the knowledge that the correct path will be illuminated, allowing you to break through any barriers, real or imagined.

Now is the time to truly accept who you are, revel in your individuality, break free from conformity and embrace the changes that will lead you to the next level of your existence.

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Tarot – The Moon – Journey in to the unknown

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Tarot the Moon - Flux & Re-flux
Tarot The Moon meanings & meditations

A wet grey barren expanse stretched before me, the moon symbolised by the green eyed wolf reflected in the wet surface. The half light of the Moon played tricks with my eyes as shadows danced  filling me with trepidation. Feeling anxious I became aware of two dogs, or was it a wolf & a dog ? howling at the Moon. In the distance sat atop a rugged hill I saw two towers, an eerie glow emanating from the windows. The mysterious lunar dream world was confusing, I no longer knew what was real and what was imagined. Many ghosts from my past brushed against me as my mind went in to overdrive, and then the voice returned : “ The darkest hour is always just before the dawn. Why do you still fear ghosts and nocturnal apparitions ? These are just transitory illusions, turn an face what is real and that which is imagined. Then fear & anxiety will be driven back to the place from which it had no right to come  “

It is true that the darkest hours are before the dawn, it is then that the howling wolves & prowling dogs of my Tarot card take over my mind. The Moon card always throws up feelings of insecurity, where the past returns to haunt you, you are unsure of where the future lies. The Moon card connects to your subconscious & brings through things that you need to deal with before you can progress to the next phase of development. Slightly half asleep surreal dreams surround the Moon card, if this occurs to you, write them down immediately on waking as there is almost always some intuitive advice to be gleaned.

The Moon card tells you to leave any unwanted habits or worries behind, do not look back. The shadows thrown up by the Moon are not real, yes you face a journey in to the unknown. Base your decisions now on truths rather than imagined ghosts or shadowy dreams. The Moon represents your subconscious, you have courage now and can shrug off all challenges as you wake refreshed, ready to create a new reality and excel at any new venture.

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Tarot The Star – Enlightening experience

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Star Tarot meanings and meditation
The Star Tarot – Inspiration

My mind exploded with simultaneous sparks of thought. Things that had previously confused me or that had been beyond my understanding suddenly made perfect sense as the beams of light in my brain connected like an information superhighway. I felt elated, though physically shaken, as everything I thought I knew took on new & exciting relevance as myriad new layers of meaning were revealed in a perfect moment of clarity.

Then in the sky above me  a white burst of light faded to reveal a huge, brilliant Star, orbited by seven smaller stars. I was overwhelmed and knew that the light I had been seeking was radiating in the connected network of brilliance before me. It was obvious that any darkness or negativity could not resist the true power of the Star, the light was an infinite inexhaustible force, touching everything in the Universe with its transformational energy.

My mind cleared and the voice came : “ You now understand that the connected sparks of light represent all thought throughout the Universe, when we think as one we can create worlds beyond imagination full of peace joy and unlimited potential. Now you have seen the light you must know that nothing is impossible for you now “

Through the radiance I saw a beautiful young woman. She poured water from two pitchers as a strange bird, an Ibis, watched from nearby. I was thirsty and thought I would approach and ask if I may drink from the pitchers. The young woman smiled and said “ Of course. Remember there is no darkness if you allow your authentic light to shine. Once you allow your truth to be revealed everything is infinitely possible”.

My mind swirls with ideas, inspired and revitalised I continued on my journey.

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Tarot – The Tower – The Facade begins to Crumble

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
The Tower. The foundations begin to crumble
#Tarot, The Tower Struck By Lightning

Out of the darkness the Tower rose before me. The ground shook beneath me as lightning electrified the night sky. Then a huge bolt struck the tower, dislodging the Golden Crown. Instantly the building began to crumble, as flames and smoke billowed forth.
I heard the voice “ This building is only a facade, built on unstable foundation. As with anything, the foundations must be strong to support the structure and withstand the challenges that are sure to arise over time . Do not fear the destruction you have witnessed, it is a lesson that you must learn”.

When the Tower appears in your reading, it may be necessary to break down any situation or belief that no longer serves you as a seeker of the truth. The destructive lightning flash represents an epiphany, a ‘Eureka’ moment that gives you instant, profound insight in how to destroy any illusions that have been masking your true path. Change is inevitable with this card, though I have found that it is more often than not a change within the questioner rather than in their environment. The lightning flash can only reveal one thing, and that is always absolute truth. The realisation that accompanies this card can be overwhelming though always leads to an awakening. The ego may have prevented you from seeing things as they really are. As the facade begins to crumble, the truth unfolds in unstoppable waves, removing doubt and leading you closer to the light.

The upheaval that accompanies the lightning bolt will bring sudden change, areas that you have been avoiding will be exposed and must be confronted.

Are your foundations secure ? What will replace the Tower when your lightning bolt shatters the illusion ?

Meditations on the #Tarot

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Tarot The Devil – Escape the Darkness

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Tarot the Devil
The Devil Tarot – Unchain yourself 

Before me an inverted pentagram formed from the smoke. Then from the flames he appeared, the curved horns, the disfigured face. The Devil, male & female symbols representing the Lovers seen in a previous card were visible. I sensed this couple had allowed him to invade their perfect union. The Devil now had the power to erode the beautiful, perfect union that they had previously enjoyed.

The voice appeared in my mind “This man and woman have succumbed to illusion, they forgot that love is all that matters, they forgot to look with purity and truth, to see only love beyond time. If they can reconnect to this eternal energy, then the Devil will dissolve. He holds no power over love and truth”.

When the Devil appears in your reading, realise that by allowing fear and doubt to enter your mind you are allowing all of your personal power to evaporate. Be wary of self destructive, repetitive addictive behaviour. Jealousy or any thought process not based on proven facts will undermine all aspects of your existence. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself, what do you truly believe, challenge your outlook and response to every situation.

You need to realise that you may be emotionally chained to your past. Situations, people or habits may no longer be relevant to your journey. You may have been afraid, maybe afraid of just how truly great you can become if you only release yourself from doubt. The Devil ion this card is you, turn your back and he will dissolve, finally release yourself from his power.


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Temperance Tarot – The test of Time

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The Angel of Time , Temperance
Temperance Tarot Meanings & Meditation

And then before me an Angel. I was not afraid, the shimmering gold apparition was neither of heaven, nor of earth. The symbol burnt in to my mind, the triangle in a square. The impossible flow of water between the cups, continuous and hypnotic. I knew I was in the presence of unknowable power, great mysteries, I forced myself not to shy away, though the energy was so powerful.

I stared at the Angel & the voice came “ This is your initiation to the true mystery of the Tarot. The Future & the Past converge here, all time, eternity, infinity, all knowledge is available to you now. “

The cups held by the Angel signify the past & the future. The impossible stream of water between the two is the present moment, always fluid, always changing. When Temperance appears in your reading you need to be listen carefully and be willing to completely change what you believe to be the truth. When Temperance appears I have found that the Angel of Time indicates that we need to realise that time as we think of it is not linear. All of our experiences are happening simultaneously and only as we get older can we realise that the prism of ‘the present’, where we view our current experience, is the lens that focuses the myriad revolving circles to help us interpret our current existence. The symbols on the card combine ‘God’ ( whatever that means to the questioner ), human form and our position in the universe. The Angels message is that at any moment, you can choose to understand all of the experience that has been presented to you. Before you proceed down the royal road of Tarot you can take all of the messages from the Major Arcana so far, from the Fool through Death, where you release any baggage that is no longer serving you can be released & embrace the Angel of Temperance, choosing to re-invent yourself as the person you know you were born to be for the rest of your journey.

When Temperance appears a challenge at soul level is coming your way. Be flexible and optimistic, you will be surprised at how ready you are and how much preparation you have already done. Reassess your life, release anything that does not nurture or inspire you, enjoy everything else in moderation. The Angel has been waiting for you. If you feel unprepared then look and listen as never before as many mysteries will be revealed to you. Embrace these changes, re-invent yourself & go forward with the enthusiasm of a child.

Tarot meanings and meditations – Major and Minor Arcana

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Death Tarot – Renewal & Transition

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Meditation on the Death card
Death Tarot Meaning

Then slowly moving in front of me I saw him, the skeletal rider on a white horse. An overwhelmingly sense of black, of darkness. The black armour, the slowly fluttering black flag adorned with the cinquefoil white rose. Wherever the rider passes darkness and death are sure to follow, nothing in nature can resist his power. Then I heard the voice ‘ He is Death, though you must trust the Sun will rise again. The Fool knows not of Death, his life is fear and dreams, as is yours. Will you not fully live this life before he comes looking for you ?’

Priests, Kings, men, women and children must respect the transition of Death. When you see the Death card in a reading it does not signify physical death, rather the inevitable end of a phase to allow transition to a new and inspiring challenge. The darkest moment is always just before the dawn. On my death card the sun descends between dual towers, only to rise again. With the death card always comes rebirth.

Be ready for transformation when this card arrives in your reading, new beginnings, renewal and rebirth appear to fire your enthusiasm for a powerful phase of development.

The Fool knows not of death, as the sun rises & falls, many hopes and fears are born and many will fade away. Man dies many times during the course of his lifetime, is it time for you to experience a re-birth ? Can you imagine where this new adventure could lead ?

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Tarot : Hanged Man. Time for a different point of view ?

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
Tarot Hanged Man
Hanged Man Tarot / Meanings & Meditations

And there he was, suspended upside down by one leg from a tall tree, the other leg crossing. Though obviously in a predicament he seemed perfectly calm.

Then the voice in my mind came : “ This man has found a different perspective, all issues look different from here. He has released his ego, changed his priorities. He has put himself in this position of contemplation, a long road has brought him to this crossroads, he knew it was make or break. Can you imagine how powerful he can become when he chooses to no longer be suspended ?”

When the Hanged Man appears in your reading, your point of view must change. you must realise that to continue with your currently held view is pointless & futile. Sacrifice will be necessary, something that no longer serves you must be released, it could be a relationship that no longer feeds your soul or an addiction that does nothing but hold you back. Surrender your ego, realise that current events may indeed ‘turn your world upside down’.

By suspending himself the Hanged man is forcing himself to observe his situation from a different perspective, an act of purification, the Hanged Man is seeking a new truth.

Imagine yourself walking through the forest, chancing upon this man suspended from a high tree. What would be your initial reaction ? Imagine if it were you suspended, what would this different outlook force you to face ?

The Hanged Man symbolises a form of spiritual hibernation, is it now time for you to emerge with a raised vibration, energised with a totally different outlook ?

The Hanged Man, what happens when you are no longer suspended ?

More details http://www.paulomara.com/tarot/Major-Arcana/Hanged-Man.php

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The seekers journey through The Major Arcana of The Tarot

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I have spent a perfect, lazy Sunday slipping in & out of consciousness next to a pool. It has been truly amazing, made even better by an unexpected daydream through the Major Arcana. Tarot is never far from my mind, here is a brief transcript of the ideas that drifted through my mind today …

The seekers journey through The Major Arcana of The Tarot

The Fool represents the divine spirit, trapped in a physical manifestation ( the body ). The Fool is as yet unaware of this divinity.

The Magician dazzles The Fool with his understanding & mastery of the physical plane, sparking the belief that there is something far deeper to be explored than the obvious experiences of our daily existence.

Before the Fool can experience true freedom, the more esoteric aspects must be understood. Represented by the High Priestess, The Empress and the Emperor, the querent must absorb these difficult lessons to progress.

Likewise the more physical aspects of life, represented by The Lovers & The Chariot must be experienced and successfully negotiated.

After absorbing these lessons The Fool, or seeker on the path, can take the form of The Hermit, beginning to appreciate the more spiritual avenues that will begin to open to him, leading him to a greater understanding of his place in the Universe.

When the Wheel of Fortune begins to turn for him, the seeker must look inside before learning o control the urges and instincts of the Strength card.

