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Make an order from the Universe – Online Cosmic Orders

  Make an order from the Universe now – Online Cosmic Ordering What’s the common link between a child making a wish while blowing the candle on a birthday cake and a young adult throwing a coin in the wishing well ? What’s the common link between a mother praying for her child’s wellbeing and a start-up entrepreneur looking ardently at the venture capitalists in the boardroom & silently wishing for support? The commonality is hope. It is this hope, the dream of having a desire being fulfilled and a belief that what one wants might, just happen, no matter …

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Positive energy – Are you on the right frequency ?

What is the secret of your success? Do you use the ‘law of attraction’, or it is something else, do you believe that what you send out to the universe will return to you?. Nowadays, almost all successful people are aware of how vital their thoughts are in creating success. They are conscious of their thoughts and ambitions and actively fight to squash negative self doubts as they arrive. This is the most powerful time in the history for self development as people are much more aware of the basis of success and how what energy they are sending out …

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The Law of Attraction-Is it working for you ?

Do you really know, understand the law of attraction?. Many people I speak to seem to think it is some magic ATM in the sky that once activated magically showers you with all your wildest desires. In fact it is a constant mental process that can help you re-program me your internal voice to manifest the life you have always wanted & know you deserve. Unfortunately a lot of people forget that the universe is trying to deliver that which is foremost in your hopes and dreams. So if you are constantly thinking for example “I’m broke, but I’ll be …

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