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THE Eight OF Swords

The Lord of Interference

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Tarot Eight of Swords



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 On my Eight of Swords card a blindfold is suspended above the eight glinting swords that appear to form a 'cage'. To add to the feeling of claustrophobia a pair of hands are tied & bound in the foreground. A sinister though enticing castle is seen across still, cold looking water, representing fear of authority. The foreground is uninviting marshland, likely to make progress difficult.


When the Eight appears the questioner is certainly restrained, usually, in fact, by their own indecision. The bounds are easily broken & the cage of Swords is only held together by the fear of the seeker. Though the legs are not visible the seeker is free to walk away from whatever it is that they imagine has imprisoned them. And though the first few steps will be difficult, indicated by the marshland, each stride forward will free them further. This card is often related to stress, sometimes the questioner has become so stressed that they have built the cage of swords themselves. It is the job of this card to tell them that they are free to move on, once they accept the circumstance that has led them to feel this way. Breaking free will be incredibly liberating, if not life-changing. If this is a recurring problem in the life of the questioner then they should seek help or advice from someone objective, away from their circle. Only an outsider can sometimes easily recognise self limiting or repetitive damaging patterns of behaviour. This card is claustrophobic & always indicates that contrary to their outward appearance, the questioner is feeling like they are a prisoner of circumstance. If this card appears in a reading, the seeker is to be encouraged to realise that they can break free from the cage of the Eight of Swords by accepting that they have been looking at life from the wrong perspective, shatter the cage of swords & escape the restrictions of self induced mental imprisonment.. Why do you fear escaping your bonds ? Take the first step to freedom ...

Alchemical Element : Air


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