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THE Nine OF Pentacles

The Lord of Material Gain

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Tarot Nine of Pentacles



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On the Nine of Pentacles we see a young apprentice fashioning a Pentacle. Seven are complete. A typical street scene is glimpsed behind.


The Nine of Pentacles sees the nine golden coins suspended in front of a sulphorous sky. A vertical golden key appears to reveal that the seeker is now truly ready to unlock the power of confidence in themselves. They can now realise that they have developed all of the necessary skills to manifest the life they desire, and indeed deserve. The white flowers behind the key indicate that the seeker has somehow been blocked around money, they must now realise that they deserve any financial advancement. The whiteness of the flowers emphasise that abundance is possible through honest work & will be enhanced by the fact that the work will be truly satisfying to complete. The vineyard indicates that now, the spoils of many years of hard work are hanging low, ripe for the picking. The large house high on the hill in the distance is another symbol of all that is achievable now. . The falcon who stares at the viewer indicates that now the seeker has a birds eye view of how their life is developing. After the financial elements are stabilised, spiritual & intellectual development follows automatically. The Nine of Pentacles - Accept abundance, What is your true path ? .

Alchemical Element : Earth


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