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Positive energy – Are you on the right frequency ?

What is the secret of your success? Do you use the ‘law of attraction’, or it is something else, do you believe that what you send out to the universe will return to you?. Nowadays, almost all successful people are aware of how vital their thoughts are in creating success. They are conscious of their thoughts and ambitions and actively fight to squash negative self doubts as they arrive. This is the most powerful time in the history for self development as people are much more aware of the basis of success and how what energy they are sending out …

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Free Psychic Readings to fire your intuition

Using Free Psychic readings to activate your intuition There are countless different types of free psychic readings, & many resources that you can use to fire up your imagination. If you are just beginning to explore using any form of psychic ability then you may find a free psychic resource is good place to start. Like many people, the first time I visited a professional psychic, I was more than a bit bit skeptical. My mother had been visiting this lady Madam Tamar, for years. My mother & many of my family are incredibly intuitive & I didn’t understand why …

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Astrology, Can Your birthchart release the magic of Your true potential ?

Astrology & Horoscopes to release your inner self Most people don’t understand how Astrology works & wouldn’t know an ephemeris from their elbow !. Quite frankly most people don’t actually care. I try & keep my Daily, Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes light & inspiring, without too much planetary mumbo-jumbo. Although Astrology is regarded by some to be based in scientific principles. People who consult their star sign online, in magazines or daily papers don’t want to hear the complicated calculations, they want to hear something that grabs their attention, makes them think and relates to their situation. Your free Astrology …

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