Next a completely different outlook in the form of the inversion of the Hanged Man brings a completely new perspective. When the seeker is no longer suspended in the form of The Hanged Man Death arrives to free his spirit from all previous restrictions and great spiritual freedom is afforded him in the form of Temperance.

If this spiritual energy is properly channelled and developed the next challenge is overcoming the challenge and temptations of The Devil.

Escape from the restrictions of the seekers earthly existence is now possible as the lightning bolt shatters the confines of The Tower, allowing the spirit to gravitate through the heavenly dimensions, The Star, The Sun, The Moon until finally he can emerge re-born through Judgement to finally reach the pinnacle of The World.

This is my take on the journey through the Major Arcana that can lead to amazing personal development if the keys of The Major Arcana are absorbed & accepted as a blueprint through which life can become effortless.

Further reading and more detailed meanings of the Tarot Major and Minor Arcana can be found on my website.

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When you go in search of a psychic reading it is important to find the best possible psychic match for you; this means enlisting the help of a professional who understands you, what you want to gain and who you are physically and spiritually. Paul O’Mara has worked hard to create an online space whereby everyone can receive the service they need; no matter who they are or where they are from.

If you are based in Ireland then you are in luck – with Irish psychic readings you are able to use all the online psychic services, free horoscopes and tarot readings, plus you are text or call a psychic too!

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Convenience and ease is key with Paul O’Mara and thanks to the online Irish psychic readings you can gather the information you need from the comfort of your own home. There are a number of free readings online including free tarot readings, free psychic resources, free horoscopes and free animated tarot. You can use these as and when you want and as often as you want – pretty great, right?

Irish psychic readings do not stop there, if you prefer to talk to someone directly then why not phone a psychic or text for a fast answer.

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ext A Psychic - For Psychic Text Reading Services at Paul O'Mara
Text a Psychic – For Psychic Text Reading Services at Paul O’Mara. By simply texting your question you get honest, detailed psychic reading by professionals.

Looking for answers ? You’re not alone – sometimes we all get lonely, unsure or anxious about the future, the past or even the present day. It can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate your way through life with no guidance, worried that you are missing opportunities in love, career or destiny. Sometimes you just need a little bit of reassurance that you are on the right path, or a little bit of informed advice that helps you decide what to do about a given situation or relationship in your life.

If you identify with this sense of confusion or doubt about your choices, you may want to consider reaching out to a person who cares – a person blessed with the gift of sight and clairvoyance, who can see into your innermost thoughts, desires and wishes and help guide you down a path that will lead to your true happiness.

An individual imbued with the gift of psychic awareness can help you to make decisions informed on their intuitive knowledge about your heart, mind and soul. You can stop second guessing your every move and begin to live your wholehearted, best life, safe in the knowledge that your psychic advisor is looking out for your best interests. Those who seek psychic readings by text report finding an overwhelming sense of care, well being and happiness as they move forward in their life.

Connecting with a talented individual blessed with the power of psychic sight has never been easier. Modern technology allows you to make this connection from the discreet convenience of your mobile phone, offering an affordable way to obtain a personal psychic reading. Texting with a psychic professional has never been easier – consider this option today and start your journey toward happiness.

Make an order from the Universe – Online Cosmic Orders

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Making a wish to the Universe
Online psychic wishes for love Make Your Cosmic Order 

Make an order from the Universe now – Online Cosmic Ordering

What’s the common link between a child making a wish while blowing the candle on a birthday cake and a young adult throwing a coin in the wishing well ? What’s the common link between a mother praying for her child’s wellbeing and a start-up entrepreneur looking ardently at the venture capitalists in the boardroom & silently wishing for support?

The commonality is hope. It is this hope, the dream of having a desire being fulfilled and a belief that what one wants might, just happen, no matter how unrealistic it may appear at first, is abandoned by most people at an early age as thy slip into adulthood, leaving the magic of belief behind. When one grows up, is trained by their peers, society and programmed to look at the world and life in a certain way. They can often feel compelled to adhere to the widely accepted unwritten rules of adulthood. The unwritten rulebook says a lot of things but what it doesn’t talk about is that there is a realm of possibility and an energy that is beyond human comprehension, if your are open enough to connect to it.

Have you ever come across a situation when you have done everything you could, better than everyone else and yet you failed? Of course you have, everyone has. There is something known as the cosmos. Everything in the cosmos has its own rhythm of function. You are in control of only what you can do. Everything else is beyond your influence. A child doesn’t know where or how his or her desire would be fulfilled but the child nurtures hope nonetheless. A mother cannot prevent all ailments or protect her child from every adverse reality but she still hopes for the best for her offspring. The same applies to the young adult and the start-up entrepreneur. Everything and everyone is connected at some level, if we are willing to put our desires out in to the cosmos, the Universe can’t fail but deliver on our desires.

It is this universal hope, the innate true desire to get or have something or to have one’s wishes fulfilled, that Online Cosmic Orders are all about. The entire cosmos, or the universe, is nothing but energy. There are positive energies and negative energies, just like positive and negative emotions. Positive energies influence positivity and when you exude such energies towards the cosmos, the cosmos rewards you with the same positivity. There are instances in everyone’s life when somehow everything falls into place. Is it just chance, luck, a concoction or is it that the cosmos is participating by contributing all that is needed to make something happen?

Make an order from the universe, write down or speak out or silently pass on a positive energy and the cosmos would return the favor. Alternatively you can always visit my Online wishing well – Here, or go even further and send your desires through my online Cosmic Ordering page – Here.

If you are looking for a psychic reading by phone you can book a reading with my trusted favorite Psychics and Clairvoyants by visiting my Psychic readings by phone or text page.

The online Fortune Telling machine

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Online psychics and clairvoyants
Free online psychic readings

Visit the free online Fortune Telling machine – Click Here

Free Talking Tarot reading – Click Here

A Sneak Peek Into The World Of Fortune Telling Machines & Funfair Gypsies

Fortune telling machines and funfair gypsies have been a popular and integral part of amusement parks, fairs and gaming arcades for a long time now. Fortune telling machines aren’t very old though. They have been around for a little more than a hundred years. Funfair gypsies are however different. The practice of mystics, psychics and nomads or gypsies foretelling the fortunes of people has been chronicled for centuries. The practice was widespread in ancient Egypt, erstwhile Persia, during the glorious era of Mongolian dominance and in ancient India and China. The iconic crystal ball may be a tad of an exaggeration in pop culture but gypsies regarded as oracles, witches or soothsayers are not a figment of anyone’s imagination.

While there are accounts of gypsies being very accurate with their foretelling, modern day fortune telling machines and funfair gypsies aren’t actually for predicting the future. They are used for amusement.

The earliest fortune telling machines were the Verbal Fortune Teller by Mills Novelty Co (circa 1904), Madame Zita which was among the earliest of funfair gypsies, Grandmothers Predictions by William Gent Mfg (circa 1929), Princess Doraldina by Doraldina Corp (circa 1928) and Geneco Gypsy Grandma Fortune Teller by Geneco Mfg (circa 1940). These fortune telling machines and funfair gypsies have transcended boardwalks, penny arcades and amusement parks. Today, you may find some in malls, gaming zones and there are many modern versions of the old concept.

Just as the old machines would require a coin or two and would automatically pick up a card and either read out or simply slide it out for the recipient to read, there are modern day versions of the same where a deck of tarot cards are shuffled and chosen from instead of a future telling card. There was seldom any consistence pertaining to the type of cards used in earlier machines. Some had no images and just a text. Some had illustrations or a long paragraph. Some had images and the text corresponded to them. With tarot cards and certain methods of fortunetelling, the fortune telling machines and funfair gypsies have become more standardized lately.

Today, it isn’t odd to find a video arcade powered by software generated fortune telling cards or picking tarot cards based on a person’s birthday or name. There are innumerable versions of the old concept available in various forms.

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Are Free Tarot readings accurate ?

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Free Tarot for love
Free Tarot by experts

Are Free Tarot Readings Accurate?

There are a wealth of websites where you can get free tarot readings. You may be a great believer and endorser of tarot readings or you may have a skeptical approach. Regardless of how you feel about it, there is no harm in trying it out. You are not paying any money and what harm can a free tarot spread do ? Unless you are incredibly impressionable, then proceed with care !

The Technicalities Of Free Tarot Readings

There are various aspects or elements to free tarot readings. Simply saying that they are accurate or inaccurate would not be wise or just. Let us first understand how online free tarot readings work.

You can shuffle the deck of cards or the software can do the job for you. Once the deck is shuffled a card is picked, either by you or it is automated. Then you get to know what card or cards they are and their implications in the position in the spread they occur. The implications you get are the explanations developed by the developer or the standard meanings of the cards. In my readings my card interpretations were developed whilst sitting at the top of Glastonbury Tor as a teenager. In some websites you get simple descriptions illustrating the meaning, the best readings however, are those that allow you to add your own interpretations from the cards presented.

Now, shuffling the deck and picking the card online, is that as if you were physically sat in front of a reader ? I believe whether performed by the tarot reader or by the computer / software, as long as you focus then the chance selection is the same. With an online Tarot reading the deck will be shuffled without your intervention and you won’t have any role in picking the cards, though many millions of people still rate my free tarot readings.

Are Free Tarot Readings detailed ?

Once you get the card and read the meaning or illustration, it has to be applied to your life or the circumstances you have been in, are in or would be in. This cannot be done without a two way interaction between you and the oracle. You may be aware of how stories are weaved around the cards and their meanings to drive home the point, that is the nature of Tarot.

In other words, free tarot readings can be helpful if there is a real person, a skilled and experienced tarot reader creating the interpretations. The computer can shuffle the deck, pick the card and even give you all the standard illustrations but it has to be a real person who is dedicated to Tarot creating the experience.

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Free Tarot readings, Are they for you ?

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Free Tarot for love
Free Tarot online answers available now

Are Free Tarot Readings For you ?

There are a wealth of websites where you can get free tarot readings. You may be a great believer and endorser of tarot readings or you may have a skeptical approach. Regardless of how you feel about it, there is no harm in trying it out. You are not paying any money and what harm can a free tarot spread do ? Unless you are incredibly impressionable, then proceed with care !

The Technicalities Of Free Tarot Readings

There are various aspects or elements to free tarot readings. Simply saying that they are accurate or inaccurate would not be wise or just. Let us first understand how online free tarot readings work.

You can shuffle the deck of cards or the software can do the job for you. Once the deck is shuffled a card is picked, either by you or it is automated. Then you get to know what card or cards they are and their implications in the position in the spread they occur. The implications you get are the explanations developed by the developer or the standard meanings of the cards. In my readings my card interpretations were developed whilst sitting at the top of Glastonbury Tor as a teenager. In some websites you get simple descriptions illustrating the meaning, the best readings however, are those that allow you to add your own interpretations from the cards presented.

Now, shuffling the deck and picking the card online, is that as if you were physically sat in front of a reader ? I believe whether performed by the tarot reader or by the computer / softwar, as long as you focus then the chance selection is the same. With an online Tarot reading the deck will be shuffled without your intervention and you won’t have any role in picking the cards, though many millions of people still rate my free tarot readings.

Are Free Tarot Readings detailed ?

Once you get the card and read the meaning or illustration, it has to be applied to your life or the circumstances you have been in, are in or would be in. This cannot be done without a two way interaction between you and the oracle. You may be aware of how stories are weaved around the cards and their meanings to drive home the point, that is the nature of Tarot.

In other words, free tarot readings can be helpful if there is a real person, a skilled and experienced tarot reader creating the interpretations. The computer can shuffle the deck, pick the card and even give you all the standard illustrations but it has to be a real person who is dedicated to Tarot creating the experience.

Paul O’Mara featured as expert Tarot consultant on http://www.tarotadvice.com

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Ten ways to create your dream reality through the power of positivity

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Positivity through psychic readings
Top Ten resources for positive thinking

10 Ways to manifest a Positive Life

We all want to lead a happier and healthier life, and one way to do that is to avoid the negativity that surrounds us. The power of positive thinking is well documented and here are ten of the most common ways positive thinking can help you improve your life.

