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THE Ace OF Pentacles

The Radix of the Powers of EARTH

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Tarot Nine of Pentacles



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 A disembodied hand emerges from the clouds holding a golden pentacle. A perfectly manicured dreamlike garden has an archway leads to the barren mountainscape.


The flagship card of the Pentacles suit represents enterprise that can lead to freedom through financial security. When this card appears in a reading enterprises or business propositions are guaranteed success. The Gardens symbolise there is a journey that needs to be made before all rewards can be reached and the full power of the Pentacles suit is realised. The archway that leads to a barren mountain-scape warns that this journey is not without risk. The Ace card is linked with the ego, the relationship between the struggle for material gain crossing over into greed, as opposed to legitimate worldly success that frees us from the daily existence through hard work. The Ace of Pentacles shows success is only attainable through our own commitment, no one is going to give this to us on a plate. However when the Ace appears we can be sure that we have amassed the necessary skills to take this project to fruition. This card often symbolises a business that will be started from the home, and that the business will grow bringing prosperity and security. The Ace of Pentacles - ideas become things. .

Alchemical Element : Earth


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