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Palmistry or Cheiromancy is the art of character analysis & divination through the study of palms. Palm reading is to be found in almost all cultures, it can be traced back through history from the Romany Gypsies to the Indian Mystics.

I have flirted with Palmistry, though Tarot is without doubt my speciality, I use an initial glance at the palm of the questioner to establish a physical connection. Just by holding the hand of the sitter I can tune in to their psychic vibrations before embarking on a Tarot reading. Many
Tarot cards feature images of the hand.

The Aces feature Hands emerging from the clouds holding the image relevant to each suit, The Wand, The Sword, The Pentacle & The Cup.

Many of my Tarot Cards feature the hand, such as the Seven of Wands featured below.

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The Basics of Palmistry.

Palmistry is hugely complicated, in fact not many people agree on the complexities of the lines & mounts of the palm. Each book I have ever read has different interpretations.

Therefore I have listed below only the features that I have found to be consistent across the many palm readings that I have given. As I said before I only use Palmistry to establish a connection before I give a Tarot reading.

Here are my observations.

The Fingers.

The length of the fingers indicate how important each of the following areas are in the persons life.

The index finger has links to Jupiter & often reveals details about the career.
Associated with The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot.

The middle finger corresponds to Saturn, this finger relates to destiny.
Associated with The World card in Tarot

The marriage or ring finger relates to The Sun & has links to the areas of creativity & artistic endeavours.
Associated with The Sun card in Tarot

The little finger is controlled by Mercury & is indicative of the intelligence & how well a person communicates.
Associated with The Magician card in Tarot

The thumb shows how developed someones personal drive is developed especially in relation to their ability to take charge.
Associated with The Emperor in Tarot

Generally the more delicate & fine the fingers appear in relation to the palm. The more spiritually advanced & intelligent the person is.

Palm Shapes.

A stocky square palm indicates a practical down to earth person.
thinker, an intellectual..
Linked to The Mandala Spread in Tarot.

The longer the overall hand formed by the palm & fingers the greater the creative ability of the person.
Linked to the Tree of Life Spread in Tarot.

A boxy palm with long staright fingers indicates a deep thinker, an intellectual.
Linked to The Astrological Spread in tarot.

A longer palm with relatively short fingers is often indicative of psychic ability or undiscovered intuition.
Linked to The Celtic Cross Spread in Tarot.

The Lines

The Life Line
The big one, encircling the thum. All major events appear here. any chains or obvious crossing lines indicate major challenges or health issues.

The Fate Line
Disects the middle of the palm. This line how much influence fate will have over your destiny . The more uneven the more influence chance will affect your development. A straight line indicates a straightforward life.

The Love Line
Travels across the top of the palm & indicates how the persons amorous involvements develop. Joined loops indicate flirtatious involvements. Breaks indicate failed involvements. Chains joined by a line indicate illicit affairs.

The Head line
Travels underneath the Love Line & shows the level of intelligence. How well the person uses logic & reasoning.

The Mounts.

Found at the top of the palm are :

The Mount of Venus
The padded, fleshy, mound formed at the base of the thumb. The thickness of this mound can be interpreted to reveal how passionate the person is. A very developed mound indicates that the person craves romance.

The Mount of Jupiter
Commitment to career, matters relating to work & advancement.

The Mount of Saturn
Reveals how dedicated a person is, how disciplined, how reliable.

The Mount of The Sun
Controls the mood, if pronounced shows a happy disposition.

The Mount of Mercury
The Artistic nature is revealed here along with the ability to make themselves heard.

The Mount of Mars
How developed is the temper, how short is the persons fuse.

The Mount of The Moon
Psychic ability, intuition, does this person interpret their dreams ?

When holding the hand to give a reading be ready to receive psychic flashes that instantly give you insight to the person in front of you. This phenomena is almost undetectable, once you pick up on this frequency though, a wealth of information becomes available to you.

My hand as an example

palmistry cheiromancy UK Palm reader Psychic lines

My Palm makes interesting reading. I have been lucky enough to meet many very talented palmists & have been surprised at how they have all picked up on many similar characteristics. Please bear in mind not all psychics have genuine ability, I draw these conclusions from the ones I feel had natural ability that I could quantify.

My relationship lines indicate two major involvements, the highest & deepest line shows that I am indeed going to find happiness in my current relationship that will lead to a lifelong commitment. I certainly hope so !

My life line is strong though it forks indicating a serious challenge to my health. This is also correct although I have, I hope, overcome this challenge & look forward to a long & happy journey along my life line.

My long Heart Line is the dominant line all the mounds are full and padded with visible vertical lines on them. These classic indicators show my high ambition, high ideals, open, although sometimes overly trusting nature.
My left hand is completely different from my right hand.This indicates that I have worked hard to change the course of my life. I believe my left hand is connected to my history & my private life. My right hand being an indicator of my future, my destiny.



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