Tarot meanings to release your perfect self
August 7, 2012

Mercury Direct ! 2012

Mercury retrograde has certainly been a challenge. When I try & suggest to my non -Astro – Tarot friends that perhaps this is why things have been challenging, I usually get the ‘rolling eyes’ answer. Well now Mercury has gone direct !. Several friends I know who were struggling to make sense of their high power jobs have resigned & general ( creative ) chaos has ensued. Mercury Direct All of those challenges, the misunderstandings, the techno melt-downs the EXTRAORDINARY WEIRDNESS ! Will now start to melt away. If you are on the verge of a change, considering your options …

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Free Psychic Readings to fire your intuition

Using Free Psychic readings to activate your intuition There are countless different types of free psychic readings, & many resources that you can use to fire up your imagination. If you are just beginning to explore using any form of psychic ability then you may find a free psychic resource is good place to start. Like many people, the first time I visited a professional psychic, I was more than a bit bit skeptical. My mother had been visiting this lady Madam Tamar, for years. My mother & many of my family are incredibly intuitive & I didn’t understand why …

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