  1. Be gracious. You should spend more time enjoying the things you have, thankful for the simple things like friends, family, and good health. Avoid the trap of worrying about the things you don’t have or the things you have been convinced you need. Be gracious and thankful for the simplicity of happiness. Have you tried Chanting ? Chant to your future Here.
  2. Find good people. It is very important to surround yourself with supportive and positive people if you hope to be positive as well. Good and honest people who support you throughout your life will eventually help you find that positive energy within yourself. Are your Chakras in Sync ? Take the online Chakra test and find out NOW
  3. Avoid stress. Try to avoid making mountains out of molehills. If it is necessary, eliminate the people in your life that seem to thrive on gossip, drama, and office politics. Often times, those are delusions and problems that really do not exist. Even if that person is a significant other, eliminate their negativity from your life. What is Your Wish ? Visit the Online Wishing Well
  4. Take responsibility. Be responsible for yourself and the decisions you make. Don’t blame others for mistakes and why you feel the way you do. If you are feeling depressed or unhappy, it is your responsibility to make the necessary changes to remedy that. What does Your Numerology say about you and Your life. Online Numerology Here.
  5. Avoid a negative attitude. Never say you can’t do something. It is better to try and be proud of achieving something than never trying at all. Be positive by being happy with all of your accomplishments even when they are small. What does the Tarot have to say to you ? Choose from Your free online Tarot readings here
  6. Be kind. You will find that being kind to others is its own reward. Kindness shown to others intrinsically provides you with a feeling of belonging and purpose. It will translate to a better outlook and help you in other areas of your life. Send a free online Tarot card. Do you need to tell someone how you feel ?
  7. Always look on the bright side. Never focus on the bad things that happen or setbacks that we all go through. Instead, focus your attention on what good came out of a bad situation and how that will improve your life in the future. Learn the meanings of Tarot. Will the Tarot reveal your brighter future ?
  8. Take your time. It is very important to find time throughout your day to relax the mind, body, and soul. Try meditating or going for a nice, long walk. It will clear your mind and help you replenish your emotional energy to stay more positive. What do you really want from life ? Make your cosmic Order online Now
  9. Decide for yourself. It is important in today’s modern society that we all look within ourselves to decide what standards we want to live by. Don’t let the world tell you that you are not smart enough, that you are overweight, or that you didn’t do a good job. Set goals for yourself that you feel are difficult yet attainable and reward yourself for achieving them. What does the Free Tarot machine have to tell You ? Visit the online fortune telling machine Now
  10. Laugh. Laughter has been scientifically proven, though most have known for years already, to ease tension and eliminate the negativity that weighs us down. Find the humor that is around us everyday and take joy in simply being alive and being part of this wonderful life. Do you dream of Winning the Lottery ? Take your chance with the Online National Lottery Numbers Generator

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Free Tarot Readings, Discover your destiny

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Is he the one ? Free Tarot readings
Free Tarot readings, Discover Your destiny

What is Your Destiny ? Find out with  your Free Tarot Reading at http://www.paulomara.com/tarot

The Universe is filled with wonder and many things beyond our understanding.  In order to gain guidance in your life, tapping into the power of symbols via Tarot or astrology may be a viable path for clarity.  Tarot cards have been used for both game play and spiritual guidance since the late 1400’s and astrology has been used far longer.

Tarot and astrology have been maligned as being “dark” or “evil” though when you are open to receiving what the Universe has to offer. You can begin to appreciate the enormity of how the powerful symbols embedded in the Tarot combined with the magic of Astrology can provide a pathway to self development.  We see symbols every day on TV, newspapers and on the streets but when our energy is not in line with the frequency of certain symbols we don’t absorb them.

Tarot symbols are archetypes. For detailed meanings of all the Tarot deck visit my Detailed Meanings of Tarot page.  Archetypes are defined as a model or image that others are patterned after.  In the metaphysical universe the patterned image is you and the archetypes arise in your life dependent upon the frequency of your vibrations and what your subconscious self needs or seeks.  When you have a tarot reading, it is intended to answer a specific question in your life.  The Tarot card chosen is in line with your vibration and can act as a spiritual guide.  If you draw the Chariot card as an example, The Chariot represents your life choices. Will you choose wisely & follow the right course ?. For a reading with one of my Top recommended Professional Tarot readers Click Here

Astrology works on the same vibrational principal that what you resonate with can be dictated by astrological alignment of the planets.  More than simply your zodiac sign or birth month, astrology is like the seasons of the year.  Every human has a birth through death cycle not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense.   As Earth rotates around the solar system, humans experience different “seasons” that are aligned with the stars.  In one season a person can feel immense love and the next the love fades or softens.  The symbols of astrology are like an ancient form of GPS for spiritual guidance.

Tapping into your astrological map will help you navigate the seasons of your life whether it is daily, monthly or life-long. Learning how to read the symbols will help you understand the road you have traveled and where the road is going and how to “feel” your way along those roads to reach a preferable destination.

If you are open to listening, reading and feeling what the Universe is saying, simply study the symbols in both Tarot and astrology as they pertain to you. Each person is unique and the same symbol for one person may not have the same significance for another.  Tarot and astrology have been in existence for centuries and longer.  Considered “dark” or “whacko” by many who don’t understand the vibrational connection to the Universe has recently tarnished a means of spiritual communication, though those who do understand the power use the energy to enhance their lives bringing peace and understanding to their daily lives.

I hope this finds you well, good luck on your journey

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Discover your Sixth Sense – Trust Your Intuition

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How can I develop my psychic ability ?
Open Your Mind – Release Your Intuition

Everyone is familiar with the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. However, many prominent scientists and holistic therapists believe that there is increasing evidence human beings possess a sixth sense. The sixth sense is presumed to be a more intangible sense, sometimes referred to as intuition, that allows us to connect more deeply with one another and the environment that surrounds us.

The sixth sense is usually more visible within young children, and many believe that adults have simply tuned out their innate sixth sense and forgotten about it entirely. It is very important for the complete physical, mental, and spiritual health of an individual to tap into that innate power and re-energize that ability.

One of the primary goals of all human beings is to live in harmony with one another and their surrounding environment. To access that part of our mind that has been turned off and tuned out, we need to focus our attention on redeveloping that natural ability that we all possess within ourselves. Start by training your sixth sense and strengthening your natural intuition. One thing that you can do is start interacting more with new people. Take notes of what feelings and impressions you get. Also, try visiting new places and trying new things. This will also help develop your natural intuition, your ability to gather information that may not be accessible by our other five senses. You should also take advantage of all the extra emotions and extra perceptions trapped inside your mind that you are probably unaware of. Track your dreams and make notes about the images and secret messages that may be hidden within them. Symbolism in dreams is very prevalent and takes several months before someone can start to interpret them correctly, so don’t get discouraged. Also, take some time out of your busy day to write down anything that comes to your mind. Similar to brainstorming, you want to simply write without any purpose or preconceived ideas, but without any purpose. Simply let the ideas and thoughts flow and you may be surprised as to the patterns or messages you may find in the writing.

Personally I found my initial & continuing journey through the rich symbolism of the Tarot opened my mind more than any of my experiences around the globe. Literally every time I step through that door in to the magic of my Tarot deck a new layer of meanings are revealed to me, a journey that I know will never end. Some of the very best psychics and clairvoyants I have ever worked with attribute the Tarot as the key that unlocked their intuition. You can discover the meanings of Tarot through my personal Tarot deck that is the backbone of my Tarot site. Find my free Tarot readings at paulomara.com/tarot.

You too can also develop your perception to reach new heights and depths of discovery. Try paying closer attention to the minute details of your surroundings. For example, don’t just drive down a street, instead, look at the houses that line the road, the color of the sky on a particular day, the children on the sidewalk, the sounds of dogs barking in the backyards, and the colors that abound. In addition, you can start paying closer attention to what you hear, especially when in conversations with others. When fully focused on a conversation, try to notice the almost imperceptible changes in tone and inflection. Notice the facial ticks, eye rolls, raised eyebrows, smirks and smiles as the depth of the conversation becomes more obvious to you. Slowly, the ability to perceive these minor changes in voice, appearance, and gesture will become second nature and you will find yourself in closer harmony with the people around you.

Finally, find time to relax your mind. The sixth sense is most acute in a mind that is relaxed and able to perceive the imperceptible. Try adopting a meditation routine. You can start slowly at first, maybe ten minutes each day before gradually increasing to thirty minutes each day. You can also try stress reducing activities, such as walking. Try to avoid listening to music or adding other activities while you are walking. It is best to keep the mind clear and open to the wonders around you. This is also a perfect opportunity to improve and practice your perception training exercises. With all of these techniques at your disposal, you will develop the sixth sense that has been hidden within you for years and find the harmony you have long sought.

Remember my colleagues are always available to give you a unique, insightful reading by Tarot or clairvoyance by telephone or text on all of my sites. Many free resources are also available to fire your intuition, just visit my free psychic readings page.

For all of your free Horoscopes and Astrology reports please visit my Horoscopes page at AstOMara.com/horoscopes

As always, I wish you great success on your unfolding journey, keep discovering !

Amazing Solar Eclipse, 2015

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Solar eclipse 2015
Solar eclipse magic

Amazing 2015 Solar Eclipse To Be Seen from UK: Where and How to Watch It Best

One of the most amazing events of the year 2015 is upon us. On Friday most British people will have the unique chance to watch the biggest solar eclipse for the last 16 years. Most of Britain will be covered in darkness with some parts experiencing nearly 99 per cent. Other regions will unfortunately miss the most intense activity of this grand solar eclipse.

Where to See It?

People throughout UK are eager to find the best place where the eclipse is observable at its prime. Most fans of these wonderful events know that you can get the best view by heading as far north as possible, as close as possible to the Northern Pole. It means that as close to north west Scotland you can get, the better your view. Unfortunately, British folks from the south east parts of the UK will see the least of the solar eclipse, especially with the current level of smog. If you wonder where the most preferable place in the UK to witness nature’s spectacle is – it’s called the Isle of Lewis, located in the Outer Hebrides.

Many people have already picked the Faroe Islands as their  destination to view this magnificent spectacle. The eclipse there will be total, so needless to say, every single hotel in the area is fully booked. UK residents are overall quite lucky, because even in the parts where lowest intensity is present there will be nearly 82% coverage.

How to Watch It Best?

Your Friday morning should be free. The eclipse starts at 8 am and it reaches a peak at 9:30 am. It’s all over at 11 am. If you are new to such events, then you should know some very important things. First of all, do not look directly at the sun without any protection. However, even if you decide to look directly in the sun with special glasses, there is still risk. Do not stare for too long in any case!

You can buy protective glasses from optical or camera stores, but know that ordinary sunglasses just won’t do the job. The most reliable choice are products with the CE mark on them. It means that these glasses are appropriate and meet all requirements of the EU. As Friday approaches, your best solution will be to scout out a local solution. Huge demand is surely predicted at the last moment so don’t wait, and again take no risks.

Alternatively, you can use camera to watch the solar eclipse. If you decide to take pictures, be extremely cautious. Even protective glasses in conjunction with your camera may not be enough to save you from the sun rays, especially if using magnification. Use both a filter on your camera in combination with protective glasses to ensure maximum protection.

Even if you are unable to travel and see the eclipse, you definitely won’t miss it. The BBC will show it on large screens in various locations, such as Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast, Bristol, Bradford, Coventry, Waltham Forest, Woolwich, Portsmouth, Swansea and Warwick. Astronomical societies have joined the initiative, they will run classes to ensure that anyone who wants to participate will find the best solution to experience this amazing solar eclipse.

The Sun, detailed Tarot Meaning

The Moon, detailed Tarot meaning

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Valentines Day, Love Yourself before anyone else !

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Soulmates and how to attract them
This Valentines Day Get ready to attract your Soulmate

Hello gorgeous :0’, It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day again. How quickly the year goes! Valentine’s Day tends to be a mixed bag of emotions. Though we might be concerned about the commercialisation of the festival, even the most hard-hearted cynic gets a little stirring on this special day when they think about love & relationships.

