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THE Six OF Cups

The Lord of Victory

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Tarot Nine of Cups



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Six cups, 1 cup filled with flowers, five cups below, a vintage doll and a spinning top float before a castle in a dreamy sky hinting at the message of the following card in the suit.


This card sparks feelings of nostalgia, of memories from long ago, from childhood perhaps. The danger here is that you are looking back through rose tinted glasses & remembering an idealised version of events. With regards to looking forward the image on my Six of Cups warns about building castles in the air, though day dreaming can draw your dreams in to your current reality, you must ensure that you have solid foundations on which to build your future. Connections with the past are likely to reappear when the Six arrives, someone from your past may be trying to contact you without success. Past efforts are set to pay off, release yourself from nostalgia & be prepared to change behaviours. If something has not worked before be careful to not make the same mistakes. Likewise just because something has worked previously, it may not be relevant now, you may have to carefully analyse what was successful & update it for your current needs. The Six of Cups - Make peace with your past, embrace your future with the enthusiasm of a child.

Alchemical Element : Water


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