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THE Ten OF Pentacles

The Lord of Wealth

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Tarot Ten of Pentacles


Enduring happiness

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Ten Pentacles are beginning to form the pattern of The Tree of Life in a stone archway. A small dog gazes longingly at a castle visible atop a lush hill. A pot of red blooms signify that a new and lasting phase of happiness is forming.


The Ten of Pentacles represents that hallowed state of existence that arises from success driven purely by belief in your own abilities. Not only supporting yourself, actually experiencing a fulfilling & rewarding life through utilising your personal skill set, fully enjoying your daily life. When the Ten of Pentacles appears you know that though this card is inextricably linked to finance, the indications are that spiritually the seeker is in balance. The phrase 'money cannot buy true happiness' could have been coined for this card, the security of finances indeed needs to be balanced by inner peace. This card relates back to the Major Arcana Card of The Magician, he is using all of his skills at optimum power to experience what is known as the ' flow state . This is where you are so absorbed in your task that it becomes effortless & totally rewarding. The same state of mind is present in The Ten of Pentacles, all elements are in sync & life is a dream. It is important when the Ten appears to emphasise that trying to analyse any period of happiness associated with this card is impossible, will break the spell & release the seeker on to the downward spiral. Once true happiness is within reach the only possibility is to have true faith in yourself & the Universe, knowing that you are on the right path, that life can only continue to surprise. The card is linked to the ten Sefirot of the Tree of Life, the central diagram of Kabbalah, ( Qabala ) , this only serves to enforce how important this card is among the lesser secrets of the Minor Arcana. The Ten of Pentacles - Accept that life is good, How high can you go ?.

Alchemical Element : Earth


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