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Step in to Your Power

Follow Your Joy
Step in to Your Power

Embrace your power – shape shift, follow your joy, dodge the naysayers. Appreciate that everything is transient. Blast any negativity or gossip, the moanings of a friend who drives you mad. Anything that doesn’t feed your soul needs attention. Imagine yourself as the alchemist reworking this energy to fuel your spiritual battery.

“Step forward today & nourish you, you are forming your own truths, go forth & be fabulous”

The universe doesn’t want you to wallow in mediocrity, absorb words & thoughts that will serve you on your journey, ignite them with the power of your creativity, step in to your power, your world is waiting.

My Talking Tarot reading, designed to be inspiring & uplifting, continues to receive positive feedback from visitors from around the globe. Paul continuously strives to ensure his live services are fulfilled by expert Psychics & Clairvoyants. Step forward today & nourish you, you are forming your own truths, go forth & be fabulous

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Live Your Truth

Remain real in an increasingly false world
Never lose sight of yourself

‘You are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain’. — Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

I was reminded of this quote yesterday & oh how I love it. I gave a couple of readings at the weekend to people who were actively dreading going back to work on Monday & related this quote to them.

“Play the game if you have to, just don’t get scared by the heffalumps & woozles”

The quote reminded me that often people have to play a part in the ‘real’ world that doesn’t necessarily represent their true persona. Today is Monday but it will be over before you know it. Don’t disappear down the rabbit hole, be as true to yourself as you possibly can. Play the game if you have to, just don’t get scared by the heffalumps & woozles

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Where in the World

Tarot The World Major Arcana
The World Tarot

Tarot today – I drew the World – The ultimate card of the Major Arcana, The greatest Secret.

Look at your World, your thoughts & actions. Though they don’t necessarily create our reality, our thoughts & actions definitely have an influence on how we experience our existence.

“life is great, it really doesn’t need to be complicated”

Life is about managing situations whilst being as happy as we can with our current predicament. If happiness depends on the quality of our thoughts, we should strive to be as positive as we can no matter what. Go forth in your world today, make sure you appreciate that life is great, it really doesn’t need to be complicated.

Tarot the World – Major Arcana

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Angel or Devil?

Agel or Devil Tarot
Angel or Devil?

Demon Devil or Sexy Angel

Where’s your head at today?

I’m pretty damn fine, thank you for asking

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Have a devil of a day


😇 –

Tarot – Mirror to the subconscious

Tarot cards in dreams
Tarot Dreams

Tarot – Mirror to the subconscious – powerful technology of untold possibilities. Occasionally, sleep eludes me. My favourite technique, developed over a lifetime, is to send my dream self on a Tarot journey. Removing my conscious mind from the responsibility of ‘getting enough sleep’, releasing my body from the terrors of 3am & all the imagined consequences & disasters that will await the exhausted me in the harsh light of day. Last night was such a night.

“You are the Hanged Man”, she whispered

My dream self found himself in a barren landscape confronted by the Tower. Are my foundations unstable, is imminent change or disruption affecting the real me? asked my dream self, what will replace the Tower when the foundations begin to crumble. All of this occurs without the drama & emotion such thoughts stir up in reality & I can drift off, as if in a movie, watching myself as an observer. Next, as often happens I found myself walking through the pillars of black & white, sitting at the feet of the High Priestess as she revealed some hidden mysteries. Sharing some precious secrets previously hidden behind her veil of pomegranates : “You are the Hanged Man“, she whispered & indeed I am I thought. I have been suspended, my perspective is shifting. I have a challenge & the naysayers of my subconscious had been telling me I wasn’t good enough, I was not prepared. What negative messages has your subconscious been slipping in to your mind behind your back? Go on a dream journey & confront those slippery devils, the real you will thank you for it, go forth & be exceptional.

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Reconnect to your magic

reconnect to your purpose
Discover Your Magic

All of us have an internal safe haven, a refuge were we feel completely in tune with mind, body & spirit. It is a delicate balance, a complicated dance through life to stay as close to our authentic self as we are able. To be in the zone where our creativity & wonder reveal to us just what an amazing journey life can be.

“Make a commitment now  to reconnect to your magic”

My internal magic is the Tarot, it really is part of my DNA & helps me to understand my existence, enlightening my journey. Everyone has their own magic fuel that validates & empowers them. From musicians to scientists, skaters to young mums, I like nothing better than spending time with people whose enthusiasm & dedication is infectious, whatever their focus happens to be. What is your purpose, the one thing that you would spend all your time doing if all other distractions were removed & money was no object. Make a commitment now to reconnect to your magic, no more excuses, time to feed your soul.

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Purity of focus – Blessings materialise

Ace of Swords - The Sun
Major & Minor Arcana Tarot

Tarot today Ace of Swords & the Sun. When the aces appear the purest form of energy relating to the element of the suit is present, the Ace of Swords shows purity of thought is what is required. The Crown is a symbol of advancement & success, the branches represent peaceful victory. The sword will swing through the seekers reading, make sure that it connects with the target. The Ace of Swords – The blade is sharp, make sure it cuts in your favour.

“joy can surround you today, blessings materialise, go forth & be thankful”

When the Sun burns through your reading Be sure to relax your mind & exercise your body. You have now moved through the barriers, you project happiness unconsciously, now you project confidence and ability. Embrace any encounters you have at this time, a new important phase of development is waiting to be revealed. Your inner child now comes out to play. Enjoy yourself & revel in your individuality, break free from conformity. Luminous joy can surround you today, blessings materialise, go forth & be thankful.

Major Arcana Tarot meanings

Minor Arcana Tarot meanings

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Temper, temper

Creative visualisation
The power of positivity

Tarot today our old friend the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub. I’ll admit, on my endless journey through the greater secrets, The Major Arcana, the Devil is my Achilles heel. As an Aries Horse, obsessive creative Celtic – to use just some of my enabling excuses, I have to be careful to keep my temper under control. A LOT of internal chanting goes on. I very rarely ‘lose my temper’, I can’t afford the repercussions any more, I have too many previous pressure cooker moments that still come back to haunt me on a daily basis. It can be the simplest thing, though usually it is frustration that causes me to want to throw all of my toys out of the pram. Fortunately if I do ever go off these days it is very short lived, I find it easy now to disperse the energy & channel it somewhere more constructive. A creative escape I am finding useful at the moment is the escape to your happy place visualisation.

“Freeze frame any frustrations, then just drift off, your fantasies are waiting”

The happy place, where all of your dreams & fantasies are allowed to roam free, where all of your imaginings live. Everything is possible, people & situations that are troublesome are easily defeated & you are the superhero, the pop star absorbing the adulation as the pyrotechnics close the show. Your happy place can be somewhere you have already been, where you reconnected to your true self, felt completely alive. Does that ring any bells in your subconscious? – Have you been to such a place? It can also be somewhere you have only ever dreamed of, somewhere at the edges of your imagination. Take a moment to escape to your happy place now, you have the power to transport there whenever you need. Freeze frame any frustrations, then just drift off, your fantasies are waiting.

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Be Your own Talisman

Talismans tarot & magic
Your are your own talisman

On a daily basis I have talismans & religious artefacts all about my person as a protective shield & to ‘amplify my powers’. In a challenging business meeting yesterday I was turning a lump of moldavite around in my fingers. Moldavite is one of my big guns, my own personal kryptonite that called to me in the alleyways of Glastonbury on a visit home many years ago. I wear a buddha from Kamakura at all times. I’m taken to carrying a daily Tarot card, a crucifix, a vintage key, a rosary, any other charm or amulet picked up on my journey through life so far. Combined with the several incantations, chants & prayers that power me. Even perhaps a herb or potion to protect me internally as my path unfolds. I use vintage Tarot & Cartomancy decks occasionally, people often comment: ‘Wow those cards are so powerful!”. The truth is they are just a collection of painted pasteboard.

“You do realise you are strong enough on your own. The power is you”

When you strip away all of the talismans, magical chants and lucky charms, you are left naked, just you against the world. What crutches, totems or prayers are defending you today? You do realise you are strong enough on your own. The power is you, be your own talisman, go forth & be extraordinary.

Shadows and Light

shadows and light
Move from the shadows , into the light

Secrets hiding in the shadows hold the potential to bathe you in the brightest of lights. I have been revisiting the 3 of Swords. The extraordinary reactions this card can evoke in a sitter is one of the most powerful responses you will experience as a reader. The powerfully graphic image of the heart pierced by the 3 swords, the brooding storm.

“Look out for the shadows today, greet them like an old friend, then pull them further in to the light.”

Many people have a strong emotional memory of literally having their heart broken, the deep seated feelings of relationships failing, possibly conflict. Perhaps even memories of someone betraying our trust These memories can shake us at soul level. Many times I see a sitter who holds such experiences in their psychic memory who is unable to escape this loop of experience. The original memory is so powerful that it is able to overwhelm & disorientate many years after the original event. This is where facing your shadows can be so cathartic and truly set you free. This is where working through your emotional memory bank releases & nourishes you, enabling you to grow and flourish. Look out for the shadows today, greet them like an old friend, then pull them further in to the light. It may be uncomfortable, then their power will diminish & strengthen you in ways you never thought possible. Be a wi-fi beacon of love today, go forth & be exceptional.

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What happened to your dreams?

Love, Life, Destiny
Recapture your dreams

While most boys dreamt of being James Bond, my childhood fantasy was to become Solitaire the Clairvoyant from the James Bond Movie, Live & Let Die. Unfortunately that position had already been filled by the fabulous Jane Seymour. One of my oldest & dearest friends calls me Solitaire & is prone to calling me up & saying ‘He travels by water!’ or similar in a breathy voice. I could easily carry off Solitaire’s headdress, I’m not Solitaire, unfortunately. However, I have achieved many of my dreams including designing my own Tarot deck & traveling, giving readings (and living), around the globe, experiencing many different cultures.

“it’s the only chance you’ll ever get to see this day, don’t allow it to slip by”

Reignite a dream, give yourself permission to reinvent your future. Unleash that childish fantasy existence where everything was possible & January credit card bills were not even on your radar. Years ago you tucked your childhood dreams away for safe keeping. It doesn’t mean they’re not still there, bubbling & intensifying in your subconscious. Your dreams may have changed, or you may still want the same things you did when you were a kid, it doesn’t matter. Bring your dream back to life and into the light. Ask yourself what you would do with your life if money and time were no object; what you would do if failure were not possible? As you start to imagine your dream life, your adult brain will try to impose limitations, put objections, practical issues, in the way. Remind yourself this is only a dream, and practicalities are not important. It’s OK to start with small dreams, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to unleash your imagination, and those dreams will grow again. Many people have said my free talking Tarot has sparked many memories & thought processes, try my free spoken Tarot readings here
Yesterday was a struggle for me, as I went to sleep I pre-dreamed how much better I could make today. Go forth & grab today & enjoy it, it’s the only chance you’ll ever get to see this day, don’t allow it to slip by.

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Darkness or Light

Darkness light mindfulness
Gravitate towards the light

Darkness or light, the eternal battle. The internal conversations we have take front & centre in our consciousness, an almost constant dialogue. How we react & what energy we decide to project in to our world is very telling to where we are on our journey. We can choose to empower our inner warrior to fight any internal doubt or negativity. We can make a conscious choice to shift gears, laugh at our struggles & embrace the magic. Feeding the sparks of enthusiasm is a skill that we can learn & nourish. It is a full time job that we really should make a priority as our thoughts really do create our reality. Obviously we can’t always be floating on a pink cloud, sailing through life in a blaze of smiles. We can however make the choice to suit up, show up & bring our ‘A’ game.

