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Lammas the festival of the wheat harvest

Pagan Lammas The Pagan holiday of Lammas was observed this year on August 1. Also known as Lughnasadh, this is a celebration of the first harvests of fruits, vegetables, and particularly grain. Throughout history, Pagan worshipers from all over Europe have taken time out to offer up prayers and sacrifices to the Celtic god named Lugh or Lugus, which roughly translates to “bright and shining one”. It is the Pagan’s hope that these rituals will lead to a bountiful yield of crops for the current season and into the next year. Lammas also marks the coming of autumn and the …

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Top Ten Psychic abilities

Top Ten Psychic abilities When considering a Psychic reading it is always interesting to find out what techniques your psychic reader uses to perform the reading. My best psychic readers use a combination of some of these techniques to give their psychic readings face to face or by telephone. Divination – Divination is the process which attempts to predict possible future outcomes. My speciality, Tarot, uses patterns & symbols to view the questioner’s current situation. By analysing this information in a Tarot spread it can be possible to predict the course that a persons life can take & offer advice …

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