Tarot The Devil – Fan The Flames, Face Your Weakness

Finally Face Your Inner Devil, You May Be surprised When He Disappears ...

Tarot – Death – The Greatest Transformation

Man dies many times in his life before he actually leaves this existence ...

Tarot – The Hanged Man – A Different Perspective

Tarot - The Hanged Man Will you accept The Hanged Man's new perspective & move on ?

The Wheel Of Fortune – The Cycle Continues

The Wheel of Fortune turns, life goes on, regardless. You can not turn back time. Grasp the opportunity.

Tarot The Hermit – Let The Lantern Reveal Your Path

#Tarot Hermit - Listen to your inner voice, let it lead you to the light ...

Strength – Take Control Of The Beast Within

The Beast Within, What internal lion are you trying to control ?.

Tarot – The Chariot – Escape Your Earthly Binds, Release Your...

The Chariot represents your life choices. Will you choose wisely & follow the right course ?.

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My site www.paulomara.com is going through a transition. Come over and enjoy the 9 new FREE Tarot readings. Of course the popular Free 7 Day Tarot reading is...

78 Journeys through Tarot

Whoever is drawn to this fascinating, mysterious and magical path that is Tarot can use the wisdom contained within to chart a path towards higher conciousness.

The Fool – Tarot Meaning – Life Begins

The Fool - Life Begins "I am searching for myself"

The Magician – Hotline to the Divine

The Magician - Hotline to the Divine " I am conscious of my powers "

Tarot The High Priestess – The Keeper Of The Keys

Tarot The High Priestess - The Keeper of The Keys " I know who you are, what you are and why you have come" Solitaire James Bond