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THE Page OF Swords

The Lotus of the Palace of Air

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Tarot Page of Swords



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 My Page of Swords is seen emerging from tumbling clouds, he can disappear as quickly as he arrives. Though he may have the appearance of an adult, many childlike attributes still remain. He can have the inquisitiveness of a child, yet he can also be as obstinate as any troublesome teenager. Though this is not generally accepted, my Page is represented by the secretiveness of Scorpio, shown by his tattoo. The Page is young & has not yet acquired full control of his Sword so care is needed around him, he can be dangerous. The icy mountainous landscape in the background indicates that the page has trouble with emotion & finds close relationships difficult, preferring to keep his feelings to himself. A secret or dangerous gossip always follows this page.


As with all pages the Page of Swords is a messenger, whether you should trust him is another matter. He can symbolise a period of exceptional ideas being generated by the element of air. Will any of these ideas be followed to fruition?, unlikely if this Page is involved. As you can tell, the Page of Swords is a card of duality. He can represent a diplomatic thinker who speeds resolution to the most troublesome decisions. He can also represent a dangerous, unreliable, gossip who borders on deceit. The Page does not understand the power of his sword & will use it without thinking, or remorse, to get whatever he needs to from you. The Page is at best a gamble & in a reading represents the need to be alert to the actions of those around you. Certainly when he appears, the seeker should not take anything at face value. This is especially important around long term plans or anything involving finances. When the Page appears in a reading it must be stressed that the questioner must not be charmed into acting out of character, the Page is quick & his actions far reaching. He will be long gone when the repercussions arise, tread carefully.

Alchemical Element : Air


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