Tarot meanings to release your perfect self
new age

New Age Tarot

New Age Tarot, Clairvoyants & Psychics   Tarot is having a renaissance. Though the origin of the Tarot is forever lost to us in the mists of time, the Tarot is always evolving. New Age Tarot practioners, such as myself, are breaking out of the old school rigidity of formal spreads, ritual and routine. Though I have massive respect for the Tarot and strive to include the ancient meanings in my readings, the way I have started interpreting the cards has been evolving for many years. Find Your own Tarot path, If you take the same route, you will always …

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Tarot & Astrology – reveal your true personality

No matter how ‘good’ we strive to be it is important that we recognise all aspects of our personality. Everyone has different sides to their character, even presenting a different version of ourselves in different situations. By becoming conscious of elements of our personality that arise when we are challenged, tired or stressed for example, we can do useful work on striving to create a better version of ourselves. Negative aspects of the Zodiac signs Below is a lighthearted ( but hopefully insightful ! ) look at the challenging aspects of each starsign along with the corresponding Tarot Card, see …

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