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Chinese New Year

Chinese Astrology 2015 Green Wood Goat / Sheep 2015

  Chinese New Year 2015 Green Wood Goat / Sheep / horoscopes It’s almost the right time of year to celebrate one of the world’s longest running festivals; The Chinese New Year. 2015 will mark China entering the Year of the Goat or as some prefer / Sheep. The first day of the Year of the Sheep is February the Fourth, 2015. However, this is not when the Chinese will celebrate New Year’s Day, as Chinese New Year’s day is marked by the first full moon of the new year. Therefore, the New Year’s Day celebrations will occur …

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2014 Supermoons & the Year of The Horse

Friday 30th January 2014 saw the second super moon in only a month. It was not a full moon but a new moon. It is also what is being referred to recently as a ‘Black Moon’. As with any super moon the January 30th super moon will have a powerful effect on the tides. As moons have an effect on the earth’s oceans, I believe that as we as humans are comprised mostly of water, the pull of the moon also has an effect on us. I certainly get shaken up around any full or new moon. The Moon card …

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2013 Year of the Black Water Snake – Shed your Skin

Chinese New Year 2013 – Kung hei fat choi Chinese New Year in 2013 takes place from February 10 – 12, 2013, Combined with the New Moon this is a very powerful time.  Each year, during Chinese New Year celebrations, a reunion dinner is held. The dinner takes place either in the parents’ or oldest brother’s home, as tradition. It is held on the eve of the event and is a time for family to enjoy a large dinner together. It is a boisterous event for a lot of fun planned. The animal of the year is the black water …

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