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THE Five OF Pentacles

The Lord of Material Trouble

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Tarot Nine of Pentacles



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 Five Pentacles glow in a snowy sky, in the distance a church with bright stained-glass windows waits.


This card refers to material concerns that overshadow deeper significance. In our current global climate it appears that much focus is on the financial markets, when in fact we should be questioning our spirituality, how we could help each other more by extending love around our troubled globe. If financial problems are at the root of this situation, this is the least of our worries as we can always acquire more money and recover from financial loss. Worry is inherent to the meaning of this card and really is a useless emotion, the bright church windows in the distance show us that we need to reach inside ourselves, release negativity and allow hope to guide us forward. The questioner is definitely facing some form of turmoil, be it through relationship problems or a loss of faith in their ability, they truly feel that they have lost their direction. The questioner needs to reunite with their inner faith, they must realise that as in the previous card their current situation and external realities all stem from their internal dialogue. Self-confidence needs to be developed, if we allow ourselves to wallow in the feelings of loss associated with this card we are in danger of leading ourselves down a very long dark path. The message of this card is to take control of yourself, surprisingly, help often appears from unexpected quarters with the Five. The secondary meaning of this card is not to neglect the feelings of others. Often when the five arrives we become so wrapped up in a our own problems that we neglect our relationships and the needs of those around us, compounding the anxiety. This card is certainly an unsettling omen, though the light shining from the church windows indicates that after a period of struggle, our cloud will probably have a silver lining. Finally, the message of the Five it is to keep things in perspective, are things truly as bad as they seem or are they worse in your mind than they are in the real world ? The Five of Pentacles - What is really missing in your life ? How could you make a difference ?.

Alchemical Element : Earth


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