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THE Nine OF Swords

The Lord of Despair & Cruelty

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Tarot Nine of Swords



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 The Nine of Swords in my deck is indeed the card of nightmares. The Nine Swords obscure a dreamlike cloudscape, a snarling wolf can be glimpsed. Spinning astrological symbols represent imbalance, a yellow moon & large spiders web are softened by a red rose.


My Nine of Swords continues the test of the intellect that is the theme of this suit. The subconscious is challenged when the Nine appears. The seeker may be under duress & indeed at the point where they are not sure of what is real or of true importance. Depression or anxiety are never far away from this card, it is important to decipher what are real fears & which are in fact inventions of the questioner's troubled mind. Unsurprisingly this card often represents insomnia, the fears compounded in those dark hours just before the dawn. The seeker needs to be reminded that as in so many other cards of this suit, many of the fears represented are generated by the seeker themselves, if they strive to resolve any feelings of anxiety, they can begin to truly see which concerns are 'real' and which should be dismissed as creations of a period of unhappiness. Often in life things are indeed nowhere near as bad as we initially feared. If this occurs we must learn from the lesson, to decide to only see the positives in our future as to give in to troubling fantasies is a dangerous course that will inevitably lead us to extreme unhappiness. We must face our fears & then after having done so experience the surge of release, the sense of freedom that is generated. The Nine of Swords - We can all be gripped by nightmares, now is the time to wake up !.

Alchemical Element : Air


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