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The AIRY Swords

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Tarot Suit of Swords


The Suit of Swords are the embodiment of the element of Air that represents thought & intelligence. The Swords are the mirrors of the subconscious & represent the development of opinions & beliefs.

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• Ace of Swords – "The Radix of the Powers of Air"

• Two of Swords – "The Lord of Peace restored"

• Three of Swords – "The Lord of Sorrow"

• Four of Swords – "The Lord of Rest from Strife"

• Five of Swords – "The Lord of Defeat"

• Six of Swords – "The Lord of Earned Success"

• Seven of Swords – "The Lord of Futility"

• Eight of Swords – "The Lord of Interference"

• Nine of Swords – "The Lord of Despair & Cruelty"

• Ten of Swords – "The Lord of Ruin"

• Page of Swords – "The Lotus of the Palace of Air"

• Knight of Swords – "The Lord of The Winds and the Breezes"

• Queen of Swords – "The Queen of the Thrones of Air"

• King of Swords – "The Lord of the Winds & the Breezes King of the Spirit of Air"

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