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For many of us, Valentine’s Day is as much about the vulnerability as it is about love. That’s why it’s important that we remember that Valentine’s Day is about loving yourself as well as loving others. Happiness starts at home, and if you are unhappy in yourself then it will be very difficult for you to find love and feel loved by another.

Speak Live to a recommended Professional Psychic or Clairvoyant about Love & relationships, Details Here !

Whether you have a partner or not, you can use this Valentine’s Day to spectacular effect. You can can make a change in your life, and commit to letting love flow through you this Valentine’s Day, and every day thereafter. Let it flow within you, and then it flow outside. This might start with just a generous smile to people who look lonely, or by reacting in a positive way to a situation that would have previously wound you up. Taking the courage in striking up conversations with somebody who looks like they need it will definitely put you on the correct wavelength to attract positivity on to your frequency. It may be none of those things, and instead just by concentrating on yourself, and allowing yourself some slack, rather than being self-critical you could begin to attract a love revolution into your life. Spend the day giving yourself love, treat yourself to a special coffee or a single bloom, a luxurious bath or some time curled up with a neglected favorite book.

Meditation is fantastic for exuding AND attracting loving vibes. Imagine yourself as a beam of light, radiant and radiating your life and your love outward into the world, a Wi-Fi Hotspot of positivity & Joy. You can do this whether you are at home or whether you’re in a crowded place. Even in a shopping centre you can perform the same mindful meditation as if you were sat in your own living room. Sit on the bench in your park and radiate love, on the tube imagine a ‘ready-brek glow’ of happiness & watch the results. This definitely can’t harm anyone, though it might just change the world for the better.

The next stage of developing a loving outlook is calling a truce with your inner self, the nagging voice that sits at the back of your head interjecting unwanted thoughts. For all of us, there will be baggage that we’ve accumulated since last Valentine’s Day, and we can use the occasion to let go of all this, as with any annual occasion. If you’ve been bearing a grudge, then forget it. In the words of Frozen, Let it go. Let the person or situation free of your grudge in order to release yourself. If you have regrets, simply do the same. Give yourself the gift of living free of regret, and replace it with love. Life is simply too short

This Valentine’s Day can be something special if you let it. If everyone were to do this, through the power of osmosis, the world would be a happier place, without a doubt. We are all parts of the same whole. Watching the relentlessly depressing news and living our ever increasingly stressful lives can get you down; there’s a lot of negativity, develop a negativity shield. Visualise a shield of white life, showering you with positivity & washing away any energies that are holding you back. Use Valentine’s Day to see beyond all the negativity in yourself & your world. You will feel you will be making a small difference, but remember it’s a difference that could affect the entire world.

Finally, remember the purpose of Valentine’s Day. Regardless of your situation, you have something unique to offer the Universe, there will only ever be one of you. And there are many people that love you, visualize them in your mind now. Make the day about them. Even if you are a long way away, there is nothing stopping you making a phone call or dropping a message to tell someone how important they are to you. If you are close to them, you can tell them in person. Remember, happiness starts at home and radiates outwards. Work on emitting a loving frequency & visualising your living aura expanding until it is stretching the boundaries of not only your world, but the entire known Universe AND then beyond !

Wishing you boundless love not only for Valentines but for your amazing future ! 

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Chinese Astrology 2015 Green Wood Goat / Sheep 2015

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Green Wood Goat / Sheep
2015 Year of the Goat

Chinese New Year 2015 Green Wood Goat / Sheep

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It’s almost the right time of year to celebrate one of the world’s longest running festivals; The Chinese New Year. 2015 will mark China entering the Year of the Goat or as some prefer / Sheep. The first day of the Year of the Sheep is February the Fourth, 2015. However, this is not when the Chinese will celebrate New Year’s Day, as Chinese New Year’s day is marked by the first full moon of the new year. Therefore, the New Year’s Day celebrations will occur on the first full moon of the Year of the Goat / Sheep. This year, it will be February the 19th at Chinese Standard time.

As you are probably aware, the Chinese use their own version of astrology to make predictions about their lives. This is true for the animal into whose year you are born, however the year is just one of many factors that affect how your life should progress according to Chinese astrological symbols.  Not only are there twelve animals which cover the years, but there are also five elements in Chinese astrology. Also, in addition to the year of birth being important, the date of birth and even the time of birth are also important. This is how Chinese astrology can be so accurate.

The element of the Sheep in the year 2015 is wood, and wood is associated with the colour green. Therefore, you might see people referring to 2015 as the year of the Green Wooden Sheep. If you know your own birth element, then you can get a very accurate reading based on how your element will interact with the wood element of this year. For instance, if you have fire earth or wood as your lucky element, then it will interact with the wood of the green wooden sheep to bring you a considerable amount of good fortune this year.

Your lucky element is based on four things; The time of your birth, the day of your birth, the date of your birth and the year of your birth. That’s how the Chinese astrological system makes sense and gives accurate readings. If there were only one number to consider, then everyone born in the same year would have the same fortune. These combining factors explain how some two people could be born minutes apart and yet have completely different personalities. It’s important before you get a reading to understand your own lucky elements by working them out from your own birth.

Here we will give a quick run down of the elements and the fortune they can expect in 2015:

Metal – you will have a fair amount of luck.

Water – expect no amazing fortune. If you are careful and prudent, then you will have a fair year, but don’t take any huge risks.

Wood – You will have incredible fortune this year. If you do find trouble, fear not; help is sure to arrive soon.

Fire – You will have excellent fortune this year. This will manifest mostly in the fact that you have more persistence than usual.

Earth – You will have reasonably good fortune this year. However, you might have a little pressure upon you, so don’t wilt and keep going.

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Irish Psychics and Clairvoyants, Professional Tarot readings

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Irish Professional Psychics
Irish psychics for professional readings by phone or text

Ireland is a very beautiful country & the land of my forefathers, steeped in tradition and bursting with belief in magic and positivity. Perhaps, what makes Ireland more beautiful to me is the quality of Irish psychics that I have encountered. My spirituality first developed and evolved in Ireland. Historically Irish psychics are well known for having the ability to read people’s fortunes and tell them about their destinies. Whilst having tongue in cheek beliefs in wonderful fantasies like my friend the Leprechaun.
Ireland has a strong and long standing history of good psychic development. It is one of those countries whose level of psychic practice is allowed to develop without ridicule from the general population. Think of any fortune reading and psychic ability, the Irish psychic is always a reader to beat. It is in the area of Clairvoyant readings or tarot readings or horoscopes that they are a leader amongst their peers, in my opinion. The readings are grounded in solid foundation of trust and usually strong ethical standards which are hard to beat.
There are various types of psychic readers available in Ireland today. However, I believe our services stand out as among the best available. We provide all forms of services, including Phone psychic readings, Text psychic readings or Email psychic readings. The fast text service is without doubt the most popular service offered today. Many return customers find us through the free services which we offer including Tarot card readings, Astrology, Numerology and many more.
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For those who seek a psychic reading, a simple telephone call can link you to us. The access to the Internet has broadened the horizon and landscape of psychic reading such that readings can now be performed online. Free online readings have made psychic readings available to anyone who may decide to progress to a personal reading.
Despite the progress of technology and science, many still believe in the supernatural and people still have superstitious beliefs. In Ireland, there are many psychics and fortune tellers and many of them are popular and well known for their services. This shows that human beings have innate desire to believe in the immaterial world and fear the unknown.

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Final Full Moon of 2014 – Astral Power

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Review 2014 under the last full moon of 2014
Last Full Moon of 2014 – Get ready for some Lunar magic !

As 2014 draws to a close, What You Need To Know About Astrology Right Now

If you know about astrology, then you know that there are certain days which are incredibly important. You’ll also know that in astrology, there are certain times when you can gain incredible good fortune if you observe the signs.
As you know whether you understand astrology or not, December is a time of great change for a lot of us. The year is coming to a close, and as we might worry about our progress from the last year, we will also be looking forward to a New Year beginning. You might have succeeded at last year’s resolutions, or you might have failed. You might have Christmas shopping to do, or you might have tasks and appointments that your boss expects completed by the winter break.
A person with a keen interest in astrology needs to know that this Saturday 6th December is a very important day. It is the last full moon of the year 2014, and as such, it holds tremendous astral power. The full moon is a sign of tranquility, magic and contemplation. Regardless of your own star sign, you need to use this date to reflect and to relax. Your worldly worries can wait. Use this Saturday to draw power from the last full moon of 2014, and let the astrological powers grant you tranquility, calm and an inner resolve which will allow you to look backwards and forwards with a sense of accomplishment and wonder. If you allow this to happen, you can expect to receive many magical moments and fortunate coincidences over this period and into the New Year.
As our site has a global audience, we need to make something clear about astrology: where you live will affect the time that the moon is at its most powerful. When the moon is at its apex, you will find that its power is strongest. In London, for instance, the astrological event will be strongest at 12:26pm; this is according to Greenwich Mean-Time, GMT. Depending where you are in the world, you might feel the astrological effects into the earlier hours of Sunday morning depending on your time zone.
This event is about realising that even in the busy, modern world, we don’t have to fight for tranquility. We can all take a moment to experience peace of mind. We can take a moment and exhale, and find inner peace if we just listen for it. This will help us, for after all, our lives take place inside us as much as outside us.
In short, remember that at 12:26GMT on Saturday 6th December 2014 and for the few hours remaining afterwards, it will be the most powerful time in astrology for the rest of the year. It will be the last full moon of the year, and as such, it will be a time to contemplate and reflect. You might feel in your day to day life that you have to fight for inner freedom, but if you allow yourself to breathe slowly and deeply, you’ll find that the answers you seek are right there waiting for you.

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How to Do a Blind Psychic Card Test Reading to Develop Intuition

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Intuitive Tarot card readings
Tested Tarot card readings

A blind card reading is often used by top psychics to help them develop an intuition about their clients. This refers to putting cards face down on a table and running the hands over them to see which has the most power and pull. A psychic’s intuition will guide them to a correct card or one that has the best advice for their client.

At home, you can use this same blind card reading trick to develop your own intuition or help you to make decisions based on instinct. You don’t use tarot cards as these are best used by experts, but can use cards that help you with certain specific decisions. Consider how to do this.

1. Write out your potential decisions.

Think of a decision you need to make, such as which job offer to choose. Write out your potential decision on separate index cards and be sure the cards are all the same so you can’t tell any difference between them.

Turn the cards upside down and shuffle them, then place them on the table before you. Again, be sure you can’t tell the difference between any of the cards.

2. Tune into the cards.

Shut out all distractions as you tune into the cards, one at a time. Hold your hand over each one and note your reaction to it. Concentrate and see if you’re drawn to any one in particular. You may need to note a scale for your reaction, for example, 1 being slightly drawn to the card with 2 being drawn more strongly, and 3 being very drawn to the card.

As you do your blind card reading note this reaction and remove the cards with the weakest reaction. As you get down to your last two choices, concentrate again as you hold your hands over them.

3. Choose your card.

The card you feel most drawn to will be the card to guide your intuition or inner voice. Turn this card over and note what it says, and concentrate on why it might be the right decision for you.

Remember that a blind card reading only works if you ensure you don’t “cheat” by marking a card you want to be true and if you really concentrate. This will ensure it’s your own intuition that’s guiding you and will help you to better follow and trust your instincts. If you would like your own unique card reading by a professional recommended Psychic Click here to see which readers your intuition guides you towards.

6 Things to Do Today to Have Peace and Happiness Tomorrow

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6 Steps to inner Peace & Happiness
Steps to Peace and Happiness

Inner peace and happiness can be yours, if you decide to be proactive and actually open your life to the concept!  Far too many people close off the positive energy offered by the universe because they don’t realise what they need to do to welcome that energy into their home and their life.

If you’re ready for tranquility in your heart and in your mind, consider 5 things you can do today to have peace and happiness tomorrow.

