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3 Ways to Make Room for Your Spiritual Life

3 Ways to Make Room for Your Spiritual Life Many people struggle with “spirituality”, working on all aspects of their personalities to improve themselves, to become the best “them” that they can possibly be. Right now Astrologically the power of the Sun combines with the focused outlook brought by Saturn, making it remarkably easy for you to achieve a breakthrough. This combination won’t appear again for another year. That means, now is the time for you to manifest your desires right now ! & with ease. This week is the time for you to become fully aware of your potential …

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Escape your dark side, move into the light

I have had an incredibly busy week in crazy Colombo. It is hard not to feel alive when you are hurtling through the colourful bustling streets in a bumpy tuk-tuk. The people of Sri Lanka are generally happy & inspiring, all the stimulation of my senses & interactions have left little time for me to wallow in self reflection. When I have had time to ponder where life is leading me my mind has been incredibly clear, everything seems possible in the sunshine & heading back to the UK for the inevitable wind down in to winter & the darkness …

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