leap of faith

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The Fool, Are you ready for a leap of faith?

The Fool is the fearless traveler on life’s journey. He is the rebel who dances to his own tune down the Royal Road of Tarot. Leaps before he looks, speaks without thinking. He is a catalyst, looks at situations as they are, has the courage to break out of the formula, says what needs to be said or pick up his knapsack & move on. The World may paint him as a Fool, his actions may be incomprehensible to normal thinking. Yet he is always ahead of the curve, escaping the humdrum, chasing the light.

Your inner Fool is waiting

It’s a hard life playing the Fool. Even before he acts or speaks he knows that he will be knocked back or ridiculed. He just can’t help himself. He would rather be true to himself that live with limitations.

My inner Fool has dimmed slightly since my younger years. I look back in wonder at some of the things I’ve done, said, choices I’ve made. That’s why he was my first Tarot tattoo. I want him under my skin, the permanent child inside, I never want to completely lose touch with that reckless wanderer.

Meaning of the Fool Tarot card

It’s the weekend, reconnect to your inner child. Live just outside of your limitations. Your inner Fool is waiting, are you ready to take a leap of faith?

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