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September 11, 2012

Follow Your Dream, connect to your inner child

What happened to the dreams you had as a child ? My childhood fantasy was to become Solitaire the Clairvoyant from the James Bond Movie, Live & Let Die. Unfortunately that position has already been filled by the fabulous Jane Seymour. I have, however, achieved many of my dreams including designing my own Tarot deck & traveling (and living), around the globe, experiencing many different cultures. How can you reach for your dream ? From song lyrics to motivational speakers, it seems everyone these days is telling you to follow your dream, because as the song goes, “You got to …

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Love Tarot – Free Tarot – Ten details about The Lovers Tarot card

My free relationship Tarot reading here is one of my most popular pages. My Flash based animated talking Relationship tarot reading is also available here. When I am performing a reading for people one of the most anticipated cards is The Lovers card, here are ten quick points about this famous Tarot archetype. For more detailed meanings of The Lovers tarot card visit my Lovers page. 1. The Lovers card doesn’t automatically refer to Love & relationships, as with all of the Major Arcana it’s meaning is layered & complex & is more about achieving balance in your life before …

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Tarot The Top 10 Tarot questions

Which Tarot deck ? Which Tarot card for love ? Which is the best Tarot spread ? I am asked endless questions all the time. Here are some of my favourite Tarot questions. The top ten Tarot questions I am asked by those interested in learning Tarot. Firstly I must say that even though I have been absorbed by the Tarot for over 30 years now, I know there are so many more secrets to be revealed. The journey through the Tarot never ends, though it is possible to learn the basics relatively quickly if you apply your imagination. 1. …

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