Tarot meanings to release your perfect self

Tarot card meanings the number cards of the Minor Arcana

Tarot card meanings, the number cards of the Minor Arcana Ace : Always the beginning or spark of a situation, the aces in Tarot are the radix, the power, the catalyst in any development Read more : The Ace of Cups, The Ace of Wands, The Ace of Swords, The Ace of Pentacles Two : Representative of a balance, usually involving choice and partnerships or relationships of all kinds Read more : The Two of Cups, The Two of Wands, The Two of Swords, The Two of Pentacles Three : Development, realisation, expansion. The situation matures Read more : The …

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Learning the Tarot cards

Can I learn Tarot cards ? A question I hear a lot. Whenever people are thinking about learning tarot cards, most people will quickly picture an old lady sitting behind a crystal ball, dramatically pulling some battered cards out of the mysterious deck of 78. For anybody who is genuinely interested however, no broomstick or headscarf is required, it’s quite easy to pick up some tarot cards, or buy some Tarot cards online, and give it a go for yourself. It’s likely that initially it’s not going to be as immersing doing it yourself as it would be consulting a …

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Free Tarot readings, why is The Tarot so popular ?

Free tarot card readings, Can they help ? My site has given millions of free Tarot Readings. The correspondences in the cards have drawn nothing but positive reactions. The tarot is an ancient tool, allegedly used in Egypt and in medieval times. Could Tarot cards really help us in today’s high-tech world? My answer would be a resounding yes, many current therapists using ‘recognised’ forms of therapy are using the Tarot as a valid technology that can easily build rapport & connect with an individual on many levels. Free Tarot Reading If you are looking for Tarot cards, online tarot …

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