Block the inner ogre today, mentally cut it off at the pass. Escape the dark, go forth and choose to step in to the light, your world will be a happier place.

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Tall dark stranger…

Cartomancy reading
Tall dark strangers, journeys over water

Very occasionally I am asked to delve deep in to my history & give the type of readings my mother was fond of giving, and receiving. Our favourite reader was the famous west country mystic Madame Tamar who started me on my Tarot obsession many decades ago. Madame Tamar mostly used normal playing cards, she told me Tarot cards were too scary for her clientele. She was so gifted I don’t think she needed any oracle at all.

“She would always carefully send you on your way with a spring in your step, a sparkle in her Scorpio eyes”

I am fortunate enough to have inherited my mother’s paraphernalia, her crystal ball, cartomancy cards. I still collect vintage cartomancy decks, I love the interpretations. If appropriate I will sometimes give readings, usually at functions, that dip in to that persona. The type of gypsy reading that promises tall dark strangers, exciting journeys. I stop short of the slightly darker messages my mother was fond of delivering. Exciting affairs, disastrous consequences. Looking back it has to said she was mostly right & had absolutely no qualms saying it exactly as she saw it. She would always carefully send you on your way with a spring in your step, a sparkle in her Scorpio eyes. I don’t believe that this type of reading undermines the true Tarot experience as long as you are clear in your intentions. They are primarily for entertainment, parties & events, they form some of the rich history of the contemporary cartomancers art.

Whatever story you decide to believe today, make sure you send yourself a positive message, though perhaps a tall dark stranger might be fun this wintry morning?

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What script are you writing?

rewrite your internal voice
What script are you writing in your head?

The stories we tell ourselves. What do we believe, where does this information arise, just how much does it have to do with who & where we really are on our path. Often, when half asleep, I look at my life remotely, like a movie. Then first thing, every day, through the lens of Tarot. I have been wandering through the Major Arcana for the umpteenth time. These archetypes represent pretty large character / life experiences, for me ( Disclaimer : other belief systems are available!) they are a reliable mirror that always reflects where my head is at. I have been challenging my stock reactions to the archetypes whilst looking back over old notebooks to see how my perception of my life has shifted, how my story has developed. The stories that you tell yourself are the script to your life. You are the author, the stories you tell yourself can often dictate how your reality manifests. Changing the story is the most empowering thing you can do to break through blocks to empower your future.
As I write this it’s early Monday. Mondays used to be a big one for me, signalling the end of the weekend & putting me back on the treadmill. Now Mondays are one of the highlights of my week, I have rewritten the Monday script & built in several aspects I genuinely look forward to. Even though it’s black & cold outside I am going to climb on my bike & give this Monday a run for it’s money.

Rewrite your script today, take a small step to changing your story. You can’t change the chapters that have gone, you can however always write a better ending. You are the person of your own creation today, the version of you you have been waiting to meet your whole life. Go forth & be wonderful

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What is Your reality?

Real psychics
What is Your reality?

What is reality? A quick google reveals: ‘the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. “he refuses to face reality”

When you give readings you are focusing on a snapshot of time, of myriad possibilities that could arrive. You are there to enthuse & inspire. It is a great responsibility.
Your words can set someone free or they can scare. It should also be a magical unforgettable experience. The sitter should leave feeling optimistic & fired up for the future.

A tarot reading can touch someone’s soul. It is a dance between two spirits. If you give readings you have to be very careful as words have great power, can linger & be reinterpreted by the sitter later through their own lens on reality. When you interact with a sitter you may be forging a new dimension of communication with that person who may be opening up in a way they never have before… This time of year after the excitement & promise of the new year can throw up some dark shadows. I hope you are feeling strong & ready 🙂
Whatever your reality is today go forth & be fabulous.

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Be magnetic, attract abundance

abandance law of attraction
Be magnetic, manifest abundance

Abundance.  Most questioners when they ask about ‘abundance’ mean wealth, physical moolah, money. Almost all of those questioners have a distorted view of worth, money, the sordid topic of coin. Usually their attachment to ‘wealth’ is based on something someone else has planted in their head. I’m from a poor-ish background. My mother & father worked like dogs all their lives. I remember clearly their attitude to wealth, they had an ingrained poverty consciousness. ‘We can’t go there, we are not that type of person’. ‘You can’t do / buy that, who do you think you are? Rockafella!’ My father died leaving just enough money hidden around the house for his funeral, he would have been happy, that’s all he ever wanted. The truth is physical ‘wealth’ is a construct. You can always get more money. You can never buy more health, you can never buy confidence, creativity. The real wealth is when you realise that striving for emotional or spiritual abundance is worth far more than cold hard cash. We are all time poor, the clock is always ticking. Strive to spend more time breathing, with who you love. Subconsciously start processing your creativity to bring enough physical wealth to free you from the daily grind

Go forth & be magnetic today, attract everything you need effortlessly, enjoy your day & breathe

Are You Blessed?

Blessed Tarot Readings
Are You feeling Blessed?

Tarot today – Devil – My inner devil is a miserable bastard. Every year when I stop for the holidays I get a man flu system shut down where I am forced to face my miserable self & reflect on where I am, and where I’m going. The strange no mans land after the ‘big day’ (other celebrations are available) & New Years Eve where we magically forgive all our wrongs & emerge as the shiny perfect version of ourselves in a flurry of resolutions. Today my snot fuelled inner devil wants to tell me what a useless failure I am. Example: I should be at the gym not drowning in a sea of hot lemon paracetamol based drinks. Well, inner devil you horny little goat, it’s time to fight back. I AM usually in the gym most days sorting out my head to stop me biting people on the tube & keeping the parts moving, including those that have been replaced. When I look back on this year I HAVE accomplished quite a few items of my to do list. I’m still failing of course, I just went through my Apple account & cancelled subscriptions to apps I never knew existed. I have been paying £2.50 a week for a talking Spanish translator for all those times I’m stuck in a lift with a troubled Spanish person. The truth is I’m doing OK, no actually I’m doing fine. We are conditioned to be so full of self judgement & comparisons of where we should be, who we should be, we forget to stop & appreciate ourselves. Except when we have man flu & can’t move too much.

Take a moment to appreciate how OK you are. Stifle that inner devil, the ever present voice that tells you otherwise. Allow yourself right now to take 30 seconds & feel some ‘OK’ flood your body & mind.

“The truth is I’m doing OK, no actually I’m doing fine”

Allow yourself to be happy. Nothing externally can make you happy, it is down to you. Flick that switch & make the choice. Today I will do the best I can & be happy, I am blessed.

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Tarot Meanings – The Devil

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Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Breathe, reconnect, reassess, recharge

Breathe align reconnect
Take time to reconnect to your inner child, breathe , reassess, renew

B R E A T H E – As we enter that no man’s land of the holiday period I truly hope you find time to re-connect to what is truly important. Family, friends, love, health. For me it is often just the opportunity to be me, off the clock, no agenda. I hope this holiday gives you the space to remember who you are, to rediscover your inner child. A chance to re-assess, to re-ignite your dreams. Moving towards the promise of the New Year I hope that you shatter every self limiting belief about who you are, who you can become. May your life glow with adventures not yet even imagined. Follow your star from the shadows of the past & burn with your brightest of lights.

Take time to breathe today, go forth & shine

Feeling Fragmented?

fragmented personality
Are You feeling fragmented?

Fragmented – Yesterday I gave some readings. Boy people were frazzled – One lady in particular (turns to she was a Gemini, some people would say dual personality already 🙂 Was so fragmented I didn’t need a Tarot deck, I needed a shot of valium. She was a donkey on the edge. Fragmentation is so common place now. You have the ‘social you’, the image you project on the socials. Then you have the different hats you wear. For her it was wife, mother, teacher, daughter, sister, therapist, taxi-driver, the list was endless. I don’t discuss readings, however, The Seven of Cups with it’s choices, dreams & illusions resonated perfectly with the poor woman before me. The older & grumpier I get the happier I become in my skin. Whatever part you are playing as you go through life, remember the part you were born to play. The real you, behind all of the layers.

“you are a true star, take a bow”

I hope today you can go forth & give an exceptional performance. Remember there is only one audience that really matters & that is you, your biggest critic. Chill out & give yourself a five star review.

Take off the mask, turn off the spotlight, you are a true star, take a bow.

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Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Karma – What will you put in the mix?

Karma Tarot
Karma - What goes around comes around

Tarot today – Karma – Here come the avalanche of “This year has got to be better” New Years Resolutions. What have you added or taken away from the recipe to receive a different cake next year?

“Karma doesn’t have a menu, you get served what you deserve”

As the saying goes, Karma doesn’t have a menu, you get served what you deserve. Process the past by manifesting a brighter future. Everything you put out, will come back. Make sure they are the ingredients to the cake you want to be eating next year.

These are exciting times, go forth & be spectacular my pretty

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Have great day, yesterday is done & dusted, tomorrow is a fantasy. Grab today & shake it. it’s the only time you’ll ever see this day, make it count.

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Repair & Renew

2019 Resolutions
Repair & Renew. Get ready for 2019

Renew – I was at a party last night. An end of year party. My invisible protection cloak was set to full & I still came away frazzled. This has been a hell of a year for us all, on so many levels. If like me in this image you feel disconnected, fragmented even, now is the time to repair & renew. As we approach the Winter Solstice it is a time of recounting stories of the year ( often involving ale & crying!), preparing for the dark months ahead. Renewing & re-energising as we prepare for the promise of the New Year. Giving presents & counting our blessings with the ones we hold dear.

The end of year party is not a new thing, it has been happening for millenia.
Release the past, live the now & prepare to manifest the brightest of futures.
Go forth & be fabulous today, no matter how hungover you are!

“Release the past, live the now & prepare to manifest the brightest of futures”

If you haven’t take a couple minutes to choose your card in my talking reading, do it, link here: Free Talking Video Tarot
Have great day, yesterday is done & dusted, tomorrow is a fantasy. Grab today & shake it. it’s the only time you’ll ever see this day, make it count.

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Are you evolving?

Tarot evolution
Are you evolving? Take a Tarot journey to who you really are
Tarot thought for today – Evolve – I’m really enjoying investigating this idea, re-invention. If you always respond in the same way, you always get the same result. Sometimes it’s you or your point of view that needs to change. It’s easy to go through life bouncing from bumper sticker to pinterest affirmation, avoiding everything & trusting to the universe. Life will still be waiting.

“pull up your big girl pants & face the music”

One day you will have to pull up your big girl pants & face the music, it can be so cathartic & freeing. I have had an incredibly challenging 2018, on many levels. Not ‘mercury retrograde’ stuff, real, hard life stuff. I believe the trick is, don’t bleat on about it & learn from the lesson, get amongst it & grab everything life has to offer.

Wishing you a magical weekend, go forth & be fabulous!

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Have great day, yesterday is done & dusted, tomorrow is a fantasy. Grab today & shake it. it’s the only time you’ll ever see this day, make it count.

