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THE Knight OF CupsS

Lord of The Waves and THE Water,

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Tarot Knight of Cups



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In the foreground a beautiful white horse it's head bowed. Behind a barren landscape divided by a clear river. The central image is of a stylised winged helmet. The ornate cup beams energy to the universe, the dial of an technical instrument can be glimpsed.


The Knight of Cups is the least dynamic but by no means least enigmatic of the Four Knights. HIs white horse shows deference with it's bowed head & is representative of the co-operative, measured atmosphere of this card. The river glimpsed in the background indicates the divide between dreams & reality that needs to be heeded at this time. We first experienced this in the 7 of Cups that warned us against drifting off in to daydreams & losing a grip on our purpose. This applies to the Knight, though he makes steady progress, we must be sure that he is progressing at a rate that will bring him to the desired destination. Spirituality is inherent in this card as with all cups and is represented here by the winged helmet. As artistic as his predecessor the Page the Knight is fastidious about details to the point that actually hinders progression of many projects.

Scorpio influence

Alchemical Element : Water


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