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Are You feeling Blessed?

Tarot today – Devil – My inner devil is a miserable bastard. Every year when I stop for the holidays I get a man flu system shut down where I am forced to face my miserable self & reflect on where I am, and where I’m going. The strange no mans land after the ‘big day’ (other celebrations are available) & New Years Eve where we magically forgive all our wrongs & emerge as the shiny perfect version of ourselves in a flurry of resolutions. Today my snot fuelled inner devil wants to tell me what a useless failure I am. Example: I should be at the gym not drowning in a sea of hot lemon paracetamol based drinks. Well, inner devil you horny little goat, it’s time to fight back. I AM usually in the gym most days sorting out my head to stop me biting people on the tube & keeping the parts moving, including those that have been replaced. When I look back on this year I HAVE accomplished quite a few items of my to do list. I’m still failing of course, I just went through my Apple account & cancelled subscriptions to apps I never knew existed. I have been paying £2.50 a week for a talking Spanish translator for all those times I’m stuck in a lift with a troubled Spanish person. The truth is I’m doing OK, no actually I’m doing fine. We are conditioned to be so full of self judgement & comparisons of where we should be, who we should be, we forget to stop & appreciate ourselves. Except when we have man flu & can’t move too much.

Take a moment to appreciate how OK you are. Stifle that inner devil, the ever present voice that tells you otherwise. Allow yourself right now to take 30 seconds & feel some ‘OK’ flood your body & mind.

“The truth is I’m doing OK, no actually I’m doing fine”

Allow yourself to be happy. Nothing externally can make you happy, it is down to you. Flick that switch & make the choice. Today I will do the best I can & be happy, I am blessed.

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