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Just listen

listening psychic telephone clairvoyants
Be there 100%
Do you like my party jacket? I treated myself, new haircut, the works …. I might buy a velvet one too, it is party season after all 🙂

I spent a lovely evening last night, fabulous venue, amazing company.
As we left a lady said “I must book a reading, that was amazing”.
I had done absolutely nothing except held eye contact with her and
J U S T  L I S T E N E D
For the duration of her glass of wine, I was 100% there for her. I got it ALL, both barrels. Her boss, her useless boyfriend :), her vet, her kids, the weird pain in her leg – EVERYTHING
Sometimes that’s all someone needs. To be heard

” Just be there for someone today”

If you are lucky enough to be there for someone today. Do that. Just be there, 100%.
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Have great day, yesterday is done & dusted, tomorrow is a fantasy. Grab today & shake it. it’s the only time you’ll ever see this day, make it count.

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How can I learn Tarot?

Tarot 22 Keys The Major Arcana
What's the best way to learn Tarot Reading?
I get asked all the time ‘How do I learn Tarot’. My opinion, & only my opinion, throw away the little white book.  Find resources that do interest you & exhaust them, thankfully I’m an obsessive so no worries there. Listen to people, actually listen to them. You don’t have to like them, you do have to get in to their headspace & make a connection. Finally trust your gut instincts. If Tarot finds you, have the respect to voice what is being revealed through you. I’m sorry to say if you aren’t destined to be a reader, no amount of study & waving Tarot cards about mysteriously is gonna cut it. Go find something that you are good at.

” You don’t have to like them, you do have to get in to their headspace”

On this image are my 22 Majors, I stepped in to each card as I created them & they still surprise me as I give readings every day. If you haven’t take a couple minutes to choose your card in my talking reading, do it, link here: Free Talking Video Tarot
Have great day, yesterday is done & dusted, tomorrow is a fantasy. Grab today & shake it. it’s the only time you’ll ever see this day, make it count.

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Tarot Secrets

Secrets of the Tarot
Tarot Secrets Revealed

Your secrets, revealed

Every story ever told, every secret ever revealed lives within the Tarot, the book with no pages. This amazing oracle has the power to reveal mysteries of the past & present, to unlock the secrets of your future. Every day I live for the excitement of turning those keys, watching the painted images come to life before me, embracing the subliminal symbols, unravelling the subconscious through the dance of Tarot.

What secrets does the tarot hold for you? In readings it is the secrets that the questioner is keeping from themselves that are usually the most revealing.

Tarot is the most powerful technology of untold possibilities, the book with no pages

” the most powerful technology of untold possibilities, the book with no pages”

What is your story? Consult my free vide Tarot reading: Free Tarot Reading 

Have a truly transformational day

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The hurrier I go, the behinder I get

Alice in Wonderland Tarot
Be proud of who you are, be brave enough to take the different path

Do less, better

Tarot today – White Rabbit – “The hurrier I go, The behinder I get.” – Time to let go. When circumstances conspire to make life seem impossible I always reflect on my old friend the White Rabbit from my favourite vintage Alice deck. He is always nervous & in a hurry. I find these two states generally arrive together, never manifesting the best outcome. The older I get the more it becomes apparent that, mostly, what will be will be.

If I’m not prepared it’s usually better to sit this one out & say as little as possible.

” Be proud of who you are, be brave enough to take the different path”

It is never too late to reinvent who you are & how you react to the crazy ride that is simply just ‘being alive’. There’s no time restraint on striving to become the best you that you can be. Accept your mistakes, celebrate your victories. Be proud of who you are, be brave enough to take the different path.

Start anew on the journey to becoming the person you always new you could become.

Wishing you an exceptional week

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Believe in Yourself

Self Belief Mantra
Believe in Yourself first

Tarot today – The Message

The message image shown on this card is your message, you were given it as you took your first breath. When will you deliver on that message?

Tarot is my thing. The symbol on the right, (in my opinion), is the essence of Tarot. When I encountered it for the first time, decades ago, I knew I had found my key. The secret to unravelling my purpose.

Many people are so frustrated by struggling through the day to day, they have forgotten who they are. They have vague memories of who they were & have a million ideas of who

” Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Lucille Ball

Before you were you, here, where were you? Who are you now? What is your purpose?

Reconnect to who you truly are – Deep down you remember your message, if only you will allow yourself to hear it.

Go forth & be exceptional today, make today the day that someone will remember your message.

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Escape from yourself

Past present future - Psychic readings
Can we ever escape from ourselves?

Escape Yourself

Tarot today – Six of Swords – On my Six of Swords card, shadowy figures drift from turbulent waters into safer currents. Brightness breaks through cloudy sky and a Castle indicating safe haven can be glimpsed in the distance. I usually post very early in the morning & pull the card that I am focusing on, if I am focusing on a card. Then I lay on a couch in contemplation while I wait for the rest of my world to catch up. I drift off into the imagery of the card. Many of the images in this deck were created between 20 & 30 years ago, so the layers of meditation around them deepens & wraps itself around me like a favourite blanket. The essence that forms in my consciousness for this card today is : ‘escape’. Wherever the vessel drifts & whatever stories you tell yourself you may be able to escape circumstances, people, places or any other interaction or distraction that drifts your way. The one thing you will never escape is yourself.

“wherever the boat drifts, be sure to leave the very best impression of your spirit that you can”

A favourite quote of mine, again no one is really sure who said it is ‘They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel’

Make peace with yourself today, wherever the boat drifts, be sure to leave the very best impression of your spirit that you can.

Tarot the Six of Swords

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You think you have time…

tarot reading online
Time is ticking - What is Your purpose?

#omaratarot This week I’ve been thinking about time. We all have a limited resource of time during our current existence, we really need to spend more of it scrolling through social media. BAM! if you’ve read this far I’m not having a go, I’m as bad as anyone, my phone reports to me every week what a waster I am.
Many people who have readings are focusing on the ants, not the elephants. Quite often someone sits in front of me & blithers on about some guy they are obsessed with. I nod sagely & make a few comments here & there, there’s no point in saying “Why bother you won’t be together in 3 months” They won’t want to hear it, sometimes they can’t hear it.

We all have a limited amount of time. I saw the Bohemian Rhapsody movie recently, I enjoyed it even though I think it had little to do with the truth.
I met Freddie a couple of times on nights out. His time was cut short, as was many of my friends time around that period in history. The technology is now here to stop that happening. What might Freddie have done had he not been taken so young?

You think you have time, you don’t. What is your purpose? What do you really want to get done before your personal countdown expires. You know deep inside, you really do. You will put it off until ‘it is the right time’, ‘its christmas’, ‘works crazy’, ‘I have no time’ Make some time, get up an hour earlier, stop watching trash tv.

That time is now. Do me a favour, stop scrolling, take a deep breath & treat yourself to five minutes of thinking about what you really want to do

I like to give credit where credit’s due, I’m not 100% sure where the quote I used came from. A lot of sources say ‘Buddha’ but I’m not totally sure, if you are then please let me know.

Go forth & be extraordinary today

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What is happiness?

The key to happiness
What if you had a magic key that could ulock your personal happiness?
Tarot Today – One of my favourite vintage cards – The Key. I love this card, I could stare at it for hours. If only we could all find the magic key that would unlock our perfect life. What this means to me is being able to unlock whatever it is internally that makes us feel complete. No external force can do that for you. Love, Money anything you can name will not make you happy, it must come from inside.

I had a ( one sided! ) heated debate with someone yesterday about me being a psychic. I said “I don’t identify as a psychic, lots of my friends do, & that’s fine. I see myself as a Cartomancer, literally a card reader if you want to go & have a look at wikipedia”He completely ignored what I said & continued to wind himself up until we parted ways. For all I know he is still going on.

I got on my bike, came home & continued to happily play with my pretty cards.

Be who you are today, try not to be labelled. Unless you want to label yourself of course. Connect to that part of you that makes you truly happy, that is really all we can do.

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Tarot 8 of Cups – Are you brave enough to walk way

TArot 8 of Cups
The Eight of Cups - Is it time to walk away?

Letting go

A figure turns from Eight stacked Cups. Behind the Cups a river needs to be crossed, the moon pulls at the emotions. What situation or behaviour is no longer in your best interest.

Change can be unsettling, walking away is often the bravest thing we have ever done.

Walking away from a job or relationship that we know is not nourishing our soul. Sometimes we continue out of some misguided fantasy that things will improve, even though every fibre in our being tells us nothing ever will.

Walking away from an outmoded version of ourselves, realising that we are no longer the person we thought we were.

Releasing a repetitive habit, thought process or behaviour that always ends making us feel less than, unworthy, trapped.

Walking away is the most cathartic thing we can do, to unleash a new phase of our existence.

“Don’t settle for a half life, you are worth more than that”

Are you feeling stuck today, is there something that deep down you know isn’t taking you where you want to be?

Be brave, release yourself. If your Spider-sense is tingling remember the Universe really does have your back, you owe it to yourself to choose your path to happiness. Don’t settle for a half life, you are worth more than that.

Wishing you a truly transformational weekend

Tarot the Eight of Cups

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Hello stress, thanks for dropping by

Mindfulness Tarot
Mindfulness - The Mental Health Revolution

Look inside – Quiet the mind

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is to put the world on pause. To exist just in that second & give myself a little kindness.

I’m a big fan of meditation & hypnosis. Being able to focus, be awake & pay attention to the moment.

When I give readings, it’s not about me, it’s about the sitter. Where they are & where they might be going.

Often I will be on such a different frequency it is difficult to get the questioner to even focus on what is happening. They are on to the next thing before I have even finished a sentence. In just the last few years this phenomena has sped up dramatically. Often when people land in front of me they are SO stressed, I wonder if they are about to burst in to tears.

“I actively monitor my thoughts, watch them move around my head, talk to them “Hello Stress, thanks for popping by””

My daily stress busting checklist:

Is the stress mine? Or am I being a stress Vampire & feeding off someone elses energy?

I consciously notice how I ACTUALLY feel in the moment, pay attention to where I am & what I’m doing. Stop to smell the roses

Put in daily me time. Even 5 minutes, every day to just sit with my thoughts

Physically change my outlook – Choose a different seat on the bus

I actively monitor my thoughts, watch them move around my head, talk to them “Hello Stress, thanks for popping by”

Listen to some relaxing audio, hypnosis or meditation

How do you cope with feeling overwhelmed, I would love to know

Wishing you a tranquil day

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Tarot is increasingly in Vogue with Millenials

Tarot fashion
Tarot is in Vogue

Tarot is ‘in fashion’ at the moment. That is all well & good, I have a degree in fashion, it is no surprise that the rich imagery & spooky aesthetic is ‘in Vogue’. What is really interesting is that a younger generation are drawn to the Tarot & increasingly ask me to portray a spooky character when giving readings, especially around Halloween. I like it & it is completely in keeping with the darker side of the human experience. As long as the reading is authentic I have no problem & don’t think it in anyway belittles the Tarot ritual.

“The younger clientele are looking for a more authentic experience. Unicorns & ‘Love & Light’ simply doesn’t cut it for them”

What is becoming obvious is that young people are increasingly disenfranchised with the upside down world we currently inhabit. Seeking solace in ancient wisdom makes perfect sense & I am finding it extremely cathartic to give readings ‘for a bit of fun’ that ultimately, through the inherent power of the Tarot experience, end up being truly inspiring & motivating for the sitter & myself.