1. Pick one positive thought for meditation.

Pick one positive thought you can dwell on today as that will open up your mind to happiness tomorrow. Remember that in order to receive positive energy from the universe, you need to create something positive in your life and in your mind first. Concentrate on this positive thought all day and you’ll have a happier tomorrow.

2. Remove something negative.

Negative items in your home can block positive energy and in turn, your peacefulness of mind. Remove just one negative item today for a more positive tomorrow. This might be an old photo that reminds you of unhappy times or the scale in the bathroom that feels like a constant nag to lose weight. When you remove the negative, you allow in the positive.

3. Talk to someone happy.

Happiness is contagious, so talk to someone that always seems upbeat and positive. Their energy can rub off on you and in turn, you can be more open to that positivity in your life. If you don’t know someone particularly happy, seek them out. Note someone at work or in the neighbourhood who seems to have their own inner peace and take the initiative to chat with them.

4. Spend time with nature.

There is plenty of positive energy in nature but people today often don’t spend enough time in or around nature. To bring peace and happiness to your life, spend time outdoors in natural settings. If you can’t do this, bring nature into your home. Have flowers on the table or well-tended houseplants in each room. These bring in positive energy and can help make any space feel brighter.

5. Get a Professional Psychic reading.

A psychic reading can help you to have inner peace and happiness as you can find out what is keeping this happiness out of your life, and you can get guidance on what to avoid to have peacefulness and energy today and every day.

6. Do something you really enjoy

I have recently redesigned and updated my Astrology Website and filled it with awesome free Horoscopes, Soulmate readings and much more. When you do something you truly love, and aspects of what you enjoy begin to get recognition life becomes effortless. My Tarot & Astrology sites are hard work but at the same time I am really fortunate that something that gives me great pleasure is also embedded in my work & personal focus. What really fires you up ? What would you really want to do if even you had won the lottery for example ? This is the key to finding true peace and happiness in your life. Close your eyes and see what it is that will truly make you happy. I hope you manifest this and more, life is for living so embrace the future and grab opportunity with both hands now !

3 Ways to Make Room for Your Spiritual Life

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Release your inner Spirituality

3 Ways to Make Room for Your Spiritual Life

Many people struggle with “spirituality”, working on all aspects of their personalities to improve themselves, to become the best “them” that they can possibly be. Right now Astrologically the power of the Sun combines with the focused outlook brought by Saturn, making it remarkably easy for you to achieve a breakthrough. This combination won’t appear again for another year. That means, now is the time for you to manifest your desires right now ! & with ease. This week is the time for you to become fully aware of your potential and pull your dreams in to your reality !
The Sun and Saturn combined means that on a subconscious level you now what needs to be done to change aspects of your life for the better. Before you can make this incredible leap, honestly review where you are, look at your current situation and decide where you are headed. Focus on the spiritual side of your life whatever that means to you and you cannot help but manifest powerful changes in your physical, or ‘real’ life …

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Your spiritual life is something that is apart from your physical life. This part of your life includes your intuition, your feelings of being connected to something larger than you, and your awareness of the outside world. For some people this might involve religious beliefs but for others it may simply mean a feeling of something else existing in the world around us.

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world it can often be difficult to connect with spiritual things, which is why it’s good to consider how you can make room for your spiritual life. Consider three ways anyone can do this.

1. Schedule time for spiritual things.

You can’t assume that time will simply come to you when you want to explore or enjoy the spiritual aspect of your life. Instead, you need to create a schedule and view this as an appointment, the way you would any other important part of your life. When it’s time to go to work you don’t question it but simply get up and go. When it’s time to pick up your children from school, you don’t let anything else interfere with that priority.

To make time for your spiritual life you need to do the same. Create a space for it in your schedule and give it priority. This is the only way that time will come to you.

2. Listen to your spirituality.

One way to make room for spirituality is to ensure that you listen to this side of your life. As an example, if you have a certain intuition that your ancestors are guiding you in a certain decision or feel as if you’re drawn to a certain work or even a certain location, this may be your spirituality talking to you. If you don’t listen to this intuition you may lose out on that part of your life and are not making room for it. Tune into these things and ensure that you listen when you hear these things inside of you.

3. Ask for guidance.

One reason that many don’t have room for their spiritual life is that they need guidance on how to find their spirituality and on how to listen to that side of their life. There is nothing wrong with asking for guidance from an expert so you can discover the spiritual side of you and in turn, learn its value and learn how to make room for it in your life.

Looking for Answers ? Call one of my recommended professional Psychics or Clairvoyants for your personal reading.

Get ready to be loved, 3 ways to attract your perfect partner

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Soulmates and how to attract them
Get ready to attract your perfect match

3 Ways to Open Your Life Up to Receiving Love

While many people feel that they don’t have enough love in their life and talk about being ready for a relationship, in truth they may actually be less receptive to this type of emotional wellness than they know. Many people overlook the opportunity for positive energy to flow through their heart and through their life, and because of this they find that it simply passes them by.

If you’re feel that you’re not receiving the love in your heart that you want and deserve, consider a few ways to open up your life. These tips can help you ensure that you’re ready for this and will do everything you can to welcome and nurture this positivity.

1. Clear out the past.

Perhaps one reason that something new has not entered your life is because your past is blocking it out. This might be hurt from a past relationship, negative energy that comes from mementos of your past, or expectations you bring to others based on what you experienced in the past.

If there is anything from your past that is keeping you from welcoming something new, you need to block this out and get rid of it. You cannot expect new, positive energy to enter your life when old energy is still in the way.

2. Listen to your inner voice.

If your intuition is telling you that you can find a new relationship somewhere or with someone, listen to that voice. Don’t shut it out or tell yourself that it’s impossible. As an example, you might feel drawn to a certain group of friends or to certain volunteer work, and feel that these appeal to your heart more than to your head. This can be your intuition telling you that love is waiting for you there! Listen to your intuition and your inner voice and this can help to open your heart to new possibilities. You can always speak to one of my top love psychics by phone or text for pointers on how you can improve your love potential & move closer to finding your perfect life partner.

3. Be someone that others will want to be with.

Rather than always worrying about finding the right person for you, think about how you can be the right person for someone else! This works with the laws of attraction; if you want to receive love you need to send it out in the universe. Be a person that others will be drawn to, that is, someone who is kind and considerate but bold and adventurous, and you may be surprised at the opportunities the universe brings you!

Understanding the Concept of the Third Eye

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Third eye, intuition & meditation
Meditation to open the ‘3rd eye’

Have you ever heard someone talk about the concept of the third eye?  This is a term that is often used in Eastern philosophy but many Westerners are also very interested in this concept and how it can help them with their intuition, intelligence, and instinct. Tuning in to what is taken in by this part of you can mean making better decisions and even protecting yourself.

Personally I understand the third eye to be the incredible clarity one can achieve through focus & meditation. I certainly understand where the ‘third eye’ concept developed from as I often have a physical feeling at the very front of my brain, on my forehead, whenever I am sat in contemplation, and occasionally during hypnosis. Likewise in those moments of clarity when between waking & sleeping it is possible to take control & direct your dreams, or ‘lucid dreaming’ to give the phenomenon its proper name

To take advantage of this it’s vital to understand the deeper concept of the third eye so you know how it works and how it actually affects you. Many people think they know what is meant by this concept but because they have mistaken beliefs about how it works, they aren’t really open to the perception it offers. Many of my favourite and undoubtedly best psychic readers report that the front of the brain is where many of their strongest instances of intuition manifest.

What it Means

The concept of a third eye doesn’t mean having an actual eye or seeing things physically better. It also doesn’t refer just to your instinct. Instead, this concept refers to all your senses working with your brain to give you greater intuition in matters. Your five senses take in information based on what you see or hear and then your brain works with that information to build an intuition or inner voice. In some cases you may not even be aware of how this is happening.

As an example, you may not be conscious of subtle changes in a person’s voice or body language when they lie to you, but your intuition tells you that they’re not being truthful. This is because your eyes see them fidget slightly or look away when they talk to you, and your ears hear very slight changes in their voice. You may not be aware of these subtleties but your senses work with your brain to then alert you to a potential untruth. You don’t have anything concrete to base this on, but your inner voice is trying to protect you.

Using This Intuition

Now that you have a better understanding of the concept, how do you use your third eye effectively? The best way to do this is to listen to that inner voice you hear when it comes to your intuition. If you feel that someone may be lying to you, this doesn’t mean you need to automatically decide that they are but it does mean that you should keep your eyes and ears open to more information. If you feel drawn to a particular decision, let your intuition guide you to deeper understanding around your decision and follow that intuition. If you are still searching for answers and have a burning question but don’t fully trust your intuition, remember my top professional Uk Psychics & Clairvoyants are ready & waiting to give you a unique and revealing personal reading by telephone or text.

Three Keys to Letting Go of the Past to Create a Welcoming Future

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3 keys to a brighter future
Let go of the past, welcome a brighter future

This week I have been working with a small group of fabulous people on changing perceptions about who they are & where they are headed. Most surprising was that all of them associated themselves with who they were, not who they are, or more importantly who they could become.

If you’re unsure of your future or find that you can never seem to build a future for yourself no matter your plans, you may want to think about whether or not you’re letting go of the past to let in that welcoming future.

Your past affects your future the way negative energy affects positive energy; you cannot get in anything positive if it is being crowded out by the negative. The same is true with your past; you cannot let in a bright and welcoming future if you have a perceived negative past that you won’t put behind you. My daily Horoscopes are designed to enable you to focus on the positives. My selected Psychics & Clairvoyants are always available to provide inspirational readings to reveal your answers and guide you to your brighter future.

Actually letting go of things from your past that are crowding out a bright future can be easier said than done, but consider three keys for doing this right now in your life, to manifest your perfect future.

1. Get rid of actual items from the past.

Items from your past can be full of negative energy. This can be mementos from a failed relationship, paperwork from a job that was un-fulfilling, or even things from an unhappy childhood. Go through your home and get rid of things from your past that you feel are negative and which don’t add value to your life. This will help you to let go and to make room for new and more positive experiences.

2. Do something different from your past.

One good way of letting go of the past is to start a new routine, fresh from all your old habits. As an example, suppose you always go to the same location for your holiday. Start a fresh future for yourself by trying a new location in a brand new setting. You can do this in small ways too, for example, you might go out with the same friends every Friday night. These friends might be a reminder of your past and may even be limiting your growth, so maybe consider making some new friends and starting a new routine for the weekend.

Letting go of old habits can often be a first step to letting go of the past. It can also be a great stepping stone for creating a better and brighter future for yourself.

3. Change something about yourself.

Sometimes something as simple as getting a new haircut, losing a few pounds, or buying yourself a few new wardrobe pieces are all that’s needed to bring in a fresh future. Changes like these bring in new and more positive energy and can help you to let go of the old you, including pieces of your past. Think for a moment, how do you really see yourself ? What beliefs have you built up as to what you can achieve ?. The truth is you have as much right as anyone, and probably as many opportunities. A lady I have been working with this week finally opened up to me. She saw herself as the dyslexic child that had been told she would never achieve anything, was useless & couldn’t even speak properly. What I saw before me was a vibrant, beautiful young woman. In a fulfilling relationship & well respected in a high pressure career. It is strange how we perceive ourselves, when to others we may appear totally different. The internal voice can be a dangerous enemy & we must learn to constantly focus on the positives to ensure that we can grow to the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. The unique wonderful individual that the Universe wants us to be.

What self limiting beliefs and remnants of your past can you release now ? Take some time to focus on these, thank them, and then release them. Then make a pact with yourself to accept praise & feel proud at all of your positives and achievements.

How great can you truly become ? Your future is waiting, embrace it now with the enthusiasm of a child.


5 Ways to turbocharge Your intuition

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants
5 Methods for developing intuition
Sharpen and develop Your intuition

5 Things People With Great Intuition Do Every Day

The term intuition means a sixth sense, an inner voice or instinct that tells you how to act or respond, often quickly and without thinking about it. Some people seem to have great instinct and can often tell the outcome of a situation or the right decision to make. Others however may struggle with this aspect of their understanding.

