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November 8, 2012

Top ten relationship tips with Feng Shui

Feng Shui for Love & relationships Feng Shui manipulates the energy or ‘Chi’ in your home to improve your day to day life & can impact not only your success but can be used to enhance your love life & relationships. Top ten tips Feng Shui for relationships. 1. To enhance an existing relationship it is important to have pictures of happy moments or important times in your relationship as this will subliminally constantly remind you of why you are in love with this special person. 2.To symbolise a powerful union according to Feng Shui principles it is important to …

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Accurate Psychics

Accurate psychics ?. According to advertising standards psychics & clairvoyants are no longer allowed to claim accuracy in their readings. For many centuries intuitives, empaths, shaman, mystics & yes clairvoyants & psychics have been used as sounding boards. I believe a really good psychic reading should not be like visiting a ‘mindreading show’. Magicians & psychics are often at loggerheads & I personally think this is a dispute that can never be resolved. Yes I have had readings with amazing psychics who have told me things that they could not possibly have known by any other means. Many times however …

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