The younger clientele are looking for a more authentic experience. Unicorns & ‘Love & Light’ simply doesn’t cut it for them & they challenge & excite me as a Tarot consultant, pushing my buttons & forcing me to up my game.
Have you tried my talking readings? My popular free Tarot Readings online have been getting great feedback, I am so happy with the response & engagement. Younger people especially have told me that the readings helped them feel relaxed, confident & positive about the future. Exactly the feelings I was trying to evoke when I visualised the readings based on many hundreds of face to face readings throughout my life. Find the link below & let me know what you think, I would truly love to know …

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The only True Power is Within

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Focus Your mind, connect to your inner power
Connect to your inner power

Connect to Your True Power

Do you get waves of feeling powerless? Almost hopeless? If you have, & I know you have, there’s no reason to feel anxious. We have all felt that way! One of the default settings of the human condition is to feel occasionally unnerved. Sensitive people & people who have opened up to a spiritual quest tend to feel things more deeply. When you begin to feel at soul level, true honesty with yourself, people & places & things will rise up & make you feel challenged. There is only one way to get rid of that feeling: to realise that your only power is within you & begin to nurture that energy & harness that power. When you realise the strength of your inner power- and learn how to harness it- you will be invincible. Here are some tips on how to harness your inner power:


Realise your body is just a vessel

It can be hard to separate your body from your soul. You use your body to do things every day, from making the bed to going for a jog. However, the reality is that you are not your body. Your body is simply a vessel. It’s what’s in your body that matters- your soul. When you accept that your body is just a vessel, you can learn how to harness your inner power. Your inner power and your soul are intrinsically linked and when you can connect to one, you can connect with the other. I believe that each of us needs some tools to unlock our true potential. Undoubtedly the keys that have unlocked my destiny, my reality are embedded in The Tarot. I believe The Tarot is the most powerful technology of untold possibilities. Every story ever conceived can be played out in a Tarot spread, it is up to us to manifest it as our reality.


Truly Believe in the power of your mind

If you want to harness your inner power, you need to believe in the power of your mind. Your mind is immensely powerful. The saying mind over matter is absolutely true. We give way too much power to our body, when in reality, it’s not what controls us. When you can believe in the power of your mind, you can use that to connect with your own inner power.


Stop getting in your own way

One of the biggest roadblocks to harnessing your inner power is you! It’s easy to doubt our inner power because it’s intangible. What we can’t see is hard to believe in. However, our inner power isn’t Santa Clause or The Easter Bunny. Your inner power is real and it can help you do incredible things. But you need to stop getting in your own way! Trust your gut, believe in your inner power and stop doubting yourself! 


Quiet the outside noise

Meditation can improve our natural instincts. However, it’s hard to hear your inner voice when there is so much outside noise. If you want to connect to your inner power, you’ll need to hear what it’s saying. Be sure to get enough quiet time in your day so you can harness your inner power. Buddhist relate to this as ‘the thousand things’, the myriad distractions we face on a daily basis to keep us from our true path. I find chanting is an amazing tool to focus my mind, have you ever tried it? Give a listen to the buddhist chants here, they may be the frequencies you need to quiet you mind & focus your intentions.


There is no feeling better than harnessing your inner power. When you realise the strength that you possess within yourself, it can completely change your outlook on life. No longer will your nosy coworker make your blood boil, nor will arriving late to a meeting feel like the end of the world. The only power that you will ever need is within you, connect to it now.


Whenever I am feeling like I need a personal Power injection I meditate on the Meanings of the Strength Tarot Card

If you are looking for some insight as to where you are on your personal path, check out my free Tarot readings or why not consider a Powerful Reading with my Expert Professional Psychics & Clairvoyants.


However this page finds you as always I wish you only the best. May today bring you everything you desire.

Begin Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

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Law of Attraction
Use the Power of Your Mind to Manifest Your Dreams                                                                    

Do you feel stuck in a boring routine? If so, it’s time to start manifesting the life of your dreams. We all have a dream life that we wish could be our reality. Oftentimes, it seems so out of reach that we never even try to achieve that lifestyle. However, you can live the life of your dreams- if you know how to manifest it. It really can be much closer than you think.
Here are some tips:
Use “I am”
The way we speak about something can have a profound effect on our mindset and our fate. We all have a different version of the life of our dreams. Maybe it’s retiring early and traveling Europe or maybe it’s opening a life-saving non-profit organisation. Whatever your dream life is, begin speaking about it as though it’s already your reality. Instead of saying “I will visit Europe,” say “When I reach Europe.” This simple shift in wording can begin to manifest your reality much faster as your subconscious continually prepares to realise your thoughts .
Say your dreams out loud
If you keep your dreams in your mind, they will always be just that – dreams. When you begin speaking about the life of your dreams, you are informing the universe of your desires. You need the universe to be on your side if you want the life of your dreams to manifest. Begin saying your dreams out loud- even if it seems silly at first. Guided visualisations & hypnosis are fantastic tools & techniques I use regularly to expand my horizons.
Meditate and visualise
Meditation and visualisation can help improve every area of your life. Whenever you want something bad enough, you should visualise it and spend some time every day just focusing on that image. What you visualise will eventually manifest. When you picture something in your mind that you really want, it sends signals to your brain, which will then subconsciously lead you towards your desires.
Ask your higher power
To get the life of your dreams, you need to ask those with the power to give it to you. Whether you believe in the universe, spirits, or another form of higher power- it’s time to ask them for what you want most.
Let your heart lead you
The battle between following your heart versus your head is a constant battle. You may not always get it right, but it’s important that you try. The life of your dreams is a heart issue. If you let your brain decide, it would only choose what was logical- not what you really wanted. Always follow your heart.
Surround yourself with support
Manifesting the life of your dreams isn’t a one person job. It takes love, support and encouragement for us to finally have the life that we’ve always dreamt of. Cut off anyone in your life that stops you from pursuing your dreams. Only spend time with people who believe in you and support your dreams.
Be open to fate
The sad reality is that what you want the most may not be what’s best for you. When attempting to manifest the life of your dreams, remember to always be open to change. Oftentimes we think we know what we want and what will be best for us, but what we think would be best often really isn’t. The universe always knows best. Trust its infinite wisdom.
Manifesting the life of your dreams may take some time, but it will be well worth it. If you could live your perfect life, wouldn’t you be willing to put in some hard work? If you’re serious about manifesting the life of your dreams, stop wasting time and get started today! Follow our tips above and you’ll be living your dream life in no time!
Finally make time to delegate, I am the worst person to recommend this as I constantly try to manage everything myself. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Sometimes you have to accept that someone else may just be better at the task in hand, you can’t be an expert in everything!
If you are wondering how your life is set to unfold, my selected Expert Professional Psychics & Clairvoyants are literally a phonecall away. Whether you are looking for fast answers to your burning questions via telephone or text, I’m proud to say that my readers are at the top of their game & are ready to provide the direction you need. Or just dip in & try some of my free psychic reading resources  including my free love tarot online reading they are designed to spark new avenues of thought that could help you begin to manifest that perfect life. Wherever you are on your journey I sincerely hope that you are happy with your lot. Have an amazing time & enjoy this awesome never ending Summer!


Discover Your divine purpose with Tarot

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Find your divine purpose with a powerful psychic reading
What is Your Purpose? Who must you fearlessly become?

What is your divine purpose? Why is the world a better place for having you in it? If money was no option & you could spend your days in pursuit of one thing, what would that be?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves when we are asking what our true purpose is. Many readings that I have given recently focus on the dissatisfaction that so many people are feeling at the moment. “I just feel that I am freewheeling with no true direction or purpose”, “One week blends in to the next, am I here just to pay my rent”, “I have been on SO many dates recently, none of them have even come close to making me think that I am even close to finding ‘the one’”.

The above are genuine statements that people have made to me recently. I really believe that there is a universal shift occurring that is forcing everyone to truly question their existence. If how you earn your living is becoming unbearable, every day is becoming a chore & you are living purely for the weekend, you owe yourself to shake things up & strive to connect to your soul purpose & begin to live the satisfying, fulfilling existence you know you deserve. For independent advice from one of my expert psychic readers many different inspiring psychic readings are available across these pages. Sometimes another point of view is the catalyst you need to reignite your enthusiasm.

What are your unique gifts & super powers? What is it that makes you happy, & ultimately makes those around you happy? I have known from a very early age that Tarot is my destiny. That I am here to give readings that inspire people to see differently & break out of self limiting patterns of belief. I also know that I am extremely gifted in the graphic arena, without sounding big headed those talents were my career for many years & gave me a good living. Now I have realised that I can combine my visual skills with my Tarot calling & my interest in social media which is why I express myself visually through the medium of instagram among other channels. I love the fact that I can create something & it can take on a life of it’s own around the globe. I love the fact that social is so instantaneous. It fascinates me that my insta journey has grown & developed & continues to evolve as a conduit for my Tarot deck & the free Tarot readings embedded on my own site. Every day I am inspired by the visual imagery that flows through my social channels & even as I tap this I am inspired to develop more & expand in to ever more exciting channels. If you want to connect to me on social look for the buttons on my site, I am most active on Instagram, you can find me here #tarot on instagram


Who must you fearlessly become?

Who have you been when you have been at your best? Think back now to a time when you were genuinely ‘in the flow’, feeling creative & just doing or creating something simply because it made you happy or made you feel fulfilled. What was that, how can you return to that joyful state that simply made you happy to be alive. The secret to life is if you can take that state of joyous creation & mould it to become the way you make your living, you have truly cracked it, you will never feel like you are simply doing a job for the sake of it.

Who must you fearlessly become? Deep down your soul knows the person you are destined to be. You have all the skills necessary, what is it that is holding you back?

When I am giving a reading for someone who feels that their life has lost direction, that they have lost their reason for being, I like to take them on a journey through the Major Arcana. Each card has many meanings but in regards to this question there is generally one meaning that is relevant, that can be focused on to unlock the direction & potential that is missing in the questioners life.

I intend to start a series on each Major Arcana that reveals which of the secrets can help someone who is struggling to find their true direction, so please check back.

For now you can take a wander along the Royal Road of Tarot by visiting my Tarot pages, focus on the Majors. Each Major Arcana Tarot or greater Secret has a life changing power, Your divine purpose is in there. Focus now & discover Your destiny, what are you waiting for?

Taking Control with the Tarot

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Tarot Psychic Reading
Take control of your life with the wisdom of Tarot

Social media – Fake News?, it feels more & more that we are struggling to be ‘on’ & know everything, be everywhere 24/7. I think this is actually making people feel more isolated & disconnected from their reality. Only today I saw someone have a very real & very loud public breakdown on a train in central London. There were 2 reactions to this poor person reaching the end of their tether, the first was people trying to act like nothing was happening, burying themselves deeper in their own alienated world of headphones, newspapers & mobile swiping. Even more alarming were the other individuals who started videoing the poor person who was having a breakdown. Admittedly the individual was very vocal & confrontational, but I didn’t see anyone actually try & help or try & inform someone who possibly could. I couldn’t as it was my stop & god forbid I miss that for the sake of trying to help someone in obvious distress. I berated myself after, perhaps I should have at least tried to engage the person?, although with all the ‘horror stories’ maybe it is indeed best to turn up your headphones & pretend that nothing is happening.

Out of Control?

