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Discover your Sixth Sense – Trust Your Intuition

    Everyone is familiar with the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. However, many prominent scientists and holistic therapists believe that there is increasing evidence human beings possess a sixth sense. The sixth sense is presumed to be a more intangible sense, sometimes referred to as intuition, that allows us to connect more deeply with one another and the environment that surrounds us. The sixth sense is usually more visible within young children, and many believe that adults have simply tuned out their innate sixth sense and forgotten about it entirely. It is very important for the …

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Free Psychic Readings to fire your intuition

Using Free Psychic readings to activate your intuition There are countless different types of free psychic readings, & many resources that you can use to fire up your imagination. If you are just beginning to explore using any form of psychic ability then you may find a free psychic resource is good place to start. Like many people, the first time I visited a professional psychic, I was more than a bit bit skeptical. My mother had been visiting this lady Madam Tamar, for years. My mother & many of my family are incredibly intuitive & I didn’t understand why …

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