Six of Swords
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Psychic Tarot - The Six of Swords ...

Tarot meanings - The Lord of Earned Success

Inspiring Tarot Reading - The Six of Swords.

Meaning in a Tarot reading :
Love Spell

On my Six of Swords card, shadowy figures drift from turbulent waters into safer currents. Brightness breaks through cloudy sky and the Castle indicating safe haven can be glimpsed in the distance

After the harrowing experience of the five of swords the six offers relief and allows the seeker to drift towards a more secure phase of their existence. Problems will have been resolved and mental turmoil will have been processed leaving behind a calmer state of mind. This card is a paradox, the inherent difficulty of the suit of swords, combined with the feelings of relief indicated by this card, show an interesting and enlightening period lies ahead. Though the vessel is drifting into safer waters, the final destination indicated by the Castle has not yet been reached. Problems are fading away, however, the two-dimensional feeling of the figures in the boat indicate that we are not safe until self-limiting patterns of behaviour are truly left behind. This card indicates residual anxiety surrounds the seeker with regard to all aspects of their life. The future, by its very nature, remains unknown, the cards that surround the Six of Swords in any reading must come under scrupulous interpretation. When this card appears the seeker has surmounted many obstacles, has learned many hard lessons and is ready to accept that the future is set to improve. Outmoded friendships and destructive patterns of behaviour must be left behind in the turbulent waters of the Six, a fresh cycle begins with this journey.

Time to make a choice

Alchemical Elements : Air - The fluidity of Mercury is interpreted through the skill of Aquarius.

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