The loneliness & anger that is tangible even in central London seems to be fuelled by our fast paced society, by feeling out of control. That unbelievable decisions are being made over which we as individuals have no influence.

I truly believe that it is becoming more difficult for us to affect outcomes & that people are suffering crippling insecurity as a result. The only power we really have is how we react to the unfolding events around us, our emotional response to the world as we experience it is the only aspect truly under our control.

Tarot Answers

I know I am extremely fortunate as all of my life I have had the Tarot as my benchmark, as my touchpoint for all my experience. The universe seems to be hurtling ever faster, changing at an alarming rate. Signals coming at us from literally all directions, bombarding our senses. Someone I was reading for actually said to me the other day that they were disappointed in themselves as they had not been able to keep up with their friends Instagram stories. I had to process that for a minute, they were disappointed because they hadn’t been able to keep up with their ‘friends’ heavily filtered & curated versions of their lives. I felt quite saddened, when was the last time they actually connected with any of these friends outside of the lenses of social media I wondered.

Without sounding like an old fool, when I was young the world was genuinely a much slower place. Change took time & was a gentle progression. Now change is instantaneous & brutal, requiring instant reactions & endless comments on social media. Some people are genuinely overwhelmed & this adrenaline rush is inevitably leading people to seek answers as to how they can regain control.

I believe this is why Tarot is having a resurgence as a belief system. The 78 mirrors to experience contained in the Tarot perhaps offer more accessible direction & answers to those we know through other belief systems, such as organised religion for example. I rejected organised religion as a youngster. I felt that whatever I did was going to result in some form of punishment or eternal damnation! The Tarot may present you with occasional scary concepts, Death, The Devil, The Ten of Swords, though usually by embracing these lessons & agreeing to work through them you can understand life’s challenges & reprogram your responses, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling existence.

Powerful Technology

Tarot is I believe the most powerful technology of untold possibilities. Every day I can wander through my deck & come out revitalised & ready to take on the challenges of my world & the larger questions our society is facing on a daily basis.

I am lucky to have found my answers. Many are not so fortunate & have a continuous feeling of being out of control, overwhelmed with insecurity about how their future will develop, what they can do to handle their circumstance & ultimately change their destiny.

The Answers are Within

We must accept that our answers truly lie within, that the only hope we have is to train our response to our unstable ever changing challenging world, and only try & control the very small parts over which we genuinely have control.

Tarot can provide the window that enables us to regain that control. By immersing ourselves in the 78 keys of the Tarot we can begin to understand & regain control of our destiny. Remember you can connect to one of my professional Psychics or Clairvoyants for Your Unique Psychic Reading by telephone or text, what does the future hold? Find out now with a live reading.

Use the Power of the Sun to Visualise Abundance

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Psychic Sun Power for Abundance
Use the Psychic Power of the Sun to manifest abundance 

Every planet and star- including the Sun- has its own unique significance. The locations of the planets and stars directly affect our behavior and personality, but they all do so in different ways. The sun is our primary source of light and warmth, but its spiritual powers go much deeper. In many doctrines, the Sun is representative of life, self, health and well-being. It is also what gives us strength and energy to accomplish both our major life goals and our small daily tasks. Without the Sun, we would be weak physically, mentally and emotionally; its power should never be underestimated. If you can learn to harvest the power of the Sun, you will have control over both your individual self and your well-being.


The power of the Sun can help in several areas of our lives. Aside from being necessary for physical life, it can help us connect with our spiritual selves and manifest what we want out of life. There is usually a positive feeling associated with the word “abundance.” Abundance quite literally means “a very large quantity of something.” Can you think of something that you think you would like to have an abundance of? Is it money? Happiness? Friends? Love? There are so many things that we can benefit from having an abundance of- and when we have an abundance of something, it also means that we have more to give. By connecting with the Sun, visualising its every beam manifesting our desires, we can use its power to visualise abundance.


Visualisation is a powerful tool used in several practices from meditation and yoga to astrology. Essentially, visualisation enables a direct line of communication between your desires and your subconscious mind. When you picture your desires clearly and with intent, your subconscious mind understands that you want to recreate these desires in your real life and it will manifest them into reality. The power of the Sun can enhance the strength of your visualisation. Here’s how to use the power of the sun to visualise abundance: first, find a place to lay down outside that is in direct sunlight. It’s best to do this on a day when the Sun is particularly warm. Lay down with your back to the ground and arms at your sides, palms facing up towards the Sun. Now go into a period of deep meditation- take deep breaths in and out of your nose and with each breath, think about how the Sun makes you feel. Feel its warmth on your skin and the power that it has. Now, picture whatever it is that you would like to have an abundance of. Imagine that it is a battery and the sun is the energy source. Continue meditating with this image in your mind. Visualise the Sun powering the energy of abundance.


When you connect to the power of the Sun, it can work wonders in every area of your life. However, the power of the Sun can also help bring specific requests into existence- such as the request for abundance. Visit my Tarot pages for more details on the imagery of The Sun Card in Tarot. For a powerful Psychic reading, visit my Selected Best Psychics & Clairvoyants.

I wish you an amazing summer, remember every time the power of the Sun touches your skin, imagine your abundance battery being charged. I hope you manifest everything you could possibly wish for.


Use the Lunar Power of the Moon to Connect With Your Dreams

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  Psychic Moon Love Tarot Readings
The moon has a huge influence on my life, the first card I created for my personal Tarot deck & constantly on my mind should I be under the effects of some lunar lunacy.  You may only know it as a satellite that orbits the earth, but it plays a much larger role than lighting up our sky at night. The moon is known for having a significant impact on our habits, emotions, reactions and subconscious. While the sun is a more stable source of light and life, the moon tends to be an often credited source for reactions and feelings. It rules over the part of us that is receptive, responsive and reflective. The moon’s power is even scientifically documented. Its gravitational forces are strong enough to affect the ocean’s tides; as beings that are made up of over 70% water, it’s unsurprising that it has an affect on us, too. Because the moon has such a strong connection to our subconscious, it also has an impact on our dreams. If you’ve ever wanted to connect with your dreams, the lunar power of the moon may be what you’ve been missing.
If you’re someone who has vivid dreams or keeps a dream journal, then no doubt you have noticed some patterns in your dreaming. If you haven’t, then try this: think back to your most intense or outrageous dreams and take a look at the calendar. Chances are, these dreams coincide with full moons. In addition to bringing us our most surreal dreams, studies have shown that the full moon causes us to sleep less, sleep more restlessly, and take longer to fall asleep. Perhaps that’s why our full moon dreams are so strange…
There are many sleep studies that have shown that while some people, like those who are depressed, have more detailed or vivid dreams, others barely dream at all. If you’re someone who is unable to connect well with your dreams, the secret to enhancing your connection could be to pay closer attention to the lunar phases. Many people who feel disconnected to their dreams simply forget the dreams that they do have, and they don’t even know that they forgot! The memory may have flashed through their mind in the morning and left before they even realised it was there. We remember our dreams best when we first wake up. To connect better with your dreams, use your calendar to track the moon’s cycle. Mark down the nights when there will be a full moon. After each of those nights, in the early hours of the next morning, wake yourself up with an alarm and immediately write down everything you remember about your dreams. This is the time when your dreams will be the most vivid and by writing them down immediately, you’ll be able to read over, understand and connect with them better.
The lunar power of the moon truly does have a profound effect on our subconscious thoughts and feelings. During times of full moon, not only will you dream more, but your dreams are bound to be more realistic, detailed, and wild! Even for those that don’t dream often, by tracking the lunar phases, you could connect with your dreams better than you ever thought possible.
Here you can discover more detail about the meanings of the moon Tarot card. And if you have any questions or fragments of dreams that you would like to investigate a psychic reading with one of my recommended Clairvoyants could provide the answers you are looking for. 

Tarot Synchronicity – Cathartic Cartomancy

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Tarot Synchronicity

What a weekend. An amazing time of incredible storms & powerful energies. The atmosphere was indeed electric, big hitters of the Tarot coming through in many readings to instigate serious shifts & cathartic conversations. Judgement, The Ten of Swords, The Lovers & of course the Tower struck by lightning. My brief was ‘Give it to us straight, no tall dark strangers or vague karma’. I loved it, showed up suited & booted. I love giving readings that shake things up & make people see potential from a different perspective. Lots of Moon cards for some added lunar lunacy. All in all I am one happy Cartomancer.

Wow, That Card is So Bang On!

The reason Tarot works is that it is a distilled microcosm of any and all life experiences. This combined with the beautiful dance that occurs between an open questioner & a skilled reader often leads to incredible synchronicities. When the reader sees their situation laid before them across the coloured pasteboards of the Tarot, the alternative possible paths offered by the reader seem enticing, like teasers in a delirious summer dream.

Were the cards wrong?

Though I have walked the Royal Road of Tarot for more than 40 years, sometimes real life throws me a curveball that makes me re-assess & investigate a constellation of cards that seemed a foregone conclusion, yet turn out to lead to a different manifestation of events in the lives of the sitters.

Last year I gave an ‘open & shut case’ reading for a young lady. Textbook Major Arcana fest that started with the High Priestess & developing wisdom & feminine intuition. Through the Two of Cups & ultimately the Lovers & every other union card in a positive position in the spread that laid a beautiful relationship aead of us on the table in the tropics where we had enjoyed a beautiful afternoon. Imagine my surprise when I heard through the grapevine that these young Lovers are having a wobble & even thinking of going their separate ways. I was gobsmacked, were my impressions wrong? had someone slipped some duff cards in to my deck like James Bond to Solitaire in Live & Let Die?

What had happened to these to young Lovers was simply called ‘life’. Obviously as the all seeing ego driven important oracle that I am I was shaken up by the news, I had to accept that it had absolutely nothing to do with me. I went over the fragments of the reading in my head, I had given the necessary disclaimers around the reading & I was comfortable that the young lady had gone away thoughtful though not in any way reliant or shaken up by her cards.

As readers that is all we can hope for, that our wisdom & experience offers alternative life choices in an entertaining & empowering way. Ultimately the choices are down to the questioner, exactly as it should be.

For exciting new psychic readings with my selected clairvoyants please visit my updated site. Otherwise I hope to tempt you for a free psychic reading or to engage you with a visual morsel on Instagram @omaratarot

It is Bank Holiday here in the UK so signing off for a chilled day. Wherever you are & whatever you are doing I sincerely hope this finds you well, have an amazing day.

The Truth in Tarot cards

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Free Trusted Tarot Readings

Always the same question, “How do Tarot cards work?” The young lady in front of me quizzical, skeptical & a little on edge. My answer, always the same, “Tarot has no inherent power, they are just 78 painted pasteboards. The ‘power’ comes from the age old wisdom contained in the symbols, combined with my skill as a reader & how the rapport develops between us to uncover some truths about you, your life, and maybe how various possible timelines could manifest for you. Are you ready to put your trust in me, the cards & most importantly yourself, to go for a dance through the Tarot?”

Put Your Trust in a Tarot reading: How to get the best reading
Many people conjure up a very stereotypical image when they picture a tarot card reading. It usually has something to do with a long-haired “gypsy” woman flipping tarot cards one at a time while she tells you about dark haired strangers on far flung shores. This image is what causes many people to discredit tarot card readings entirely. Let me tell you a secret: true Tarot card readings are nothing like the images in your head or the readings in the movies. There is no woman in flowing clothes predicting your impending doom. Instead, a tarot card reading involves a trained and gifted intuitive using Tarot cards to give you insight about your life & possible direction.