If you’re one who doesn’t seem to have this strong instinct about things there are a few steps you can take to strengthen your intuition and that inner voice, or to learn how to listen when it speaks to you. Consider 5 things that people often do when they have good instincts and how you can reinforce yours. Undoubtedly the best Psychics & clairvoyants I have ever met, & work with on a daily basis have extremely heightened intuition. All of them exhibit the following five qualities.

1. They spend time alone.

You can’t listen to that inner voice if it’s always be crowded out by outside voices. To increase your instinct, take time for yourself, alone. This will allow you to block out those distraction and tune into your instinct, making it stronger.

2. They notice everything.

Do you notice body language and other nonverbal cues when someone speaks? Do you notice the end results of other people’s decisions and what they based those decisions on? When you open your eyes to what is happening around you and take in as much information as you can, your instinct will grow stronger and wiser.

3. They develop empathy for others.

Developing empathy for other can help you to better sense what others are truly saying and trying to express even without words, which in turn strengthens you own intuition. Empathy means more than just feeling sorry for people but it means feeling the same things they feel, including happiness, sadness, and so on. Think of doing this in your own relationships and you may see that your instinct becomes much sharper.

4. They create.

In order to create, you need to listen to your inner voice. The more you do this, the stronger that voice will become. Take time every day to create, even if it’s just for a few moments. Work on a fiction story, some art, a sewing project, pottery, a garden, and so on.

5. They mindfully relax.

To mindfully relax means to actively set aside negative feelings like anxiety and put the mind at rest. Practice this every day; when feeling anxious or stressed, do some deep breathing, use a mantra, or mentally put yourself on a relaxing beach. This will help your inner voice to become stronger and will increase your intuition.

If you are looking to develop your intuition, there are many free resources on my site. If you would like to have a reading with a top Psychic Intuitive, please visit my Book a Psychic reading page.

Thanks for reading, until next time !




The Crow, Symbol of Prophecy

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Magical Spirit Bird
Something magical, The Crow, Bird of magic

The Crow – Bird of Magic
Just recently I have become increasingly aware of an abundance of Crows in my world, appearing & calling on an ever more regular basis. My mother would have been terrified as she always saw these incredibly intelligent black beauties as a bad omen. I most certainly don’t. Ever since I watched in astonishment as a particularly cheeky, beautiful specimen decided to share my lunch, I have been fascinated by these magical creatures. To those whose lives don’t start and end with the physical world, there is more to a crow than what meets the eye. While this gallant bird is in no way short of simplistic beauty, its mere presence brings with it a rare and unique portal into the spiritual world, with endless possibilities of positive spiritual enlightenment.
Beyond its raucous call and mischievous saunter resides a deep running connection to the spiritual world, represented by the crow’s mere presence. While a solitary visit from one or more crows could be viewed as a chance encounter with the spiritual realms, a repeat visit from this magical bird warrants a closer look. The crow is indeed a bird of magic, carrying symbolic weight which is often misunderstood and associated with negativity. This misguided view is a direct result of numerous religious and spiritual texts, wherein a crow’s call is often used to mark the occurrence of a specific event, usually resulting in a negative outcome.
What should be clarified is that those negatively-inclined religious and spiritual texts are terribly misinterpreted. A crow’s cry implies its removed position from where it is heard, which is a clear indication of the fact that it has chosen to remove itself from whatever documented unfortunate event has taken place. When this magical creature is in direct contact with its immediate environment however, it is hardly ever heard crowing. With this in mind, one should interpret a crow’s symbolism through its presence, rather than its call. The positive association of a crow resides in its presence, as opposed to its distant call and this is where its symbolic significance as magical, spirit bird shines through.
With this educated view in mind, the crow can be more accurately associated with the mystery of life and the power of magic. It doesn’t take more than two careful looks at the crow’s behaviour to begin to uncover the message it has for the observer. While a crow is well-known and is perhaps infamous for its fearlessness, craftiness and mischievous ways, the positive message it bears from the spiritual world is one which we can all learn something from and subsequently achieve immediate personal growth.
If the crow that visits you could speak your tongue, what it would have to say to you translates to this: “The miracle and magic of life has given you a unique set of characteristics which you must adapt, hone and deploy, without fear, seeking personal transformation so as to reach your ultimate destiny — a destiny which is unfolding right in front your eyes and it’s up to you to open your eyes and see it.”

Many years ago I used a picture of another bird friend of mine, the Magpie, on my Seven of Swords Tarot card. I wish I had found a space for the magnificent crow. I also wish I knew what my feathered friends are trying to tell me, Though I’m sure it will manifest soon enough.

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Halloween, Samhain, are you ready for all Hallows’ Eve ?

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From Darkness must always come Light : link https://www.paulomara.com/halloween Enjoy !

An Overview of Halloween and Samhain Festivals

Over the years, Halloween celebration has incorporated the Samhain festivals.  Halloween is known as Samhain in the worlds of witchcraft and Wicca.

The Origin of Halloween: Samhain (Celtic Festival of Darkness and Mystical Light)

At the beginning of November, the Celtic festival of darkness is celebrated and marks the coming of winter months with the approaching darkness. The origin of the word Samhain comes from Samhradh meaning end of summer in Irish Gaelic.  Samhain was a festival of deepening darkness and fading light (the dark and the light) or (death and life). In the dark aspect, this event was sometimes considered to mark an impending period of destruction and chaos.

On Samhain, the forces of darkness returned to rule. According to Irish mythology, the demonic Fomorian race oppressed the people of Nemed on 1st of November. In another legend, Aileen the burner puts everyone to sleep at Samhain and burnt the palace of the Irish kings at Tara. During the festival, groups of men, women and children wore masks and costumes causing havoc in the neighbourhood. Samhain was also the time for witchcraft, sometimes believed to bring the dead back to roam the earth. The combination of darkness and light, fear and hope, order and chaos gave this festival a merry theme & became a time for misbehaving. This is the time when all rules in all fields such as social, political, communal or psychological were meant to be broken, and new rules were created.

How Samhain Festival Represented in today’s Halloween Customs?

  • The symbolic lighting of candles in the grinning pumpkin
  • Popular games played at Halloween are many, including for example bobbing for apples, and ‘trick or treating’.
  • The havoc wreaked by deities and the dead in modern movies like scream, Dracula, vampire stories, American werewolf in London and of course, Halloween among other classic horror movies.
  • The identification of living and the dead in Halloween trick or treat and the wearing of costumes. The Tradition of Samhain feasts and of course Halloween candy.
  • Mischief in many mild forms is played on people who don’t provide the costumed revellers with ‘treats’.

How to Go About Celebrating Samhain 

A circle is set, and five elements are acknowledged. During the night of Samhain, the veil between the world of the living and dead is at its thinnest. Halloween is that day when it is easiest for wiccans, witches, and other spiritualists who use witchcraft to set their circle and finely attune it to the magic of the world. There are different types of rituals that spiritualists and wiccans go through when it comes to Samhain. The main rule for anyone celebrating magick is to acknowledge and respect the living, dead, rebirth and reincarnation.

Samhain was also the perfect time to tell stories about ancestors. This story-telling act is still a strong tradition in Celtic communities because they use it as a way of remembering people who have passed on. The Celtic believes that during Halloween, the connection between the dead and living is high and many regions use this festival to communicate with the dead.

Celebration of Halloween 

Nowadays, celebrating Halloween has become common for both adults and children where they show their creative sides and come up with amazing Halloween costumes. It is a time when people want to be something they can’t be in their normal lives. Many folks choose to use their minds and try clever things while others follow the traditional choices of ghost and witchcraft. During Halloween, people also want their costumes to be unique and different from each other. Those that are creative and talented design their own Halloween costumes but many purchase them from stores, this has become big business. The most important thing is to wear a costume that allows you to connect with a part of yourself that may be inquisitive or mischevious.

As discussed earlier, Halloween originated from the ancient festival known as Samhain and nowadays, it is marked by activities like organising costume parties, Trick and Treat , carving pumpkins into scary lanterns, playing pranks, telling scary stories, playing witchcraft spells, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing and watching scary movies, among others. Despite the fact that Halloween originated from Western Europe, it has been embraced by many cultures around the world though Halloween traditions vary among countries.  It worth mentioning that the name Halloween is derived from All Hollow’s evening, which is the eve of All Hallows’ Day also referred to as All Saints Day.

Today, a candle lit inside a carved pumpkin is one of the Halloween’s most prominent symbols commonly known as a Jack O’ Lantern. The carving of the pumpkin originated from Europe and was carved from a turnip. The head represented the most powerful part of the body and contains the spirit and knowledge. This head is used to frighten off any superstition. Pumpkins are carved into comic or downright frightening faces,  and are placed with a candle inside a window or on the doorstep of a home after dark.

Halloween imagery includes magic, mythical creatures, owls, witchcraft, mummies, skeletons, demon and ghosts to mention but a few. Homes are, usually, decorated with these various symbols during the Halloween season. Nowadays, there are also particular foods that are eaten in Halloween. Many homes make different foods including cakes using the recognised symbols & themes of Halloween. For instance, it is possible to find different Halloween recipes that are perfect for both adults and children. Since the origin of Halloween or Samhain, food always plays an important role in honouring the Halloween celebrations.

Since Halloween is around the corner, it is the high time to come up with a list of things to help you celebrate this amazing festival. This Halloween, make an effort, wear a creative outfit that will bring out the best of you. Carry out enough research on Halloween decorations and recipes by reading different blogs and websites that focus on Halloween celebrations. If you have children, let them have the best trick and treat experience that they will never forget, allow them to embrace their mischievous side.  Halloween is a fantastic time, enjoy the celebrations !.

Create a sacred space, reconnect with your inner voice

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How to Create a Sacred Space

There are times when you feel like you want to drop everything and just be by yourself for a week. You want to get away from all the worries and frustrations of the real world. People experience a lot each day, we are constantly bombarded with images from advertising, maybe travelling on a crowded stressful public transport system. Problems with one’s relationships and finances can take a toll on one’s body, mind, and spirit. Even the pressure of keeping up with technology or what’s happening in social media land can stress us out. However due to your responsibilities and obligations, you might not have the time or money to spare for a getaway, even for just the weekend. One way that you can unwind is by creating your own sacred space in your own home.

There are several methods of turning any space into your personal sanctuary. You just need to find a place that other people don’t often use in the house or if you are lucky enough, garden. You should tell the other members of the family that while you are using it, the space is yours alone, and no one else can use it. This is a space where you spend time to relax each day. There are several activities that you can do to unwind, such as write a journal post, practice yoga poses, do meditation, or read a book. The choice is yours, be sure to make it your special time to re-energise your body and mind.

You need to identify the type of activity that can help you calm down. The activity must inspire you as well. It is something personal and might be something that you have never done before. One of my personal favourites is hypnosis, I have several custom made mp3s on my devices, though many different hypnosis tracks are available to download at very reasonable prices. The sacred place you create is to invigorate all your senses so that you become more creative and playful, leaving behind the stresses of your day to day existence. It is the time to leave all the worries of the real world and go within, drawing on our inner source. This divine inner world is where you’ll find peace and tranquillity.

While you are inside your sanctuary, experiment with various scents, colours, and textures to set the right ambiance. You can use red silk pillows on the floor, light up some candles, or fill the room with the scent of lavender. You can also decorate the room with yoga figurine or a Buddha statue. Find out how the figurines affect you and your personal quality time, you don’t need to be religious, anything can serve to focus your intention. It will take time to find the right combination, so you need to have some patience and just have fun.

The sanctuary is the perfect space to have some  silent me time. Or you can choose to have some music in the background. The genre depends on what can make you feel relaxed. There are some people who prefer classical music. Other people love hearing chants. There are people who do their meditation with sounds of flowing water or the rain. Pick the right background music that puts you into a serene state and visualise calmness. A very powerful visualisation is to imagine a shower of white light flowing over you and cleansing your whole body, taking away all negative energies that you may have acquired.

