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Tarot Nine of Cups



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Three identical cups are in the foreground against a breezy sky. Unexpectedly a fourth cup is presented by a disembodied hand. The face of Buddha is glimpsed forming in the sky ...


This image shows that if we focus on that which is presented to us we often ignore opportunities that exist just outside of our conscious focus. This card also warns against deliberating over a decision, action is required. Introspection should also be avoided, the questioner is delaying acting on a development as they want everything to be perfect. The message here is get something moving & then add finesse later. It is better to do SOMETHING before the moment is missed & the opportunity evaporates. Discontentment & uneasiness are key to this card. Even though there are three full cups indicating emotional, spiritual & emotional contentment, there is a longing for something more, something as yet undiscovered & indicated by the fourth cup being offered. The old adage ' The grass isn't always greener' should be heeded here & careful deliberation should be taken before an additional dynamic is introduced that may upset the balance of the readers life. When the Four appears you need to assess your situation & think carefully what, if anything, could improve your current existence. If you are genuinely unhappy with your lot then think long & hard about any action you take as the Four indicates that any disenchantment may be superficial & the emotions of the Suit of Cups may be clouding your judgment. The image of Buddha indicates that mulling over the decision at hand will be insufficient, only deeper thought, or even meditation will reveal your next step. The suit of cups is an emotional roller-coaster. The promise of new beginnings in The Ace are closely followed by the partnerships of The Two & then the celebration offered by The Three. In The Four reality bites & a choice has to be made between the comfort but predictability of the present & the unformed promise or imagined excitement of the future. Eventually everyone realises that true contentment is generated from within, no external relationship or material possession can make you truly happy. Though this is at the base of every belief system it is the hardest lesson to learn. If you rely on anyone or anything to make you happy, you are doomed to an unfulfilled existence. The promise of the Four of Cups may well reveal an exciting new path, providing the foundations built in the first three cards of the suit are stable. A shift in your perception will bring about a new personal reality, proving that the only thing you can change is yourself.

Alchemical Element : Water


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