There are two types of Tarot card readings: question readings and open readings. Open readings give information about broad areas of your life, while question readings address address a specific question. Neither type of reading is designed to give you step by step instructions on how to live your life; rather, they exist to guide you in your decision-making process. Regardless of the type of reading you choose, there are certain ways to guarantee a trusted Tarot reading. One of these ways is to use a Tarot spread.

There are several different methods that a Tarot card reader can use when giving a reading. One of the methods is called a Tarot spread. A Tarot spread involves the reader laying out a series of tarot cards in a predetermined pattern and interpreting each card’s meaning in regards to your current situation. There are myriad different spreads that a Tarot card reader can use – it all depends on what information you are seeking. For example, if you’d like to learn more about your past, present or future relationship(s), you can use a relationship Tarot spread; if you’d like to learn more about your spiritual self, you might use a mandala Tarot spread; if you’d like to learn the meaning behind a specific or recurring dream, you could use a dream exploration spread. In short, different spreads answer different questions and the spread used by your Tarot card reader will have a direct impact on the information you receive.

Even the most skeptical people can enjoy a trusted Tarot reading. Many people enter a Tarot reading with a skeptical demeanor and leave with an entirely different world-view. Out of the many ways to receive a trusted Tarot reading– using a reputable reader, having an open mind, being receptive to the information- using a tarot spread is one of the most effective. I offer several different spreads, all which cater to different areas you may want insight on such as Birthday, Tree of life, Planetary and Celtic cross. If you’re interested in learning more about Tarot spreads, my website is a very good place to start.

Looking for a Psychic? Here’s what you need to know

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Psychic Readings
Looking for Accurate Psychics?

The first time you see a psychic is a wonderful experience. As with all new experiences, it’s exciting, exhilarating and a little bit nerve-wracking. If you’re a skeptic, or simply unfamiliar with the psychic reading process, you may be confused about the whole experience. What do I need to do? What will the psychic do? Is it safe? Do I need to bring anything? These are all questions that I receive on a daily basis. Many people going to see a psychic for the first time have so many questions and end up overthinking and over analysing the experience. Going to see a psychic should be a pleasant and relaxing experience. Here are a few things you should know before going to see a psychic:

Prepare yourself mentally
When most people are going to see a psychic for the first time, they’re doing so for a reason. Maybe they’re interested in the supernatural, or have concerns about their future. Regardless of the reason you chose to book a psychic reading appointment, before you go make sure to prepare yourself mentally. Your mind is powerful, so take the time to meditate on the reasons you are going to see a psychic and try to be open-minded.

If you’re going to see a psychic for the first time, it’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous. However, your nervous energy could affect your reading so do your best to relax and stay calm. Take a few deep breaths and have a casual conversation with your psychic before you start the reading to feel more comfortable.

Be open and honest
The key to a successful psychic reading is energy. If the energy in the room is tense or awkward, your psychic will have a much harder time giving you a good reading. While the psychic is the one who is communicating with the supernatural, they can’t do so if you aren’t open to the experience and honest about your intentions. Treat the reading the same way you would having a conversation with a friend. If the psychic asks you a question, respond honestly and hold nothing back. The way you respond and the energy you produce can make the difference between a successful and disappointing reading.

Be receptive
Too many people who are going to a psychic reading for the first time go in with a closed mind. They enter the reading with the mindset that they’ll only believe the psychic is genuine if she talks about a or warns them about b. This narrow mindset can affect the energy in the room and lead to an unproductive psychic reading. Remember that a psychic doesn’t choose what does or doesn’t come through.

Psychic readings can be filled with exciting news, interesting revelations and unsuspected surprises. For most, their first psychic experience is positive. If you’re nervous about going to see a psychic for the first time, the first thing you should do is relax. There is nothing scary or threatening about a psychic reading. Take some of the tips above to help prepare yourself for the psychic reading before you go and, once you’re at the appointment, relax into the present moment and enjoy the ride.

Your 5 minute guarantee

A successful psychic reading is all about connection. I am proud to represent the exceptional psychics & Clairvoyants across my sites, all of them have a variety of abilities & are among the very best currently working in their respective fields. Sometimes, however, it is inevitable that a reader & a questioner will not connect.

If within 5 minutes of starting your reading you feel that you are not connecting with your reader, end the call & return to reception who will be happy to recommend an alternative reader for you. (This guarantee only applies top rebooked & credit card readings, terms apply).

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Accurate Psychic Readings – What to look for in your Psychic

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Accurate PSychics
Accurate Psychic Readings

What are we looking for in an accurate psychic reading?


If you choose to experiment with psychic readings, of course you want them to be accurate. When you receive a psychic reading, you want to be told something meaningful about yourself or your life. The last thing you want to do is waste your money. But how can you tell if what you’re getting is an accurate psychic reading? Maybe you’re a bit of a skeptic, but you want to try to open yourself to the spiritual realm by receiving a psychic reading. Or perhaps you’re a believer in the supernatural, but you’re never received a psychic reading and you don’t want to be scammed. Unfortunately, there are unskilled psychic readers out there that may try to scam you. However, there are just as many skilled and talented psychic readers who want to help you connect with your spiritual self. So how can you tell the difference?


Oftentimes, a psychic reading client walks into a psychic reading appointment and expects to be told every single thing there is to know about themselves, their lives and the lives of those around them. This expectation will only set you up for disappointment. As talented and experienced a reader may be, no psychic can be one hundred percent accurate all of the time. It’s simply not how the gift works. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no way to ensure that you’re receiving an accurate psychic reading. In an accurate psychic reading, you’ll easily be able to tell the difference between this reading and one with an unskilled reader. Here are the two main red flags to look out for:


Your psychic makes sweeping generalisations

An unskilled reader will make general statements about you: You’re very sensitive, even if you hide it. You’re very strong, but you have few people to rely upon. These statements, while you may relate to them are not indicative of an accurate psychic reading. A skilled reader will be able to tell you very specific and personal details about yourself and your life. They may be able to describe an event in your past that no one else know about or be able to tell you who you last spoke to on the phone.


Your psychic makes wild guesses

While an accurate psychic reading cannot provide you with answers to all of your problems, skilled readers never take wild guesses. If your psychic claims to know the name of your dog, for example, but she has to guess ten times before landing on the correct name, she’s probably not as skilled as she should be. A skilled reader, on the other hand, may not know your dog’s name, but she could tell you, in detail, how your family got your dog or an important memory you may have of your dog.


Accurate psychic readings are possible, but it’s important to know what to look for in your psychic. Psychic abilities are powerful and impactful when used by a skilled reader. Use this guide to ensure that you always receive an accurate psychic reading, but also keep in mind that no psychic can be accurate 100% of the time.

I ma happy to recommend the very best psychics I have found, as always it is up to you to make up your mind, though I think you will struggle to find better readers anywhere – Psychics & Clairvoyants available now for Psychic readings


Psychic, Clairvoyant or Intuitive – Which reader is right for you?

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Psychics & Clairvoyants
Best Psychics, Clairvoyants & Intuitives 

Intuition: What is it and How Can it be Used?

I’m often asked how I categorise myself as a reader. The definitions have certainly shifted as have the descriptions from when I was a child. My mother’s favourite mystic, & the lady who started me on my journey, Madam Tamar, was more often than not referred to as a Clairvoyant (from the French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”). Mentalism, perviously seen as a branch of traditional Magic, though now considered to be a completely different art form altogether can give the impression that the performer has Psychic abilities & has on occasion caused confusion among people searching for a Psychic reading. For that reason I don’t identify as a ‘Psychic’, I prefer intuitive reader or Cartomancer, a form of divination using a deck of cards, or in my case Tarot cards. I developed my own deck of Tarot, absorbing the myriad symbols & nuances embedded in the system & this forms the basis of all my readings. I have no problem with people identifying as Psychics, in fact I feature many of the best Psychics I have found in the readers sections of my sites. I ma just more comfortable with the alternative description I have listed above to describe my personal form of reading.

Intuition is a powerful tool. We all experience intuition at one level or another. Its simple definition is is “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Most of us experience intuition in very small ways, like having a feeling that a friend might call right before the phone rings or going to a different grocery store than usual because you have a feeling that they’ll have the obscure spice you’ve been looking for- and they do. Did you know that 80% of our brain’s gray matter is dedicated to non-conscious thought? Intuition is a form of this non-conscious thought, so it’s no wonder why we all have some level of intuition. However, some of us are much more intuitive than others. Psychics, Clairvoyants and Intuitives are three such examples & you can have a Psychic Reading with some of my recommended psychic readers here.


A Psychic is someone who claims to gather insights in an extra-sensory way. Normally, we use our five senses (sight, taste, hearing, touch, smell) to receive and understand information. Psychics, on the other hand, obtain information in non-physical ways that are beyond the typical five senses. Unlike the rest of us, Psychics are much more intuitive in that they can use instinct to hone in on their spiritual senses as a way to gain insight into people, places and things. While highly intuitive beings, Psychics must still use logic to unpack the information that they receive. If a Psychic receives supernatural insight about a client, for example, they must then use their logic and senses to determine what the information means for this specific person.


A Clairvoyant is a psychic who claims to “see” supernatural information. They are able to receive intuitive information visually, but without the use of their physical eyes. However, what one Clairvoyant sees may be very different from the impressions another receives. All Clairvoyants receive supernatural images about people, places and things, but those images are personalised to the Clairvoyant. For example, if a client is going to get married, one Clairvoyant may see a church and the color white, while another may see a wedding ring. Images envisioned by Clairvoyants may be about the past, present or future and they aren’t as crystal clear as often depicted in the movies.


Unlike Psychics who still need to use logic to process their intuitive information, intuitives continuously receive information and understand it intuitively. Psychics tend to be able to exert more control over their abilities,  intuitives can receive visions randomly and at any time. The information received by intuitives often times mimics the way their own thoughts or feelings would naturally be experienced; it feels natural to them. Also unlike Psychics, intuitives rarely receive information about others. Instead, the insight they are given typically directly relates to their own lives & those immediately connected to them.

Do you feel as though you are highly intuitive? Have you ever wondered what that could mean? Hopefully this description of intuition and guide to intuitives, Psychics and Clairvoyants has given you a deeper understanding of intuition and how it can be used. Find the answers to your burning questions with a reading from my Expert Psychics, Clairvoyants & Tarot Readers

Are you Psychic? Test Your psychic ability online with an ESP test

Lunar Lunacy – The Full Worm & Sap Moons, what do they mean for you?

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Full worm & sap moons, unleash your intuitin
The power of the Full Worm Moon 

The power of two full March moons

Do you feel the power of the moon? I certainly do. My logic is that we are all comprised of a high water content, the moon affects the tides, therefore the moon affects our physiology. Does the moon affect your sleep patterns & moods? If you keep a diary around the phases of the moon you could be surprised if you check back to those times when the moon was at it’s fullest.

There is no denying the power of a full moon. Regardless of your sign, the full moon can have an effect on your feelings, emotions and desires. One of the most noted effects of a full moon is heightened brain activity due to the heavily illuminated side of the moon facing us. However, this month we will have two full moons. The first full moon, which occurred on March 1, has passed and I’m sure you noticed a change in your mood. However, the second full moon will crest on March 31 and bring with it a slew of interesting side effects.