Scented cream will be handy in your sacred space. Take some of the cream with your fingertips and apply it to your arms and hands. Do breathing exercises while massaging your hands and arms. You should just focus on the breathing and don’t worry about whether you are doing it right or not. Take a deep breath, hold it for 3 seconds, and breathe out, imagining any problems leaving you once and for all.

A glass of clean drinking water must be available for you in the room. Take a sip of water and express your gratitude of being able to replenish naturally. While you are inside your sanctuary, you should not think of any goals to accomplish or any expectations. It should be a time to rest your mind and body. Do what your intuition is telling you. There’s no set activity while we are contacting our inner source. If you think it is best to lie down then go ahead. You can also write if you have the urge to do so, you may be surprised at what surfaces in a relaxed meditative state.

The space and time are for you and you alone. This is something that every human needs to have. Most of the time, we think of our needs last but when you prolong ignoring self-care, it will be much harder to recover from it. The recovery would take much longer. That’s why it is important to think about your own sacred space right now. To start the process, close your eyes and visualise the room or space if you really have no room to spare. You can also look online, go to an art gallery, or perhaps an open area like a park.

You don’t need to spend a lot in order to create your sacred space. You can use items you already own to create that space. You might have a yoga figurine or a Buddha statue stored somewhere that you can use as a focus. I have several and like to make an offering of a single flower whenever I feel the need to focus my energies. Keep in mind that you need to have calming items in your sanctuary to promote peace and relaxation. The space will reflect your personality as it brings calmness to your chaotic world.

I mentioned hypnosis earlier on in this post. A while ago a Harley Street trained friend of mine recorded me a free hypnosis download to release potential. That download is still available & if you would like to try it you can find it here : http://www.paulomara.com/hypnosis/

As always I wish you all the best,

Paul x

Living in the past ? Time to manifest the future you deserve !

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past future psychics
Don’t live in the past, embrace your brighter future

Living in the past is one of the major obstacles that many people go through when trying to make it in life. Many people always use their past as the main basis for interpreting their future and current situation. This invariably affects one values and beliefs which in turn takes the inevitable effect on your actions. A lot of psychologists claim that the perfect way to predict one’s future behaviour is to understand their previous behaviour. Actually, this is very true for many people because to obtain exceptional results, you have to believe you are unique and far from the ordinary. It is possible to have extraordinary results in life, if you believe in yourself enough.

To get what you have never been fortunate enough to have, is possible if you are willing to do what you have never done. If you always travel the same path, you always reach the same destination. It doesn’t make sense to let your past prevent you from taking action in the future, nothing you can do can change what has already occurred. Living in the shadow of your past is dangerous because it makes you miss on incredible opportunities in life. Just as the name ‘past’ implies, you need to put what you have previously passed through behind you and focus on a positive future. You need to concentrate on the present, focusing on what you want to manifest in the future and be prepared to grasp every opportunity life has to offer.

To move past blocks that are holding you back you can consult with one of my best psychics & clairvoyants, many of whom have overcome difficulty to create the life they want by harnessing the power of positivity. You can have a psychic reading by text or a reading paid for on your phone-bill. Of course you can pre-book a psychic reading paid for by credit or debit card by talking to my friendly reception who will place you with the very best psychic reader for you after taking your situation in to consideration.

Looking to the future is incredibly important, especially if you want to attain positive changes in your life. Most of the time, fear stops people from taking action to get what they want. Instead, they use past stories and experiences to explain how they react and interestingly, many of these stories can be negative, in order to change the future you need to accept the past, live in the present & expect a brighter future.  We all tend to remember fearful stories far more than happy stories, that is human nature. Different sectors such as media, government and leaders always use fear to motivate people to get things done because fear is a great way to control people.

At times, we engage in activities that we know can have negative impact on our development. Likewise we can allow ourselves to associate with negative people who drain on our energy, psychic vampires. By recognising situations or people that are holding us back, we can make huge strides towards becoming the best possible version of ourselves. The media uses fear on a regular basis, and again we have to learn to filter this negativity & protect ourselves by refusing to take these thoughts on board. Movies of course use drama to instil fear in audiences and these vivid images stick out in the minds of many vulnerable people magnifying fearful, negative or self defeating thoughts. We later use our past experience as a basis for our current predicaments or future decisions.

Honestly, the past does serve a purpose in our future but it’s important to learn from your past to get positive results in the future. It’s essential to read stories from people who have made it in life despite all odds. For instance, Thomas Edison famously known for inventing the bulb light failed 10,000 times before the first bulb was a success. When asked why he failed 10,000 times, he simply responded that he never failed to learn something new each time. Such an incident shows that as humans, we cannot succeed in everything immediately, and we have to go through some tussles before finally making it big.

When we pay attention to our past experiences and let them cripple us through fear, we are rationalised to take steps forward in order to get what we want. In this case, the past is not a useful reference. A good teacher is one who teaches us that when you experience something, you really understand it. For example, a simple exercise such as using a hand mirror and walking forward while looking at what’s left behind you, makes you realise that walking forward is challenging because you are not focusing on what is before you. This is a great way to show that you have to let go of the past and focus on the future to see where you are going to achieve what you want. You cannot make it if you keep living in the past and not paying attention to what lies in the future.

Avoiding taking risk on the basis of past events may keep you safe, but you will be able to accomplish little or live a boring life. Most people who are successful in life have claimed that if they had not taken risks, they wouldn’t be where they are now. You have to know that life itself is a risk and taking some risks can enable you to achieve all you ever dreamed of. One has the power to change things by learning from the past, but they must act with intent in the present to make the future they desire.
Your past doesn’t define you, take careful note of your thoughts as thoughts invariably manifest in your life so release the past & programme your mind to focus only on the positives to create the life you know you deserve.

Don’t let them suck you dry ! The psychic Vampire

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Psychic energy drains
Protect your energy from the Psychic Vampire

What are Psychic Vampires and How Do You Identify Them?

As Human beings, we are made up of a physical component i.e. the body and a spiritual component which is unseen. It is this spiritual component that provides us with the energy to deal with normal life situation and problems. When we are in tune with our spiritual component and understand that it is up to us to deal with our own problems, we are able to successfully solve our issues without much help from others as we feel we have the energy and power to do so. On the other hand, those of us who are not in tune with our spirituality will be constantly lacking the required energy to solve our own problems and may rely on sucking the energy out of others around us to fill our requirements.  If you are still reading then I expect you are in touch with your energy & can readily identify those who seem to drain your life force ?. Why do we tolerate this & can we learn to set up psychic barriers to protect ourselves from individuals who feed off our energy.

How do Psychic Vampires Come About?

When we are growing up in we rely on others (mainly parents) to help us solve our problems as we learn how to rely on ourselves growing into adulthood. Once we are all grown up we have developed a way to stay in tune with our energy requirements. Psychic vampires, on the other hand, are emotionally immature & yet to gain this independence, which sometimes can arise from the effects of an unbalanced childhood. They continue to rely on others to fulfill their energy requirements. Most energy vampires will always have some complaints that they never seem to solve themselves, recurring recounts of sad experiences that they never seem to let go of, etc. I’m sure you are forming a picture in your mind of people who may fill this description in your own life.

How do Psychic Vampires Affect you?

Being around such people has detrimental effects on your own energy as they suck out your life force, it’s as simple as that. You often hear ” Goodness, I find so & so SO exhausting”, this is a psychic vampire feeding off of someones energy. It is common to always feel depressed or overwhelmed after spending time around such people, and the sooner you learn to recognise this and set up your ‘psychic shield’, the better. Their problems may seem to take a toll on you and end up bringing you down. It is recommended that you find ways of identifying such people to be able to deal with them accordingly.

How to Identify a Psychic Vampire

Before you look at others first look at yourself. It is important to make sure that you are not a psychic vampire to begin with, be scrupulously honest with yourself !. The main questions to ask here are; are you always carrying around drama? Do you always feel the need to lay your problems on others? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need to stay alert and always try to stop yourself when you feel that you are starting some sort of unnecessary drama. Here you may need some help as it is not easy to restrain yourself. A mantra, or a crystal that you carry & hold when you feel the ‘Dramarama’ closing in, (Blue Aventurine is a good example that provides protection.

People always use drama to attract undue attention, make sure you identify such people as this is the simplest way of identifying psychic vampires. Though you may empathise with their situation, it is important not to give too much attention to them than is necessary.

From now learn to recognise when someone is draining your energy. As soon as you do, try & steer the conversation to a more positive destination. In your imagination see your psychic shields shoot up & a shower of white light clean & energise you.

As always sending out loads of positive vibes !




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Mabon The Autumnal Eqinox 2014

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Create abundance
The Autumn Equinox

The Pagan Holiday of Mabon

Use the Mabon ritual below to attract abundance.

The Pagan holiday of Mabon is celebrated by Wiccans, Druids, and many other ancient religions that celebrate the Autumn Equinox, welcoming in the change of season.  The equinox is a specific point of astrological alignment where the sun crosses the earth’s equator perfectly, allowing for equal daytime and nighttime hours.  This only happens once in the autumn calendar, but this date will change every year due to the consistent wobbling of the earth’s axis.  In general, Mabon occurs every year between September 21 and September 23.  Until this equinox occurs, the daylight hours last longer than the evening hours.  After the Pagan holiday of Mabon, nighttime hours begin to consist of the greater portion of the 24-hour day.
The middle of the harvest
This perfect time of year marks the middle of the Pagan harvesting season where the sunshine and starlight hours are in perfect balance and harmony.  It is the time of year to reap what you have sown, and a time to give thanks for the bountiful harvest that the Goddess provides.  The special significance of balance and harmony also translates into making plans for the future while reflecting on past accomplishments or missed opportunities.  This is also the time of year where the sun enters into the sign of Libra, depicted with the Scales of Balance.

All good things must come to an end
While looking back at the previous year and simultaneously making plans for the future, Mabon is celebrated with restful relaxation after that period of time in which so much effort has been placed into the farming and harvesting of the year’s crops.  Since the daylight hours are growing shorter after this holiday, we say goodbye to the Old Sun God and begin embracing the chillier nights, making this the perfect time of year for personal internal reflection.
The importance of Mabon rituals
Many ancient cultures dating back to the time of the Egyptian Pyramids have long associated certain magical powers related to the autumn equinox.   In order to harness these special energies, the Pagan religions adopted some rather specific rituals.  The performing of these rituals is believed to erase away the potential negativity that threatens our daily lives while promoting new positive energies of good fortune, prosperity, and abundance.
Here is a short list of standard items used in the Mabon Rituals:
A candle of a lighter colour
A flame retardant candle dish
One piece of darkly coloured paper
One piece of lightly coloured paper
One lightly coloured envelop
A pinch of thyme seasoning
A pinch of salt seasoning
A pen with gold ink
Performing the Mabon rituals
In the late afternoon hours on the day of Mabon, nearing that perfectly balanced time of dusk, the autumn equinox candle of a lighter colour is lit. Using the pen with gold ink, believers will write on the dark piece of paper three things that they would like to rid themselves from their lives in the coming year.  These items can be anything from “poverty” to “loneliness” to “low self-esteem”.  Next, sprinkle a dash of salt on the candle’s flame.  The darkly coloured paper is then burnt as an offering to the Goddess in the flame retardant candle dish.

The next portion of the Mabon rituals will be to write down three things that you want to attract or draw into your life.  Write these three items down on the light coloured paper using the pen with the golden ink.  You might include desires such as “love”, “wealth”, “inner peace” or “family harmony”.  Next, fold the paper three times before placing it inside the lightly coloured envelope.

Take a pinch of thyme and sprinkle it over the candle’s flame.  Carefully, allow a bit of the wax to drip on the back portion of the envelope, essentially sealing the letter inside.  Now, blow out the candle while focusing on these positive things that you home will enter into your life.  The final step is to place the sealed envelope under your pillow at night.  If the Goddess believes your requests to be forthright, then your wishes will be granted in the coming year.

