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Tarot - The Seven of Cups ...

Love Tarot - The Lord of Illusionary Success

Tarot - The Seven of Cups.

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 Seven cups appear in an apparition. Many options dance before you, choose carefully, each has significance, only one can lead you forward.

The message of this card follows on from the six, be careful not to chase rainbows, or build castles in the sky. Though daydreaming is helpful and enables us to create with our mind powerful images that we hope to materialise in our real world, if we only live in the world of imagination, then we are lost. Unrealistic dreams can be our enemy. The number two request on my wishing well is ' please let me win the lottery ', I sincerely hope this comes true for one of you but in reality the statistics point at a likelihood of 14,000,000 to 1. It may be wise to have a back up plan in case your 6 numbers don't come up any time soon. We must learn to create balance in our life. I spend a lot of time studying Tarot & other esoteric subjects as I know that is my destiny, I can however close down this side of my personality and function as any normal human being. The central Jesus like figure of this card tells us that though we should strive for spirituality and joy we have to deal with the thousand things that life presents us on a daily basis. If we find that the emotions of the cups are dragging us towards excessive daydreaming we need to temper this with swift dose of reality, pull in our emotions and refocus our energies. Free Relationship Tarot

Zodiac - Scorpio, Sun Horoscope / Zodiac

Alchemical Element : Water

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