Early this morning I had a message from a friend asking if the moon would affect his cats as they were driving him nuts at 3am. To be honest I don’t think cats need any excuse for lunar lunacy, the last pair that allowed me to share their lives were nocturnal nutcases & regularly drove me to distraction. This is what fascinates me about lunar activity, people will laugh & say how can the transit of the moon have any effect on me, & then the next day be blaming the moon for their furry felines midnight frolics.

The full moon that occurred on the first of the month was in Virgo. Although a full moon can affect everyone, if the full moon appears in your star sign, do you feel more extreme effects?  As the moon orbits the earth, it spends a few days in each zodiac sign, which is why zodiac signs exhibit different traits. However, when a full moon is orbiting the earth and occurs during a specific zodiac sign, the effects are amplified. While a full moon in general tends to heighten all thoughts, feelings and emotions, when it occurs in your star sign, the specific traits associated with your star sign will be amplified. For example, Virgos probably noticed a strong urge to cleanse and renew their lives, whether it was a deep cleaning of their living space or purging a toxic friend from their lives and an obsession surrounding perfectionism. That or it is possible that most true Virgos just tend to be fully on board with the OCD, in my experience anyway.

During the blue moon at the end of the month, most people may notice a heightened sense of awareness surrounding their self-presentation. However, this blue moon will appear in Libra, which means that those with this specific zodiac sign will feel effects a bit differently. Libras specifically will feel hyper-confident. Although Libras aren’t typically shy people, the blue moon will bring out their not-so-hidden extroverted side and will prompt them to speak to anyone about anything. Has there been someone you’ve been dying to ask out, but haven’t been quite sure how? If you’re a Libra, the blue moon will give you the courage to ask them out in the perfect way. Have you been harbouring a new idea for work but have been too timid to approach your boss? Come March 31, your Libra qualities will be amplified and you’ll confidently stroll into their office and give your proposal.

No matter your zodiac sign, full moons will have an effect on your mood. However, these effects will vary depending on your zodiac sign and the stage of the moon. While the full moon on March 1 may have led everyone to feel detail and organisation-oriented, Virgos on March 1 surely felt overwhelmingly perfectionist. On March 31, all zodiac signs can expect the blue moon to prompt them to desire cooperation amongst colleagues and to present themselves in a certain light. With this second full moon appearing in Libra, Libras will most likely feel hyper-confident. At the end of the day, what matters most when it comes to full moons isn’t your specific zodiac sign, but is rather your ability to be in touch with your innermost self. Be true to yourself and you will surely notice the changes that the full moon brings to your life.

The full moon is the perfect catalyst to reinventing yourself, If you are truly honest with yourself, recognising and modifying the behaviours that have been holding you back you can very quickly see results. A simple ‘spell’ is to make sure you get a clear view of the full moon & make a contract with yourself. Simply say : “ I absorb the Moon’s lunar magick, and give my life over to her powerful cycles. The Full moon’s energy is a reason for celebration, the dark had passed, and under the light of this full moon I become the person I know I was always meant to be. I shed all the layers I have built around me, the light of this moon cleanses & energises me for the myriad powerful developments I welcome in to my life”. A full moon is a perfect time for a powerful psychic readingThere are a variety of ways to connect to your psychic reader on this website. If you have been procrastinating as to whether a psychic reading is for you, check out the options, look to my recommended psychics & clairvoyants, who are you drawn to, can you sense that the have your answers waiting? . All of my services provide unique readings that fulfil your individual needs whilst ensuring that you have direct access to high quality experienced, professional Readers at the top of their game & ready to connect you to your destiny. Whichever reading you choose, I have worked hard to ensure that connecting to the right Psychic, Clairvoyant or Tarot Reader couldn’t be easier.

This full moon I hope the lunar lunacy propels you in to an energising phase, for more details on my relationship with the Moon, you can read more about the Moon Tarot Card from my personal deck.

Is the grass really greener? The Power of Positivity

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Look on the bright side
The power of positivity, be a beacon of light

The Power of Positivity

In the course of my work I give many readings & interact with many diverse people. After every reading I mentally shower myself of negativity or any subliminal influence that I have recognised as I sit with the questioner. I have noticed a relatively recent & quite worrying trend with people definitely not looking on the bright side & genuinely believing that the grass is always greener.

Well snap out of it people! I really believe that you create your own reality & what you allow to drift across your consciousness is actually what you will manifest in the reality of your daily life. Positivity is an active choice. Without sounding like an old drudge I really have recently noticed a worrying trend where people believe the world owes them a living. The harsh reality is that you are unlikely to become a world renowned celebrity or win the lottery so it really does come down to you to show up & do the very best that you can do make the most of whatever hand you have been dealt.

Attitude is everything. Have you ever woken up in a good mood, gone to work ready to start the day, walked in to the office and then gotten suddenly bombarded by an irritated boss? It can sour your whole day! From that point on, you’re in a bad mood and the feeling lingers well after you leave the office. On the other hand, have you ever been having a bad day that was suddenly changed by a random act of kindness? Maybe someone paid for your coffee or complimented your outfit. It was probably a small action, but I’m willing to bet that you thought about that encounter for the days and maybe even weeks to come- much longer than you thought about the inconvenience of your irritated boss. The power of positivity is undeniable and can be seen in the smallest parts of our daily lives. However, in both of these examples, life just seems to happen to you and then you reacted involuntarily. But what if I told you that you had the power to decide how to feel? And how to react? If you work on developing a positive mindset, you can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Here’s how:

Less Stress
Everyone gets stressed sometimes. However, if you notice that you seem to be stressed most of the time, you might have a problem with negativity. Stress can oftentimes be caused by negative thoughts, low self-worth and taking on more than you can handle. To eliminate stress, all you need to do is shift your mindset. Instead of believing the negative lies that you aren’t good enough, speak positivity into your life by counteracting those statements. Tell yourself that you are good enough and worthy and amazing. It’s true! A positive mindset shift can drastically decrease your stress levels and contribute to a better quality of life.

Less Depression
Depression can be debilitating. There are several causes, whether you suffer from situational depression or depression caused by a chemical imbalance, but there is a solution that might improve any type of depression: positivity. When someone is depressed, they oftentimes give in easier to negative thoughts. If you actively speak positively, you may experience some similar symptoms, but you’ll feel differently about them.

Improved Physical Health
Something you may not realize is that everything in your body is connected. Did you know that positive thinking can decrease your chance of catching the common cold and getting injured by cardiovascular disease? If you make a conscious shift in your mindset and commit to positivity, you’ll be surprised by how much you gain.

A positive attitude can truly get you through anything. No matter what you may face in your life, the power of positivity can help you to find the hope in even the darkest of times. Remember that you have the power to choose your attitude and embrace the healing power of positivity.

If you are feeling stuck in a loop of negativity an impartial reading with one of my recommended psychics or clairvoyants is guaranteed to identify the changes in outlook you need to make to begin manifesting the life you desire. What are you waiting for? Get out there & grasp life before it passes you by. Don’t become a passive observer, make one promise per day to make a conscious change for the better. Before long you will notice that your day & all your interactions have started to take on a more fulfilling and inspirational turn. Be proactive & the Universe is programmed to deliver.

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Chinese horoscope 2018 – Year of the Brown Earth Dog 2018

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What is Your Chinese Horoscope Animal / Zodiac Relationship Match?
2018 Year of the Brown Dog – What is Your Chinese Horoscope Animal?

2018: The Year of the Yang Male Brown Earth Dog

Do you know your Chinese Horoscope Sign or your relationship match ? Find Yours here now

This year, the Chinese New Year falls on Friday, 16 February and will mark the transition from the year of the rooster to the year of the dog. The Chinese New Year is a massive celebration observed by Chinese world-wide with festivities including lion and dragon dances, fireworks and giving red envelopes. The celebration happens every year to commemorate the end of the Chinese calendar’s lunar year and to honor deities and ancestors. The celebration is lengthy, beginning on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar and only finishing on the 15th day of the first lunar month of the following year- that’s over two weeks of festivities! The holiday is so popular that it’s won the title of the “largest annual mass human migration in the world”. Chinese astrology, especially Chinese zodiac animals, are tied very closely with the Chinese New Year. For those of you who are interested in astrology and horoscopes- which you should be!- Chinese zodiac animals many prophecies with them.

Your Chinese zodiac animal is dependent upon the year in which you were born. There are many charts available online that can match your birth year with your zodiac animal. For example, those born in the following years: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 all share the dog as their Chinese zodiac animal. Chinese astrology is incredibly unique and complex. Instead of simply associating birth years with different animals, they also associate years with the five elements of gold, wood, fire, water and earth. So, this year will be the year of the earth dog according to Chinese astrology.

While we all love those happy-go-lucky horoscopes that tell us everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows, the horoscope for those born in the year of the dog unfortunately isn’t quite like that. Chinese astrology and feng shui experts predict that this year will be difficult in terms of health and relationships. You should focus on getting your body physically healthy by keeping up with an exercise routine and eating nutrient-filled foods. You’ll want to be wary of injury, as this year you might be more prone to minor illnesses and discomfort, particularly with your digestive system. It might also be a good idea to stay away from any serious personal commitments involving romantic interests. While part of the year may prove stressful and even exhausting at times, don’t worry! It’s not all bad news! This can also be a year of excitement as well as personal and financial growth. The Chinese regard the dog as a symbol of good fortune. Do you know what that means? This might even be your year to get rich! Chinese astrology experts suggest that you be more conservative with your money, focusing on practical investments, and you could be surprised at the benefits.

If the dog is your Chinese zodiac animal, you have a lot to look forward to this year, particularly in regards to your bank account, but also much to be weary of. Stay on top of your health and don’t jump into any serious relationships until you know you’re ready. Use the rewarding traits of the dog zodiac sign- loyalty, cleverness and courage- to make 2018 your best year yet!

I love the excitement of Chinese New Year! If you are looking for Your Daily Western Astrology Charts & Horoscopes please visit AstrOMara.com

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Super Blue Moon eclipse – Discover your Truth

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I See the Moon - The Moon sees me
Blue Snow Super Hunger Moon – Time to Re-Invent

January 31: Super Blue Moon Eclipse
What is a Blue Moon Eclipse?
This full moon is not only a blue moon ( damn got that song in my head all day now : “Blue moon you saw me standing alone, Without a dream in my heart ….” Billie Holiday). This moon is also a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse – Lunar lunacy! A Blue moon equates to two full moons in one month – Why is this one special?

1) First Blue moon eclipse in over 100 years
2) Third sequential Super moon
3) The Moon is just totally cool.

I am obsessed with the moon, in fact I used to be a werewolf but I’m all right now-oOOOOOOW!!!    ( sorry, the old ones are the best 🙂
The moon has fascinated me since I was a nipper, at the very edges of my memory I remember the first moon landing. It was the first card I designed in my Tarot Deck, you can read all about my Moon Major Arcana Tarot card here.

I genuinely think things get shaken up around the full moon if you are open to a touch of nocturnal lunar influence. Lets face it, the moon affects the tides & I’m 60% water at last count, makes sense in my little world.