The Pagan holiday of Mabon is considered perhaps the most important of the many religious events throughout the year.  The magical powers associated with the autumn equinox are a very rare occurrence, and cultures of many different religions and faiths have used this special time of year to recharge and re-energise their lives and achieve their highest potentials.  This is also the time of year where the sun enters into the sign of Libra, depicted with the Scales of Balance.  So special attention is always paid to recognising that the balance of the year has now changed.

As we prepare to welcome the new season, I sincerely wish the next year brings everything you desire.



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Supermoon August 2014 – Once in a lifetime

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Psychic Moon
Supermoon 2014

Catch the Supermoon in the UK This August 10

I’ve always felt the power of the moon. It affects anything comprised of water, the tides and therefore us. It was the first card I created in My Tarot deck, all those years ago …

Detailed Tarot meaning
Tarot The Moon


There will be a full moon this Sunday, 10 August 2014. But unlike any other full moons this year, the upcoming one is a Supermoon. It is the time when the moon is closest to the Earth in 2014. It will appear 13 percent bigger this Sunday night compared to the full moon last January.

If you are in the UK this Sunday, you will be able to catch the Supermoon over the south-eastern horizon during the evening. The nature show starts before 8 PM as the Supermoon reveals itself over the horizon. The best time to see the Supermoon is between 8 PM and 10 PM when it is still low.

Supermoons usually happen each year. It is the name given to the event when the moon and the Earth are the closest to each other. The distance between the moon and the Earth varies because of the elliptical nature of the moon’s orbit. That means the moon would drift closer to the Earth in its orbit and then move further away again.

In scientific terms, Supermoons are the closest perigee moon to the planet. In case you didn’t know, a perigee is the closest point of the moon’s orbit to the Earth. The furthest point from the Earth is known as apogee. In the time period between 1750 and 2125, the nearest Supermoon was recorded on 4 January 1912 when the moon was 356,375 km from the planet. The furthest apogee moon will be on 3 February 2125 as moon will be 406,720 km from the Earth. The dates should not be a surprise because the distance between the moon and Earth increases around 4 cm each year.

Effects of the Supermoon

The moon controls the tides, and the Supermoon is special. It is a positive opportunity as long as you utilise it correctly. A Supermoon can increase your positive energy, or it can bring chaos to your emotions. A full moon brings a large amount of energy that you must receive in a calm state of mind in order to get positive effects. During this time, your mind, body and spirit are amplified.

If you are angry, you will become angrier. If you are happy, then you will be happier. A full moon brings a powerful energy, and you should expect a Supermoon to intensify the effect. It is vital that you direct that energy through positive intentions.

During the Supermoon, you should use the power of the moon to send out healing energy, kindness, and forgiveness to the family, friends, strangers, and others. It is also a good time to direct peaceful energy to places in the world that are suffering from hardship, war, poverty and strife. Not only will it benefit those places, the act will also give you good karma.


As always I wish you only the best x


Moon Tarot

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Catch the Supermoon in the UK This August 10

There will be a full moon this Sunday, 10 August 2014. But unlike any other full moons this year, the upcoming one is a Supermoon. It is the time when the moon is closest to the Earth in 2014. It will appear 13 percent bigger this Sunday night compared to the full moon last January.

If you are in the UK this Sunday, you will be able to catch the Supermoon over the south-eastern horizon during the evening. The nature show starts before 8 PM as the Supermoon reveals itself over the horizon. The best time to see the Supermoon is between 8 PM and 10 PM when it is still low.

Supermoons usually happen each year. It is the name given to the event when the moon and the Earth are the closest to each other. The distance between the moon and the Earth varies because of the elliptical nature of the moon’s orbit. That means the moon would drift closer to the Earth in its orbit and then move further away again.

In scientific terms, Supermoons are the closest perigee moon to the planet. In case you didn’t know, a perigee is the closest point of the moon’s orbit to the Earth. The furthest point from the Earth is known as apogee. In the time period between 1750 and 2125, the nearest Supermoon was recorded on 4 January 1912 when the moon was 356,375 km from the planet. The furthest apogee moon will be on 3 February 2125 as moon will be 406,720 km from the Earth. The dates should not be a surprise because the distance between the moon and Earth increases around 4 cm each year.

Effects of the Supermoon

The moon controls the tides, and the Supermoon is special. It is a positive opportunity as long as you utilise it correctly. A Supermoon can increase your positive energy, or it can bring chaos to your emotions. A full moon brings a large amount of energy that you must receive in a calm state of mind in order to get positive effects. During this time, your mind, body and spirit are amplified. Now is the perfect time to contact one of my incredible psychics for your unique personal reading, what will the lunar lunacy reveal for you?

If you are angry, you will become angrier. If you are happy, then you will be happier. A full moon brings a powerful energy, and you should expect a Supermoon to intensify the effect. It is vital that you direct that energy through positive intentions.

During the Supermoon, you should use the power of the moon to send out healing energy, kindness, and forgiveness to the family, friends, strangers, and others. Learn all about the Moon Tarot card & see how the lunar transits could affect you. It is also a good time to direct peaceful energy to places in the world that are suffering from hardship, war, poverty and strife. Not only will it benefit those places, the act will also give you good karma.

Lammas the festival of the wheat harvest

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Time to give thanks
Lammas Autumn Equinox

Pagan Lammas

The Pagan holiday of Lammas was observed this year on August 1. Also known as Lughnasadh, this is a celebration of the first harvests of fruits, vegetables, and particularly grain. Throughout history, Pagan worshipers from all over Europe have taken time out to offer up prayers and sacrifices to the Celtic god named Lugh or Lugus, which roughly translates to “bright and shining one”. It is the Pagan’s hope that these rituals will lead to a bountiful yield of crops for the current season and into the next year.

Lammas also marks the coming of autumn and the ending of the hot summer months. As the legend goes, Lugh began this day of celebration in memory of his deceased mother, the goddess Tailtiu. It was a day of joyful game playing and festivities that began in the British Isles and Ireland many hundreds of years ago. Many Pagan worshippers still celebrate the holiday of Lammas, although it is often overlooked due to the fact that fruits, vegetables, and grains are so readily available throughout the year these days.

Customs and Rituals

In ancient times, Pagan worshippers would bring to church a loaf of freshly baked bread whose ingredients came from the newly harvested crop. The beginning of the harvest season was referred to as Lammastide. The loaf of bread would be blessed. And by performing certain specific rituals, the bread was believed to take on some rather magical qualities.

Once the bread was blessed in the church setting, it would be taken back to the barn, split into four equal pieces, and placed in its four corners. By doing so, the newly harvested grain inside the barn was believed to be protected by Lugh and his mother. Eventually, a fresh crop of newly sown wheat would also be presented to landlords of tenant farmers as an extension of this Pagan ritual.

Colors and Themes Associated with Lammas

Traditionally, the Celtics would celebrate the Lammas holiday from sunset to sunset of August 1 to August 2. The belief behind the tradition is that Lammas also marks the beginning of the end of Lugh’s yearly stronghold on the crops. Since Lugh is the Pagan “Sun King” of sorts and since the coming of August means that the daylight hours are growing shorter and shorter, the Pagans would reap the grain, allowing it to die so that the people may live. This resulting “bread of life” is not unlike the sacrament of Communion in the Catholic and other religious faiths.

Colors most commonly associated with the holiday of Lammas are earthy, autumn hues of browns, oranges, yellows, and golds. These colors are meant to reflect those associated with the baked bread and harvested grain. By honoring Lugh’s contribution to the growing of the yearly crops, the Pagans were showing gratitude for the sense of renewal that comes along with the death of the newly harvested wheat, grains, fruits, and vegetables. So, even though Lammas signifies the end of summer, it is more of a celebratory holiday of renewal rather than mourning.

Activities and Events

With Lammas being so closely associate with food, a great community feast was always a center attraction. Many times, bread was shaped into the figure of a woman as an homage to the goddess of grain, much like today’s gingerbread men. Freshly baked pies filled with newly reaped fruits and berries would also be included along with a variety of spiced vegetable dishes made from each family’s newly harvested crops.

The feast would typically begin with the Lord’s Prayer, with a special emphasis being placed on the phrase, “Give us this day our daily bread”. Chants would often be recited in honor of the harvesting season, and certain types of craft-making activities from the yield would also ensue. Children would be taught how to make Corn Dollies from the dried out husks of corn. This was the Pagan ritual of showing more gratitude and honor to the grain goddess. The Corn Dollies would be dressed in fun bonnets and aprons before being carefully placed in the home until the following spring. Then the Corn Dollies would be again replanted into the earth to bring good luck to the next year’s crops.

Lammas is a season of saying goodbye to the summer months. And it is very common for Pagan worshipers to sit around the campfire, telling stories of the coming winter. Regrets of things not accomplished during the summer were often shared while holding some sort of visual symbol in their hands before tossing the object into the fire as a way of saying farewell. Lammas is actually a very beautiful time of reflection and an anticipation of hope and optimism for the coming year.


Last year I observed this ritual in Crete where God willing I will shortly be revisiting. That Original post is here :


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Supermoon July 12th 2014 – What does it mean for you ?

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The Next “Supermoon”: July 12th, 2014

Supermoon 2014
Supermoon  July 12th 2014

Get ready! The next Supermoon is close at hand. This is a very rare occurrence in which a new, Full Moon orbits the earth at its closest point. The moon will appear some 14% larger and some 30% brighter in the nighttime sky than at any other time of the year. With all of the scientific knowledge on file about how the moon affects the ocean’s tides and the emotional states of man and beast alike, this rare phenomenon might produce some rather dramatic cosmic events around the globe.

Natural Disasters?

In March of 2011, the world witnessed a Supermoon that orbited the earth at its closest point in over 19 years. Strangely enough, it was around this same time that New Zealand and Japan fell victim to a series of devastating earthquakes and resulting tsunamis. Was the Supermoon to blame? Many scientists and astrologers are still debating this odd coincidence.

Scientific documentation proves that the moon’s gravity can manipulate the tides on a daily basis. And many are beginning to research its effects on the world’s fault lines and volcanoes. Some of the more alarmist websites and blogs are predicting everything from the eruption of Yellowstone Park, which is basically one huge, dormant volcano, to the shifting of the earth’s crust at several locations around the world, causing massive earthquakes, devastating tsunamis, global panic, and total worldwide chaos.

Harness the Positive Energy of the New Supermoon

Although this phenomenon is rare, it is actually more common than we might think. Approximately every 14th Full Moon will be a Supermoon, or one moon per every 412 days. So, if the “end of the world” scenarios were to actually have some basis in fact, we would have a long history of documentation of the world falling apart every 14 months. Luckily, this is not the case.

Rather than worry about the extinction of humanity, why not focus on the more positive aspects of receiving all of this extra energy from the coming Supermoon instead? Energy of any kind can have both positive and negative consequences. It is all in how we use it. Electricity is energy. Used in the proper way, it can light rooms and keep our food from spoiling. Used negatively, and we can kill or accidentally harm ourselves or someone else.

The perfect time to meditate: Meditation is a wonderful way to re-energize the psyche and quiet the mind. And what better time to meditate than when the moon is pulsating all of that extra cosmic energy in our direction?
The perfect time to “make a change”: Is there some goal or objective that you have been wanting to achieve? Is there some new task that you want to complete? Do you want to find a new job? Are you looking for your one, true love? Do you want to quit smoking? Use the power of the Supermoon to infuse these dreams with new energy and jump start your unfulfilled dreams.
The perfect time to create a new vision: Before your midnight meditation on July 12th, take the time to do a bit of introspective dialogue about the current state of your life. Are you doing enough to help others by giving back to your community? Are you being positive and supportive to those you love? Have you lost direction in your career or spiritual relationship? Use the power of the Supermoon to reflect on the past and formulate a new vision for the future.

This is a time to celebrate, not to be fearful. Channel this extra energy into those aspects of your life where you need a little extra help. Think positive thoughts in the days before and after July 12th, for the effects of the next Supermoon will rise and fall gradually during that week. This is a wonderful time to be alive. Make the best of this opportunity.

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