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Chinese Astrology 2015 Green Wood Goat / Sheep 2015

  Chinese New Year 2015 Green Wood Goat / Sheep / horoscopes It’s almost the right time of year to celebrate one of the world’s longest running festivals; The Chinese New Year. 2015 will mark China entering the Year of the Goat or as some prefer / Sheep. The first day of the Year of the Sheep is February the Fourth, 2015. However, this is not when the Chinese will celebrate New Year’s Day, as Chinese New Year’s day is marked by the first full moon of the new year. Therefore, the New Year’s Day celebrations will occur …

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The Zodiac sign of Virgo & The Tarot card The Hermit

Tarot the Hermit & The sign of Virgo Tarot The meaning of The Hermit card An old mysterious loner, swathed in dark robes, fixes your gaze through a snowstorm. He finds his way with only a lighted lantern. Virgo Virgo (August 23 to September 22), archetypical Virgos are intelligent and analytical. Virgo can be shy and can be difficult to romance if you are looking for a love match. The true age of Virgo in the astrologers Great Year took place circa 13000-10750 BCE. At he end of the Ice Age could be why some people refer to Virgo as …

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