The Snow Moon – Time to re-invent
Unsurprising called because this is historically the snowiest month, Native American tribes also called this the Hunger Moon as hunting became increasingly difficult. This is the point at which the moon is nearest to the earth in the monthly orbit. This Super Blue Snow Blood Hunger Moon, or whatever you want to call it, is undoubtedly a phenomenon, it’s time to make some changes & that time is now.

I see the moon, and the moon sees me.
Make a mental note to lay your eyes on the Moon this Jan 31st & truly make a promise to yourself to sort out some of your strife this year. You know the stuff, the same stuff that rocks up every January. Last January I did this & signed up to a personal trainer once a week. One year later I’m still busting my ass in the gym. Every month I look at the moon & transfer the money to the trainer, so I’ve no excuse. I’m broke, but getting fitter by the month & loving it. What one change would make a massive difference to your life?

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Does the Super Blue Moon Eclipse affect your relationship?
The complicated Astrology behind this ( & beyond the scope of this post), is wrapped up in Cancer & Leo. if you are in an ongoing relationship. This event takes place in the lion’s fire sign, laser focussing the light of truth. Are you scrupulously honest in your relationships? Is there something that is just gnawing away at you? This moon is the time to tactfully start asking those questions & expanding the comfort zone of your relationship boundaries. All bonds, trust and love are under the microscope here, the most important relationship is of course with yourself. Give yourself a break! Time to love yourself first for once.
Make good use of this super- rare moment in time, lock on for the ride and don’t forget to drink in this big, blue and beautiful moon.

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I wish you, as always, only the best.

Paul, London Jan 2018

Wolf Moon, Time to release your inner wolf?

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Release Your Inner Wolf OMara Tarot
Super Moon 2018 – Time to channel Your inner Wolf

The January Wolf SuperMoon

Ditch the New Years resolutions. If you are looking for the type of site that urges you to wish for a new future, or that promotes ‘Rainbows & Unicorns’ you are in the wrong place! The Wolf SuperMoon in Cancer on Jan 1st 2018 is set to shake things up, not only for you, but for all those you interact with & any situation that has started too feel a little too safe or predictable. You may have been feeling for a while that you are becoming trapped in a slightly monotonous existence. Though there is all sorts of ‘crazy’ happening all over the world, you have begun to settle for something just a tad too humdrum for your own comfort.

If that opening paragraph has struck a chord with you in any way, then perhaps you should read on. No amount of wishing & hoping is going to begin to manifest the life you know you deserve. As 2017 draws to a close you need to step up to the plate, release your inner wolf & grab any & every opportunity with both hands. Or you can sink back in to the sofa & wait for life to ‘happen to you’. This year the choice really IS yours.


The Power of The Moon

Whenever we venture into the darkness on a cloudless night the first thing that becomes apparent is the beauty of the moon, with eight different phases throughout the year we are guaranteed a fresh visual odyssey every time we look up. The next moon is pretty special, on Monday January 1 2018, our humble moon, that impressive but largely ignored glowing orb transforms into a Wolf Moon. This moon is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the events of last year and stride in to the new year determined to grab hold of all experience & proactively make a difference to your life through the choices that you make. The Moon is very special to me. A lot of my most exciting plans have been made under the lunar influence, in fact one of the first Tarot cards I ever designed from my signature deck was the Moon. You can read all about that card & my lunar musings here: The Moon Card in Tarot

Be Thankful

Time now to thank the universe for the experiences of the past year, take the positive and build on them. Be sure to learn from any negative experience, but leave them firmly in your past. It really is not healthy to dwell on past troubling experiences & relive them endlessly. Moving on with positivity is truly one of the most transformative lessons you can ever learn.

Preparing for New Years resolutions

This time of year & the period just before a New Moon is the perfect time to start mental preparations for next year. Have you kept last years resolutions, hey, can you even remember what they were? 🙂 My number one was to totally rebuild my website & reinvent my online presence. I am proud to say I have achieved that, my Psychic Tarot Reading Online service is the best it has ever been & I am spending the strange period between Christmas & New Year planning & tweaking as to how I am going to expand my offer to offer my transformational Tarot readings to even more happy visitors.

Change Your Outlook & Energy

The moon lights up the earth at night and moves oceans, imagine how the energy could light up your mood and how it could influence your vision and purpose of life.

Imagine the moon as a talisman. Harness this lunar energy with meditation and use introspection to flood change and happiness into your daily existence. Carry the Moon in your subconscious, whenever you glimpse it imagine being flooded with supernatural energy, really believe that this is the year that you can really achieve all of your goals.

Go with the flow

If we would allow ourselves to go with the flow of the seasons, life would unfold in the way it’s meant to. Many times, when our heads get in the way and we impose our own next steps and deadlines, it causes more stress than success. Listening to our hearts and connecting to a higher source will never fail in putting us on the divine right path in the divine right timing.

A full moon happens at the same instant worldwide. The first full moon of the year, also known as the full wolf moon, occurs on New Year’s Day. In other words, this full moon will be near perigee or the closest point of the moon in orbit for the new month.

Experienced observers say they can detect a size difference in size between a supermoon and any ordinary full moon but to the ordinary observer, you may not be able to detect the difference without the aid of a telescope.

Like every full moon, this one is opposite the sun from Earth. It’ll rise in the east as the sun sets in the west, ascend to its highest point in the sky in the middle of the night, and set in the west around dawn. The other full moon in January 2018 which will occur on January 31 will also count as supermoon.

Some observers will call the full moon that will occur on January 31 a Blue Moon because it’ll be the second of two full moons in one calendar month.

However, the second supermoon in January which will occur on January 31, 2018, will stage a total eclipse of the moon: a super Blue Moon eclipse!

What is a Supermoon?

An astrologer, Richard Nolle, coined the term supermoon over 30 years ago, but it is now widely used in astronomy.

A supermoon is a full moon or new moon closely coinciding with a lunar perigee (the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit).

According to the definition of supermoon coined by Nolle, the full moon of December was 2017’s only full supermoon. The next two full supermoons will come in early 2018 – on January 2 and 31.

It should be noted that the second of these three supermoons will most closely coincide with lunar perigee. So, of this series of three supermoons, the January 2 supermoon will be the closest and largest. Supermoon is known to cause real physical effects, such as particularly high and low tides.

The Next Supermoon

According to Richard Nolle’s definition, a new moon or full moon has to come within about 224,000 miles (361,000 kilometers) of our planet, as measured from the centers of the moon and Earth, in order to be considered a supermoon.

If we are to go by that definition, then the year 2017 had only one full supermoon which is the full moon of December which also doubles as the first in a series of three supermoons. The other two full moons will follow in January 2018 – on January 2 and 31.

Your Wolf Moon 2018 Astrology

As it falls under Cancer, this full moon January 2018 challenging Venus puts the spotlight on relationships, especially around the home. Whether you are in a long term relationship, or just re-assessing the friends who you welcome in to your home. This new year fires the realiston that you are changing as a person & are just not ready to put up with any shenanigansgans that have previously driven you mad. Now is the time to put up or shut up! Increasengly you will be saying “Actually that really bugs me, can we talk about …”  Though initially challenging this will become massively liberating & a hugely cathartic experience that those close to you will ultimately be grateful for. Don’t be confrontational, just learn to bring those annoyances that have been lingering in the shadows out in to the light. This forms the basis of a powerful transitional period. The full moon opposing Venus high-lights areas of your life that need attention. This new year can see you up your game emotionally, spiritually & physically, if you are willing to put in the effort. Don’t put up with any of your sh*t anymore! Get out there, grab life by the horns, smash through your self imposed restrictions & become the person you have always known you could be.

Feeling stuck?

If you are feeling in a rut, this time of year is perfect for an inspirational reading with one of my professional Psychics and Clairvoyants. This year my brief is to move away from the rainbows & unicorns outlook that many lazy readers employ. Have an empowering reading with one of my readers & kick off 2018 with the mindset of a winner.

As ever I wish you only the best. May 2018 be the year that you really shine!

The Tarot Tour – 78 Journeys – Rediscover your truth with Tarot

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78 Journeys – Tarot & Clairvoyant readings

Whoever you are and however you stumble upon the Tarot path, the archetypes of the Tarot will challenge your view of yourself, those around you and ultimately your place in the world. The one constant in my life has been Tarot. As I have moved around the globe, as new challenges and phases of my life have unfolded, the Tarot has been there. The thread that pulls together the pattern pieces of my life as I constantly try to make sense of my world, my direction & purpose.

I am eternally grateful that the magic and mystery of this most amazing oracle began to reveal its wisdom to me at an early age. That even though I may have been constantly distracted by the adventures of daily life, the Tarot has been there as my operating system, subtly influencing my every thought as I strive to make sense of my crazy world.


“I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours”

– Cheshire Cat


Below is a list of links to my Tarot Deck. My first visual journey along the Royal Road of Tarot. These images & symbols have been in development throughout my life. These are only my personal impressions, fluid, evolving and subject to change on a daily basis. This is my journey through Tarot. I truly hope one of my cards connects with you on a soul level, on your journey of re-invention. These symbols, I believe, are the most powerful technology of untold possibilities. Dive in to the greatest secret and begin to rediscover Your truth with Tarot.

The Greater Secrets – The Major Arcana

0 The Fool – Life begins, re-connect with your authentic self

1 The Magician – Focus Your power, be ready to manifest your personal magic

2 The High Priestess – The keeper of the keys, what lies behind the veil

3 The Empress – Connect to compassion – the beauty of nature emerging

4 The Emperor – Challenge authority – connect to the fire, step up and take control

5 The Hierophant – The inner teacher – Bringer of Light

6 The Lovers – Everlasting truth, deepening connections

7 The Chariot – Success in motion, the balanced ego

8 Strength – Shining courage, infinite power

9 The Hermit – Inner reflection, expanding consciousness

10 Wheel of Fortune – The cycle continues, circumstances change

11 Justice – Through the vortex of truth, balance restored

12 The Hanged Man – Personal Surrender, enlightened perspective

13 Death – Transformation, inevitable re-invention

14 Temperance – Moderation and balance, sensible decisions

15 The Devil – Destructive behaviour, addiction, accepting your power

16 The Tower – Breaking down the construct, sudden release through realisation

17 The Star – Hope, bright prospects, authentic self, light from darkness

18 The Moon – Eternal mystery, the subconscious, nocturnal illusions

19 The Sun – Turning toward the light, thoughts create your new reality

20 Judgment – Rebirth, releasing potential, the inner calling

21 The World – Releasing external influences & illusions, completion, attainment

The Lesser Secrets – The Minor Arcana

Suit of Swords

Ace of Swords

Two of Swords

Three of Swords

Four of Swords

Five of Swords

Six of Swords

Seven of Swords

Eight of Swords

Nine of Swords

Ten of Swords

Page of Swords

Knight of Swords

Queen of Swords

King of Swords

Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups

Two of Cups

Three of Cups

Four of Cups

Five of Cups

Six of Cups

Seven of Cups

Eight of Cups

Nine of Cups

Ten of Cups

Page of Cups

Knight of Cups

Queen of Cups

King of Cups

Suit of Wands

Ace of Wands

Two of Wands

Three of Wands

Four of Wands

Five of Wands

Six of Wands

Seven of Wands

Eight of Wands

Nine of Wands

Ten of Wands

Page of Wands

Knight of Wands

Queen of Wands

King of Wands

Suit of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

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